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My Favourite Things

Good evening my lovelies 🙂

Firstly, thank you to every single one of you who commented on my last post – you are all so kind and wonderful and lovely and understanding! I swear, the people who read my blog are the best readers our there :p you guys kick ass!! I don’t really want to write what’s bothering me at the moment, although i will just say that, for once (!) it has nothing to do with food, weight, eating disorders or anything to like that – which in itself is a blessing in disguise I suppose!

Secondly, this is a slightly weird post – I didn’t feel like writing a proper post today, cos…well, I just didn’t 🙂 So instead, I shall show y’all my favourite things today, and over the past few days, cos they make me happy 😀

1) This little ponyface:





If you’re not horsey, it’s hard to put across the feeling they give you..but I know a number of my readers are, so I’m sure they’ll understand how much just hanging out with a horse helps a mood 🙂 Last night, I remembered I hadn’t put Chika’s rug on yet (it was too warm when they went out), so at 10.30pm I put the floodlights on and went to the field. It was so peaceful – the light was shining through the trees, creating beautiful shadows, and all I could see was mist and Chika and her breath in the cold night. It was beautiful! She somewhat spoilt the moment however when I took her onto the driveway – she spotted her rug and assumed it was that pesky lion from the other day, ready to pounce, and in a split second she’d pinged away from me and was back at the fence…VERY nearly taking my finger with her!!! I didn’t actually lose my finger (believe me, that happens <- my mum’s friend had her finger ripped off when it got caught in the rope and the horse pulled back), but I broke 2 nails and it sure did hurt. Hurrumph. Still love her though :p After 5.5years together, there’s little she can do to stop the love!!!! *Le Sigh*

2) All my kitties together as one:


Do you know what momentous occasion brought them together? Dog meat.

Note: They have never, ever all eaten together. EVER.

3) Native American music!!!


It’s so full of emotion, I love it!

4) Dressage to music – I’m a big, biiig dressage fan anyway (that was what Chika and I did) but after watching the World Equestrian Games, my passion has been briefly reignited! – Ulla Salazgeber and Rusty:


Edward Gal and Gribaldi:


Even if you’re not horsey, you must watch! These 2 examples are far from the best – but I adore the music and I love love love the riders.

5) Shopping with my mamma. Exactly what I shall be doing all day tomorrow!

6) Delicious food!

cereal messes….


Quinoa mixed with garlic and kale, a sea cake tofu thing…

Cocoa-beet-tomato sauce with rosemary and garlic seasoning, sprouts, broccoli, kabocha…


Spiced veggie burgers…

A lot of cereal blended with pressed coconut milk and blackberries and cinnamon and cocoa powder, topped with date syrup


The spiced veggie burger with aubergine, leek, kabocha and parsnip…

Too much yummy food! (this isn’t all I had today, FYI. A cappuccino with my gran and some So Crispy Bites, amongst other things, went unphotographed..).

What are some of your favourite things at the moment?

(PS – gah – 14miles on Sunday…in the POURING RAIN! That’s what the weatherman is predicting – eek!)


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Happy Thursday guys! ‘m afraid this will probably just be a brief post from me – thee’s some stuff that I’m really really struggling with at the moment, and it kinda feels like it’s taken me over somewhat 😦 But i’ll put on my blog-happy face now 😀

Ooh! Dinner last night was one of my favourites….


Tofu, peanut butter, soy sauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and pepper, nooch – all blended together and mixed with kamut tagliatelle, aubergine and parsnip, and a side of kabocha – all enjoyed whilst watching the World Equestrian Games dressage on Tv :D:


(note the nasty colours due to the poor night time lighting..is there a setting on a camera to overcome this!?)

I’ve got into the habit of having kabocha by itself on the side – it’s so squishy and delicate when it’s been roasted, and if it gets mixed with all the other junk on the plate, it gets squashed and disappears 😥 not what we want…anyway, the mild carbo load (does chocolate count as carbs? I had 2 squares later on too :p) was for the purpose of a 9mile run today!

Bah, it was a toughie. I had a Power Bar and 2 tsps wheat germ before I left, but – and I don’t know if it’s cos of my general mood, the hills, or the fact I didn’t have any extra fuel during the run – I totally wasn’t feeling it today. I felt like I was dragging my own corpse along the road!!! Seriously, it was really really hard work 😦 I finished in 1hr22 (I think..I forget now), which was a 9.12 min/mile pace. My slowest in a long while, not counting Sunday’s 18miler. Oh well…maybe tomorrow will be better.

When I got in, I had a scrummy breakfast waiting for me:


Overnight oats!

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1/2 c. coconut milk
  • 1/2 c. soya yogurt
  • 1 heaping tbsp Vega chocolate smoothie mix
  • add ins – an extremely ripe banana (literally, so ripe it was mush in the skin!), cocoa powder, and a Veganomicon baked banana muffin:





DEEEElightful! Especially the muffin! I can’t believe I waited 2 days before I tried one of those bad boys – they are some of the best muffins I’ve ever baked! In fact, 2 out of my top 3 muffins I’ve ever baked have been from either Veganomicon, or Vegan with a Vengeance <- both books by the same lady. She’s a genius!

Late morning, I was feeling super inspired to give Chika a good schooling session; Team GB just won 2 silver medals in dressage at the World Equestrian Games, so I was feeling inspired 🙂 Sadly, Chika was not. Actually, that’s harsh, and a lie; she was a very good girl! She just didn’t want to supple to the left very easily…but other than that, she tried her heart out for me, as always, so I was pleased 😀

Lunch came late, but was sooo worth the wait! I saw a post on Never(Home) Maker yesterday, which had a sauce recipe that caught my eye – Cocoa-tomato-beet sauce! It sounds weird, but it was amazingly delicious 🙂 I stuck to the recipe exactly, apart from omitting the parmesan cheese (a) I had none, b) it’s not vegan anyway), and using whole beets, which I blended:




Who would’ve thought – cocoa powder, tomatoes, beets, mixed herbs, cinnamon, agave, salt..it works so well! (This would be a the marriage my title refers to..beets and chocolate = bocolate 😀 I’m a genius right? :p)

I served it mixed with roasted chickpeas, roasted parsnip/broccoli/butternut, with a side of cereal:







Wow wow wow wow. One of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a long long time!! It was actually, properly SUPERB! If you like cocoa flavours, tomatoes, beets, red food, or pink food, or food in general, I recommend you make this sauce. Quick, easy and delicious 😀 Win!

Not a huge amount happened after lunch..I picked a proper big haul of blackberries (711g of blackberries, to be precise :p):


And caught up with various boring bills/letters/rap-that-has-to-be-sorted, and had a milky coffee:


(blackberry stained nails, not dirt, FYI!!)

And that’s about it 🙂

Question – when you find yourself really, really struggling – emotionally, mentally and so on – or feeling plagued by negativeness, how do you overcome it?

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