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Eveeeenig! It’s Friday folks! Are you feeling the Friday love??

Did anyone else catch Eminem on radio1 today? (I know, quite random) Gosh, the start of that interview..it sounded like poor old Fearne was trying to get blood out of a stone! I felt really, really sorry for her. He perked up a bit later in the interview, and did some great music…but his personality sure isn’t what makes me a fan!


Wahey, I have done soo much cooking today! Oh my, it was bliss. I LOVE cooking, so much. It’s like therapy you know?? But before I got lost in the kitchen, I had a BEAUTIFUL Fuji apple – yes, the Fujis are back! I have missed them so, they truly are my favourite apple 😀 I also had my wheatgerm, and then went out on a 4mile run (sans dog). It was quite a nice one; 33minutes, first two miles were about 8.15 min/mile pace, last two back were more like 8.35 min/mile. It felt good 🙂

When I got in, I had a big EGM:

fri1 001

fri1 005

And then I took Poppy out for a 45minute walk. I was quite the multi-tasker – I was walking and reading trash Heat magazine at the same time; a pretty impressive talent I have there right? I should be on the final of Britain’s Got Talent tomorrow. Without doubt.

When we arrived back, I made dinner 🙂 Red Kidney Bean and Lentil ‘Burgers’, which I have aptly named Red Bentil Burgers. I’m just SO original 😛 If you wish to make your own Red Bentil Burgers, you will neeeeeed:

  • 1/2 can of red kidney beans
  • 50g ish lentils (dry weight)
  • a small onion, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped (I used 3, cos I am a crazy garlic maniac – you may want to use less!)
  • a tbsp apple sauce
  • a tbsp oatbran
  • spices and seasonings (I used a cinnamon spice blend, as well as cinnamon and garlic salt)


Boil the lentils til they’re cooked, and drain if you need to.

Fry the onion and garlic for a minute or so, then add in your spices of choice:

fri1 011

fri1 012

Set aside.

Mash the r.k. beans, along with some garlic salt and cinnamon:

fri1 013

Then add in the apple sauce and onion, and mix in well.

fri1 014

Theeen, add in the cooked lentils and oatbran, and mix it all up.

fri1 016

Here’s the dirty bit – shape it into ‘burgers’! Aka blobs of mess; your hands will get dirty, it’s not pretty, it’s messy. But whatevers, that’s half the fun 😀

fri1 018

Chill in the fridge for as long as you want (I made these at like, 11.30am, and ate them later. I’d figure an hour would be alreet).

When it comes to cooking again, fry in a pan:

fri2 003

And cross your fingers they don’t fall apart!! Then, serve 🙂 Scroll down to my dinner to see them in all their glory…..

Superb job right!?


My next mission was to make lunch, which consisted partly of – Pearic puree! You will need:

  • a soft pear
  • celeriac (I’ don’t know how much….a nice baby-fist sized chunk maybe? A bit smaller? I just eye balled :s)
  • cinnamon and pepper
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum


Roast the celeriac til it’s soft (cut it into small chunks first)

Cut up the pear, add it to a blender with the celeriac, the cinnamon and the x.g.

fri1 020

fri1 021



I had mine with tempeh, cantaloupe melon, cooked beets (mixed with cinnamon and date syrup) and a tiny chunk of kabocha which looked lonely in the fridge :(.

fri1 022

fri1 023

fri1 028

I also had some Nature’s Path Cinnamon/Blueberry cereal and a few squares of chocolate; I totally feel like I haven’t had chocolate (real chocolate) in aggggeesss – I’ve missed it!

fri1 029

fri1 031

That was SUCH A GOOD LUNCH. Seriously. The Peariac Puree was sooo lovely; sweet, fresh, delicious. Make it!!!

So you’d think after all that cooking I’d be cooked out right? Wrong! After lunch, I made some blueberry muffins 😀 I followed the recipe, except for sugar, I used 1/4 cup golden natural caster sugar and a 1/4 cup soft brown sugar, and I ran out of maple syrup, so I topped it up with agave. Hardly things which make a big difference….anyway – the muffins:

fri1 033

YUM! Despite being totally totally stuffed from lunch, I still had one for my snack:

fri1 044

It was LOVELY! Crispy top, soft, juicy middle. Perfeq 🙂

Now then, y’all crazy folk already know what I had for dinner – my Red Bentil Burgers! With a side of (of course…) kabocha, parsnips, finely chopped and roasted fennel (note the finely chopped – otherwise it tastes too….fennel-y :s) and carrots. Oh, and I spread a bit of apple sauce over the burgers too:

fri2 012

fri2 005

fri2 010

fri2 013

Hooray! So how were the burgers? They were lovely! I really liked the apple flavour in them; they may not have held their burger shape well when they were cut into but tbh, it didn’t really matter…TASTE is what counts!

Well. I have quite the wild night ahead of me now – dessert (a muffin? PEAR chocolate crunch pudding? Yogurt? Time will tell), and Jonathon Ross – apparently Eminem, Christina Aguilera and Andy Roddick (my sister’s dream husband) are all on tonight. Should be good! Though tomorrow night will be better – AT LAST, I’ll be going out for my birthday meal! It’s been a long time coming…but I’m so excited 😀


Question: Do you count walking in your exercise tally? I used to never consider walking as exercise, purely cos my heart rate isn’t up particularly doing it. BUT, then I heard that you use the same amount of energy (for eg) walking 2miles as you would running 2miles. So…if I ran 4miles this morning, and walked for 45minutes (about 2miles-ish), would that mean I’d *technically* used up the same energy as I would have if I’d run 6miles? It’s very confusing….


OH!! I almost forgot! Something incredible happened – I went outside, and lo and behold, there was an ANGEL in my yard:

fri1 034

Precious! 😀


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