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I have a new horse to introduce you to later! Note the word ‘later’ though – you have to wade through all the food stuff first 😛


An apple, a square or 2 of rather odd hemp chocolate and 2 tsps of wheatgerm were quite delightful fuel before a Davina/Jillian date this morning 🙂 I had cross training pencilled in today as per the marathon plan, so I just take that to mean I get a DVD day 😀

Now, I’m going to shock you all with my rather surprising breakfast:

thurs 003

thurs 008

thurs 006

Yes! That is an EGM!! They don’t appear round these lonely parts often do they? OH no. Twas mighty fine tasting, I think I might be having one of them again pretty soon….

After breakfast, I had DEUX horses to ride – Chika and Tig. As Hannah is in Uganda, she wants someone to keep her horse fit, so I’m going to be riding him for the next few weeks. It’s so odd riding a different horse, when you are SO moulded to one horse (Chika). Something else just feels so wrong! And the view from the top was so different….Tig has little weeny ears, Chika has donkey ears, Tig has a long giraffe-like neck, Chika has a shorter thicker neck, Tig has a thick full mane, Chika has a quite pathetic excuse for a mane! Very, very weird. Anyway, both horses behaved very well for me, despite that NASTY HORRIBLE HORSE FLIES that decided to come out and play 😦 GRR! I smacked one that was feasting on Chika’s shoulder, and got blood all over my hands 😦 sick people, sick.

After riding, I got to making mon lunch 🙂 First up, I baked a spaghetti squash, and then gutted the helpless thing:

thurs 010

Theeen, I made some oatmeal, with 1/2 cup mix of barley flakes and oats. I cooked it with 3 tbsp ish of Noosh, the spaghetti squash, and mixed spice:

thurs 013

And then when it was almost done, I stirred in some roasted parsnip and turnip, and stir fried fennel and pear (very random right!?). I then served it in the shell:

thurs 018

thurs 021

thurs 017

thurs 020

OIASS (Oats in a squash shell) if you will! Twas deliciously yummsom.

For my dessert, I made one of my cereal/yogurt ‘cakes’ with cinnamon:

thurs 024

So goooood!

For the rest of the day, I took Poppy out for a bit and bimbled about, made some phone calls, all the usual…then snacked on – yet another – pear, cinnamon and cereal mix combo:

thurs 025

thurs 026

The pear was nuked in the microwave first 🙂 I think all it’s juiced seeped into the cereal and made it really soft…almost stale like! And I LOVED IT. Apparently I like stale, soft, soggy-ish cereal 😛 It’s one of my favourite snacks! Each to their own right?

Dinner was another favourite – tempeh! I will never, ever get bored of tempeh. It’s overtaken tofu, chicken, salmon and trout in the Utimate Favourite Protein Lump stakes (yes I’m vegan – but I used to LOVE the taste of salmon and trout, and the texture of chicken). I just can’t get enough 😀 Anyway yes, I had the tempeh with veggies and some homemade hummus type stuff:

thurs2 002

thurs2 003

thurs2 005

The ‘hummus’ was just a serving of chickpeas, blended with cinnamon, nutmeg, water, s+p, cocoa and date syrup. Tres simple ay? Also tres delicious? No not really!It actually wasn’t very nice at all 😦 Oh well…I learn from my mistakes 🙂

Ok, it’s that time of day again…Poppy walking calls me 🙂

Question: What’s your favourite snack? I’m all about the cereal with just about anything 😀


Horsey Photo Of The Day Time!

Let me introduce y’all to LILY!

Lily actually has quite a sad tale – she was Hannah’s first ‘proper’ horse; we got her in 2004 I think. Her and Hannah were SO suited, as in they were both MENTAL – They liked to go fast and gallop everywhere 😛 So obvously, they loved cross country….

…But that’s the sad part 😦 During one of their events, Lily injured her hindleg, something right in the tendons and ligaments. Over the next 2 years or so, Lily kept going lame randomly, and then getting better again. She’d also jump fine, then randomly stop at jumps for no apparent reason. Then after one particuarly successful event, Lily went lame again. This time, she was sent to Newmarket (Horse vet central) and had the works done – scans, x-rays, various tests etc, and although she was only a tiny tiny bit unsound at the time, as it turned out, her original injury all those years before had been far worse. In fact, her leg was basically a ticking time bomb – at any time, it might suddnely break down, and she’d be very very lame, and in a heck of a lot of pain.

So, the decision was made to put her down. It was so gutting – her and Hannah were like Chika and I (soul mates, totally in love!), and so to lose her was terrible. But it wasn’t fair to keep her alive; her leg could have gone any second, she wouldn’t be able to work anymore anyway and she’d have to live in the stable. Lily was a mental mare – she NEEDED work, and she NEEDED her field.

Chika and Lily were best friends:

And I think it’s only recently – 2years later – that she’s really gotten over Lily’s death. But, there are positives! If Lily hadn’t gone, Hannah never would have got Tig. Although Tig isn’t a replacement, she is having so much fun with him and she’s learnt a lot. Plus, wherever Lily is, she’s much happier now 🙂

Lily was probably Hannah’s first truly special pet – do you, or have you, ever had a really, really special animal, one that isn’t just a pet? Chika is mine – I actually got a lump in my throat and tears welled in my eyes today..why? Cos I was just gazing at her!! I love her SO much lol 😛


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Happy Saturday my lovelies!! Are you having a wonderful day? It’s so SUNNY where I am!!

Today also marked the first day of my marathon training :O :O I had to shift it all forwards a couple of days, cos my proposed 14mile run falls on the Sunday of the Healthy Living Summit…so instead, I’ve planned it so I do that the day before I leave, then I can have a few days off at the HLS, and get back on track when I get home 🙂 Genius right? Anyway:

Day 1 of my programme called for a simple 3 mile run – easy! I did 5k in 27minutes (I was slow cos it was way hot out) and then had my precious EGM:

sat1 001

sat1 002

sat1 003

sat1 004

Straight after, I went out on a reading walk. I was obviously feeling very emotional today…I finished the end of my book, which was just your average chick lit, rom-com type thing – yet I burst into tears not once, but TWICE reading it. It had a happy ending for goodness sake!! What can I say…I’m a romantic. I tear up at weddings in films, when people talk about love, at people who have boyfriends…I’m hopeless 😛 I just want a boyfriend of my own really. Alas!

I then played with my favourite breathing animal in the whole wide world – Chika! We just did 25mins or so schooling, but she was trying very hard and was all light and soft, so there was no need to push it 🙂

The rest of the morning was spent killing some time (apparently, cos I can’t remember what else I did :/), then, something kind of amazing happened….

sat1 006

sat1 007

THAT happened! I broke into my first spaghetti squash 😀 To make it look like above, I just cut it in half, scraped out the seeds, seasoned it, and baked it for about 40mins or so, or til it was all soft. I then let it cool while I got on with the rest of lunch.

I had a sweet section – spaghetti squash, mixed with the same gooseberry/pear concoction as yesterday, with a sprinkle of grape nuts:

sat1 012

sat1 014

sat1 020

A random bit of spaghetti squash on the side, just so I could reaaaally taste it:

sat1 015

And a lentil mix thing – 55g dry weight of green and red lentils, boiled with stock, tomato puree, sundried tomato, cinnamon, celeriac and green pepper:

sat1 019

sat1 017

All together:

sat1 008

A lunch fit for a King, wouldn’t you agree? Squash verdict: It hasn’t got the flavour of kabocha, but I love the texture, and in its’ own right, it has a good taste. Overall I’m pleased – but if I was on the Titanic, and I had one seat on my lifeboat left, I’d have to pick the kabocha…sorry spaghetti!! 😛

Straight after lunch, my mum, Hannah and I went to go and see Chahara’s new foal again. My aunt really wanted me to see him today, cos I saw him 2 days ago so I could judge if there was an improvement in his dodgy leg situation. Sadly, there really wasn’t 😦 His back legs are awful 😦 To be honest, the chances are he will have to be put down. He’s probably in a lot of pain already, he just isn’t aware of it because he was born like it. But the more he grows, the worse it’ll get. It’s terribly sad, especially for Chahara. She’s a fab mum, and he’s her first foal 😦 But anyway, I think my mum is going to recommend the vet comes out to give him lots of scans etc to see if the leg can be splinted – but her gut feeling is the problem is too high up, right in his hips, so it can’t be helped.

HOWEVER, I did get some nicer pictures today 🙂 He’s such a sweetheart, I have to show y’all!!

sat1 031

sat1 033

sat1 036

sat1 041

sat1 044

sat1 059

sat1 060

sat1 064

sat1 070

sat1 067

sat1 078

I love him a little bit 🙂

This is the other foal too (this guy is now about a month old I think):

sat1 047

sat1 050

His mum, Aurabelle:

sat1 051

sat1 087

sat1 089


After the foal fun, we shot off to Poplar Park – Hannah has an event there with Tig tomorrow, so we walked the cross country course. I snacked on an apple on the way (I wasn’t hungry, but I missed my apple from the morning :p) and then we walked…oohh, like a mile or so round the course. Some randomer on the course had the most BEAUTIFUL  German Sheppard type dog…ohmygosh, it was stunning!! Jess will know what I mean when I say it floated about like a warmblood 😛

My lunch today held me over SO well! I totally wans’t hungry for the afternoon snack :s but it was an old favourite, so I couldn’t say no 😛 Bear granola with yogurt:

sat1 094

HURRAAHHH!! It’s been too long, Bear granola, too long. Never again will I leave such a gap between eating you!

Dinner – immensely dull, I am sorry!! I had had bigger plans, but then I was tired and to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t be bothered to do them anymore 😛 sooo, I had tempeh, with a peanut, banana and maple sauce, usual veggies as well as some leek, and a 3grain mix:

st2 001

st2 003

st2 010

st2 006

I can truly say, that was the best sauce EVER!!! Recipe –

Peanut-Maple-Banana sauce

  • 10g peanut butter
  • a few dashes of soy sauce
  • a pinch of salt
  • a tsp of maple syrup
  • approx. 1inch piece of banana, frozen then ‘melted’ in the microwave
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • splash of water

Mix everything together, microwave it, mix a bit more. I then let mine cool so it thickened up. Serve on tempeh, chicken, whatever! And ENJOY 😀

st2 007

That’s all from me now 🙂 I’m going to do what I do best- read the newspaper and watch something crap on TV. Wild night right?! 😛

Question – what makes you cry? Romance does it for me, every time 😛

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