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…lots of FIGHT. Not the naughty, duff-you-in-the-face kind, but the ‘damn you Swine Flu, I will fight you off’ kind!! Remember in my last post, I showed you all a simply wunderbar picture of my fittie mamma going off to a party? Well, some *lovely* person who went to the same party had Swine Flu – and has promptly given it to my mum. Thanks for that. As I type this, she’s laid up in bed, with a temperature, a bowl, lots of sniffing and lots of drugs (the good kind, not the nasty kind). Poor lady! The implications of her illness?

  • I miss her! I love having my mum home, but it sucks that she’s upset and sick, and I can’t do squat about it (bar feed her a Green Monster, as I did today – i figure spinach, milk, chia seeds, and maca powder can only do good!). I feel helpless though! I can’t make her better 😦
  • She can’t pick my sister up from the airport on Christmas Eve (Hannah’s been away on her gap year, and returns 5am on Friday. Apparently. If Heathrow can pull its act together. Seriously, 5 inches of snow and it shuts down??? Bah.)
  • We will have to postpone Christmas – Christmas without my mum bouncing about would be the crappest thing ever – she’s the life and soul, y’all!
  • She sure doesn’t deserve to be ill. No-one does I know – but especially not my mum; she’s the most wonderful woman in the world and IT’s. NOT. FAIR.

Talking of illness – I was ill on Saturday! I woke up feeling like junk, achey body, shivery, a football in my throat etc etc – and thought I had flu. But, food fights flu! So I opened up a packet of chocolate Amazing Grass (I got a sample online):


Chugged it down with soya milk/water, and voila! Come Sunday, I felt 10 x better! I still have a cough and a slight wheeze atm, but it sure ain’t bad, and I’ve still had 3 fabby runs (7miles, 6miles, 6miles) since Sunday, so all is well.

Anywayz! Onwardz and upwardz yeahh???


BAKE – The blorld (blog + world) has gone cookie mad :s seriously! Every post I read, someone has eaten their weight in cookies, is on a sugar high, in a sugar coma, has gone to a cookie party, given birth to a cookie baby…is this some weird American trend?! I’m proud to say I’ve rejected the frenzied trend, and made just one batch of cookies – pumpkin oatmeal:


They might look like ordinary cookies, but BY GOSH, these boys (from the Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook) were OUT OF THIS WORLD. No lie!! I actually made them as a Christmas present for my mum’s work, but we snagged one before they left, and hoooooly cow. I plan on making another batch for whenever we next have Christmas 🙂

Whilst we’re on the subject of things that have been baked/Christmas, I have a quick review for all my lovely Brit readers! The kind folk at Sainsbury’s contacted me with an offer of a selection of their Free From range of Christmas items:


Dairy free, wheat free, gluten free

Sadly, the items were not vegan – BUT, when I told my mum and stepdad about this offer, they jumped at the chance to review! The other night, they broke into the iced Christmas cake slices –


(I seriously need to work out how to change the ISO on my camera….a New Year’s resolution for sure. My only excuse for the dark photo, apart from my inability to use my camera to my advantage, is the crap night lighting)


– and were very impressed 🙂 Words like ‘moist…full of flavour…delicious…soft icing…lots of marzipan…juicy…’ floated about. Even my step dad liked them, which in itself is a HUGE deal – he won’t eat things that are ‘too vegan’ and prefers to live off frozen peas and mac and cheese. But I sure do think I saw a wee smile creep across his lil face when he ate a slice :p HIGHLY recommended.

More reviews to come!


Right – next up, BLEND!

Item One:


That would be a pumpkin pie blended cereal mess thing. I forget exactly what went in it now, but I know it involved cereal, soya milk, pumpkin, cinnamon, maple syrup (maybe?), vanilla, and banana. I also know it was one of the most incredible things I have eeeeever eaten. i know I say that a lot, but I mean it this time!

Next up – Item Two:


Ah yes. I was making my usual blended mess – cereal etc etc. Whilst I was digging about for frozen bananas in the freezers, I came across a packet of cranberries, frozen from last year. DING DING DING! I added in a laaaarge handful, accompanied by a tsp of agave (they were fresh, not dried, hence sourness – though I happily eat them fresh anyway :D).


Wowzer! Beeeeeautiful colour, incred taste!! Not sour at all, just…cranberry-y. It was lovely! If I’ve taught you nothing else in this post, take this on board – add. cranberries.

OH! And those grapes, they’re frozen! And holy cow, frozen grapes are da BOMB!


I froze them aggggges ago, forgot about them, remembered (thanks, Jamie Oliver Christmas tv show), and now I’ve bought a whole new pack of grapes which are sitting in the freezer, ready to munch at my leisure. Bliss.

They made an appearance on my chocolate coffee Epic Green Monster this morning too (along with 75p-per-pack cherries!)


Boo yah.

Talking of…er…food – yesterday, I did the epic Christmas food shop. I figured I needed super good fuel for it, which led to my eating THE best bowl of oats EVER. A bowl to end all bowls. It was….well, I almost cried at how good it was.

The Bowl of Oats to Trump All Bowls of Oats:

  • 50g oats
  • 2 tsp carob powder
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 c. soya milk
  • 1/2 c. water
  • roasted and mashed onion squash
  • extra milk on top



Oh. My. It was soooo chocoaltey, so creamy, so comforting, so DELICIOUS! I can’t wait to make it again 🙂

Another thing I want to make again – aubergine sauce! T’other day, I roasted up some aubergine, then blended it with salt, mixed spice, water and nooch, and created this:


Looks gross, but it was incred stirred into kamut spaghetti:



Hurrrrraaaahhhh!!! I rejoiced, it was lovely! Silky smooth, with a spicy cheesy flavour. YUMMEH.

Other meals worthy of the YUMMEH tag? Sweet potato, roasted with maple, cinnamon, salt, apple and walnuts:


Totally where it’s at. As was this broccoli/millet/wild/brown rice combo:



Now, I have a slight complaint. I would give the following a big old thumbs up too, but – I just can’t. For part of lunch today, I had a wholemeal English muffin, topped with a squeezy pack of Justin’s chocolate almond butter:


My complaint? To get the thickness I wanted, the squeezy pack was only enough for ONE half of a hardly-large English muffin! Booooo.


Not cool. At least the taste was right up my street (it tasted like a nuttier, thicker version of Nutella, which is odd considering Nutella is made from hazelnuts. But whatevrz.).

Aaaaaaaaaaanywayz, I have some missions to do now:

1) wrap presents

2) watch the end of Lucky Number Slevin (Josh Hartnett, if you’re reading – marry me?)

3) Make pancakes

4) read my newspaper

See yaz!

Question: Have you gone on the cookie-craze this holiday?

Any tips for getting over flu real quick?

(Oh – and MERRY CHRISTMAS if I don’t have time to blog before the big day! Eat, drink and be mERRY!)


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I DID IT!!!!!




Wow, just 2 days without a proper post and it feels like it’s been forever! I’ve been keeping busy though –

On Friday, I ran 5miles – my last one before the big Two-O – 46minutes, 9.12 min/mile pace. Not fast, but not slow either. I also had a ton of good eats 😀

Giant apples…

A thickie – cereal, yogurt, banana, maca, Vega vanillia-almond, xanthan gum, banana, strawberries, spinach:




Kovac caught and ate a squirrel…


I know a squirrel is just a rat with a furry tail, but it still seemed so wrong! Squirrels don’t steal horse feed, they eat acorns and they live up trees..they’re adorable!

Lunch highlights – the most scrummiest sweet potato ever! I cut up and cubed a very large sweet p., and coated it with:

  • maple syrup
  • molasses
  • ketchup
  • vegan worcestershire sauce
  • balsamic vinegar
  • salt

Baked it for a half hour or so, and served it with celeriac and gran-grown squash fries, and some courgette, and a Mojo bar for added carbs + protein:





The Mojo bar was sent to me a while back by America’s Nutrition to review.



It was very sticky, but completely delicious! I loved the little nutty chunks in it, plus it was a super source of protein – 9g per bar – and carbs – about 21g. Seeing as I was having a late lunch and needed to carb load AND needed some more protein with my meal, it was perfect 🙂 Plus, it tasted like a dessert or something :p It’s love.

Later on, I managed to make myself a vanilla cappuccino:



I use the term ‘vanilla’ loosely. :/ Couldn’t taste it at all! I’ve tried instant vanilla coffees many a time, and I never, ever taste their flavour. Maybe my taste buds are dead?

Other delicious food in the day – a load of roasted veggies- brussels and kabocha – with peanut butter/soy sauce coated parsnip fries, and a side of seitan:


As well as an biiig bowl of oatmeal, made with 1c. milk, 50g oats, roasted and mashed squash, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg and salt. Bliss.

Saturday brought another busy day, and another trip to uni, and a failed attempt at sleeping in!

I’d hoped to sleep til about 8.30 to reserve valuable energy stores for Sunday, but alas! twas not meant to be. My body decided that 6hrs of sleep was perfectly fine, so when I woke up at 7.24, that was that – I couldn’t get back to sleep! 😦

Breakfast – another amazing thickie blend:


Then it was a ssuuuuuper lesson on Chika with my mum helping <- they’re both stars!

I packed up a quick lunch to take with me to uni (Fresher’s Fair was 12-4pm) – an extra big serving of lentils:


Along with a load of roasted veggies:


I also had a Nakd bar for some added carb 🙂


Fresher’s Fair itself was pretty good (despite the 2hr commute) – i’ve found lots of different project things I want to get involved in, which should keep me busy! On the way home, I stopped at Waitrose for the weekly shop and got some great stuff 😀






Dinner – oatmeal!!! Except this time I did 1c. dry oats (about 95g)! If that isn’t carb loading, I don’t know what is. I cooked it with the same mix as yesterday and (like yesterday) left it in the oven for 10mins to harden up:


Amaze. On the side, i had a tiny but of roast aubergine and parsnip with garam masala:


All eaten whilst watching X Factor! [Louis’ old folk – AWFUL! Nicolo – very disappointed. Aiden/Matt/Rebecca/Paige/Treyc (or however she spells it)/Mary – LOVE! Cher/Katie/all the bands – HATE!


MEEP! I got up extra early today to allow a good 2hrs to digest 😀 and digest I did! 50g oats/spelt flakes soaked overnight in 1/2 c. milk, 2 tsps wheat germ, vanilla, salt and a mashed banana:


As well as some raspberries nuked with agave, then mixed with 2tbsp Grape Nuts:


And a tiny apple (which I ate in a nervous haze!). To kill time, I watched 25mins of Ugly Betty and took some gorgeous early morning ChikaTig photos 😀 I might put them up later in the week 🙂

Just before I left, I ate a date, then I was gaaaaawn.

I set off with a grin on my face; I decided this run was going to be AWESOME and I was going to kICK BUTT.

Which I did!

I kept a steady 9.30-9.50 pace for the first 7miles, and didn’t walk once. I was feeling great! At 7miles, i met my mum, so I could top up on water/Lucozade. I deserved a medal for bravery for the next 3miles – I was feeling so ace that I found a 1.5mile long steep hill, and ran all the way up it!! The best bit was coming back down 😀

At mile 11, I’d started to walk 1minute out of every mile, which was a great help, although my pace slowed a bit. No worries! i was hardly caring about pace anyway 🙂

At mile 13, I felt sick – I’d eaten a Powerbar too fast and in basically one chomp…lesson learnt! Luckily, that mile was when I saw my mum again, so I stood about for a few mins, the sickness passed, and I continued on my merry way.

I got back home at mile17, where my mum was waiting. I ran 1more mile alone, and then for the last 2miles, she came with me on the bike and sang crap songs to me 🙂 It was the best 2miles ever!

During the run, I had about two bottles of Lucozade Sport, a Powerbar and some Powershots. It worked perfectly 🙂 Mile Totals: 20miles in 3hr20 (my goal time had been 3hr22, so, er, BOO YEAH). Average pace – 10.01min/mile. I’m so super pleased with it!


In fact, I’m over the moon. I so badly needed this run to go well, and with the power of positive thought (plus a lot of carbs and many, many wonderful comments on my last post), it did. I’m living proof – If you put your mind to it, if you want something enough, you can do it. Last week, I struggled and cried my way through 14miles. This week, I smiled my way through 20. YOU CAN DO IT!!

As soon as we finished, I grabbed a banana from the house, and took some celebratory photos 😀


BIG thanks go to my mum!


We went for a 10minute walk round the fields afterwards to stretch out and say howdey to the horses:




Take note of the Chika fluff: in about 2hours, it’s going to be clipped off 😛


Lunch wise – I just had one big bowl of nutrients [which tasted bang on like marzipan]!

  • soya yogurt
  • cereal
  • spinach
  • melon
  • 1.5banans
  • maca powder
  • xanthan gum
  • Vega smoothie mix
  • dates, almonds, blackberries, and a scuffin on the side


My mum had the other scuffin – twas the least I could do!

Perfect meal to celebrate a perfect run.

I am going to ROCK this marathon!


Ok, so here’s my announcement, which I feel bad about mentioning cos a) lots of you said you couldn’t wait for it(!) and b) it’s not so big anymore… basically – I’m not sure if I can keep my blog going…

My final year of uni starts tomorrow (Monday), and I’m going to be super busy this year – lectures, my final dissertation (which involves having to collect a boatload of data, as it’s a psychology experiment), and a long commute there and back each day. On top of that, I really want to keep up with riding Chika, which obviously takes up a lot of time, as well as get involved with some more volunteering and clubs at uni (this Tuesday, I have to be in uni from 9.30am – 8pm…). The few weeks after my marathon are going to be manic too, as I’ll have all my lectures and work to catch up on. So basically, I’m unsure as to how to fit everything in. I think I’m going to keep blogging as much as possible, but probably in a different style, and not as regularly.

But – regardless of whether I resume a regular blogging or not, I will still keep reading everyone’s blogs (cos I genuinely think of a lot of you guys as friends :D), and I’ll be back with a big old marathon recap (or 10!).I just don’t want to lose touch with the blogosphere – I love it too much! You all have helped me so much, with your positive comments, good luck wishes, funny stories..You’re all the best 😀

Anyway, enough talk from me – this is a looooong post. Have a good afternoon!

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If it’s hurting, it’s working

Pain is temporary, quitting is forever

If you find yourself going through hell, keep going

Are you going to be a wimp, or are you going to be strong today?

Can I give more? Yes.

Rock what you’ve got.

I set a new distance record for myself today!! EIGHTEEEEEN big ones baby!! Oh yes 🙂 Run recap and a ton o’ horsey action shots to come….





A lorra lorra cereal, with a splash of soya milk (the self-confessed milk & cereal hater can now have milk and cereal…what has the world come to??), yogurt, wheatgerm, a banana and blackberries



A side of fig 🙂

I sure worked myself up a mild appetite for lunch! Cos I rode Mrs Chika in between, and – due to the terrifying wind – she was quite the handful. I set out thinking ‘bah, it’s cold and windy, I’ll only do 25mins’…..50mins later, I finished! She’d decided that she couldn’t (could?) see the lions hiding in the grass with all the wind, therefore it was perfectly necessary to spend 30minutes spooking at the exact same spot. Over and over. And over. And over.. Mares!! Luckily, just as she was determined to spook, I was equally determined for her NOT to spook – Battle of The Mare vs The Girl commenced (albeit with no violence obvs!!). I won 😀 we finished on an ace note, and both came in tired and happy 🙂

Um…sidetrack much?? Lunch! I had to carbo load today, due to the impending 18miler on Sunday, so it was the winding route of kamut tagliatelle that won my charms today. A nice hefty portion, served with a ‘sauce’ made from a 1/2 tin of chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, mixed herbs, garlic, stock, swede, turnip, broccoli, celeriac, parsnip and squash:




Sure was delicious! A piece of Lindt may have been eaten too…

The afternoon was spent gettin’ ma bake on! My gran had given me a huge (arm size) courgette the other week, and a request to bake a chocolate courgette cake. Like the good grandchild I am, I obeyed:








I then had a taste for baking….so I whipped up some muffins from Allie’s recipe section. The original recipe was for pumpkin and carrot muffins, but I firstly vegan-ised it (by using 1tbsp chia seeds mixed with 2tbsp water), and English-ised it – mashed banana in place of pumpkin!


Instead of making 6 large muffins, I made 12 mini muffins instead 🙂



Tooooo cute!!

My afternoon snack was some cereal and yogurt:


And dinner was the scrummiest mix of maple roast sweet potato, lentils cooked with apple, and maple roast kabocha and parsnip:



In hindsight, although this meal was delicious – it was too much fibre!

I had a little dessert of Lindt, yogurt and a cracker 🙂



I was awoken ever so rudely by an alarm at 6.30am today. Why? I had eighteen miles to run of course! However the weather was looking seriously dodgy, with heavy showers forecast….so I wolfed down a breakfast cookie (1/2c. oats, mashed banana, peanut butter, milk), as well as a few dates and a spoon of Grape Nuts:


And then 1/2 hour later, I set out.


The first 5 miles of my run were hell on earth. I felt so amazingly SICK. At 3.66 miles, I had to stop for 15mins, expecting to throw up at any second, whilst having a major cry session. I couldn’t believe how ill I felt after so little distance, and all I could think was ‘I’ve got a half marathon left to run….’. It was horrific! However, I had to keep going. I was 2miles from home, and I knew my mum would be waiting for me. The next 2miles were deathly slow (like, 10.50pace), but I did them. When I saw my mum’s glowing pink coat at the end of my drive, it was like a beacon of hope 😛

I cried on her for a few mins, cos I felt so bad, but after a little weeny pep talk, I set out again, on a 3mile loop. Baby steps! Thankfully, I started to feel a bit better. After an hour and 20mins or so, my stomach started to settle. No sooner had that settled, did the clouds UNsettle, and the rain clouds open. And open they did! I’m talking monsoon like rain, for an hour. I literally could not SEE cos it was raining so hard, and I was soaked to the skin. It was horrible!! But my mum, bless her, was waiting for me after every loop (even the 2mile one!) to just be there for support. Words can’t describe how grateful I was to her! Especially since she was getting soaked too!!

Anyway – despite the rain and the sick stomach and all, there was some good – my legs felt GREAT! The whole achey-leg thing is a distant memory now 🙂 Thank goodness for Brooks trainers! And after the rain slowed, I actually started to enjoy myself again. The best bit? The last 2miles, when my mum dug out her old bike (she hasn’t ridden one in decades) and wobbled down the road next to me, singing crap folk songs (!) to me and telling jokes and laughing! I was running with a Hugh Jass smile on my face 🙂 I also seemed to get a second wind of energy, which meant I decided to get my run finished in under 3hours (on the wonk cos I can’t rotate it :p):


Oh yeah!!!

The start was slow, but I finished strong, and felt I could have even continued for quite a lot more miles!! Needless to say, I was happy 🙂



My average pace was 9.58, total 2hrs59. During the run, I drank about 750ml Lucozade Sport, and ate a Power bar. I probably should have had more, but it wasn’t until mile 13 that I even started eating <- that’s how sensitive my stomach felt! But regardless, I finished great (no walls for me :p), so alls well that ends well 😀

Oh! Amazingly, I didn’t use my ipod for the entire run! And it was fine! I entertained myself by singing ‘There were 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…take one down, swirl it around, there were 98 bottles of beer on the wall….’. Weird, but it worked!

When I got inside, I quickly ate a mini banana/carrot muffin:


And then went on a 10min walk to stretch out. Lovely 🙂 Brunch was a proper big old Epic Green Monster:

  • 1 c. cereal
  • 1/2 c. soya milk
  • 1/2 c. soya yogurt
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  • xanthan gum
  • loooooads of spinach
  • a massive banana




Perfect post-run fuel!!

And as usual…this is now a massive long post, so I’ll speed up!!!

I made my mum and I soya cappucinos (spelt wrong…!) for a nice afternoon break:



Could have had more froth but my mum was on the phone so I couldn’t blend for long enough 😛

We aslo played horses in the afternoon – lunged Tig over jumps:







And showed my baby some love 🙂


Excuse my outfit! Gran-knitted hat, long thick horse socks, 3/4 length trousers…I’m pure class. I also did some yoga, which was fabulous! Nothing like a good stretch after 3hrs of running 🙂

Annnnd that’s where I’ll leave it! I had a delicious snack too, but the pic isn’t on here so….whateverz :p

Question: do you have any inspirational quotes? How do you keep yourself motivated/not bored during a long run?

What’s been your biggest achievement lately? It doesn’t have to be physical, or huge – an achievement is an achievement, regardless of size 🙂

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Boy did I have a messed up sleep last night!

  • Cat jumped on me, woke up.
  • Bathroom break, got up.
  • Cat jumped on me, woke up.
  • Couldn’t breathe due to virus/cold, woke up.
  • Cat jumped on me, woke up.
  • Had a dream I had a ma-hoosive argument with my mum, woke up crying (!!)
  • Cat jumped on me, woke up.

Twas an interesting night, albeit not a peaceful one :/ I’m amazed I had the energy to do anything today to be honest! Especially since I woke up feeling somewhat crummy, due to the virus my mum gave me. In a way, it’s a good thing though – cos it means I had it on Sunday, which may explain my struggles at the end of the 16miler!! Hurrah 😀


Dinner last night was not particularly imaginative. In fact, it was a repeat of Saturday’s dinner:

tues1 001

Kamut tagliatelle with a peanut butter/soy sauce/tofu sauce, with aubergine, parsnip and kabocha – Simple, but delicious!

I was hit by a major chocolate craving in the evening though, which only one thing could solve –

tues1 008

Oh yes, LINDT 85%!! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I had some…it was SO good. The chocolate to end all chocolate cravings..yeh, it hit that spot 100%. I went to bed happy 😀


Tuuuesday, I hate Tuesdays.

I had an apple pre DVD workout (just under an hour), and then had a breakfast date with myself 🙂 In the mix:

  • 1 c. cereal
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • strawberries
  • 1 tbsp hemp seed
  • 1 frozen banana
  • aunt grown swiss chard

tues1 010

tues1 011

Topped with dates, Grape Nuts and homemade plum jam, with a side of blackberries:

tues1 013

tues1 014

Note the splinters of cacao…yes, my cacao block has been finished 😥

tues1 017

tues1 019

tues1 015


The morning was spent picking some blackberries (I had a competition with myself to see who could fit the most blackberries in my mouth. Shockingly, I won :p), riding, sneezing and tidying. Quite the wild one right!? That’s how I roll 😀

Lunch was good though – I was feeling INSPIRED!!!! So much so, I created a recipe 😀

Sweet Potato….ok, I’m stuck – are they fritters? Cakes? Or barjis (sp?)? Help! Anyway –

  • 1 grated sweet potato (about 150g ish)
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1/2 tsp or so onion powder
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp flour (I used wholemeal spelt flour)
  • a splash of soy sauce
  • 1/2 an apple (a small one), grated


tues1 022

tues1 023

Shape into pattie type things:

tues1 025

Fry over a lowish heat for…like….15mins? 20? You’ll know 🙂

tues1 031

The mix is pretty delicate at first, but the longer it cooks, the better it holds together 😀 So when it’s super easy to flip, you’ll know you’re almost there!!

Before you see ze fineeshed product, the rest of lunch!

Barbeque Style Beans

  • 1/2 c. red kidney beans
  • tomato puree
  • apple cider vinegar
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • molasses
  • smoked garlic

All mixed up:

tues1 026

tues1 027

tues1 029

Then microwaved to warm through. BUT! We’re not there yet 😛

I also roasted the other half of the apple with cinnamon, agave and parsnip, and served everything together with grilled aubergine and a fresh fig (phew):

tues1 032

tues1 036

tues1 033

tues1 034

tues1 037

tues1 040

The more I photo something, the more I liked it 😛

tues1 043

tues1 041

tues1 048

The final, wonderful, mouthful…

tues1 051

Oohh yayayayayaya!!!!!

The sweet potato stuff was so wonderfully good! I LOVED it! The texture and the taste was fah-bulous! I’m proud of myself 😀 (though I don’t want to toot my own trumpet here). I recommend you make it, rather strongly. Really.

After all that excitement, the rest of the afternoon kinda disappeared into oblivion, but it did consist of a square of Lindt:

tues1 052

And an apple 🙂

And Heat magazine, and reading for my dissertation this year…oh the joy.

And more tidying.

And mucking out :s

Sadly, I have to finish my post somewhat abruptly now – I’m off to see one of my besties tonight, who has been working in a land far, far away (aka Leeds) for the past 6 weeks. This is my last chance to see her before she flits off bak to uni, so I better go rush and make some dinner 😀

Y’all have a good evening!

Question: Did anyone watch Jamie’s Food Revolution last night? It was the one that was on in the US ages ago, but has only just been shown here. What did you think? i loved it, but ohmygosh kids are fed *CRAP* in schools!!! I don’t know the outcome, but I really hope he succeeds – I ❤ Jamie 🙂

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Bad Banks

GAH! Just before I sat down to write this, I thought I saw a man in my hall! Oh scary times…if this post doesn’t get finished, and my typing stops abruptly, assume the worst.


Bad banks, yes, VERY bad banks today! Oh alas alas alas.

The morning started well – I had a good restful sleep, got up, chowed down on an apple, 2 tsps wheat germ and a rice cake, and then did home workout DVDs for just under an hour. So far, so good.

I then sorted the horses out, made my breakfast, checked my watch, and thought – seeing as I wasn’t hungry yet – I’d just phone through the order for my new laptop quickly. I assumed it’d take..oohh..10 mins, 15 tops?


FIFTY minutes later, and it was ordered!!! It would have taken 10mins, til the blasted bank decided to block my card for ‘security reasons’! ARGH!!!!

The lovely guy at Apple said he’d hold, while I phoned the bank on my mobile. I was then asked all these ridiculous questions and had to go through about a gazillion steps to talk to a real live human..and then I was told I’d said the wrong info!? I’d said the wrong town (out of choice of 2 – I’m with 2 different banks, one in each town) where I’d opened my bank account, so I had to go through the WHOLE process again. Ohmydays, I just wanted to scream/cry/roll about on the floor. SO infuriating.

Now I’m sure if my card got stolen, then I’d adore the beautiful measures the bank takes in the battle against identity fraud, to protect my money. But seriously. I just wanted to order my laptop!

Thankfully, I think the Apple bloke found me kind of endearing (he LOL-d at my fluffypinksparkles email :p) so he waited patiently the whole time 😀 And my laptop was ordered! Sheesh. Talk about a good way to start a Tuesday!

Breakfast made up for the kerfuffle (just):

  • 1 c. cereal
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  • swiss chard
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1.5 frozen bananas
  • home grown plums
  • dates, Grape Nuts, homemade jam, grated cacao

tues1 001

Home grown by my aunt!

tues1 005

tues1 004

tues1 007

Lovely lovely thick loveliness! For sure a winner 😀 Although I had it much later than normal (50mins later, to be precise), so it somewhat threw my day!

I still got a lot done though – walked the dog, rode the ‘orse (she was fresh and full of spring beans today), did some painting in my room (I’ve aaalllmost finished painting it now – just a window sill left!), and displayed my last half marathon photo proudly on a ledge:

tues1 008

Look at me gooooo! Good times.

I eventually sat down to lunch at 2.45pm. It was a goodun! I mixed some of the hummus I made yesterday with a spoon of nooch and salt, and served it with garam masala roasted broccoli, pumpkin, celeriac and parsnip, and a toasted wholemeal pitta bread – lovely REAL ingredients!

tues1 009

It’s the little things 😛 Anyway – the lunch:

tues1 010

tues1 011

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I cut up my veggies chunky style at lunch, but tiny at dinner…very odd!

tues1 013

tues1 014

tues1 017

tues1 012

tues1 021

Which photo!? Above or below!?

tues1 022

So yummy!! I always forget about the joys of hummus, til I eat it, and then I’m reminded of how freaking fabulous it is! And so simple to make – this batch was made from:

  • 1 can chickpeas
  • 2 tbsp EVOO
  • 2 tsps maple syrup
  • 2 tbsps + a bit of tahini
  • lemon juice
  • salt and pepper
  • A big garlic clove

The recipe actually needs some tweaking, but it will be good 😀

Oh – I also had this little cucumber variety with lunch – another symptom of my aunt’s gardening kick:

tues1 024

tues1 025

It was tasty!! I thiiink it’s called an apple cucumber or something…

The afternoon was spent tidying and horse-ing and unloading 20 or so bales of hay all on my lonesome (WONDERFUL job, right Jess!!??) – tough times. Oh, and I went blackberry picking and got TONS of the juicy beauties!! They are so ripe and plump 😀

For dinner, I’ve made maple roasted sweet potato, with dates and cinnamon, with roasted maple pumpkin, parsnip and courgette, and smoked almond tofu:

tue2 010

tue2 005

The broccoli in the background is for Chika :p

tue2 003

tue2 006

tue2 008

It’ll probably be delicious – I’m about to eat it as soon as I’ve posted this 😀 I’m then gonna get a lil packed lunch ready for tomorrow – I’m going to London for the day, to buy new running shoes, and to go to Whole Foods! It may not be a big deal to US folk…but to people in England, seeing as there’s about 2 Whole Foods in the whole country (and the one I’m going to is the 3rd biggest in the world!), it is a Hugh Jass deal! Fear not though, I’ll be blogging from beyond the grave. Kind of. I have a very interesting post lined up, which [shooooould] be automatically posted without me having to do anything. Finger’s crossed!

Anyway – I want my dinner. Have a good evening!

Question: What’s your favourite thing to cook/bake/blend/dehydrate? I like making hummus, muffins and black bean brownies 😀

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Oh my, I just have to say – I LOVE ALL YOU READERS! You guys are just all so supportive and always have wonderful things to say and always understand where I’m coming from…thank you all so much!

Right, now the slush is over, I can move onto eats! 😀 3 super delicious perfect meals in a row – that hardly ever happens! Worth a celebration IMHO.

Last night – oohhh such a good dinner. I started by frying some tofu in a bit of soy sauce, along with some samphire:

thurs1 004

Have you had samphire before? Bought fresh, it has a lovely salty taste (ie from the sea) and a great, soft texture. I’m a big fan!

Anyway, while that was crisping up nicely, I made a sauce:

thurs1 001

That would be skanky leftover strawberries no-one wanted, a few blueberries, balsamic vinegar, water, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, cinnamon, salt and agave nectar (phew!). I let it reduce down for a while over a low heat, so all the fruit turned to mush, and then just before serving, I stirred in some yogurt. Served with sweet potato, brussel sprouts, parsnip and the samphire:

thurs1 006

thurs1 007

thurs1 008

thurs1 009

thurs1 013

LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!! Crispy tofu, sweet yet tangy sauce, good veg….yeh, win.

Dessert was cereal, blended with watermelon, cocoa powder and xanthan gum:

thurs1 018

Another win!

This morning, I tucked into something I’ve been wanting to try for years and years and years….

thurs1 020

A GLO BAR!!! From Angela no less! Without a doubt, it lived up to the hype – tasty AND nutritious:

thurs1 027

Alongside 2tsp wheatgerm and a square of chocolate, it was perfect pre run fuel. Talking of perfect, look at the PERFECTION of my run timing today!!

thurs1 023

BOO Yah!  It was an ok run too – My mile average was probably about 8.30 or something, which was pleasing. The novelty of not running in the Chicago heat will never ever wear off :p England’s one redeeming quality – the cold! ( PS-If anyone knows how to change my pace units on the garmin from km to miles, I will LOVE YOU FOREVER.)

Breakfast after was my next perfect meal. At long last, I managed to get hold of a new soya yogurt brand I’ve been eyeing up:

thurs1 026

I much prefer the ingredients list of this one to others I’ve seen:

thurs1 025

Plus, it tasted far less sweet (good!) and had a thicker texture 🙂 The yogurt went into a classic EGM, with flaxseed and vanilla essence, and the result was the most perfect wonderful EGM in a long time:

thurs1 028

thurs1 031

thurs1 032

thurs1 030


Chika was also perfection today – she behaved brilliantly on a fast hack round the stubble fields with Hannah and Tig – I was very proud!! Though I think she needs a day off – 3 fast work days in a row..she’s feeling it!

My final perfect meal so far was pancakes! Angela’s healthy spelt pancakes for one to be precise –

  • 1/2 c. spelt flour
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • lots of cinnamon
  • salt
  • 1/2 c. milk (I use Kara coconut milk)

thurs1 035

For once, I tried to make them neat today, so I could stack them like a certain talented pancake blogger I know of….and it worked! I served them with some roasted squash and parsnip, and lots of hummus:

thurs1 042

thurs1 043

thurs1 052

 thurs1 054

thurs1 051

Ohhhh my gosh – as usual, NO WORDS people! A party in my mouth 🙂

For some freshness, I also had the last of my watermelon with some salad leaves and date syrup:

thurs1 037

thurs1 038

Yum! A square of 2 of chocolate may or may not have made its’ way into my life too…..what can you do, I’m a girl 🙂

Annnnd now I need to go cook some dinner for tonight 🙂 I’m thinking tempeh (it’s been a while), possibly with peanut butter..and I have these great looking quinoa snack things too! Oohh the excitement 😀


Question – best holiday you’ve ever had? i bet you can guess what mine was..:P

(Can you tell Chicago is still on my mind!? :p)

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Beam Speed me up, Scotty! *Thank you Star Trek, for the classic phrase*.

I had a good run today! 5k was on the cards, and seeing as I woke up feeling strong, refreshed, determined – I decided to go for it. Well, for the first mile at least 😛 but it paid off! Mile one was done in 7.57!!! I was REALLY hoping to get it in under 8.00, and I did 😀 SO pleased 😀 😀 Though my gosh, I can’t believe I did a whole half marathon at that pace…or that I once did a 7.03min mile….those days are long gone :p but still!! My next mile was 8.41, the last was 8.21, then I ran another 200m to bring it to 5k, and walked for the rest of the mile. My total time was 25.50 (I think) – a full 1.5minutes faster than I have been going – YAY! Wheatgerm and the usual AM snack were obviously laced with rocket fuel this morning….

Breakfast was a truly epic, Epic Green Monster:

  • 1 cup cereal
  • 1 biiig frozen banana
  • 1/2 c milk
  • 1/2 c yogurt
  • 1 tbsp flax
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • spinach
  • beet leaves

Those beet leaves make all the difference – not only was this guy sludge coloured, he was also SO SO thick!

weds1 009

weds1 005

weds1 008

But SO SO delicious! I savoured every single bite 🙂

Morning activities included a dog walk, lots o’ reading and a proper fun ride on Chika. We just galloped about the countryside for 35mins round our new route again – so fun. Post-marathon, I’m swaying towards picking up endurance riding again with her…Chika’s never done it, but I did it with Chahara and we did pretty well (ranked 5th nationally, 650 competitive miles in 2 seasons! My claim to fame, the only one :p), so it might be worth a shot with Chika…….hhhhmmmmm.

I also attempted to make falafel for lunch today. I went online to check that what I had in mind was roughly the right thing to do, which it was. Sooo, I gathered together some spices:

weds1 012

Garam masala, cinnamon, cumin, salt, garlic granules, mixed spice. Theeen I mashed the chickpeas somethin’ silly with the spices and a tbsp of oatbran (instead of flour – makes a change 🙂 ):

weds1 013

weds1 015

The resulting mess….

weds1 017

….was shaped into ‘falafel balls’ – I use the term loosely!

weds1 028

Who says they need to be neat!? It’s the flavour that counts! They chilled in the fridgeon while I rode, and then it came to da cookin. Hmm. The falafels fell apart somewhat, when I fried them with a sliced up pitta bread. But I kept telling myself, ‘it’s the flavour, it’s the flavour….’. I served the falafel/pitta mess, with roast turnip/parsnip/leek and summer squash (yellow courgette):

weds1 020

The pitta was awesome – a multigrain one: wheat flour, water, malted wheat flakes, golden linseed, sunflower seeds, brown linseed, pin head oats, chunky oats, millet seeds, poppy seeds, quinoa, cut toasted rye, sunflower oil, yeast, wheat fibre, sea salt.

weds1 029

OH! I almost forgot – I also made a dipping sauce!! Yogurt, blended with fresh lemon-flavour mint….

weds1 021

weds1 023

….and a lil squirt of agave, and a pear 😀

weds1 039

Genius right!? It was SO good!! Here’s the complete meal:

weds1 046

weds1 043

weds1 042


weds1 040

weds1 031

The crispy pitta, the flavourful falafel, the refreshing yogurt….delish. Dessert was So Crispy bites 🙂

As per usual, the afternoon dragged by somewhat – I hardly remember what I did. But I did snack

weds1 047

weds1 048

*Happy Face*

Dinner now – I got some inspo from Emily’s recipe, for the basic method (ie toasting the spices first). However, I decided I didn’t want soft-boiled sweet potato, I wanted roasted puff-like sweet potato 🙂 and I changed up the spices. Soooo:

Carob, Maple and Molasses Lentil and Sweet Potato Dish

  • approx 10g molasses
  • a tsp of cinnamon
  • a tsp of maple syrup
  • salt to taste
  • about 1/3 of a small stock cube
  • 50g lentils
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp mixed spice
  • a small onion or a bit of leek, to taste
  • parsnips
  • sweet potato
  • butternut/kabocha/whatever you want squash

Start by putting all of the ingredients bar the last 3 vegetables in a pan. Stir them quickly over a medium heat for about 30 secs ish, til everything is very fragrant:

weds2 001

Then add in water – I’m not certain of the official amount cos I keep adding it in as I go…anyway, add in water, possibly scrape the bottom of the pan a bit if the spices have stuck and bring to a simmer. Add in chunked parsnip:

weds2 002

And let simmer away for 25mins ish, til the lentils are cooked and the parsnips are soft. Keep stirring and add in more water if you need it.

Meanwhile, roast the sweet tater and squash. When everything is done, add it together, and Bob’s your uncle! The result:

weds2 014

Did you know, blackstrap molasses are one of those things that vegans should eat? I believe they’re packed full of iron and calcium, amongst other stuff!

weds2 011

weds2 012

weds2 010

Ok. That was definitely a meal worthy of a wow!! SO SO SO SO SO good!! I loved every single bite 😀 Make it!!!

For my dessert, I made a raspberry/maple/pear/silken tofu pudding 🙂


Question: Are any of you guys closet sci-fi nerds? I can’t say that Star Trek is on my list (in fact, I hate it with a vengeance) but I sure was (am) obsessed with Buffy and Angel, back in the day…they’re sci-fi right!?


Ok, so I’ve been slacking on Horsey Humpday photos haven’t I!? Well, today I thought I’d show you a slightly different kind of horsey photo 🙂 See when I was about 12 or so, I went through a phase of being obsessed with drawing horses…so I thought I’d show y’all some of my drawings!

Oh, I drew tigers too :p

Hehe, seeing them all again makes me want to start drawing again! *Sigh*

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