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Join Up

OK! It’s Horsey Humpday! Noooow I’ve tried to add two videos to my post today –whether they’ll work is another question, cos..well, I have zero clue when it comes to stuff like this! So here’s hoping :p But more on that later – I’ll go through food first 😀

Dinner last night TOTALLY made up for my Foodie Fail that was the skanky lentil thing from the other night 😀 I had my favourite veggies, stir fried with tofu and soy sauce and chickpeas, and a sauce made from peanut butter, stock, cinnamon and soy sauce 😀

weds1 002

weds1 004

weds1 006

It was SO lovely!

HOORRAY! Oh, and did anyone else watch the Big Brother final? I’m SO glad the person who did, did! I don’t want to say who in case I give something away 😛

Today – 5k run was the first job of the day. Actually, eating was the real first job of the day, cos that’s how I roll 😛 An apple, wheatgerm and and two rice cakes later and I was revved up to run 😀 26minutes after that and the run was done and dusted – with some fabulous negative splits too!




oooh yes.

SHOCKINGLY I had an Epic Pink Monster for breakfast, made pink by the lovely watermelon added 😀

weds1 010

weds1 011

Watermelon and I are having a slight love affair at the moment 😛

weds1 013

It was gooooood.

Even better – whilst I  was getting my munch on, a bloke knocked on the door. Not just any old bloke – a DELIVERY bloke!!!


When I was at the HLS, during a run with Gabriela, we were chatting away, and decided to do a foodie swap – and today the package came! Look at all the glorious stuff she gave me:

weds1 018 

weds1 019

weds1 024

weds1 023

weds1 020

LOVE that girl!! So generous! I am soo excited to try everything she sent me – and the addition of the Mighty Maple peanut butter means my collection is complete 😀 I really really hope I get to meet her again one day soon 🙂 (by the way – check out her blog – she is seriously awesome!)

After breakfast, I went blackberry picking for an hour and got quite a haul (of berries, and of nettle stings. My legs are tingling so bad right now….) –

weds1 025

Theeeen I rode the mareface – oh boy, she had her Mental Hat on today!! Ears jammed forwards, head right up, eyes on stalks…we didn’t step out of trot, cos i had a sneaky feeling that cantering would bring about some big spooks…..:p

But when she’s like that, it does mean I work up an appetite – just in time for a delicious lunch! One of my favourite meals: kamut tagliatelle, with brussels, squash and parsnip, and a tofu-peanut butter sauce:

weds1 026

Made simply by blending a serving of tofu with some water, a load of peanut butter (a tbsp maybe?), soy sauce, cinnamon, salt and pepper.

weds1 028

weds1 030

weds1 032

Sooo good! As was the two squares of Rawr chocolate for dessert :p

(Random side fact – the past two nights I’ve started using avocado oil in my cooking <- I think not using oil in my own cooking was probably the ONE thing left over from my ED days – but NO MORE! I’m going to make a habit of it from now on, cos it’s not in the least bit scary anymore 😀 *pats back* SCREW YOU, LEFTOVER ED-ACTIONS!! :P)

Dinner is a weird one today – i don’t really have time to cook (keep reading and you’ll see why), so instead, I’ve blended up cereal, blackberries, strawberries, cocoa powder (yes, more cocoa powder), agave nectar and watermelon together for a quick meal later:

weds1 034

weds1 036

And i plan on eating some kind of dense, protein filled bar later on too (maybe a Clif builder’s bar….who knows!). 

RIGHT! I have to go and battle the crazy winter weather elements dash – I’m meeting two of my best friends at the cinema to a) GOSSIP (it’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen them (I’ll be getting my 2009 Christmas present too…..!!) and much has happened!!) and b) to see Grown Ups – anyone else seen it?

What was the last good film you saw?

Anyone else noticed that summer seems to be officially OVER!? I can’t wait for winter myself 😀

ps- don’t forget, it’s my sports nutritionist appointment tomorrow – should be interesting! So if you’re an sporty person, particularly a vegan one, do come back!


Horsey Humpday is upon us!

Sunday – photos taken by my mama (who wasn’t wearing her glasses :p):

sun1 017

sun1 019

sun1 020


sun1 021

hehe :p

Tuesday activities now (post ride!)

Mmmkk! So on Sunday night, there was a programme on TV about horses, and it showed some footage of join up, with Monty Roberts <- he’s like..probably the most famous horse guy ever, like a behaviourist who pioneered all these techniques of ‘talking’ to horses – join up.

With join up, you basically ‘talk horse’, using your body language, eyes, stature, that kind of thing – all non-forceful and non-violent. Monty Roberts has used it to bond with and tame wild horses as well as an alternative method to the ways originally used to break in horses back in the 40s (cruel methods); but everyday people can use it too, just to strengthen your bond with your horse 🙂 It’s really cool!

You start by sending the horse away, ie flapping your arms, strong body language, looking them in the eye etc, which mimics the lead horse in a herd sending away a naughty foal (kind of) – effectively saying to the horse ‘I don’t need you because I’m an alpha’.I reckon this page explains it far better than me 😛

Normally you’d do it in a round pen, so the horse can’t get stuck in corners. I didn’t have a round pen though, just a rectangle 🙂 But here is me sending Chika away:

(Actually, that’s a lie :p I originally just wanted to film Chika being a spaz in the school for y’all, but she automatically joined up with me 😛 )

You keep the horse moving using just your body language (no force, no whips!), and wait for them to start to give you submissive-type signals. The signals include dropping their head down (Chika did that at the end of the first video), chewing with their mouths, keeping their inside ear fixed on you, looking towards you (Chika did that too) slowing down – that sorta thing. You can see Chika doing it in the video!

When they start giving those signals, you turn away from the horse and almost ‘droop’ – ie you go totally submissive too. If the horse has joined up, they turn towards you and walk up to you. Once they’re by you, they stick to you like glue and will follow you about everywhere! I tried to video Chika following me:

Yeah, shoddy as video…but it’s hard to run and film backwards! I don’t know how easy it is to tell..but she was basically following me about, trotting after me and so on (note the flappy bottom lip at the end of the video :p). It’s lovely!

tues1 023

I’ve done join up quite a few times with Chika in the past, though not for a few years. But the affects after are fab – you feel so much closer to the horse! When I came back outside today about 2hrs later, we had a little rally of ‘hello Chika’-whicker-‘hello!’-whicker-‘Yeess baby!’-whicker…like, 6 times over! It was awesome!

If you’re horsey, have you ever tried join up? Are you very into natural horsemanship? I actually don’t really use much natural horsemanship at all, but join up is something I like – cos I think it works!

Anyway, I really hope those videos loaded OK…and if they haven’t, I won’t be here to sort it out Eek :s

Have a good evening!


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I had a great day today! Why? I treated myself and went SHOPPINNNGGG!! And with good reason too – as you all know, I’m off to the Healthy Living Summit a week on Thursday, and after doing my Chicago weather research (aka watching back to back ER episodes), I’ve come to the conclusion that the city is HAWT in the summer time. Being English, I’m in general pretty poorly prepared for hot hot hot weather. I’m also the (not so) proud owner of some very white legs. SO, I thought I should bite the bullet and buy a maxi dress! My glowing limbs will be covered, but I’ll be very cool (in every sense of the word :p).

I had a mission!

I also wanted to buy some new running gear, for three reasons.

1) I have none. I run in a skanky bright yellow cotton tank top, and some rather unflattering boy shorts, bought when I was 15 for PE at school….

2) I have a 14mile run on the cards on the Sunday of the HLS (which I’m running with some fellow bloggers), so I didn’t want to look like a hot sweaty div :p

3) I reached one of my own personal goal weights, and my mum said when I did, she’d treat me to an item of running clothing 😀

So that was that 🙂

I ended up trying on LOADS of non-maxi dresses though, as there were AMAZING sales on (I didn’t buy a single thing full price today!)….I snapped some photos on my little camera:

Not bought (it was gorgeous, but had a major gaping issue, and kept flashing my bra :():

mon1 016


mon1 013


mon1 014


mon1 015

I also got a giant half of a grey pumpkin:

mon1 031

3 books for £3 (reading on the plane):

mon1 027

mon1 028

(Thank you charity shops!!)

Entourage, season 1, £5 (never seen it, but apparently it’s good?):

mon1 029

Running shorts, a top, and tights:

mon1 033

When I got home, I tried them all on again and felt SO awesome!! Very pro! So pro in fact, I took Poppy for a half hour walk in a storm 😛 Just cos I felt super! Don’t you love it when clothes just make you feel good? That’s how they should make you feel, in my opinion.

ANyways, yes, where was I…oh yes, I also bought 1kg of wheatgerm and a maxi dress!! It’s BEAUTIFUL! Though weirdly, I didn’t take a picture of it :/ you’ll just have to see it when I’m in Chicago!!

Right, enough about shopping. Food and exercise?

I woke up, had an apple, a sq of chocolate and 2 tsps wheatgerm (straight off the spoon, before you all ask :p), and then did precisely 54minutes of DVD action 😀

Breakfast was a spinach/vanilla/chia seed EGM:

mon1 019

mon1 021

mon1 023

I blended it a little longer today so it was reaaaaally smooth, and my GOSH! It made all the difference 😀

I packed up a lunch to take into town with me (you can’t trust Suffolk to provide vegan cuisine….fatty McDonalds cuisine maybe, but not vegan). I had some roast garam masala coated broccoli:

sun2 016

And an AWEsome sammie! Roasted squash, mashed and spread with some cinnamon on one side, and hummus on the other:

sun2 001

Followed by grated carrot, and roast parsnip and celeriac:

sun2 004

sun2 005

Topped with seitan:

sun2 007

sun2 009

sun2 010

Seriously seriously WAY yummy!!

For my afternoon snack, I had the other half of the beet/carrot raw things I got in Whole Foods a few weeks back:

mon1 034

Along with a cracker:

mon1 035

Perfect 🙂 (note – no cereal and yogurt!! :p)

For dinner, I had what I was gonna do yesterday or the day before, or some random time this week….tofu-peanut butter kamut spaghetti, with aubergine, grey pumpkin and parsnip:

mon2 004

The tofu was blended with soy sauce, peanut butter, and cinnamon to make a sauce – tres creamy!

mon2 005

mon2 006

mon2 008

Love that dish 🙂

Dessert – a blend of cherries. cocoa powder, watermelon and cereal:

mon2 001

mon2 002

I’m yet to eat it, but I’ve tried it and it’s delicious!


Question: Do you like shopping?

Do you like storms? I love both 🙂 storms are magical!

How do you treat yourself? For me, it’s good food and DVDs 🙂

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