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Guten Abend/Afternoon my lovely readers 🙂 All having a wonderful weekend? I’ve had a tiiiirrring one!! I was gonna run 10miles today…but I ended up running the scheduled 13miles, like the badass runner I am :p But more on that later. Saturday first!


I managed to drag my mum out this morning for a 35minute power walk with me (running day off) which was swell 😀 Walking with a book is good; walking with my mum is great! We covered just over 2miles 😀 Before I left, I had 2 tsps of wheatgerm, but by the time I got back, I was mooorree than ready for an EGM 😀

I was different today though – I cut down from my normal 1.5 bananas, to just half – and replaced the missing banana with some little plums (making good use of the huuuuge amounts we have growing in the garden). The result was pretty little purple specks amongst the green:

sat1 001

Gorjuz 😀 Toppings were as per usual along with more plums:

sat1 008

sat1 007

It was a mighty fine and thick beast. (Random side note – do you often make smoothies without banana? I’m scared to without! Banana adds SO much thickness and flavour and creaminess and sweetness..I think I need to branch out :p)

Straight after breakfast, I went into town to have a word with my new work and to pick up some essentials (tempeh and yogurt, to be precise). While I was there, I passed by a little local grocers…and check it out!

sat1 036

YES! A kabocha squash!! I ended up buying FOUR of them, along with a massive yellow-y pumpkin type thing, and this guy:

sat1 033

Gross right? NO idea what sort it is..anyway, the squashes were all local and for sale at 99p per kg, which is a complete BARGAIN. I was a happy camper!

When I got back home, I basically turned round and went back out again, cos we went for lunch for my Grandpa’s birthday (I had an ‘issue’ with this – Monday’s post maybe?). The restaurant was lovely – but there weren’t many vegan choices (aka none!), as is the case where I live –

sat1 010

I ended up having a piece of bread to start, which was DELICIOUS:

sat1 012

Verrry soft, warm and doughy 😀 And then the tomato, orange and fennel salad, with no dressing (it wasn’t vegan):

sat1 019

sat1 023

sat1 020

The little truffle potatoes were great! I also asked for some veggies on the side – imagine my sheer JOY when I got presented with a big old parsnip:

sat1 024

sat1 026

Again, I was a happy camper 😛

For dessert, they made me a little fresh fruit salad:

sat1 029

Tasty 🙂 Despite the 40min wait for the meal, it was delicious 😀 Mine was somewhat light on the..well, everything!…but was really good 🙂 And they even gave my Grandpa a candle in his dessert:

sat1 031

SO sweet! And just for the record, here’s my mum and Grandpa (he’s 89!):

sat1 014

And Hannah and my gran:

sat1 015

(Fun Farm Fact of the Day – I call my Grandpa ‘Grampy’<- I think my sister and I misunderstood the word when we first heard ‘grandpa’ so that’s what he ended up as!)

By the time I got home (at 4pm) I felt I should eat a bit more fuel, so I had some cereal and yogurt:

sat1 032

And a bit later on, a cracker.

Dinnerlentil stew baby :p Lentils, toasted and then cooked with chopped tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, water (which I parboiled parsnips in), salt, 1tsp cocoa powder & rosemary/garlic:

sat1 037

.,..and lots of parsnip (1/2 was boiled, 1/2 roasted to test..), KABOCHA (!!) and broccoli:

sat1 039

Simple and delicious 😀

Later on (ie after X Factor :p) I had a Trek bar for some carb loading fuel 🙂



LOONNGGG run day. In fact, I did my fifth 13miler! 2 in training, 2 in competition, plus today’s one. And you know what?


It went REALLY really well! As in, no-aches-could’ve-done-5-more-miles kinda well. And I enjoyed it and the time flew by, and for the first time since I started marathon training, I felt like I could really rock it!! YYYAYAAAAAYYAYAYAYAY!!!!

Pre-run – 2 tsps wheatgerm, 1 rice cake and a new flavah Clif bar:

sun1 001

LOVED it. My favourite flavour!

While I was running I added 330ml coconut water to the Camelbak:

sun1 002

(Still foul, still hate it). During the run, I ate these (which actually have the non-vegan beeswax – something I didn’t realise til AFTER I’d eaten them!):

sun1 006

At mile 8. My splits:

  1. 8.31
  2. 8.48
  3. 8.31
  4. 8.41
  5. 8.26
  6. 8.19 (WOOP WOOP!)
  7. 8.43
  8. 8.58 <- I did walk/sprints whilst eating the sports beans
  9. 8.46
  10. 8.44
  11. 8.17 (WOOP WOOP!) <- the mile after I met my mum for a water top up. LOVE HER!
  12. 8.54
  13. 8.47
  14. 0.1miles – 48 seconds.

TOTAL: 1hr53mins:

sun1 003

I met my mum at mile 10 so she could give me some more water. Well, that was the plan – she passed me at mile 9 on her way and stopped. I shook my head and kept on going, cos I wanted to stop at mile 10, so she drove back past. At mile 10 (where I thought we were going to meet), she wasn’t there! I had been looking forward to it SO much – I actually crouched down and cried my eyes out for 3mins, cos I thought she’d gone home!! When I started running again, my legs hurt 😦 As it turns out, she’d stopped just 1/2 a mile away (where she thought we were meant to meet) – oops! I was SO relieved to see her (running seems to bring out emotions…) 🙂 I actually almost cried again :p Anyway, we chatted for a few mins while I re-filled my water, and then set off home. Weirdly, all the aches I’d just had totally vanished after that…I saw her again when I’d done my 13.1, and we walked the last mile home together 🙂

I love my mum! And the post-13.1mile glow:

sun1 004

Ninja-style, a la Caitlin 😛

sun1 009

Lol 🙂

Breakfast was – obviously – a huge old Epic Green Monster, with all the usual suspects – 1c. cereal blended with milk, yogurt, 1tbsp flaxseed, vanilla extract, spinach, a tiny pear, frozen banana, and topped with dates, granola, homemade jam and the ends of my Fru-Grains!

sun1 012

I don’t think I can refer to it as tree bark, looking at that picture 😦

sun1 013

It went down a treat 😀

Afterwards, I went for a short walk to stretch my legs and pick some blackberries <- I ate WAY too many and felt so sick after!! Nothing a good gallop on the stubble won’t solve though :p I made my mum take some pics, which I’ll show y’all on Horsey Humpday 😀

As per usual, my appetite packed its’ bags and left  – but made a rapid turnaround at about 2.45pm thank goodness 🙂 sOOO I had  – a wholemeal English muffin, half with white chocolate dreams PB, 1/2 with cinnamon raisin swirl PB:

sun1 023

sun1 028

As well as roasted parsnip, squash and broccoli, baked with seasoning and balsamic vinegar, and 2 of these:

sun1 025

Simple ingredients..But I wasn’t hugely impressed. Good meal though!

sun1 034

sun1 027

sun1 031

I finished off lunch with some So Crispy bites and a small apple – apparently once one’s appetite after an awesome long run kicks in, it means business!!

Riittio, that’s the end – this is already a super long post so I’ll save whatever I eat later til tomorrow 🙂 Hope you’re all having a good day!

PS – LOL – it seems every single one of you who commented on my last post eats breakfast whilst blog reading! Love it 🙂

PPS – Does anyone know of any bloggers who do really good headers? I need a new one quite badly…..let me know!

PPPS – If you’re a runner, or anyone who does hard sport, do you find you’re extra emotional during a tough workout?


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You know those days where you just wake up in the most foul mood known to man, and nothing will make it go away? I’ve had one of those 😦 It’s been horrible. BUT, I shall put on a Big Cheesy Grin and recap the day!!

It began wiiittthhh…an apple, a square of chocolate and 2 tsp wheatgerm! OH how repetitive am I :p I then went out on another 5k run (in almost exactly 27minutes) as per the marathon training programme.

Now, I had left myself plenty of time this morning to run, cool off, pretty myself up, have breakfast etc and then leave my for job interview which was at 11am. However, the Powers That Be decided to send in some bloke to read the electricity metre today, which totally threw me! As Hannah was still asleep, I had to sort him out – he took aaggggeesss!! It was SO frustrating, cos I could see the clock ticking away…..anyway, he left, and I continued – somewhat hurridly – to get ready. I was just packing up my stuff when I realised my CV was missing – cue manic searching for it. In the end, I had to boot up my mum’s OAP-speed desktop to re-print it out :/ That was another like, 15minutes wasted!!?? SOOO as a result – breakfast was tres rushed and very dull!!

Smoothie – a banana, 1 cup yogurt, 1 tbsp protein powder, cinnamon, 1tsp carob powder:

mon1 006

No time for toppings ;( but it was delicious in the 5 or so seconds I had to drink it :p

Other half of breakfast was eaten on my way, cos I ran out of time. Twas a blend of 1 cup of cereal with some cantaloupe melon and a splash of milk:

mon1 001

mon1 002

mon1 005

It looks gross, and I thought it would taste gross – after all I didn’t even have time to blend it properly! BUT, after the 1/2 hour or so it waited before it was eaten, it became a delicious cake-like mixture!! It was WONDERFUL! Moral of the story – don’t knock ugly food til you’ve tried it 😛

Next up was my job interview – quite informal, and the job looks AMAZING but to be honest, I don’t want to get my hopes up…so far I haven’t heard anything, so I’m going to try and put it out of my mind 😦

I then shot home at Superman-on-crutches speed, so I could change and take my gran out for a delayed birthday lunch 🙂 We went to a little farm cafe not far from us – the vegan selection was non-existent (as is the case outside of London…), but they did have a bean burger which was vegan apparently, so I had that with a salad of sweet potato, cous cous, beetroot and raisins:

mon1 008

mon1 009

mon1 010

Hmm..somewhat lacking on the sweet tater and cous cous!!?? There was like, one giant mouthful’s worth!! Alas :s The burger itself was just ok – just like something you could buy in Tesco, ie a bit processed tasting. But meh, that’s what you get for being vegan apparently!! Anyway, I ate all of it, bar the burger bun.

When I got home, I tucked into a very very delicious juicy pear for dessert:

mon1 011

If I had a way with the words, I’d write a poem declaring my love for the simple – yet BEAUTIFUL – pear….said poem will have to wait I think :p

What was left of the afternoon was spent doing Jillian part TROIS, sorting out the horses, having a mini freakout, and taking Poppy out for a half hour.

In between all that, I ate the most skanky, dusty (!?) apple ever (yes – it was dusty. That’s the only way I can think to describe it!!), and having another ‘cake’ snack:

mon1 012

mon1 013

That would be a cup of cereal blended with 1/2 cup yogurt and sprinkled with cinnamon (yes, I was hungry :P). Again, it looks gross – but believe me, it was SOO lovely!! TRY IT!

My dindins was very comforting – I seriously needed it today…Tempeh, with peanut butter/maple syrup parsnip fries, kabocha, celeriac and butter beans:

mon2 001

mon2 002

mon2 004

mon2 008

mon2 006

mon2 009

Gosh darn it, that meal was perfect – it hit the spot 100% and was just what I needed 🙂 Plus, those fries were SO darn crispy!! A true delight 😀

My mum and I are now going on a Poppy walk – I actually have a few problems at the moment which I really need her help on (actually, I could use all of you guys’ help! But I’m reluctant to blog about it, cos I’m not sure who reads my blog :s) so I better dash off! Have a nice evening 🙂


Ok – I just said I wasn’t sure who read my blog right? So, I’m going to completely nick this lovely lady’s idea, and ask y’all, chat roomy stylee – A/S/L!?

(That’s age/sex/location 😛 tell me about yourselves! Come out of the woodwork! I want to know everyone :D)

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Evening peoples! Did y’all have a good Satdee?

I’ve had such an up and down day – it started off well, as in I just woke up naturally at about 7.50am feeling pretty refreshed. I then had a wonderful delicious (and giGANTIC) Fuji apple and some wheatgerm, and then went out on a 7mile run. There’s where it went downhill….the run was pretty bad 😦 It was very very hot out, and I think I probably ran a bit late – if it’s this hot next time, I’ll get up earlier! Anyway, the run. I was hot and my freaking calf muscles were really sore AGAIN. I was getting so upset about it 😦 I had quite a few walk breaks, and I even stopped completely at about 3miles and burst into tears 😦 How silly is that!? It was the longest 7miles EVER. My splits went like this: 8.43, 8.35, 8.13, 8.57, 9.03, 9.08, 8.36. Not too bad considering the walking, but still. I was so relieved to finish, but I’m feeling so disheartened too, cos marathon training starts in 3 weeks! Eeek :s

Anyway, so later on in the day, I started to properly look at my Thrive Fitness book

sat1 034

– which is written by an Ironman Champion vegan! I actually think it might be really helpful….I like what I’ve read so far and I really think his exercises will help me out. Has anyone else used the programmes in Thrive Fitness? Or had any experience with it? I’d love to hear your thoughts (or any other thoughts about achey, nasty calf muscles….)

Back to the fud!

Breakfast was a wonderful, COLD, EGM:

sat1 003

sat1 008

It made me feel a little better, mainly cos it was cold, and I was – quite literally – tomato coloured when I finished the run :s

After breakfast and shower, I took Poppy out for an hour’s walk….

sat1 009

sat1 018

sat1 014

….. whilst reading a new book:

sat1 011

I’m 2 chapters in, but I already love it! Has anyone else read it? Talking of books..has anyone read Dear John? Apparently the book is 100 x better than the film; it’s now on my summer reading hit list!

When we got back, I had no appetite despite it being lunch time, so I tacked up Chika and hit the trails again. She was SUCH a lovely girl today; we had long, soft canters that were fast but with loose flappy reins (we obviously ride with such style :p), no spooking – it was like she knew that I was feeling down today and really wouldn’t be able to cope if she was silly! We only had one minor incident right near home, when  we got attacked by a nasty dog from behind, and an even nastier pram/baby combo from in front…….moving on…!

Lunch – totally random and totally not balanced! But I decided that a) as I was feeling down and b) cos I’m going out for a meal later, I could have exactly what I craved: FRUIT!

Enter….the world’s best smoothie, which I shall name Protein PBS Smoothie!

  • 1 very very ripe pear
  • 1/2 a frozen banana
  • about 5 frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1 tbsp pea protein powder

Blended up and served:

sat1 029

OH my gosh, it was the best smoothie I have ever made! Seriously! Thick and cold and with the most wonderful delicate flavour (wowzers – how much of a smoothie connoisseur does that make me sound!?). You MUST make this IMMEDIATELY. Seriously. Drop whatever you’re doing right now, go to the store, buy the ingredients, and then drink the best thing ever, like there’s no tomorrow 😀

The other part of lunch was 1/2 a cantaloupe melon, filled with yogurt, cinnamon and 2 tbsp Grape Nuts:

sat1 028

sat1 031

sat1 026

I love eating melon like that! Next time I have a whole half going spare, I’m going to have it with overnight oats…I can literally taste the dreaminess 😛

The rest of the afternoon was spent just not really doing anything….my mum and I picked Hannah up from the train station, we sorted the horses out, I had some So Crispy Bites and an apple….

sat1 036

sat1 037

…..then we got all glammed up for my birthday meal out (a week and a half late :p):

sat2 002

sat2 004

Don’t we look lovely!? 😀

I was really excited about this meal; we booked it ages ago, but told the restaurant at the time that a vegan was coming, and that it was a birthday trip. They said they’d try and make it special 😛 I must say, I was a bit disappointed by the choice 😦 they had one vegan starter which was just asparagus, IF you had it without the cheese…and one vegan main, which was a coconut vegetable curry. The chef had made a roasted vegetable and cous cous main however, which was nice. Sooo as I don’t really like asparagus, I decided on the cous cous and vegetable thing to start (but a small portion), with the curry for mains.


sat2 009

It was actually really delicious! LOTS of butternut squash 😀 WIN WIN WIN!! I ate all the veggies, and had a taster of the cous cous. The presentation of my mum’s starter was soo pretty too:

sat2 007

Like something outta Masterchef!

Anyway, the coconut vegetable curry main course:

sat2 013

Spicy but very delicious sauce, with a few big chunks of squash again 😀 Coconut rice, which I just had a taster of (I don’t like white rice :(), and a spring roll type thing. Loved the spring roll! Loved the sauce 😀 Not massively filling though…my stomach was crying out for some legumes or lentils or tempeh!!

For dessert, the only thing I could have was sorbet:

sat2 017

The chef was sweet here; the three little glasses on the side were little tasters of various things. Personally I hated them (one was alcoholic, one was ginger) but I was really grateful they tried 🙂 The sorbet itself though was lovely! One was mango flavour, one was lemon. Pretty good.

All in all – not a huge choice, BUT the choice there was, was super, so I was pleased 🙂

Annnd I’m now home, it’s 10pm and I’m thinking I’m gonna be hungry soon….vegetables are tasty but not a huge amount of staying power! Alas…

But now, I’m off to go and read my Thrive Fitness book now – have a good evening!

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