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Wow – that chocolate yesterday must’ve been awful; even Poppy wouldn’t eat it!

*EDIT: I’ve now learnt chocolate is bad for dogs; I shan’t be trying that again!!


I love breakfast, I really do. It holds a special place in my heart; it can be sweet or savoury, quick and simple or long and drawn out…it truly is the best meal. Which is why I had three of them today!

My first breakfast was an EGM:

tues1 003

tues1 006

Today’s was THE best one, EVER!! I don’t know why – maybe the banana was extra ripe or something, who knows – but it was one of those breakfasts where I was looking at the clock, thinking I really should stop eating this so slowly, and get on with something productive, but I just didn’t want it to end! It was a sad, sad moment when it did 😦

Before my EGM, I did a 5mile run – it was OK!! I spent much longer stretching before I started and I think it helped cos my legs felt much fresher. The nice cold weather probably helped too (I could actually see my breath as I was running :s), but either way, I was pleased. I stayed at a steady-ish 8.40 min/mile pace, and took 43minutes. Hurrah!

After breakfast, I really reaallllly wanted to ride, but it was POURING:

tues1 008

tues1 009

Like, you can hardly tell in the photos, but it was proper torrential heavy rain 😦 So I bummed about for a bit and killed some time, spent aggggges brushing Chika’s tail through etc, and then finally the Weather Powers That Be got bored and let the sun come out to play! Which meant I could ride 😀 and take photos obviously 😛

tues1 012

tues1 013

tues1 017

Yeah, I played about a bit with the colours..I’m no editing expert, that’s for sure, but it’s a start right!?

Anyway – Chika was super. We had our first schooling session in about..oohh like 2months!!?? I only did 25minutes, but she was happy to be working properly again, and she hasn’t forgotten anything either – we did lots of sideways, and she was lovely 🙂

After I rode, I bought some dog food and read Heat magazine, and then it was soon time for my second breakfast 😀

I’ve seen Jess make waffles loads recently, and they always look SO good – but alas, I don’t have a waffle maker! However I do have an imagination and a frying pan, so I made a waffle pancake, using all these ingredients she lists. The only difference was I added in some vanilla essence. Wild changes, I know.


tues1 018


tues1 019

I served my pancake waffle with a homemade strawberry saucestrawberries, blended with 1/4 tbsp cocoa powder, cinnamon and a squeeze of agave:

tues1 022

tues1 026

LOVELY! I am in love with the waffle pancake! I want more 😀 and it was so packed with healthy stuff…amazing.

I also had a big pile of parsnip and carrot fries:

tues1 021

tues1 020

tues1 024

I had suddenly discovered two verrrry sad looking parsnips in the fridge today, hence why I decided to cook them up quick (with some agave) before they finally gave up the fight for life 😥

Dessert was 2 squares of *NICE* chocolate 🙂

I spent the afternoon mucking out horses, taking Poppy for a walk, and baking some cornbread muffins, from one of Happy Herbivore’s eCookbooks. When they came out of the oven, I totally thought it was an epic FAIL of a recipe; they hadn’t risen at all and looked kinda funny :s but alas, I tried one for my snack:

tues1 030

They were actually delicious! They might have looked dodgy, but what they lacked in looks, they made up for in flavour. Quite like Seth Rogen:

Hardly attractive on the outside, but very surprising when you dig a little deeper…(I have  a secret crush on him – ssshhh :p)

My third breakfast came in place of dinner, and it was savoury oats! Oh, it’s been SO long since a good bowl of oatmeal. I’ve missed thee so 🙂

I combined:

  • 1/2 cup oats/barley flakes
  • 1/4cup Noosh
  • s + p + cinnamon, thyme
  • kabocha
  • parsnip
  • aubergine
  • tempeh
  • 1/2 cup rice milk, 1/2 cup water, plus a bit more
  • love and tenderness

The result:

tues2 001

tues2 004

Hooray for savoury oats! SO comforting, I love them!!!

So, that was my three breakfasts 🙂 Dessert might be a little breakfast themed too – yogurt, cornbread muffin…you could pass that off as a breakfast right? 🙂

I gotta run now; Poppy wants a walk, and ER wants to be watched 😀 Have a good evening!

Question: What’s your favourite meal?

Has anyone heard Christina Aguilera’s new album? One review I saw totally canned it, the other one loved it..to buy or not to buy!?


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