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…that I’ve kept a food diary every day, since October 2008? Bet you didn’t 😀 I only bring it up cos I just read Kath’s post about her old food journals, and it reminded me 🙂 I adore reading over them sometimes, and seeing how I used to eat. It’s so fascinating! I was thinking it’d be fun (fun – yes, I use the term loosely :P) to start putting at the end of each post a random day of how I used to be. It’d be interesting to see how far I’ve come – would anyone else be interested? Do you think it’s a good idea? Let me know your thoughts 🙂


Mondeeeee, I hate Mondeee. It’s been weird and damp and overcast here today – er, where did June go?? Seriously?? It’s actually not funny. Yet it’s still muggy… though when I got up this morning, I was boiling hot; I touched the radiator and it was blasting!?? So I went to go turn it off, but the heating was already set to off..yet the radiators were on…I’m obviously very dim, but this confused me massively. Am I missing something? Any heating experts/plumbers who read my blog who’d care to shed some light on this weird phenomenon?? Hm. Anyway! I ate powdered through the tropical temperatures, ate an apple, a square of chocolate and 2 tsp wheatgerm and then did some DVDs. Theeen I had a big EGM:

mon1 004

It was gooood today; I used a smaller banana, and less spinach, but added in a very soft, juicy pear – it created a whole new flavour! DELIGHTFUL!

mon1 006

I have actually finished my Lizzi’s Chocolate Granola (one of my toppings) now *sob* – but FEAR NOT! I replenished my stock today was some Maple & Treacle granola, so there’s no need to panic folks 🙂

After breakfast I went into town to pick up some food, pay in some cheques for my mamma, and buy a bargain:

mon1 022

Yes, that’s SIX [crappy chick lit] books for £4.99! Reduced from £42!! I actually could not believe my luck – I’m a huge chick lit fan 😛 Although I have read the book on the top right – but still, 5 books for less than the price of one. Can you say cheap!?

When I got back, I tucked into lunch. I actually had it all packed up cos I thought I’d be out over lunch, but I obviously had my Wonder Woman wings on today, and so was far quicker. Lunch conseeesteeed of: aubergine, carrot, courgette and cherry tomatoes, coated in apple sauce and cinnamon:

mon1 015

mon1 013

Apple sauce + tomatoes – a slightly strange combination…but nevertheless, it went down the hatch.

The other part of lunch was a delightful basil tofu, grated beetroot, salad leaves, flaked almonds and tomato puree sandwich:

mon1 009

mon1 011

A beauty of a sandwich! I enjoyed every bit 😀 Dessert was a few squares this skanky chocolate:

mon1 019

I’ve had dairy free chocolate before, and normally it’s lovely – but this was GROSS. Remind me NEVER to buy that stuff again :s

After lunch, I pretended to be a good housewife, and whipped up some dinner for my mum and me (well, I prepped it anyway – I didn’t have dinner at 3pm…). I made (AT LAST!) Emily’s famous black bean burgers! I have been DYING to try these out for soooo long! The only changes I made was to use red kidney beans instead of black beans (black beans are so hard to get hold of!), and garlic instead of onion powder (as I had none :/). Oh, and I had to use the blender, not a food processor (cos we don’t have one). Not ideal, it must be said :s

I also made some Fakd bars for my mum – a blend of dried blueberries/cranberries, dates and almonds. Here everything is, all wrapped up and ready to be viciously eaten:

mon1 020

Good stuff 🙂

Theeen I went for a 1 mile run – I almost took Poppy and then at the last minute decided against it (it was about to rain) – thank goodness I didn’t! I almost got mauled by a nasty hideous dog, the same one that scared Chika the other day! It was running about loose, and charged me barking and growling :s I actually thought it was going to bite me, so I just stood there and tried to look a bit angry (you don’t want to look weak and scared do ya!?). After a few minutes of grrrr-ness, the owner came running after it and dragged it away. BAH. One of my pet hates: PEOPLE WHO DON’T CONTROL THEIR DARN DOGS!!!

Moving swiftly on….

For afternoon snacks, I had some cereal and peach yogurt:

mon1 023

My appetite was in Coventry somewhere, which was a shame 😦 but weirdly, when I’m not hungry, cereal and yogurt is the easiest, nicest thing to eat…very odd!

Dinner was oblioblously (I like saying that word like that :)) the burgers, along with red quinoa, toasted for a few minutes first to ‘bring out the flavour’ [apparently], along with beetroot, squash and parsnip. All together now:

mon2 001

mon2 003

mon2 006

Hurrah! The bean burgers were DELICIOUS! So full of flavour, and I loved how the outside was crispy, but the inside was all soft and plump. Delish 😀 Even my mum loved them, and she doesn’t care for red kidney beans 🙂

RIGHT. I think my mum and I are going to take Poppy for a walk now, so I best dash 🙂 I’ll be back for my dessert though :p

Have a good evening!


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