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Whole Foods, Take Two


Long time no type! Well at least it feels like it :p Thank you for all the lovely comments on my post yesterday – they meant a lot! It’s so strange how such a short period of time can change someone so much.

Anyway, enough waffle – onto the past two days.

Wednesday aka Whole Foods Day

I had to get up super early to fit in my run today! Before I left for the scheduled 4miles, I had an apple, wheat germ and 1.5 rice cakes. The run itself:





I’d decided to do the first mile fast 😛 However, I spent the last mile feeling very, very sad.

Since I reached my goal weight, I’ve been listening to my body more – mainly concerning hunger cues. However, there’s been a knock-on effect with my running too, meaning I’m more in touch with my body. Before, if I felt leg pain in a run, it was just that, ‘ouch &%$T&^ my legs hurt!’. Buuutt the past few weeks I’ve narrowed it down..to my shins. Cue ALARM BELLS!

I had horrific worries about shin splints! After much research, I discovered that shin splints mean your shins hurt running, and are also sensitive/painful to touch, which mine are not. It’s literally JUST running. A teary-me spoke to my mum when I finished the 4miles, and she reckoned that it was my worn-out trainers, basically not giving any cushioning (to horsey folk – I suppose much like trotting too fast on a road with a shod horse = concussion). She suggested I do a few more runs in my *new* trainers, and see if there was a difference….

Anyway! Before I left for the station, I had a half cup of yogurt with some Grape Nuts:

thurss1 009

Proper breakfast was a very portable Vega chocolate banana smoothie (a serving of the Vega stuff, with water and a banana, all blended):

tue2 002

Oh my! Tastiest thing ever! It tasted like the most sinful & rich chocolate milkshake ever..yet it had 3 portions of fruit! Increds. I also had some cereal (pictured alongside some snackage for the day :D):

thurss1 003

The sandwich would be part of my lunch – oh it was good….

thurss1 002

thurss1 005

Seedy bread, homemade hummus with added nooch, and raw almonds:

thurss1 008

Amaze! If you haven’t had almonds or nuts in a sandwich yet, do.

Before I had lunch though, I bought me some new running shoesssss!!! The weapon shoes of choice:

weds1 002

Brooks! I forget which sort though :p but gah, it took a lorra lorra fuss to get those babies. See, I have a problem. I have abnormally big feet! And, apparently I’m an overpronator (which I didn’t know, and have probably not spelt right). I had to try on about 6 or 7 pairs before the lady found some that were OK – I probably ended up running a good 1/2 mile on the treadmill!!

But the embarrassing bit – as my feet are so big, they didn’t have any ladies in that size…so I’m the proud owner of men’s Brooks trainers. Agh. Oh, and to get hold of them, I actually had to go halfway across London to a different store, cos the original store I went to didn’t stock them 😛

So much fuss for one little product!

In between all of that lot, I had a tremendous fruit craving (despite the big juicy fresh fig I bought at Liverpool St), which was settled by a quick Boots stop. A pack of mixed fruit, baby carrots and my Luna bar later, and I felt much more settled 😀

Before I got to Whole Foods, I also ate my delicious sandwich – gotta fuel up for that place!

Aaaah Whole Foods…no pictures! I tried to take one of some Vermont made maple syrup (purely to show Jess!!) but it was forbidden! I got some great stuff though, which I’ll show you as I go 😀

I finished in there pretty early, so I wanted to go home – but sadly I missed the last pre-rush hour train, so my ticket wouldn’t have been valid 😦 Alas! And to top it all off, I started to feel pretty skank and weak and virus-y (my mum has a virus atm). Sooo I bought a lovely soya milk cappuccino from Whole Foods, and drank it standing under a shelter, watching the heavy rain and listening to a storm…and debating whether or not I’d risk wet feet to hop it across the street to Top Shop 😛

Not getting the earlier train meant I had time to meet my sister for a quick chat (and some watermelon for me :D). It was good to see her again, cos she’s been living in London for 3 weeks or so 🙂

When I did get on the train eventually, I tucked into a beautiful Whole Foods dinner – tons of amazing cooked veggies, grains, sweet potato, tofu….oh it was good!

At home, I had 2tbsp Grape Nuts mixed with a bit of yogurt:

thurss1 010

And then had a blissful 8hr sleep 🙂



8miles on the cards today! Fuel = wheat germ, 2 rice cakes, and a serving of Grape Nuts:

thurss1 011

And then I was off, with the trusty new Brooks!






9.09 – after this mile, I stopped to eat a small handful of raisins – for once, I didn’t feel like I needed them! Hooray for Grape Nuts, they fuel well!



It was a strange run. For the first 4miles, I used the run/walk method. However my pace was all over the place during the miles, so I decided I’d do the last 4 slow and steady. I actually felt really good, going slower. Marathon training is exhausting, and it has totally zapped my speed….I think from now on, I’m a 9 min/mile runner!

However, in other news – My shins DID NOT hurt!!! (Though I had tight calf muscles today..you win some, you lose some!). I think my mum was right! I felt quite springy in the Brooks, so I think the cushioning + proper support is making a difference..the real test will be Sunday’s 16miler!!

Breakfast was very, very late. I let myself sleep in today (til 7.50) cos I really needed it, but it threw my schedule off! Anyway – breakfast.

1 c. cereal

A large amount of peanut butter

2 tiny tiny leaves of swiss chard

1/2 c. milk

1/2 c. yogurt

1.5 frozen bananas

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

Topped with the usual 🙂

thurss1 014

thurss1 015

thurss1 016

thurss1 018

Verrrry good! It was nice to have an EGM, with just banana…I should do it more often 😛

Oh – note the return of my favourite bowl :p

thurss1 019


After a super schooling session with Chika and a loooong read of Horse and Hound magazine (plus tidying, washing, dog walking….), I eventually had lunch – at 3.10!

Hummus and nooch coated roast parsnip *LOVELOVELOVE*:

thurss1 020

With a few chunks of squash (or pumpkin, I don’t know what it is):

thurss1 023

thurss1 029

thurss1 032

thurss1 033

thurss1 035

That was GOOD!!! Hummus + nooch + salt + parsnips + roasting = a freaking delicious dish 😀

I also made a thickie – hand picked blackberries, a soft pear, milk, cocoa powder, xanthan gum, agave nectar, a heck of a lot of cereal:

thurss1 026

thurss1 024

thurss1 022

LOL it was SO thick! I probably could have tipped the bowl upside down and it would’ve stayed put 😛

Oh yeah, on the side, I opened up yet more cereal…but not just any old cereal – My FAVOURITE, which I found in Whole Foods:

thurss1 021

LOVE that stuff!!

thurss1 027

All in all, a super lunch 🙂

I now realise I’ve written rather a lot..so I’ll leave it there 🙂 Dinner will be Whole Foods inspired! Have a good evening 🙂

Question – favourite cereal? And don’t tell me you don’t like it; EVERYONE loves cereal!

Ps – in the next few months, I may well be looking for US foodie swapper people….you guys have Clif bars, Luna bars, Arnold thins, amazing peanut butter…I can offer 9Bars, chocolate, coffee, loads of other stuff and Natural Balance Foods bars (Gabriela tried a Nakd Cashew Cookie bar, and proclaimed it BETTER than a Larabar! High praise indeed :p) If you’re interested, send me an email! 🙂


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OH boy. Do you make lists? I make lists. I make a lot of lists. Sometimes, they’re full-of-crap lists (straighten hair, check when Big Brother is on, read Perez Hilton), sometimes they’re mildly important lists (make my mum’s lunch, phone work experience), but today, they were MEGA important lists! HEALHTY LIVING SUMMIT LISTS to be specific!! I can’t believe I go on Thursday (at 2am…) – so much to sort out!

Stuff to pack…

mon1 042

Details about places to go to and things to do today…

mon1 041

(Yes, TJs stands for Trader Joes! And yes again, ‘Diner’ is an amazing looking vegan restaurant I found…:p)

And finally, not so much a list, but a 4 case scenario running plan:

mon1 040

See, I’m in a pickle with the running situation. Originally, I’d planned to do my scheduled 12mile run before I left for HLS (it was going to be 14miles according to this plan – novice 2 – but I switched to novice 1, so I could have another crack at 12). Then, I changed my mind and thought I’d do it there (12miles with company sounded more appealing than 12miles alone). THEN, I looked at the online weather forecast this week for Chicago – we’re talking 100degree heat, hot sticky and humid….night time MIN temperatures at about 80 degrees!!! That sent alarm bells in my head. Y’all know how I suffer running in the heat! Well I’ve never done more than 7miles in about 85degree heat, and even that was awful…plus I won’t have Lucozade Sport, and I won’t be at home. I am genuinely worried that I might pass out or get heat stroke. I know that seems dramatic, but when you’re not used to the heat, it has a massive affect.


I’ve come up with 4 plans. The first one involved pulling the 12miles forward and doing it alone on Wednesday (the day after tomorrow). The other plans involve either a medium run Weds, and a shortened long run Sunday, or just going for it and seeing what happens…at the moment, I’m swaying towards doing my 12miles on Wednesday (even though I will only have had a 2day break from my 9miles), and then just doing the fun runs at the HLS. What would you do in my (soon to be very sweaty) trainers?


Ok, I’ll stop banging on about running and bang on about food instead 😀

Dinner last night – soooooooo repetitious (I seem to be stuck in a dinner-rut at the moment!) but delicious all the same. Hummus/tempeh, squash, aubergine, parsnip, and a true beauty – sweet potato baked with agave nectar and cocoa powder (<- OH MY GOSH!!):

mon1 004

mon1 005

mon1 008

That sweet potato combo…well, it was out of this world! The whole meal was pure divine-ness (if that were a word :p).


I started the day the apple, wheatgerm and 2 rice cake way, before a 55minute date with three lovely ladies – Jillian and the 30 Day Shred, Davina, and Robbie Williams’ ex-gf/Australian blondie/1 time GMTV fitness expert/ex-model!!! It was a good date 🙂

Breakfast – a strawberry EGM, with lots of pink and minimal green:

mon1 015

mon1 016

mon1 018


Straight after, Chika and I spent a good while galloping about in stubble fields 😛 Galloping with my ladyfriend always reminds me why I love riding so. The freedom, the speed and power, the peace, the views…it’s just infinitely wonderful 🙂

Lunch was a prapper good one too! I broke open these:

mon1 021

mon1 022

And had some with a wholemeal English muffin, with rosemary/garlic seasoned roast squash, kale, celeriac and parsnip, as well as a tiny bit of WHITE beetroot:

mon1 023

Hmmph. The white beetroot was nothing special – the same [yummu] beetroot taste, but white. Bah. Moving on –

mon1 025

mon1 027

mon1 028

mon1 032

The slices were really really lovely!! Great flavah 🙂

I also made a SIAB (smoothie in a bowl) – watermelon, pear and a squishy nectarine, with a big old tsp and a bit of cacao powder:

mon1 034

I’m sure you can imagine how I felt about it 😀

Dessert was this:

mon1 039

mon1 038

A Whole Foods purchased Love ball thing! Dense, chocolatey and scrumptious. HURRAH!

The afternoon was spent doing laundry, mucking out, gathering stuff to pack..the usual dullness 🙂

Snack wise, I had a piece of toast, with yogurt, cereal and cereal dust:

mon1 045

mon1 044

It came with a side of big-angry-wasp – which meant I had to eat the toast running around my kitchen trying to get away from said BAW. Grrrrrrr……

Dindin wise, I have some tofu marinating in the fridge – it’s coated in agave, cocoa powder and soy sauce, and I’m hoping it will be truly delicious!! I’ll show y’all tomorrah 😀


Don’t forget – What would you do if you were me, re my long run in the crazy Chicago heat? Do it at home early and not risk it, or hope for the best and see how I do in Chicago? All opinions welcome!

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Hello everyone! Phew, sorry for the lack of posting yesterday- I didn’t get back from London til gone 11pm, so I definitely didn’t want to blog :p I had an awesome day though!!

An apple and 2 tsps wheatgerm fuelled 50mins of DVD action, then I had an EPM – Epic Pink Monster if you will!

mon1 013

Look at that beast….SO GOOD!

  • 2 cups strawberries/raspberries (I wanted volume :p)
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1 c. cereal
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • cinnamon (a heck of a lot)

Vincent did his thing, I did mine (namely topping the mix with blackberries, 2 dates, tree bark and cereal) and I was good to go:

mon1 007

mon1 008

Freaking fabulous!

mon1 010

I didn’t have a huuuuge amount of time after that – I had to pretty myself up ready for a trip to LONDON WHOLE FOODS baby!! I did have time to pack a quick lunch though, enjoyed on the train – a wholemeal English muffin, with a veggie burger and savoury spread/molasses:

mon1 001

mon1 002

And a roast veggie mix – beets, leek, courgette, turnip, celeriac:

mon1 003

Brill 🙂 When I got to Liverpool St, I ate an apple, which looked far too delicious and lonely in its’ basket in a cafe :p

Theeeen, my mum went her way (to an interview) and Hannah and I went ours – to Oxford St, shopping central 😀 We wondered round the shops for a short while (and I got lost in Harrods trying to find the bathroom), including going into Selfridges where all the posh designer stuff was….I desperately wanted to see a celeb (Hannah saw Gwen Stefani last time she was in there for fun!) but alas, we did not 😦 Instead we put on posh accents and started talking about how Daddy gave us £2000 to spend on a coat, blah blah blah….we didn’t fool anyone :/ Instead, we just got trailed by a shop assisstant, who was probably miffed that I kept touching all the £3k coats. HA!

Anyway, Hannah continued her shopping and I set out on my sole mission: FIND WHOLE FOODS. The store I wanted (the biggest one in London apparently) was in Kensington – looking at the map, I thought I could walk it….yeah…no. After about 1/2 hour of walking in the BLAZING heat, I realised I’d covered about 1cm of the map (I had about 4 inches to go :p)…DUH! I did get 2 pics of London on my way though:

mon2 001

(Excuse the dodgy colour – I was using my small camera, had shades on, and didn’t realise the colour was off :p)

mon2 002

…..sooo anyway, in the end I braved it and did what no Freya has done before – the TUBE, for the first time EVER, alone! It was scary, but I did it and didn’t get lost 😀

Out of the station, I had just a 1minute walk to my own personal Mecca 🙂 A store called Tofu on the way signalled I was almost there:

mon2 003

So appropriate right!? Anyway, then I saw the sign…..

mon2 005

….And my heart sang with joy!

mon2 006

Peanut butter Clif bars people. OH MY.

Over two hours later….

So Whole Foods was super 🙂 So many TOFU varieties! Vegan brownies! Vegan cake! Amazing snacks! Pistachio butter freshly ground right in front of me (I bought 34p’s worth)! Mix-your-own-museli (I got 85p’s worth)! AMAZZZZZZZEEEEE!!!! I’ll show you what I bought as I eat it 🙂

While I was there, I snacked on some So Crispy bites, and also picked up my dinner from the oh-so-cool salad bar –

A tofu spicy roll thing:

mon2 007

And a load of veggies – Butternut, sprout things, a ton of mixed bean stuff, skanky grilled fennel (no thank you, it got chucked), veggies…I’ve lost count of how much!

mon2 008

Those two boxes were my early dinner, and then later on, I had my late dinner in this cute little park:

mon2 009

Late Dinner was another veggie box filled with loads more yum:

mon2 010

And a Hugh Jass tofu steak, sandwiching grilled veggies!

mon2 011

That beast was ENORMOUS! I actually had to throw half (there’s another steak underneath) cos it was just too much. I can’t believe I was defeated by tofu…that’s never happened before. :s

Anyways, Hannah, my mum and I met up later, caught the train back, and got home around 11pm – then after a minor mini disaster – which I can’t go into on here. I finally hit the hay at 12am. Phew!



Day off today! I think my body needed it, after all the walking about yesterday.In fact, I actually woke up feeling a bit stiff!! I had a quick apple and 2 tsp wheatgerm, then took Poppy out for her walk (1hr). Then came a fantabulouso breakfast 😀

  • cantaloupe melon
  • strawberries
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1/2c. yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 cup cereal
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder

Into Vincent they all went, and the result was another epic pink monster! Topped with cereal, tree bark, 2 dates, and raspberries:

tues1 001

tues1 002

tues1 007

100% delicious 😀

The rest of my spare morning was spent packing up my lunch for today and tomorrow. The wonderous lunch of today contained this stuff:

tues1 009

tues1 010

That would be a smoked seitan steak! I asked the nice folk at my local health food store to get some seitan in, and that’s what they came up with 😀 It’s always good to ask IMHO. Yes, so I had 1/2 the steak with butter beans and mushrooms:

tues1 011

tues1 012

As well as roast courgette, carrot and leek:

tues1 015

tues1 017

The steak was FAB! As were the veggies, of course. Goes without saying really?

Work was pretty good today too – lots of customers so I was on my toes 🙂 Although I believe I have a slight crush on one of the guys who works with me…*sshhh!!*. He’s 31 with 3 children though (not with the partner), so definitely out of bounds!!! But still, it’s fun to have little crushes sometimes 🙂

When I got home, I was pretty haaaangry so I had some….wait for it…..CEREAL AND YOGURT! Oh yes:

tues1 026

When in doubt, cereal it…out…(I’m not a poet).

Dinner was some tempeh, with a balsamic/tomato glaze (1/2 tbsp balsamic, ketchup, mixed herbs, agave, cinnamon, s+p):

tues2 003

…served with some groovy new – Whole Foods bought – spaghetti:

tues2 001

Sweet potato and buckwheat!! Awesome right? That’s what I thought 😀 I also had kale, kabocha and parsnip:

tues2 005

tues2 006

tues2 010

tues2 007

Hmm I couldn’t really taste the sweet potato…but the glaze was faboosh!

For dessert, I made a tofu-banana-strawberry-cocoa pudding this morning, which I’m going to top with some of my Whole Foods museli mix:

tues1 027

tues1 028

OH the excitement!!!


Ok. So I apologise in advance if I don’t manage to reply to everyone’s comments today/tomorrow – I’m off to London at stupid o’ clock tomorrow, as Hannah is GRADUATING! She’s so excited – but as of tomorrow afternoon, will officially be unemployed 😛 Anyway, so since the ceremony is early, I’ve got to get up about 5.30am to fit in my planned run :s sheesh! Can’t say I’m looking forward to it…but yeah, it means my normal window for sorting out emails (breakfast) will be gone. Tres sorry guys :s

ANYWAY! I better dash – lots to do, and I MUST get to sleep earlier today, or I WILL be a walking zombie tomorrow. Not attractive!

Good night 🙂


Have any of you ever had an inappropriate crush? I’d say a 31 yr old father of three who I work with is pretty bad 😛

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