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Putta Socca In It

Oh dear.


My flies on my favourite jeans died! It didn’t stop me wearing them though – I just had to be creative with longer tops 🙂


I bet you’re sick of either seeing socca ALL OVER the blog world right now, or seeing crappy titles that incorporate the word ‘socca’ into them..right? 🙂 Wellll, if that’s the case – what’s one more right?

I’ve seen socca about loads, and kept thinking ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ – then I realised that ACTUALLY, I had socca a few months back, before it was cool :p Remember my chickpea flour pancakes? Well, that’s just socca izntit! Anyway, so the intense desire to make socca hit again last night, so this morning, I made sure that MAKE SOCCA IS WHAT I DID.


Socca FAIL.

I used 50g/1/2c. chickpea flour mixed with salt, Italian herbs, baking powder:


And 1/2 c. my own blood:*


*that’s actually water and tomato puree, but blood sounds more interesting.

Mix mix mix, bang into the oven at 160 for 45mins. Hmm...I didn’t grease the dish, and I don’t think my socca liked it, not one bit. In fact, when it first came out, I almost threw it away (even though FREYA DOESN”T SHARE FOOD [except replace ‘share’ with ‘waste’, and you have a) a crap Friends reference, and b) a joke gone terribly wrong). I was gonna take the socca into uni for lunch, thinking I could slice it like a pizza and I’d look really cool, but after scraping it out of the dish, it looked like this:





Mangled mess, much?

I was miffed at Attempt #1, so I decided to do Attempt #2, except stick to what I knew would work – frying. This time, I did the same weight + liquid ratio, but put in agave, cinnamon and vanilla 🙂




They sure didn’t look like that last time I made them…but at this point, I was starvinmarvin for breakfast, was running late & needed to leave, and so didn’t give a toot anymore. To make it more appealing, I got out my leftover *curry* flavour soya mince, and stuck some inside, rolled and ready:



Taaa DAAA!

I wrapped it up when it was still a little warm, and when I ate it at uni, I was kinda dreading what I’d find…but you know what? It was DELICIOUS! Very moist (sorry, to all you moist-word haters out there) and cakey-pancakey-wrap-y-yummy. I’m really not sure how it worked, or how it tasted nice, but it really truly did 🙂 and now I badly want to make more socca, wrap some hummus or peanut butter up in it, and eat it like that 🙂 New uni quick [non-bar] lunch – sorted!

In all that socca-madness though, I barely got time to enjoy my bowl of chocolate pudding oats:


Sick of seeing pictures of that same bowl yet? I hope not, cos I’m not sick of eating it 😀

The cookie on top? Why, it’s a COOKIE BUTTON!



Gifted to me by Jess t’other week! They are SO delicious, and SO addictive – I can tell I’ll be eating them the same way I ate the Snackimals (which are all gone now :'() – every time I walk by them, I eat one. ‘aaah it’s only one, they’ll last for ages….’ or not.

Moving on:

As soon as I got home today, I was on a banana shaped mission! I’ve been saving these babies up for well over a week now –



Don’t we all love banana shots? Can I get a YES WE DO!

– cos my mum had a baking request and I had my eye on a recipe – Angela’s rustic chocolate chip banana oat cake with a peanut butter banana glaze!! Try saying THAT fast three times over with a mouthful of cookie buttons 😛 The banarmaramas were so darn ripe they were furry on the inside – I would’ve given my right eye to have frozen them for some Green Monsters 😥 I’m so generous to have sacraficed them.

To cut a long baking story short, the cake was made:



The glaze was packed:


And my mum, stepdad, and their friends will be very happy campers tomorrow when they get to eat it 🙂

Oh, and World’s Best Smoothie was consumed too, aka….

Banana Peanut Nutmeg Smoothie

1 frozen banana

a few leaves of light green cabbage

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2+ tsp vanilla

1/4-1/2 tsp nutmeg

15g peanut flour

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

1/2 tsp agave/maple/etc

1/2 c. milk of choice

Blend thoroughly and enjoy the thick, nutmeggy goodness 😀



If there was natural light out/I had a lightbox/my kitchen didn’t have such yellow lighting/I could use my camera better, you’d have a far more glorious picture. But as it is, none of that stuff came true, I still suck – for the most part – at phototoggleraffy, so that’s the only photos youz is gonna get! Sorry :p

Question – have you ever made socca?

What was your last kitchen fail?


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Horse photos coming!

Just call me Bob. Bob the Builder, that is. Is he as famous overseas as he is in England? If not, you had a lucky escape, cos my GOSH is he one annoying character.201101301801.jpg


However, we do have one major thing in common; building skilllz, innit!!

He builds toy constructions, I build sandwiches. Oh yes.

Just like he mixes cement, I mix my sandwich fillings. In this case – boiled parsnip and butternut (I did drink the water the veggies boiled in, fyi; I love veg water! Think of the vitamins, the VITAMINS!! Gah), mashed with a blob of soya yogurt, a splash of cocoa-balsamic, mixed herbs, agave, salt, pepper and mixed spice (or cinnamon, I cannae remember which):


Appetising, non?


That went onto layer one:


Layer two = good old Tesco value cooked beets!


Layer three – squishy roast aubergine (or eggplant, if you roll that way)




A beastie boy of a sandwich!!! Beats a house any day :p


A cabbage garlic soy sauce left over butternut stir fry acted a side dish 🙂


I also built jelly donut CUPCAKES this weekend!! From the wonder that is Veganomicon, no less-


They may be ugly, but they sure did go down a storm!! Booooo yeah.

What else did I build….oh yeah, OATS with peanut flour/melted banana/cinnamon sauce:


I had to snap it quick before that lovely peanut banananananary sauce just sunk right in…


But OH boy it was good! The next day, I gave almond extract a run in the oats:



Didn’t work as well as vanilla…good, but not good enough, in my expert opinion. Hurrumph. I still repeated it this morning (Sunday) though, for whatever balmy reason:


Pre-mix above, post-mix below 🙂


Why do I never learn – don’t fix what ain’t broken! (even if Bob encourages you too…‘Boooob the Builder, CAN WE FIX IT!? Booooob the Builder, YES WE CAN!’ NO. We CAN”T. No idea what I’m on about? lookey here)

Ok, so I’ve done the Bob half of the title…how about the Thrills and Spills part!?


I RAN!!!!!!!


I got up, laced up my shoeloos, ate an apple the size of my head, 2tsp of wheatgerm and a finger full of jam, and headed out. My aim was to run about three miles – but I did six!


I actually ran/walked seven miles, with LOADS of little breaks to stretch, walk, have a drink etc etc, so all in all it took about 1hr20mins, but I actually RAN a total of about 6miles *happy dance*! The pain that began in my calf muscles (way back when) and moved to my shins (2 weeks ago) is retreating back again, HA! Shins were cool, calf muscles a little achey. But not, ohmygosh-we-want-to-die achey, just-we’ve-worked-hard achey. I’ll take that 🙂

I reckonz another week off of running, and by next weekend I should be raring to go. I cannot contain the joy! FYI: The doc appointment on Friday was pointless; he can’t refer me to a sports physio on the NHS 😦

Another thrill – yet more Veganomicon produce! Chewy chocolate raspberry cookies this time, except made with gran-made bramble and blackberry jam, as opposed to raspberry 😀




I don’t know about the cookies (they’re for my mum’s work) but damn did that dough taste good :p

The final thrill of the day? Why, gram flour pancakes for lunch of course! Topped with boiled mashed parsnip (mixed with agave and cinnamon) and a blob of melted banana:


Parsnip mush:


Banana mush:


You’d be amazed at how well parsnip and banana go together – seriously! Plus, I am LOVING gram flour pancakes – packed with protein, and oh-so chewy 🙂

Now, let me tell you about the Spills:

Hannah took Tig (her horse) out for a hack today, which is fair enough. She’d been out for 20mins or so, when – whilst i was upstairs – my mum got a phone call from the sister herself, saying she’d come off and Tig was on the road! ERrrrr cue PANIC from sweet mutti bear! She dashed out of the house, and a few mins later, I came downstairs (unawares) and my step dad said to me ‘Hannah’s fallen off on the road and Tig is loose’!!

Obvs, I shoved my trainers on and ran out of the door and down the road. I couldn’t see my mum ahead (as it turns out, she hitched a lift with a random car – she couldn’t drive her car out cos if Tig was loose, she’d need to catch him) but as I ran further down the road, I could see the tell-tale white marks on the road, from Tig’s metal shoes. I kept going, turned up the path where Hannah had gone, and saw my mum.

As it turns out, Tig and Hannah had been galloping in one of the stubble fields about 1.5miles from home, and were going to cross from one to the other. As they got closer, the bit she thought was a track for crossing, was actually a huge open ditch! It totally took them both by surprise, Tig slammed on the breaks and spun, and Hannah went out the side door. Tig then cantered off (feeling somewhat shaken! Horses don’t like losing their riders) and crossed a MAIN road, back down the track he’d been up, and then was caught by my mum, cantering down the road leading to our house!

And do you know what the crazy thing is? LOADS of cars passed him – loose, on the road, with no rider – and not one car stopped. What the-?

So anyway – my mum caught Tig and led him back up the track to meet Hannah (who was unharmed – the ground was soft and muddy, she’s young and still bounces :p). She got back on, and finished her ride, including going over the ditch. Phew!

Whilst all that was going on, my poor lady Chika was in the field, freaking out! She gets terribly upset when her boyfriend goes anyway, but today, I think she knew something was wrong – she spent the whole time neighing and galloping circles round the field (i took these before The Phonecall):




Her poor stressed lil face 😦









Le sigh. She is so silly sometimes! At least she got a half decent workout 😛

Soo that was Sunday – somewhat eventful! I spent the afternoon baking, mucking out, and watching eBay like a hawk; I was bidding on a (very cheap, we’re talking £200) car cos, now Hannah is working full time and I need the car for uni, we’re in a predicament! Alas, I was the highest bidder til the LAST second when i got pipped – by £10! – at the post. Bah. I hate eBay sometimes.

How was your weekend? Have you had any thrills (or spills!?)?

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I have trouble sleeping!

A LOT of trouble sleeping! Last night I was practically falling asleep, I was so tired..yet I couldn’t actually sleep. My mind was busy with a billion different things (hence why I have a little notepad by my bed) and last night, I was thinking about blog posts. In a moment of sheer genius (or exhaustion?) I came up with a theme for my post this evening, so i quickly scribbled it down – ‘under the sea…swan lake…friday night…’….saayyaa whaaa-?

I had no idea what all that meant today :p

Til just now, when i looked at my photos, saw the sea spaghetti I ate, and everything came flooding back! See, look: sea spaghetti:


Funky stuff. Dry as a bone, soak it for an hour, it expands like mad and tastes like seaweed;


I paired it with my remaining tofu sea cake at lunch on Sunday:


Along with soy-sauce/garlic stir fried cabbage, and lots n lots (n lots) of veggies.


Can you tell I love my veg? Oh yes. It’s addiction. The sea spaghetti though…meh. I bought it AGES ago as a speshal treat for my fine self, had it once, then forgot about it. I think it had dried out a bit too much and wasn’t as impressive 😦 either that, or I’m losing my health-freak charm :/ alas.

Do pancakes count as healthy? I think they do when you make them with spelt and some other flour and mashed banana right in the batter, with a yogurt/peanut flour/Dessert Dukkah sauce, 1/2 a mashed Nah-Nah, frozen grapes, and puff cereal:


Boi boi!


Obvs, as I liked these, there’s an abundance of similar photos. You know me…


Mini nubbin pancake:


Bliss! That was Sunday’s breakfast though – my rushed Monday morning breakfast did little for the imagination –

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1.5 c. water
  • salt
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla extract
  • cold soya milk splashed over at the end


I sat it on Women’s Running magazine so you’d at least have something interesting to look at 🙂


I love plain oats now 🙂 I also love frozen grapes:


And perfectly ripe bubbah pears:


Lunch ( a protein bar, an apple and a cup o’ coffee – yep, told you my eats were dull at the moment! I didn’t have time for anything else before my lecture :() didn’t hold me over thaaaat long, so 3hrs later, it was time for cereal+milk, as soon as I walked through the door:


Actually, the pear came first, cos I wanted to eat something before I did the important-immediate things I had to do asap when I walked in, but whatevz. Noone cares about chronological orders in this day and age.

Dinner was oats. Again. Cooked with carob powder, fruit syrup sweetener, salt, and cooked mashed butternut squash and cinnamon. No picture cos it was ugly and dull :p There was squishy roast parsnips covered in bbq sauce on the side though! Yum 🙂

Dessert today – yep, I’m still at the dark chocolate!


I also had a bite of a chocolate-banana muffin (E,D&BV baking) that I baked as soon as I got home:



Sadly, I wasn’t that impressed 😦 BUT I did change the flours from the recipe without altering anything else, so they were a little dry 😦 I also overmixed. Oh well!


Now, back to the beginning of the post – my weird ramblings that I wrote on my pad? WELL – I remember now – I WAS going to say that the sea spaghetti reminded me of my favourite Disney film, The Little Mermaid (LOVE. it. I fancy Eric!), which reminded me of the highly underrated film cartoon The Swan Princess; dang that was a good cartoon! Odette, I used to love her 🙂 I was THEN going to suggest that you crazy folk head over to Blockbuster on your next Friday night and rent it…but now, this whole blurb doesn’t make as much sense as it did at 1.30am last night. Maybe I’ll stop typing.

Running update!

Still hurts 😦 tomorrow, I’m gonna phone up the Quack and try and get an appointment. It’s SO horrible not being able to run. This morning, I set out on a 3mile power walk, but ended up doing a 50minute 4mile walk-run, running til it started to hurt, then walking. I know, I know – not ideal. But oh my GOSH I miss it. When I was running pain-free, it was so effortless and blissful and I felt amazing….I feel like Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour, when he has crappy eyesight and he says ‘don’t take my wings from me!’ (re his plane). I feel JUST like that; after all, my life is very comparable to a Hollywood world war 2 blockbuster film about blokes 🙂

Question: What’s your favourite Disney film? And don’t say you don’t have one – EVERYONE has at least one Disney film they like!

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Just food

You asked for it!

Ok, maybe you didn’t, I did..but still! As the overwhelming majority (ie everyone who commented) voted that I start doing everyday posts again, that is what I shall try and do! Ask and yee shall receiveth.

But for now, I leave you with some recent eats – hardly a wild post today is it? My excuse is that it’s Sunday evening. That’s all I’ve got. I’m not sure how that’s an excuse, but it is 🙂


My mum and I split one of the new flavour Nakd bars the other day – verdict? Impressive! It has REAL raspberries in, raw and all (as opposed to dried) and you could sure taste them. Nice and tart 🙂


If I said that was the best tofu I’d ever made, would you believe me? You should cos ohemgee it was reaaaal good! I marinated tofu slices in freshly squeezed (and very tart) orange juice, apple balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, cinnamon and fruit sweetener syrup and then pan fried it til crispy. With the leftover marinade, I added it into the pan at the end of cooking, so it reduced down and became a sticky glaze.




Melon (still rockin’ the Christmas plate 😀 you’ll see it in summer too! There’s always time for Christmas time, as they say) – part of a rushed mid-week breakfast, along wiiiiiittthh:


Oats, o’ course. Cooked simply with salt, water, cinnamon and vanilla essence, then extra milk added at the end. Swimming in it, obvs.


Hot oats + cold milk = true bliss.


The return of Whole Foods-bought sea cakes!!



I love love LOVE these things! SO meaty and thick and scrummy 😀 I stuffed one in a piece of tomato paste/basil toast as part of a super quick lunch after I spent the morning testing 19 (yes NINETEEN) five year olds for my dissertation. Man they’re excitable.


Fresh basil – my crappy attempt at presentation 😀 Makes all the difference, right? RIGHT?

Sadly, this particular sea cake had all the water, but little of the sea – ie, it tasted like tofu, and not much else 😦 where was all the fancy sea-flavour from last time!?

Of course, no meal is complete without vegetables 🙂 Soo I roasted up some very, very sorry looking broccoli with a few other bits to have on the side 🙂


I always feel sorry for veggies when they’re on their last legs 😦 they look so lonely and sad!! I’m ALWAYS the one eating the skanky mushrooms (when I don’t really like them) or having that last bit of wrinkly pepper..it’s irritating :/ But I hate waste so…one does what one has to do.


OHHH remember how I got the Eat, Drink & Be Vegan cookbook for Christmas?? WELL! I made the spiced chocolate cookies the other day:







They are SO awesome! Big and hearty and chunky and chocolate-y and the spice really shines through! One of the best batch of cookies I’ve ever made, IMHO 😀 I finally think I’ve conquered cookies now; the first time I ever baked cookies, i had these flat, weird crappy things that tasted wrong and looked like junk, and I vowed never to bake them again. Gradually, as time has passed and wounds have healed, I think cookies and I are back on track. It’s love.

Talking of love and cookies, I made pancakes for breakfast! I was doing some blog catching up before bed on Friday and was reading Jess’ post about her buckwheat pancakes. They just sounded so darn good, so i made a note on my lil bedside notepad that THEY WOULD BE BREAKFAST on Saturday! (all part of my ‘get out of the food rut’ thing :p) And breakfast they were!


I made a slight change; instead of 1/4 c. buckwheat flour, i did a 1/4c. mix of gram, spelt and peanut flour, + added cinnamon (cos I add cinnamamam to everything and anything) and salt (I got my sweat on with a Jillian workout just before, hence the need for salty goodness).


Topped with melted mashed banana (heated in the microwave with milk), date sizzup, crushed walnuts, toasted coconut flakes aannd…I think that was it 🙂



Can you tell I liked these!?



Sometimes, I can’t decide between photos of things I love – hence why you end up getting a trillion photos of the same thing 😀 Pancakes from this angle, pancakes from THIS angle, pancakes from THIs angle…you get the drift.


*GASP*! I almost forgot the Dessert Dukkah sprinkle!


Sorry for the blur :p

I tellz ya – best pancakes I’ve ever had! Thick, soft, doughy, delicious! And the banana coconut walnut thing was pretty darn cool too 😀 I really must start doing more recipes 🙂 And boy, they had some staying power :/ sheesh! I actually finished them at 12am (or pm?), cos I had a lie-in aaall the way til 9.30am which was BLISS! I’ve been sleeping terribly recently – sleep at 2am+, waking up in the night, up at 7am, so the lie-in was well overdue :s But yeah, I finished them late, and then really didn’t want any lunch….enter an orange/balsamic/soy sauce bake of broccoli, butternut and aubergine:



Twas ugly, but good 🙂 Most things in life are. le sigh.

Non-foodie related happenings this weekend……..hmmmm…..

I worked Ze Orse, who was VERY fresh after her week off – wind and cold and [yet more] lions in the grass didn’t help. But she controlled herself – just! – and we had a nice session 🙂 I also watched a trailor for Scream 4 (CAN”T WAIT!) and watched the first 2 episodes of 30 Rock season3 (LOVE IT), did 40mins of power yoga (good old Kristin McGee and her MTV dvds) and I started work on my 2nd article for my student newspaper at uni 🙂 The first one was on running for beginners. This one is on superfoods, the top5, and 5 recipes 😀 YAY! Oh, and Kovac brought in a dead (shot) pheasant, and got it stuck in the catflap. Just the usual everyday happenings really….

See ya tomozzo! (maybe :p)

Oh – ps – running update; I ran 3miles today after a week off from running, and there was still lots of shin pain 😦

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Oh my, I just have to say – I LOVE ALL YOU READERS! You guys are just all so supportive and always have wonderful things to say and always understand where I’m coming from…thank you all so much!

Right, now the slush is over, I can move onto eats! 😀 3 super delicious perfect meals in a row – that hardly ever happens! Worth a celebration IMHO.

Last night – oohhh such a good dinner. I started by frying some tofu in a bit of soy sauce, along with some samphire:

thurs1 004

Have you had samphire before? Bought fresh, it has a lovely salty taste (ie from the sea) and a great, soft texture. I’m a big fan!

Anyway, while that was crisping up nicely, I made a sauce:

thurs1 001

That would be skanky leftover strawberries no-one wanted, a few blueberries, balsamic vinegar, water, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, cinnamon, salt and agave nectar (phew!). I let it reduce down for a while over a low heat, so all the fruit turned to mush, and then just before serving, I stirred in some yogurt. Served with sweet potato, brussel sprouts, parsnip and the samphire:

thurs1 006

thurs1 007

thurs1 008

thurs1 009

thurs1 013

LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!! Crispy tofu, sweet yet tangy sauce, good veg….yeh, win.

Dessert was cereal, blended with watermelon, cocoa powder and xanthan gum:

thurs1 018

Another win!

This morning, I tucked into something I’ve been wanting to try for years and years and years….

thurs1 020

A GLO BAR!!! From Angela no less! Without a doubt, it lived up to the hype – tasty AND nutritious:

thurs1 027

Alongside 2tsp wheatgerm and a square of chocolate, it was perfect pre run fuel. Talking of perfect, look at the PERFECTION of my run timing today!!

thurs1 023

BOO Yah!  It was an ok run too – My mile average was probably about 8.30 or something, which was pleasing. The novelty of not running in the Chicago heat will never ever wear off :p England’s one redeeming quality – the cold! ( PS-If anyone knows how to change my pace units on the garmin from km to miles, I will LOVE YOU FOREVER.)

Breakfast after was my next perfect meal. At long last, I managed to get hold of a new soya yogurt brand I’ve been eyeing up:

thurs1 026

I much prefer the ingredients list of this one to others I’ve seen:

thurs1 025

Plus, it tasted far less sweet (good!) and had a thicker texture 🙂 The yogurt went into a classic EGM, with flaxseed and vanilla essence, and the result was the most perfect wonderful EGM in a long time:

thurs1 028

thurs1 031

thurs1 032

thurs1 030


Chika was also perfection today – she behaved brilliantly on a fast hack round the stubble fields with Hannah and Tig – I was very proud!! Though I think she needs a day off – 3 fast work days in a row..she’s feeling it!

My final perfect meal so far was pancakes! Angela’s healthy spelt pancakes for one to be precise –

  • 1/2 c. spelt flour
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • lots of cinnamon
  • salt
  • 1/2 c. milk (I use Kara coconut milk)

thurs1 035

For once, I tried to make them neat today, so I could stack them like a certain talented pancake blogger I know of….and it worked! I served them with some roasted squash and parsnip, and lots of hummus:

thurs1 042

thurs1 043

thurs1 052

 thurs1 054

thurs1 051

Ohhhh my gosh – as usual, NO WORDS people! A party in my mouth 🙂

For some freshness, I also had the last of my watermelon with some salad leaves and date syrup:

thurs1 037

thurs1 038

Yum! A square of 2 of chocolate may or may not have made its’ way into my life too…..what can you do, I’m a girl 🙂

Annnnd now I need to go cook some dinner for tonight 🙂 I’m thinking tempeh (it’s been a while), possibly with peanut butter..and I have these great looking quinoa snack things too! Oohh the excitement 😀


Question – best holiday you’ve ever had? i bet you can guess what mine was..:P

(Can you tell Chicago is still on my mind!? :p)

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OH my gosh you guys, I had the most AMAZING breakfast today! It was simply perfect after my run – which for once wasn’t hot! In fact, it looked like this:

mon1 052

If you can’t tell, that’s heavy rain and a very overcast day 😀 MOST REFRESHING THING EVER! Needless to say, I was super excited about my run 🙂 5k in 27minutes, plus 1mile walk to cool down. Good times 🙂

Sooo my super amazing breakfast was spelt pancakes, from Angela’s blog. I’d like to quickly take this opportunity to apologize to pancakes as a population…I’ve spent SO long dissing them, saying how they never do anything for me, and generally being quite nasty. My opinion has done a complete 360 (and then another 180 :p) on them after my meal 😀 I followed her recipe exactly, except I added in 1tbsp flaxseed and..I think that’s it:

mon1 001

mon1 005

I seriously have very poor presentation skills :p

I topped them with vanilla yogurt, tree bark, and on the other half, a melted banana mixed with about 1tbsp peanut butter and a tsp maple syrup:

mon1 015


mon1 019

mon1 020


mon1 021

mon1 018


mon1 014

mon1 022

Most amazing delicious (and healthy!) breakfast ever, yet it tasted SO decadent! I can not rave enough about how good they were. Phew.

After the breakfast excitement, I had some mild horse excitement – in the form a speedy-ish hour hack with Hannah and Tig 🙂

By the time we got back, I was pretty hungry for lunch. I decided to make good use of some massive beet leaves in the fridge, by making a nice filling for them (thank you Heather for the idea!). But I wanted to not rush it, so I ate a lil baby orange to tide me over 🙂

mon1 026

Anyway, my filling consisted of:

A giant onion (I used the green leaves at the end, as my aunt suggested – she grew it):

mon1 027

Beet leaves, tomato, grated butternut squash, a tiny tiny chunk of parsnip:

mon1 028

I stir fried it all, along with agave nectar, curry powder, coriander seeds, chickpeas (I discovered some more!), lemon juice and a tsp tahini:

mon1 031

I then served it wrapped up in giant leaves….

mon1 035

mon1 046

mon1 047

…sadly it didn’t stay together! Regardless, it was freaky delicious 😀 I also had some balsamic coated spinach and roasted beans/nuts:

mon1 040

I bet you can guess what dessert was 😛

I’m going to skip afternoon babbles, and just show you a) some gooey mess:

mon1 054

That got turned into these:

mon2 003

mon2 004

And b) my usual snack:

mon1 056

Why? Cos I have  a TON of photos to add, so less writing = more photos!

Dinner was a mix of a fancy potato my aunt grew and gave me:

mon2 001

Along with sweet potato, kabocha, parsnip, leek and marinated tofu (in stock, agave, cinnamon and soy sauce):

mon2 005

mon2 007

mon2 010

Fab 😀 A reaaaally good meal! (Though it was meant to be tofu strips…but the tofu fell apart in the cutting process :s).  Dessert will probably be yogurt and a brownie 😀

Question: What’s one food you used to hate, but now love? I spent a long time hating pancakes..but after today, I sense a turnaround on the horizon!


OK, foal photo time, as promised! Originally I had about 30 I wanted to show y’all…whether I’ll get 30 up before my laptop dies is another question! Enjoy 🙂

(PS – Wheatgerm post and Hannah’s Uganda trip post are coming up over the next two days :))

sun1 043

Raef above, and my aunt with Tsara below 🙂

sun1 052

One of my aunt’s dogs (a Boxer) – Solley:

sun1 055

sun1 065

sun1 076

sun1 082

sun1 083

sun1 090

LOL at Roly’s face above!

sun1 092

sun1 094

sun1 095

sun1 098

sun1 099

sun1 100

sun1 104

sun1 111

sun1 112

sun1 126

sun1 127

sun1 129

sun1 132

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Yes guys! At long last, my delivery of vital wheat gluten came!!

mon1 006

Look, see!! There it is! Oh the joy. You probably won’t be surprised to hear then, that I spent some time today making seitan 😀 I found a method online, so I used that but changed the flavouring a little; ie, I boiled it up with cinnamon instead of ginger…uh, and that’s about it 🙂 Anyway – the finished product:

mon1 014

mon1 037

Hehe! It looks so weird! I tried a little chunk, and it’s so MEATY tasting! Like the texture is quite…tough? But in a good way…hmm. Has anyone else had seitan before?


Aside from seitan, I did a good DVD workout this morning, and had an EGM:

mon1 002

That’s greengage jam – it’s good 🙂

mon1 004


Straight after breakfast, I worked Chika (which in hindsight probably wasn’t the wisest idea – bouncing about on a horse with a very full stomach? Yeah :/). I gave her a quick warm up in the dressage saddle, and then switched to her general purpose so I could do some jumping 😀 Bless us, we haven’t jumped since last summer some time 😛 but she’s so super, you can not jump for months and months, and then randomly do it one day and she’s still super. I did the warm up jumps, then Hannah had a little jump-play on her. Of course, Chika was super 😀 (The only downside was that my spur rested RIGHT on my nasty blister I got on Sunday. It popped. It hurt. I was sad. :()

After Chika, I helped Hannah jump Tig, then I made my seitan, then I made curry hummus (subbing a fruit sweetener for the honey, and toning down the spice a bit, so my mum could eat it):

mon1 008

mon1 009

mon1 011

That is some kickass hummus right there!!

THEN I made a FABULOUS lunch! The slightly boring part:

mon1 021

mon1 023

mon1 024

Roast brussell sprouts, parsnip and red pepper, with onion powder. Very good – I swear the parsnip literally MELTED in my mouth 🙂

The better part of lunch was immense!! I used Jess’ waffle recipe again (I can’t find the exact recipe cos it was a few weeks ago, but I’d written it down), but – as usual – I don’t have a waffle maker, so they were pancakes instead. I had to change it slightly – just mashed banana subbed for the apple sauce. The super incredible bit came from my own creation – chocolate cherry sauce!

  • 6 or so cherries (minus the stones!!), chopped up
  • approx. 3 tbsp ish of coconut milk
  • 1 tsp agave
  • 1/2 tbsp ish cocoa powder (maybe more? I can’t remember :p)

mon1 013

Mix it up, and let it simmer over a low heat, with lots of stirring, for like..10mins or something? Til it gets thicker and the cherries break down somewhat:

mon1 019

Then, serve it over the pancakes!

mon1 027

Oh. My. Gosh.

mon1 030

mon1 032

mon1 035

There are no words!! Incredible!

Dessert – some So Crispy bites – paled in comparison 😛

After lunch, I took Poppy out for an hour, and got ‘chased’ by the World’s Ugliest Dog, which was apparently called ‘PPPEEEENNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYY’…or something. My gosh it was ugly! It was like an immensely hairy, skinny, grey/black ratty thing. Truly disgusting!

When I got back, I sorted Chika out and did a bit of tidying and then made yet another fabby food dish IMHO 😀


  • a pear
  • nutmeg
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum

mon1 038

mon1 043

Then served with 1/2 cup cereal:

mon1 044

mon1 047

Totally better than yogurt 😛 Also totally delicious!! What would I do without blenders…I shudder to think….

For dinner, I had to combine seitan and coconut milk. Someone in the comments yesterday (Danielle? I think…) suggested adding the milk to a stir fry cos it thickens and goes very nice, so that’s what I did 😀

I baked parsnip and squash, and stir fried leek and the seitan, garlic and cinnamon, and then added in coconut milk, cooked buckwheat noodles and the veggies, and voila:

mon2 001

mon2 003

(The seitan – delicious!)

mon2 005

mon2 006

It’s been too long since a good old [delicious] stir fry 😀

I gotta go tidy now (and eat dessert laterz :p)…another 3 days+ of painters to get ready for. HOORAY. Can you sense the sarcasm?? Gah.

Random question time!

What did you have for dinner tonight?/ What are you planning on having? Spill 😛

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