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Don’t forget……

Don’t forget…there’s a NEW blog now!

http://www.britchickruns.com – NO DOT WORDPRESS!!


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Don’t forget…

…to go to the new site!


Thank you 🙂

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What ya doing!?

Get off this site!

Drop the DOT COM and head on over to :




For the new improved me!!! Oh, and ignore the post below – it’s on the new site anyway 🙂

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I bet by now you were thinking this face/butt/boob lift for the blog would never happen right? Well, how wrong you were, cos it has!!

The dot wordpress has been dropped (thank goodness) and I’m now all lovely and self hosted – plus, recipes have been updated, the About page has been updated, and there will soon be QUESTIONS answered in the FAQ page! Expect a post about that soon, so if you have anything you wanna ask, write it down now or forever hold your peace 🙂

Sooo anyway, update your google readers, blogrolls, cross out the ‘.wordpress’ on all the Post-Its you have stuck round your house reminding you of my blog, and for my single fan who has http://www.britchickruns.wordpress.com tattooed on himself? Well…you’re beyond help.

I also have to give a MASSIVE shout out to my beloved Jess, who has helped me SO much with this – I can’t thank her enough! (cue Oscars-speech worthy crying)


Onwards and upwards 🙂 (and excuse the mega length of this post – it’s been 2days, what’s a blogger to do!?)

Oh gawsdshshdhs! Was it really only Thursday when I last blogged?? Judging by the amount of photos on my camera, you’d think whole lifetimes had passed. Instead, there’s just been many, many bowls of oatmeal:


Ok, two.


Two is enough.



Cinnamon overripe pear though – you can never have enough of them!


Did you know I eat the core and all? The ONLY bit I don’t eat is the stick at the top 🙂

Ok, now let’s take a journey back in time; you may recall my socca FAIL on…Thursday? Well, I am not one to be beaten by bad food, oh no. I will fight back, fight hard, and fight dirty. In the case of the aforementioned socca, it did NOT get thrown away. Instead, I mixed it with the remains of my curry soya mince….



Served alongside….what else, roasted veggies!!



HA! The socca was TASTY! Take THAT, world!! I think the flavah-flaves infused overnight or something, cos it really was faboosh 🙂 In fact, I decided to make yet more socca today for lunch 🙂 This time, I loosely followed Ashley’s socca recipe, although I adjusted the measurements cos there’s only one o’ me. Oh, the life of a singleton ay?



You know what that is? GREASE. Yes, I GREASED my pan today. Non-greased pan = one messed up messy load of mess (shan’t be making that mistake again).

Ummmm…did it work?


I baked that early in the day, and then just let it sit and hang around for a while whilst I did other things (*cough-play007JamesBond on the Wii like a little boy – cough*). Theeen I served it, with a brussels sprouts/shallots/garlic stir fry (using the same spices + tomato puree, thrown in for good measure)


I got a bit carried away taking pictures 😛






I really can’t describe the texture – kinda like seitan, but…more dough-y, less chew-y….honestly, I think the best thing would be if you just made the darn stuff. It’s so easy! Chickpea flour is pretty common (it’s called gram flour too) – Waitrose have it, I’m preeetty sure Tesco have it, and loads of independent shops/probzably ethnic stores have it. Make it your Sunday mission! My Sunday mission will be to make more of it, fo sho – I think it’d make a hotdiggity quick nutritious lunch to eat at uni (I normally only have a 10-minute midway lecture break to eat lunch). Sooooortttiiiiddddd.

Twas an odd start this morning. I rented a film last night (The Switch – I LOVE Jennifer Aniston, she be my girl crush, but the film…? Hmm…not so much. It was ok, but the ending bugged the hell outta me. Plus I think the lead bloke had an annoying face. Heh.) so I drove into town quickly this mornin’ to return it. When I got up though, the appetite had vamooshed, so I forwent (forgoed?) breakfast (:O that NEVER happens!) and instead treated myself to a lovely cappuccino 🙂


By the time I’d got home, I was ready for oats!

*insert picture of oats here*

I also did hay-unloading, which I think made my injured ankle very angry; it felt faaairly OK this morning, but after lugging big old hay bales about, it’s felt much more sore all day 😦 It’s been a week since I did it!! Gah. I am SO fed up with being injured, #stoopidcrankybody. I NEED it to be healed by Weds-ish, so I can go for a short run to report back to Mr FF (Mr Fit Physio, in case you forgot) about how my legs are feeling – we have another date (fine, APPOINTMENT) on Friday yee see…

Oh well.

I’m a firm believer that good food can heal.

So I made some more 🙂


Roasted celeriac, parsnip and butternut, with a 1/2 serving of peanut flour, mixed with cocoa powder and agave nectar…


…for the dippeh-dippeh, obvs.


5 stars 🙂

(FYI – chocolate peanut blob stuff goes REALLY well with curry socca!! – and that’s for realz yo!)

Now, this afternoon, I was craving oats in a jar. Problemo = no empty jars. So, I decided to bake my mum some peanut buttery bars, purely so I’d have an empty jar ready and waiting 😀





Mission: accomplished.

I didn’t actually have OIAJ this eve tho – I had YIA1/2C for a snack instead!


You didn’t think I’d let my peanut buttery measuring cup used for the PB bars go to waste did you!!??


That’s be yogurt in a 1/2 cup, for you lay folk :p

Noowww – I feel this post is approaching the heck-I-don’t-wanna’read-anymore stage (if it hasn’t already), so I’ll leave you with two other fabulous eats 😀

Item One: A beautiful Green Monster (kale, soya milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, banana)


Item Two: Blackened tofu (marinated in cocoa balsamic, ketchup, mirin, soy sauce)


Highlights of my weekend 🙂

Tell me, my lovelies – who do you have a crush on? I have a BIG crush on my physio, but other than him – Channing Tatum, Josh Hartnett (circa Pearl Harbour & Lucky Number Slevin) annnd…..hmm….one more…that’s a toughie. OH! R-Patz!! I am very Team Edward, he has stolen my heart 🙂

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/ That’s What He Said / A Humpday Miracle

Sometimes, one title is not enough 😛

Sooo I saw the sports physio today! Oh boy….he is a HOTTIE! For realz! But yeah, I’ll get onto that in a minute 😛

First up, I shall start this post with some lovely blog search terms, cos I know you all ❤ them!

– deer ( x 42!!!! Obvs a lot of people like to search about deer on the internet. Huh.)

ελάφι (x 4 – if anyone can tell me what language that is…please do!)

pretty men (that makes me happy :D)

– what’s green and runs (me, when I feel ill. Yes, a poor joke, I know)

– madonna operation before and after (Madonna had an operation? News to me!)

– madonna’s ageless (first Kate Moss, now Madonna! Well I never)

– bark-like cereal (I think you mean Fru-Grains?)

– swap ur wife with us (Lol)

swapyourwife.com (I NEED to go on that website!)

– world’s best main course (ha, you won’t find that here!)

– amazed facial faces channing tatum (LOL)

hey brit chick runs, where’s the funky new blog?

Well, in answer to the last one – when BlueHost help me out with getting the header changed! I’m actually not kidding when I say I am trying SOOO hard to get it changed, and I just CAN”T. FRIGGIN”. DO. IT There’s been tears, let me tell you! If I hadn’t already paid BlueHost, I would give up, but I’m not gonna waste that £££…

Anyway! Moving swiftly on – I started the day The Oat Way today:


Actually, that’s melon and yogurt – the oats came after:


Chocolate pudding oats in fact 🙂



On top of the parish magazine, cos I’m hip like that.

Between oat-eating and leaving for physio, I went for a 1hr walk, and did Level 2 of Jillian, skipping all the cardio (cos it hurt my injured ankle). I thought the walk would be ok – but it actually made my injury feel mucho worso, which = no walking now! Obvs I HAVE to walk (ie to get from my car to my lecture hall!) but no WALK walks. Boooohiss (I wonder if I can get a ‘boohiss’ into every post!? Man, I’m such a Scrooge!)

Late morning, my mumma and I headed out on the town – not to party, alas, but to go to the bank, the store, Boots and Holland & Barratt for my vegan drugs (aka vegan multivitamin :p). Whilst we were there, we made the most of Costa, the inferior, crapper version of Starbucks. Sorry Costa, but Starbucks really did have my heart at hello, and always will 🙂 I still got a kickass cappuccino though!

Whiiiich totally spoiled my appetite for lunch – in fact, I didn’t even eat it til 4pm, and even then I wasn’t hungry! What I DID do howeverz, was go and see the sports physio!

[I’m shallow, but thank GOODNESS I put on a full face of slap this morning, and took extra time to moisturise my legs – crikey, I would’ve died of embarrassment otherwise!]

Mr Fit Physio (from here on out, known as Mr FF) was, well, brilliant!

a) he was cuteness personified

b) he made me feel totally at ease

c) he has run 3 marathons (includ. 1 sub-3hr…cripes…and his first was in Hawaii!)

d) he runs in general

e) most importantly, he sure does know what he’s talking about (who are we kidding, a) is most important 😛 I KID!)

Here’s what the What is:

– he reckons my leg pain on a whole is compartment syndrome – whereby the sheath that goes round the muscles is being spazzy and nasty and not helping (to put it in my terms, so it makes sense!)

– my other injury – I can’t remember what he said it was, but he gave me ULTRASOUND on it to promote healing, as well as supercool massage to get rid of the swelling! He also told me to ice it (I have black eyed beans stuck to my ankle as i type), and to rest it – ie no walking. But he thinks it’ll clear up in a couple o’ days.

– when my ankle is healed, he said continue with the walk/running and see what’s what – he gave all my lower legs a good massage too, to loosen everything up, so hopefully they’ll be an improvement.

– he gave me this (excuse the horrific picture):


Which is one of those elastic band things..to do foot exercises with (it’s hard to explain here) when my injured ankle is healed, annnnd I’m going back next Friday – he’ll see me run on a treadmill to look at my style (I have ‘loose hips’ apparently, which is why I run like a doof) and to look at treatment stuff.

Most importantly – he is confident there is no stress fracture, he didn’t laugh me out of the room when I said there was a marathon in Oct I want to do, and he didn’t need to amputate my leg(s) –


Sooooo plan of action: rest. Then run 🙂

Wahey! i feel a lot better having seen him, so fingers crossed I’m on the path to SuperFitness again ay! 😀

‘Lunch’ today was some soya mince (I made it curry flavah) mixed with roast veggies:


Followed by a buttload of cereal and yogurt and an apple when I got home. I was somewhat rushed when we got in the door – i realised I wanted tempeh for dinner, which needed MARINATING immediatosso!


Annnnd my mum had requested yet more oatmeal bars, as she’s seeing a longlost friend tomorrow, and wanted to bring gifts of joy 🙂


Her wish is my command 🙂

Thheeeen I got to have my dinner – said tempeh, fried:


With a load of roasted kabocha, aubergine and parsnip, and a banana-peanut flour – cinnamon/nutmeg-vanilla-soya milk-CABBAGE (!) smoothie on the side:


A delicious meal, if ever one did exist 🙂 Plus, I seriously need to use nutmeg more. Nutmeg + banana + cinnamon is really rather scrummeh, if I do say so myself.

Buuuuut now, my bed calls, my Heat magazine calls, and my ankle is frozen solid and needs its’ bean cocoon removing, pronto.

Au revoir!

Ps – thank you to all your comments yesterday – it meant a lot to know that other people feel the same/have been through something similar/had wise words to say – I felt 10 x more at ease after reading them.

Question – favourite smoothie combination? Mine is withouta doubt, banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg. SO GOOD!

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…That’s right, I am! In fact, TWO secrets (I’m generous like that). But first, you wanna see what I’ve been up to the past 24hrs?

Much of this:


And this:


(That would be a black bean brownie, in case you weren’t sure :p)

And this:


And this:


A bit of baking this:


Tina’s oatmeal raisin bars for my mumma, with added nutmeg, apricots and sunflower seeds.

Chewing this:


(In case you didn’t know, I am a gum addict! There, I’ve said it, my dirty secret is revealed…I know gum is hardly faboosh for you, but I like the taste 🙂 I think I’ve become a stress/boredom chewer actually. Surely better than biting my nails, or pulling out my hair right?)

And way, WAY too much of this:




My animal behaviour essay on instinct is far, far harder than I thought it would be. As per usual, my response to that? Boooohiss :p

I did find time to make the bestest breakfast ever! And I’m going to give it the honour of becoming an official recipe too 😀

Chocolate Pudding Oats

It sooounds like a time consuming recipe, but I promise it’s not! Just be efficient, be a woman (aka multi task) and you’ll be fine 🙂 Or just take the morning off of work/school to eat this, cos it’s tasty – it tastes just like chocolate pudding!

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1.5 tsps cocoa powder
  • a tiny, weeny pinch of salt (think like a mouse)
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp cinnamon (I’m a cinnamon freak, so I add the heftier portion)
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp vanilla extract (it depends on your brand – some are stronger than others izntit)
  • 1.5 c. water/milk/mix
  • drizzle-y sweetener of choice (agave, maple syrup etc)

Combine everything apart from the sweetener, and cook on a stove til it’s thick and … well, cooked 🙂 probably 5mins or so, depending on your oats.

Get a small individual size baking dish and pour the oats into it. Drizzle with the sweetener (to taste), and mix it up with a fork [lick the fork clean. We don’t like waste in this household!]

Put into an oven, approx. 160-180degrees (350F) for 20-30mins – it depends on your oven 🙂

Go and do some jumping jacks, level 3 of Jillian’s Shred, a power walk, go back to bed, brush your teeth, pack your bag – do whatever you need to in the morrrnin’ that takes 25mins.

Go fetch your oats out of the oven – When it comes out, it’ll look runny still – these don’t set straight away – and probably have bubbles, like so:


Now this bit is tricky – ignore the oats.

Leave them as is for about 25mins, or as long as you can. Again, entertain yourself! Put some slap on, run a fast 5k, do some homework; the choices are endless!

Once the wait time is up, scrape round the edges with a knife and throw it all into a bowl 🙂 If you’re like me, you can pour some cold (soya) milk over, or just have as is:


Dig in!!



I simply adore the creamy skin and thick texture and pudding-likeness – it’s divine 😀 Not a pretty dish…but still. It’s worth the time, IMHO!


Heh 🙂

Ok, secret time now!

1) I really didn’t want to reveal this til the Big Reveal (that makes sense..oh yeah…) but now I HAVE to, cos I need HELP! My secret is that Brit Chick Runs is GROWING UP! (this is what I was referring to when I said about the face lift earlier in the week :p) The dot wordpress will go and a new blog will be born [this way] 🙂 but here’s the problemo – I’m using Bluehost as my host (if that’s the term, idk) and I’m trying to load up a header. But – it. won’t. work. I’ve spent hours tearing my hair out, studying tutorials, watching videos, getting upset, getting stressed, getting angry, and really genuinely not knowing what to do. I don’t want to start the new blog without a header cos it looks crap, so PLEASE –

SOMEONE HELP ME!!! Again, I’ll pay you with love and roasted parsnips 🙂

Secret Numero Duno:

2) I’m scared.

I’m seeing the sports physio tomorrow, but I am terrified of what he’s going to say. My new injury (which is kinda near my ankle bone, on the inside – feels a bit like a muscle strain or tendon thing, is sore to touch, and I’m limping even in walk. Unless I make my foot face out, then it’s not as painful) is really, really sore. I was le idiot this morning, and did my usual hour of Jillian workout, despite the pain. Why? Cos I suppose I just don’t want to believe that I’m injured, and wanted to work through it. But after, it felt 10 x worse, and has been off all day 😦 Soooo I’m taking tomorrow totally off. But anyway – I’m scared the physio will say it’s something really bad, that leads to 6months off from all impact exercise or something. And this leads to a fear – I’m kinda ashamed to admit it, cos I feel like I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do – I’m scared I’m going to put on loads of weight without exercise. There! I said it. I can’t help being worried about this; I’ve been at the same weight for sooo long, I can’t imagine being any different, and so I really am anxious about it. Plus, exercise is a huge stress reliever for me, and considering I’ve got the most stressful time in my life approaching, I’m worried how I’ll cope!

The other exercise options are tough; the nearest pool is a 15min drive away, plus costs £10 a pop (car parking fee and entrance), and is open at stupid hours. The nearest gym (that is open when I could go) is 30mins away. We only have one bike, and it’s this tiny, crappy tinny thing which is NOT a comfortable ride!! So…I’m not really sure what i could do….

Anyone have any advice? Have you ever had to take a long time off from exercise? How did you manage?

And of course – any Bluehost users who can help me…speak now!! 😛

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Oohhhh dear, it’s one of those days! My brain is NOT working today – proof? It’s not often that I only have *one* meal with photos to blog about:



1/2 c. oats, cooked with cocoa powder, agave, cinnamon, salt, then baked for 25mins – oh. my. joyous. days. With a fresh date on top!


Annnd a bit more close up – cos I know you love it :p


You’d think after 13months of blogging, I wouldn’t forget to take photos. You’d also think after 20years of having the same name, I wouldn’t forget that either, but alas – these things happen.

I put it down to the fact that I’m tearing my hair out right now;

1) I can’t for the life of me work out how to change my header on the new blog, which will be coming up asap, I promise!! It’s just….man alive, these things aren’t simple!

2) I can’t for the life of me write this darned essay I’ve been working on for the past 2months. I think I’m actually going to die trying. ACTUALLY die.

3) I have yet another injury!! Yep, I think on Sunday I did in some muscle or tendon or something on my inside right leg, near my ankle. I was actually limping round uni today!! Oh my poor old body is falling apart..but on the PLUS, I am seeing a PHYSIO on Weds! 3pm, Sports Physio Man and I are going to get to the bottom of my Angry Leg problem. Fingers crossed!

And with that, I have to love you and leave you. I know, this was a terrible short and crappy post – but I will make it up to each and every one of you, individually! I’ll come to your houses one by one, cook you some gross looking oats, make you a Green Monster, roast you a parsnip, and be on my merry way 🙂


Ps – Happy Valentine’s Day! The worst day of all IMHO (probs cos I don’t have a boyfriend, and the one Valentine’s card I did receive [in front of the whole class] turned out to be a joke, sent by the nasty girls in high school. Bad memories 😥 Are you a Valentine’s day lover or hater?

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