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Eveeeenig! It’s Friday folks! Are you feeling the Friday love??

Did anyone else catch Eminem on radio1 today? (I know, quite random) Gosh, the start of that interview..it sounded like poor old Fearne was trying to get blood out of a stone! I felt really, really sorry for her. He perked up a bit later in the interview, and did some great music…but his personality sure isn’t what makes me a fan!


Wahey, I have done soo much cooking today! Oh my, it was bliss. I LOVE cooking, so much. It’s like therapy you know?? But before I got lost in the kitchen, I had a BEAUTIFUL Fuji apple – yes, the Fujis are back! I have missed them so, they truly are my favourite apple 😀 I also had my wheatgerm, and then went out on a 4mile run (sans dog). It was quite a nice one; 33minutes, first two miles were about 8.15 min/mile pace, last two back were more like 8.35 min/mile. It felt good 🙂

When I got in, I had a big EGM:

fri1 001

fri1 005

And then I took Poppy out for a 45minute walk. I was quite the multi-tasker – I was walking and reading trash Heat magazine at the same time; a pretty impressive talent I have there right? I should be on the final of Britain’s Got Talent tomorrow. Without doubt.

When we arrived back, I made dinner 🙂 Red Kidney Bean and Lentil ‘Burgers’, which I have aptly named Red Bentil Burgers. I’m just SO original 😛 If you wish to make your own Red Bentil Burgers, you will neeeeeed:

  • 1/2 can of red kidney beans
  • 50g ish lentils (dry weight)
  • a small onion, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped (I used 3, cos I am a crazy garlic maniac – you may want to use less!)
  • a tbsp apple sauce
  • a tbsp oatbran
  • spices and seasonings (I used a cinnamon spice blend, as well as cinnamon and garlic salt)


Boil the lentils til they’re cooked, and drain if you need to.

Fry the onion and garlic for a minute or so, then add in your spices of choice:

fri1 011

fri1 012

Set aside.

Mash the r.k. beans, along with some garlic salt and cinnamon:

fri1 013

Then add in the apple sauce and onion, and mix in well.

fri1 014

Theeen, add in the cooked lentils and oatbran, and mix it all up.

fri1 016

Here’s the dirty bit – shape it into ‘burgers’! Aka blobs of mess; your hands will get dirty, it’s not pretty, it’s messy. But whatevers, that’s half the fun 😀

fri1 018

Chill in the fridge for as long as you want (I made these at like, 11.30am, and ate them later. I’d figure an hour would be alreet).

When it comes to cooking again, fry in a pan:

fri2 003

And cross your fingers they don’t fall apart!! Then, serve 🙂 Scroll down to my dinner to see them in all their glory…..

Superb job right!?


My next mission was to make lunch, which consisted partly of – Pearic puree! You will need:

  • a soft pear
  • celeriac (I’ don’t know how much….a nice baby-fist sized chunk maybe? A bit smaller? I just eye balled :s)
  • cinnamon and pepper
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum


Roast the celeriac til it’s soft (cut it into small chunks first)

Cut up the pear, add it to a blender with the celeriac, the cinnamon and the x.g.

fri1 020

fri1 021



I had mine with tempeh, cantaloupe melon, cooked beets (mixed with cinnamon and date syrup) and a tiny chunk of kabocha which looked lonely in the fridge :(.

fri1 022

fri1 023

fri1 028

I also had some Nature’s Path Cinnamon/Blueberry cereal and a few squares of chocolate; I totally feel like I haven’t had chocolate (real chocolate) in aggggeesss – I’ve missed it!

fri1 029

fri1 031

That was SUCH A GOOD LUNCH. Seriously. The Peariac Puree was sooo lovely; sweet, fresh, delicious. Make it!!!

So you’d think after all that cooking I’d be cooked out right? Wrong! After lunch, I made some blueberry muffins 😀 I followed the recipe, except for sugar, I used 1/4 cup golden natural caster sugar and a 1/4 cup soft brown sugar, and I ran out of maple syrup, so I topped it up with agave. Hardly things which make a big difference….anyway – the muffins:

fri1 033

YUM! Despite being totally totally stuffed from lunch, I still had one for my snack:

fri1 044

It was LOVELY! Crispy top, soft, juicy middle. Perfeq 🙂

Now then, y’all crazy folk already know what I had for dinner – my Red Bentil Burgers! With a side of (of course…) kabocha, parsnips, finely chopped and roasted fennel (note the finely chopped – otherwise it tastes too….fennel-y :s) and carrots. Oh, and I spread a bit of apple sauce over the burgers too:

fri2 012

fri2 005

fri2 010

fri2 013

Hooray! So how were the burgers? They were lovely! I really liked the apple flavour in them; they may not have held their burger shape well when they were cut into but tbh, it didn’t really matter…TASTE is what counts!

Well. I have quite the wild night ahead of me now – dessert (a muffin? PEAR chocolate crunch pudding? Yogurt? Time will tell), and Jonathon Ross – apparently Eminem, Christina Aguilera and Andy Roddick (my sister’s dream husband) are all on tonight. Should be good! Though tomorrow night will be better – AT LAST, I’ll be going out for my birthday meal! It’s been a long time coming…but I’m so excited 😀


Question: Do you count walking in your exercise tally? I used to never consider walking as exercise, purely cos my heart rate isn’t up particularly doing it. BUT, then I heard that you use the same amount of energy (for eg) walking 2miles as you would running 2miles. So…if I ran 4miles this morning, and walked for 45minutes (about 2miles-ish), would that mean I’d *technically* used up the same energy as I would have if I’d run 6miles? It’s very confusing….


OH!! I almost forgot! Something incredible happened – I went outside, and lo and behold, there was an ANGEL in my yard:

fri1 034

Precious! 😀


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Yeah. Yabba. It was a word that popped into my head before I’d thought of a title, so Yabba it is!

Anyway, how are you all?? I had my first free day today! It was INCREDIBLE. I slept in til….wait for it….8.33am! I cannot remember the last time I slept that late! I properly jumped out of bed when I did wake up – all I could think was ‘ohmygosh I’m late!!’ – it was a great feeling when I realised I wasn’t 🙂

As soon as I got downstairs, Poppy was going mad, so I ate an apple and 2tsp wheatgerm, and then took her out on a run (after a picture of course :P).

thurs1 015

We did a total of 3miles2.4running at about 8.30min/mile pace and 0.6 walking. It was good fun!! She was hardly tired though…in fact, for the first mile she was keen as!  I wanted to explain to her all about pacing, but she was having none of it. People are so resistant to change sometimes. Hurrumph.

When we got back, I had a fabulous Epic GM, with some blubes:

thurs1 008

thurs1 011

And then it was time for some horseh-horseh action!! I had originally planned to go to a big county horse show today – hence why Horsey Humpday was postponed – but when I looked at the class list last night, the only good ones were at 8am 😦 I didn’t fancy a 6am start….so Chika got some action instead!!

thurs1 018

Beautiful mare 🙂 Her neck (from the allergic reaction) still looks pretty rum though:

thurs1 021

Alas. I’m going to have to dig out a different sort of healing cream methinks….ANYWAY. Chika and I went in the school quickly first, then hit the trails and were gone for about an hour. She was SO happy to be out!

thurs1 022

thurs1 025

thurs1 023

thurs1 028

thurs1 031

thurs1 030

thurs1 035

thurs1 032

Hehe, excuse the slight blur – some of those photos were taken at speed! We had fun though 🙂 There’s nothing in the world as nice as a hack out with your best friend, in the sun 😀

Oh, and randomly before I forget, here’s a token photo of Tig, purely for my sister:

thurs1 016

There you go Hannah 😀

After I’d ridden, I set out on a mission: To Buy A Dog Bed.

It was quite the task. I went to SeaPets, and saw SO many cute bunnies:

thurs1 042

It was tempting to buy one of those instead, but alas, I just got the stinky dog bed. So far though, no-one has actually used it….again, HURRUMPH.

While I was out, I had suuuch a yummy lunch! I’d made a packed lunch last night, in prep for the show, but obviously I didn’t go….so I just had it in the car park 😛 It was tres similar to yesterday’s lunch: Part 1, a big slice of the lovely bread, with a cranberry chutney, spinach and tempeh:

thurs1 001

thurs1 002

thurs1 004

And part 2, a roasted veggie salad: finely chopped fennel, celeriac, parsnip, carrot and grapes, the rest of the tempeh that didn’t fit in the sandweeech, and salt and pepper:

thurs1 039

thurs1 037

Both amazing meals!! Celeriac + parsnip is a match made in heaven!!

Post lunch and dog-bed shopping, I ate a pear before my mum and I took Poppy out for a walk. She’d got the afternoon off from work cos she’d had a training day, so it was SO lovely to spend some time with her 😀

thurs1 046

thurs1 048

We speed walked/gossiped for one hour, so we probably did about 3miles again…Poppy was getting a bit tired on the way back thank goodness, so I think she’ll sleep well tonight!!

For dinner, I had planned on doing lentil burgers – but I totally ran out of time what with the long walk and the dog bed mission (it took longer than necessary – SeaPets is right by Tesco….I’m sure you can work out what happened!)! So I did the next best thing; lentils, mixed with chickpeas and cinnamon, nutmeg, garam masala, garlic, s+p, as well as parsnip, kabocha and celeriac:

thrus2 001

(That’s a 2kg pack of lentils, bought for just £2.25!! SCORE)

thrus2 007

thrus2 003

thrus2 005

Good times.

I don’t know about dessert…..last night it was muffin and yogurt MADNESS, but I’m running out of muffins so I really want to make them last :s

Talking of muffins, I have giant plans for a rhubarb baking extravaganza tomorrow! My gran gave us some rhubarb a while back, so provided it hasn’t rotted away or something, I should be able to whip up something tasty 🙂 I think that means Google and I have  discovery date tonight….

Question: Do you prefer websites, books, blogs or your own genius mind when it comes to recipes? I’m all about the blogs and websites myself 😀

Have a good evening!

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…except Horsey Humpday will actually be coming tomorrow. Why? You’ll have to wait and see! But I do have a specific reason 😀

So anyway, hello my precious people!! Something incredible happened today –


YES! I walked out of my last exam today (at least until next year), and by gosh was it a good feeling! It means that I can now participate in one of the following:

  • A Gossip Girl marathon with my sister ❤
  • Sleeping past 8am
  • Cooking proper real recipes
  • BAKING!!!
  • Going for long runs and walks with Poppy
  • Seeing my friends
  • Going to the cinema
  • Getting my hair cut
  • Going out for the day
  • Going FOOD SHOPPING!!!!
  • Wasting my time reading trashy magazines
  • Watching crap TV
  • R E L A X I N G!!!


What else exciting has happened today….

I started with…*drumroll* – an apple and 2 tsp wheatgerm, before a very pleasant 5mile run – my splits were around the 8.30 mark which was quite OK, and all in all, it took me 43minutes and 33 seconds 😀 Oh, and in case you were wondering (which you probably weren’t) – after 7.5hours of audio New Moon whilst running, it has FINALLY got interesting. Ish. Jacob just said to Bella that he loved her….and then I stopped the iPod 😛 what will she say!?

When I got back in, I had an Epic Green Monster – for those of you unfamiliar with this most amazing of combinations, it consists of:

  • a heck of a lot of spinach
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1 very large frozen banana
  • a 1/2 tsp of xanthan gum
  • 1 tbsp cocoa-flaxseed
  • 1 cup of mixed cereal

Topped with dates, grated cacao, aunt-made jam and Lizzi’s Granola:

weds1 005

weds1 008

weds1 010

See? It’s epic isn’t it? :p (Note how I did try and incorporate a little Horsey Humpday into today :P)

After breakfast, I drove to uni to do my LAST EXAM [of my 2nd year] – it was quite hard, but nothing I couldn’t manage 🙂

Just before the exam though, I had the most delICIOUS lunch! Part 1 was a big roasted veg salad: finely chopped and roasted fennel, beetroot, parsnip, aubergine and courgette, with seasoning, balsamic vinegar, a cinnamon spice blend and a drizzle of date syrup:

tues2 003

tues2 005

Oh my days, that was SOOO GOOD!! I really have turned into a taken to beetroot; so purple and….beetroot-y.

Part DEUX was a luverly sarnweech – 1 big piece of the nice bread from yesterdee, spread with mashed avocado:

tues2 007

And topped with a pizza-style tofu fillet and spinach:

tues2 009

tues2 010

Again with the ohmydaysdelicious – so soft and flavourful and…super! I took tips from this lady in how to make a sandwich work – ie toasting the bread lightly – and it worked a treat. Thankyou Jessica!

When I got home, young/old/middle aged Poppy said she wanted to play – so we went for a just-over-2mile run (3.5k actually). Bless, we ran the first 4/5ths of the mile, then she said she was tired so we walked – hence a 9.30split – but on the way back she perked up again, so we ran all the way home 🙂 Overall it was 21 minutes of sunny fun 🙂

When we got back, I took pictures – the sun was out, my mum was out, Poppy was out, I was out – so why not!?

weds1 013

weds1 015

weds1 016

weds1 018

weds1 019

weds1 021

weds1 022

weds1 024

weds1 025

weds1 030

weds1 031

I love my animals 😀

Snack wise, I totally wasn’t hungry, despite the fact that since lunch, I’d done an exam, driven an hour home, hung with my mum, gone for a run, and then hung with my mum some more! But I figured I should eat, so I had the same as yesterday, with some boobies blueberries:

weds1 033

weds1 032

Very good.

For dinner, I decided I wanted a favourite meal to celebrate my newfound freedom – enter Banana, Peanut Butter and Maple Tempeh!!

  • approx 10g peanut butter
  • a tsp of maple syrup
  • a small chunk of banana (and inch and a half or so long)

Mash the banana, spread the peanut butter on the tempeh, put the banana on top, drizzle the maple over and if you want –as I do – add some cinnamon! Bake your tempeh for 20mins or so, and Bob’s your uncle!

weds2 001

I served mine with sweet potato fries and my favourite veggies:

weds2 006

weds2 004

weds2 008

Hurrah! Maple syrup, peanut butter, banana. Win, win, win!

As per usual, I don’t know what to do for dessert. Last night was this:

weds1 004

But who knows for tonight….muffin maybe?


SO. Hello to all my new readers!!! I like to know the people who read my blog (because I love and appreciate you all very much!) so I thought I would ask y’all some questions! A get-to-know-you game 😛

  1. My name is —- and I’m addicted to —- (My name is Freya, and I’m addicted to kabocha squash. And parsnips. And spinach. And animals. And E.R…..)
  2. Tell me one odd or peculiar thing about yourself. (I have an unreasonably large crush on Arnold Schwarzenegger 😛 and I have double jointed hips!)
  3. Paris Hilton – Love her or hate her? (I used to love her, when I was young and impressionable – now, I think she is a complete DORK and I strongly dislike her! I want to tell her to GROW UP!!!!)
  4. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they? (My mum, sister and I have 5 – 2 horses [Chika and Tig], 1 dog [Poppy], and 3 cats [Obama, Kovac and Carter – see below!]

weds1 002

5. Hmmm and a 5th question….favourite TV show? (Gossip Girl. ER. Grey’s Anatomy. Friends. Will & Grace. And a heck of a lot more which I shan’t list, for fear of sounding like a lazy bum :p)

PHEW! I just realised this has been quite the long post, so I’ll leave it there 😛

Have a good evening!! I’m going to go and relax with my mum, an animal or 2, and the new issue of Heat 🙂 BLISS!

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