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You know those days where you just wake up in the most foul mood known to man, and nothing will make it go away? I’ve had one of those 😦 It’s been horrible. BUT, I shall put on a Big Cheesy Grin and recap the day!!

It began wiiittthhh…an apple, a square of chocolate and 2 tsp wheatgerm! OH how repetitive am I :p I then went out on another 5k run (in almost exactly 27minutes) as per the marathon training programme.

Now, I had left myself plenty of time this morning to run, cool off, pretty myself up, have breakfast etc and then leave my for job interview which was at 11am. However, the Powers That Be decided to send in some bloke to read the electricity metre today, which totally threw me! As Hannah was still asleep, I had to sort him out – he took aaggggeesss!! It was SO frustrating, cos I could see the clock ticking away…..anyway, he left, and I continued – somewhat hurridly – to get ready. I was just packing up my stuff when I realised my CV was missing – cue manic searching for it. In the end, I had to boot up my mum’s OAP-speed desktop to re-print it out :/ That was another like, 15minutes wasted!!?? SOOO as a result – breakfast was tres rushed and very dull!!

Smoothie – a banana, 1 cup yogurt, 1 tbsp protein powder, cinnamon, 1tsp carob powder:

mon1 006

No time for toppings ;( but it was delicious in the 5 or so seconds I had to drink it :p

Other half of breakfast was eaten on my way, cos I ran out of time. Twas a blend of 1 cup of cereal with some cantaloupe melon and a splash of milk:

mon1 001

mon1 002

mon1 005

It looks gross, and I thought it would taste gross – after all I didn’t even have time to blend it properly! BUT, after the 1/2 hour or so it waited before it was eaten, it became a delicious cake-like mixture!! It was WONDERFUL! Moral of the story – don’t knock ugly food til you’ve tried it 😛

Next up was my job interview – quite informal, and the job looks AMAZING but to be honest, I don’t want to get my hopes up…so far I haven’t heard anything, so I’m going to try and put it out of my mind 😦

I then shot home at Superman-on-crutches speed, so I could change and take my gran out for a delayed birthday lunch 🙂 We went to a little farm cafe not far from us – the vegan selection was non-existent (as is the case outside of London…), but they did have a bean burger which was vegan apparently, so I had that with a salad of sweet potato, cous cous, beetroot and raisins:

mon1 008

mon1 009

mon1 010

Hmm..somewhat lacking on the sweet tater and cous cous!!?? There was like, one giant mouthful’s worth!! Alas :s The burger itself was just ok – just like something you could buy in Tesco, ie a bit processed tasting. But meh, that’s what you get for being vegan apparently!! Anyway, I ate all of it, bar the burger bun.

When I got home, I tucked into a very very delicious juicy pear for dessert:

mon1 011

If I had a way with the words, I’d write a poem declaring my love for the simple – yet BEAUTIFUL – pear….said poem will have to wait I think :p

What was left of the afternoon was spent doing Jillian part TROIS, sorting out the horses, having a mini freakout, and taking Poppy out for a half hour.

In between all that, I ate the most skanky, dusty (!?) apple ever (yes – it was dusty. That’s the only way I can think to describe it!!), and having another ‘cake’ snack:

mon1 012

mon1 013

That would be a cup of cereal blended with 1/2 cup yogurt and sprinkled with cinnamon (yes, I was hungry :P). Again, it looks gross – but believe me, it was SOO lovely!! TRY IT!

My dindins was very comforting – I seriously needed it today…Tempeh, with peanut butter/maple syrup parsnip fries, kabocha, celeriac and butter beans:

mon2 001

mon2 002

mon2 004

mon2 008

mon2 006

mon2 009

Gosh darn it, that meal was perfect – it hit the spot 100% and was just what I needed 🙂 Plus, those fries were SO darn crispy!! A true delight 😀

My mum and I are now going on a Poppy walk – I actually have a few problems at the moment which I really need her help on (actually, I could use all of you guys’ help! But I’m reluctant to blog about it, cos I’m not sure who reads my blog :s) so I better dash off! Have a nice evening 🙂


Ok – I just said I wasn’t sure who read my blog right? So, I’m going to completely nick this lovely lady’s idea, and ask y’all, chat roomy stylee – A/S/L!?

(That’s age/sex/location 😛 tell me about yourselves! Come out of the woodwork! I want to know everyone :D)


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Smoothie Sunday

I would die if I didn’t have my blender.

Like actually, physically, die. The blender in question has been worked off its’ socks today 🙂 Carrots, smoothies, more smoothies, breadcrumbs….bless its’ lil heart 🙂


Before the blender action, I had the usual apple/wheatgerm/chocolate snack, and then went on a 5mile run, as per day2 of Marathon Training. Again, it was super super hot out!! I let myself walk for 30 seconds in each mile, so I could drink and – if needed – have a quick stretch. I’ve definitely noticed a correlation between hot weather and achey legs. All I can say is thank GOODNESS my marathon won’t be hot! Anyway, the run was done and dusted in 42minutes 🙂 Though I seriously need a head/sweat band…I could feel sweat drip into my eyes at one point..isn’t that rum!? I long for the days when I used to run in a whooly hat and gloves…….*sigh

Breakfast was [shockingly!] NOT an EGM! Oh no people, I mixed it up today 🙂 I had a big banana-peanut butter smoothie, consisting of:

  • 1.5 frozen bananas
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • a big blob of peanut butter ( a tbsp maybe?)
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • granola sprinkle

The resulting deliciousness:

sun1 011

sun1 012

sun1 014

SO good. It’s such a novelty having a smoothie that isn’t green!! The carby bit of breakfast was a cupful of mixed cereal with some strawberries:

sun1 009

sun1 007

Fabulous darling. Fabulous.

I then spent a good few years slathering the sun cream on, before taking Poppy out for a desert forest walk. We did a good hour and a half of power walking, which was pretty cool! Though she actually managed to get tired on the way back (it never happens!!) – so much so she had a little lie down 🙂 I think it was cos I didn’t bring any dog water with me (oops…), so she was panting rather a lot. Howeverz the forest is only 5mins from home, so as soon as we got in, she kicked back with an iced pina colada and a Magnum 🙂 I did actually try and give her water on the walk – by trickling my own bottle in front of her – but alas, she is a dumb dog and actually ran away from the water!! And they say dogs are smart….:P

My forest trek took up most of the morning, cos I was hanging out with Chika before I left, and then when I got back, I went to a cafe to hand in an application form…the nice people there gave me one when I went on that epic Find A Job expedition on Thursday or whenever…anywayz.

When I got back, I was starving! I ate a hunk of parsnip though so I was fully able to create a proper lunch 🙂 and what a lunch it was! I picked this up while I was at the cafe place:

sun1 019

sun1 020

It’s a melon…but I have no idea what sort…anyone care to enlighten me!? A few slices of it made up part of my lunch:

sun1 028

I also did some more blending action 😀 A pear, frozen strawberries, xanthan gum, nutmeg, a tsp of maple syrup, and spinach. It looked so pink and lovely before the spinach grubbied it up :/ Pre-grub:

sun1 021


sun1 030

Hurrumph. Despite the colour, it still tasted wonderful – almost like kiwis!!

I’m not done yet 😛 The third part was a veggie burger in a wholemeal English muffin, with bbq sauce, and roast parsnip/fennel:

sun1 024

sun1 026

sun1 031

sun1 033

Praaaaaiiiissseee BE for the glory that is all that food! STUPENDOUS meal folks, STUPENDOUS. As were the So Crispy bites for dessert 😛

Then the kitchen magic reaaaally got going…first up – Jenna’s lentil loaf. I’ve seen this recipe all over the darn blogosphere recently, and it won her a lifetime supply of lentils, so I figured a) it had to be good, therefore b) it was high time I made it.

The only slight alterations I made were using fennel instead of celery (I had none), using mixed herbs instead of oregano (likewise) and 1/2 cup walnuts, not 3/4 cup (I ran out). Oh, and I made my own ketchup out of tomato puree, vinegar, mixed herbs and sugar, cos we had no ketchup either! Other than that, I followed it to a t 🙂

sun1 034

sun1 035

Just before topping…

sun1 036

After topping….

usn2 003

And you’ll have to wait til dinner to see how it turned out 😛

Next on my list was these chocolate cupcakes, that I saw baked on Jess’ blog. But..they didn’t work 😦 For one, the mix only made 10 cupcakes, and they also took about 1/2 hour to bake – yet even then, they were all sinky and weird:

sun1 039

sun1 038

I’m yet to have one, but I was a bit miffed 😦 Soooo, what do you do when baking goes (possibly) wrong? You bake again! This time, I consulted the expertise of my favourite vegan cooking book:

sun1 040

I love Isa 🙂 The recipe in question:

sun1 042

Carrot raisin muffins! These guys came out much better:

usn2 001

That book is so wonderful – afterall, it holds the recipe for those AMAZING pumpkin muffins from a while back 🙂 If I could marry it, have its’ children, and be buried next to it when I pass, I would.


I ate my afternoon snack of this:

sun1 044

Whilst watching England get proper thrashed 4-1 by Germany. Oof! I’m a little bit ashamed to call myself English 😛 I swear we once used to be good at football….oh well. We’re good at eventing! Did you know the British eventing team (that’s horse riding, with 3 phases, instead of just one) has won 7 consecutive team gold medals at the European championships, which happen every 2 years? That’s 14 years of being freaking fabulous (and beating those pesky Germans who seem to win everything :p) Pretty darn impressive!!

Moving on –


Lentil loaf:

usn2 004

Looks good right!!?

I had my serving with celeriac, parsnip and kabocha:

usn2 005

usn2 007

usn2 011

It was SO delicious! My mumma and step dad loved it too – that Jenna girl is a genius 😀 Seriously guys, if you haven’t made this recipe yet, you totally should – it’s worth it!

I’m going to possibly watch Come Dine With Me now..then later have a carrot raisin muffin – they look to good to resist! Have a relaxing evening my lovelies 🙂

QUESTION – What kitchen appliance could you not live without? Blender, hands down, for me!

Ooooh word just in – my mum saw Chahara’s foal again today briefly; apparently his legs are looking a little bit better, thank goodness! Still not there, but it’s a step in the right direction 🙂

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Yes – spot the kitten!

fri1 001

BLESS!! Isn’t that the cutest thing you ever did see!? My sister is moving back from her house in London (cos her lease is up), so we have loads of, well, crap in our hallway. The cats LOVE it! There’s so much to play with and claw and rummage in….my mum caught Kovac last night all buried in a bin bag full of toys. SO cute 🙂

[By the way – I swear I didn’t set that up! He genuinely did bury himself in a bin bag!!]


I wish I had loads of interesting things to write about today, but I actually don’t. It’s rather annoying! I’ll go through all my eats instead and see if something pops up :p

Pre-Jillian – an apple, a square of chocolate, 2 tsp wheatgerm (I wrote chocolate just then, and suddenly pictured Johnny Depp..NICE! Anyone else seen the film Chocolat!? Talk about HOT!)

Theen – Jillian, Davina and I did our thing.

Post-Jillian – EGM time! With a fresh chopped apricot:

fri1 007

fri1 008

Yet another one of those holy-crap-this-bowl-is-amazing bowls. 😀 But this bowl was SOOO filling! When I had lunch (at 2.40) I still wasn’t hungry! Ah well, it was worth it.

I spent the morning making hazelnut hummus, walking round the fields reading/Poppy walking, schooling Chika, and attempting to tidy my room; it’s got sooo messy recently, it’s been driving me MAD. I can’t wait for it to be clutter free again 😀

So yea – I made hazelnut hummus! I can’t really post a recipe yet though, cos it needs tweaking. It was nice – but not nice enough. Anyway, to make it, I blended:

  • a 1/2 can of chickpeas
  • 15g hazelnut butter
  • 1 tbsp noosh
  • s + p
  • cinnamon spice blend

fri1 013

fri1 018

fri1 016

I was having a major hummus craving, so my mix hit the spot for lunch. Aaaaah yes, lunch..it was SO good! I made the most beastliest beast of a sandwich known to man!

  • 2 pieces of nice seedy bread (as in full of seeds seedy, not creepy-old-man seedy)
  • lots of hazelnut hummus
  • grated carrot
  • roast mushrooms
  • roast whole hazelnuts
  • roast turnip (I love turnip!! It’s like a poor man’s parsnip :p)
  • roast parsnip
  • roast kale
  • roast leek


fri1 020

fri1 021

fri1 022

fri1 025

fri1 027

See? Doesn’t that look SO delicious!?? It seriously was! As were the rest of the roast veggies on the side 🙂

I wish I could eat that sandwich again. ALAS.

Dessert after was 2 squares of chocolate 🙂

After lunch, my mum and I walked Poppy for an hour; blates my attempt at exercise with her this morning was not sufficient/I’m way too boring, cos she was proper bouncing round the house! And then she bounced down the driveway, and down the road, and across the fields…she’s asleep now though, so whatever we did, it did the trick!

When we got back, we did the horses and then I made a smoothie. Obviously from my raaaather late lunch I was quite full, but I needed the cals; smoothies are always so easy to eat so why not? I blended up:

  • 1 very ripe pear
  • 1/2 cup Kara coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • a cinnamon sprinkle

fri1 032

fri1 031

Bah, my blender was leaking everywhere as I did it, so I couldn’t blend it long enough, which meant the XG didn’t really get a chance to work it’s magic 😦 but either way, it was still tasteh 🙂 I drank it like the French do – straight from the bowl (the spoon was discarded after 1 mouthful, when I realised it would take me about an hour to eat if I did it that way…)

I also had an unpictured tbsp of Grape Nuts, just cos I like them 😀

Dinner was one of my favourriiiiteeee meals! Kamut spaghetti, kabocha and parsnip, with a tofu sauce! The sauce is so easy; tofu, blended with peanut butter, soy sauce, cinnamon, salt and pepper, and a bit of water and milk. SIMPLES!

fri2 002

fri2 003

fri2 004

It might look ugly, but it sure doesn’t taste it. It’s actually the most delicious, creamy, peanutty meal EVER!

I think I’m now going on another short Poppy walk (seriously, dogs have NEVER ENDING energy), then it’ll be dessert, Jonathon Ross (if there’s anyone good on) and bed. I can’t wait – it’s been like, 16hours (?) since I was last with my bed. I’ve missed it so.

Question: Have you seen the 2nd Twilight film? I’m seeing it this Sunday (my friend bought it specially so she could make me watch it!), which I’m very excited about! BUT, the 2nd book was so bad…I’m wondering if the film is any better!?

What’s your favourite film? That is SUCH a hard question to answer…I love everything from The Terminator to Black Beauty to Remember Me to Moulin Rouge!! I totally couldn’t pick 😛

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Evening peoples! Did y’all have a good Satdee?

I’ve had such an up and down day – it started off well, as in I just woke up naturally at about 7.50am feeling pretty refreshed. I then had a wonderful delicious (and giGANTIC) Fuji apple and some wheatgerm, and then went out on a 7mile run. There’s where it went downhill….the run was pretty bad 😦 It was very very hot out, and I think I probably ran a bit late – if it’s this hot next time, I’ll get up earlier! Anyway, the run. I was hot and my freaking calf muscles were really sore AGAIN. I was getting so upset about it 😦 I had quite a few walk breaks, and I even stopped completely at about 3miles and burst into tears 😦 How silly is that!? It was the longest 7miles EVER. My splits went like this: 8.43, 8.35, 8.13, 8.57, 9.03, 9.08, 8.36. Not too bad considering the walking, but still. I was so relieved to finish, but I’m feeling so disheartened too, cos marathon training starts in 3 weeks! Eeek :s

Anyway, so later on in the day, I started to properly look at my Thrive Fitness book

sat1 034

– which is written by an Ironman Champion vegan! I actually think it might be really helpful….I like what I’ve read so far and I really think his exercises will help me out. Has anyone else used the programmes in Thrive Fitness? Or had any experience with it? I’d love to hear your thoughts (or any other thoughts about achey, nasty calf muscles….)

Back to the fud!

Breakfast was a wonderful, COLD, EGM:

sat1 003

sat1 008

It made me feel a little better, mainly cos it was cold, and I was – quite literally – tomato coloured when I finished the run :s

After breakfast and shower, I took Poppy out for an hour’s walk….

sat1 009

sat1 018

sat1 014

….. whilst reading a new book:

sat1 011

I’m 2 chapters in, but I already love it! Has anyone else read it? Talking of books..has anyone read Dear John? Apparently the book is 100 x better than the film; it’s now on my summer reading hit list!

When we got back, I had no appetite despite it being lunch time, so I tacked up Chika and hit the trails again. She was SUCH a lovely girl today; we had long, soft canters that were fast but with loose flappy reins (we obviously ride with such style :p), no spooking – it was like she knew that I was feeling down today and really wouldn’t be able to cope if she was silly! We only had one minor incident right near home, when  we got attacked by a nasty dog from behind, and an even nastier pram/baby combo from in front…….moving on…!

Lunch – totally random and totally not balanced! But I decided that a) as I was feeling down and b) cos I’m going out for a meal later, I could have exactly what I craved: FRUIT!

Enter….the world’s best smoothie, which I shall name Protein PBS Smoothie!

  • 1 very very ripe pear
  • 1/2 a frozen banana
  • about 5 frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1 tbsp pea protein powder

Blended up and served:

sat1 029

OH my gosh, it was the best smoothie I have ever made! Seriously! Thick and cold and with the most wonderful delicate flavour (wowzers – how much of a smoothie connoisseur does that make me sound!?). You MUST make this IMMEDIATELY. Seriously. Drop whatever you’re doing right now, go to the store, buy the ingredients, and then drink the best thing ever, like there’s no tomorrow 😀

The other part of lunch was 1/2 a cantaloupe melon, filled with yogurt, cinnamon and 2 tbsp Grape Nuts:

sat1 028

sat1 031

sat1 026

I love eating melon like that! Next time I have a whole half going spare, I’m going to have it with overnight oats…I can literally taste the dreaminess 😛

The rest of the afternoon was spent just not really doing anything….my mum and I picked Hannah up from the train station, we sorted the horses out, I had some So Crispy Bites and an apple….

sat1 036

sat1 037

…..then we got all glammed up for my birthday meal out (a week and a half late :p):

sat2 002

sat2 004

Don’t we look lovely!? 😀

I was really excited about this meal; we booked it ages ago, but told the restaurant at the time that a vegan was coming, and that it was a birthday trip. They said they’d try and make it special 😛 I must say, I was a bit disappointed by the choice 😦 they had one vegan starter which was just asparagus, IF you had it without the cheese…and one vegan main, which was a coconut vegetable curry. The chef had made a roasted vegetable and cous cous main however, which was nice. Sooo as I don’t really like asparagus, I decided on the cous cous and vegetable thing to start (but a small portion), with the curry for mains.


sat2 009

It was actually really delicious! LOTS of butternut squash 😀 WIN WIN WIN!! I ate all the veggies, and had a taster of the cous cous. The presentation of my mum’s starter was soo pretty too:

sat2 007

Like something outta Masterchef!

Anyway, the coconut vegetable curry main course:

sat2 013

Spicy but very delicious sauce, with a few big chunks of squash again 😀 Coconut rice, which I just had a taster of (I don’t like white rice :(), and a spring roll type thing. Loved the spring roll! Loved the sauce 😀 Not massively filling though…my stomach was crying out for some legumes or lentils or tempeh!!

For dessert, the only thing I could have was sorbet:

sat2 017

The chef was sweet here; the three little glasses on the side were little tasters of various things. Personally I hated them (one was alcoholic, one was ginger) but I was really grateful they tried 🙂 The sorbet itself though was lovely! One was mango flavour, one was lemon. Pretty good.

All in all – not a huge choice, BUT the choice there was, was super, so I was pleased 🙂

Annnd I’m now home, it’s 10pm and I’m thinking I’m gonna be hungry soon….vegetables are tasty but not a huge amount of staying power! Alas…

But now, I’m off to go and read my Thrive Fitness book now – have a good evening!

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Poppy Power

Almost Humpday guys, almost…..

But first! Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my post on Caitlin’s blog yesterday – your comments all meant so much! I was, and still am, very touched.

Ok, now onto the sheer joy that always comes with a Tuesday!

Actually…how about a bit of Monday first, in the form of dessert?

tues1 001

That brownie thing – I’d been really looking forward to it, and it was lovely, but oh-so-tiny! I had it in little nibble bites to make it last longer cos it was seriously small. I hate it when packaging is deceiving like that; you expect something to be one size and it’s something else entirely. HURRUMPH.

Ok, I really will talk about Tuesday now 🙂 6am start, 2 x wheatgerm at home, then an apple at uni:

tues1 002

And a nectarine with 1 cup of cereal:

sun2 002

And a most delicious smoothie – 1 cup milk, a banana, a big glob of peanut butter, a tiny tiny bit of spinach and a small spoon of pea protein powder (I need staying power to get me through an exam:p):

sun2 001

tues1 003

Gosh darn, good smoothie.

Post breakfast, I had a nasty evil toughie exam; except it wasn’t too bad! It went better than I thought which was a relief, and there were only a few questions where, even with my bright shiny thinking cap on, I didn’t know the answer too. All in all, I came out feeling pleased. Plus, I have JUST ONE MORE LEFT!!!! At 4pm tomorrow afternoon, I will be FREEEEE!!! Can you sense the excitement!!?? I plan on an ER/Gossip Girl/Green Wing marathon when I’m done….


When I got home, I had another nectarine:

tues1 005

And then did some DVD action. Afterwards, I decided to take Poppy out. I was prapper hungry though, but Poppy was dying to go – so I had my dessert first:

tues1 007

Dessert first – I think ALL meals should have dessert first. As the girl said in ‘Remember Me’ – what if you die the next minute, and you hadn’t had dessert?? It’d be disappointing, to say the least.

Real lunch was pretty awesome too actually. I picked up some lovely bread on my way home today, so I had 2 slices of that. One half had mashed parsnip (with seasoning), as well as roasted and very finely chopped fennel (my mum did it the other night; I’m a fennel HATER, but how she did it was so awesome!! It didn’t even taste like fennel, it tasted brilliant!). The other half had a mushroom/sauce combo – for the sauce, I cooked 1/2 cup milk, with paprika, 1.5tbsp Noosh, tumeric and garlic:

tues1 009

As well as 1.5tsp cornflour to thicken it up. When it was thickening, I added in the mushrooms I’d just stir fried. Alongside both of those beasties, I had some fresh edamame beans (Have I spelt that wrong!? I can never spell that word…..:p):

tues1 011

tues1 013

tues1 016

tues1 018

Ah it was so good!! The mushroom sauce thing was DELIGHTFUL, and obviously I don’t even need to state my opinion on the parsnips…it was just really, really good 😀

Afternoon snackage was an apple and a piece of the lovely bread toasted, and topped with yogurt and cereal:

tues1 023

AMAZING combination!!

I was a tad dull when it came to dinner – I had lots of ideas whizzing round in my head which were imaginative, but I’ve been cramming revision all arvo, so I just didn’t have time to cook anything amazing 😦 Alas, kamut spaghetti, with a homemade tomato, cocoa, thyme and cinnamon sauce, roasted veggies, and roasted beans, was the result of my hurried efforts!

tues2 012

tues2 015

tues2 018

It may not have been creative, but by gosh was it good. Though I can’t even describe how excited I am about actually doing some proper cooking in a few days – so many recipes, so much variety….I’m hungry just thinking about it 😛

Dessert wise, I’m thinking it’s been a LONG time since I had a banana chocolate crunch pudding….maybe tonight will be the night!?



Despite only arriving yesterday, Poppy seems to have taken over the Kovac’s special bed:

tues1 021

Bless 😀 He’s too self-absorbed to really care though – aren’t all cats!? But yeah, she’s doing really well! She hasn’t chewed the house to pieces and she hasn’t run away…good signs right!? 😛

I think it helps that I keep taking her for sprints – we sprinted round the fields twice today, and then in the afternoon – despite the pouring rain! – I took her for a run. We ran for about 13minutes, so probably about 1.3miles – she loved it! She’s SO good on the lead, and we appeared to have perfect pacing 😀 She’s going to love marathon training with me 😛 Poppy power!!

Barh, revision calls me now, so I must dash! Have a wonderful evening everyone 🙂

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