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I tried to be Mrs Prep last night – I was perusing blogs, as I do 24/7, and came across Katie’s voluminous oatmeal trick for the billionth time. So, at 11pm, I broke into my oat stash and made a mix of oats and rye flakes (picked up for £1 – reduced – on Saturday!). I followed the recipe, adding in salt, a bit of soya milk, vanilla and cinnamon, and microwaved it for 3 or 4mins, then stuck it in the fridge. Sadly, in the morning, it was basically just a bowl of water still!! No volume had become of it (if that makes sense….). #Fail One. Feeling mystified, I transferred the mix into my usual oat saucepan and decided to cook them like normal. That didn’t work either, they wouldn’t absorb the water!! #Fail Two. It was time to get clever…

I then put the whole load of semi-cooked, semi-soaked watery mess into an individual size baking dish, and topped with a chopped ripe pear, more cinnamon and a drizzle of fruit sweetener:



THEN I baked it at a low heat for 10mins. #Fail Three – no difference in wateryness!! I hoiked the heat up and ignored it all for 20mins – when I came back, it looked like this:


Uh..appetising right? I let it cool for 20mins or so (I don’t like hot oats, lukewarm is just fine thank you!) whilst I ate my way through a butt-load of these:


And then I spooned it all into a bowl with extra milk- for more beautiful presentation, of course :/



But you know something? It was DELICIOUS!!!!


It tasted JUST like rice pudding!!! I mean like, properly incred! The oats were all creamy and smooth, but the rye flakes (which don’t go mad absorbing like oats) added a great chew. Seriously, like, the best bowl EVA. I have another bowl of weird uncooked watery-ness sitting in the fridge now, so I can recreate the joy tomorrow 😀

From disaster to delicious!

Lunch was aaalmost a disaster today too – the morning got majorly sucked away somehow, with car troubles and being put on hold to insurance blokes on the phone for a lifetime & a half. Errrrgo, I had no time to make a proper lunch today, so instead settled on some roast chunks of parsnip and broccoli (they went in the oven at the same time as the fake rice pudding/failed oats mess):


Annnnd this:


One of those bars which is a) only available in the states, b) I only have one of, and c) have been saving for about 6months, cos once I’ve eaten it, I’ll probably never have another one! But when I was sorting out my (crazylarge) bar stash over the weekend, I realised the use by date was Feb 11. Cue gasping! I could NOT allow this bar to be wasted! So it went straight to the top of my Eat List, and was therefore nabbed this morning in my rush 🙂

Hardly part of my Stay Away from Bars for Lunch plan…but the stats are so super and so raw and vegan (oh yes!) that I don’t mind 🙂


Pretty good right!?


I ADORE that ingredients list.

The taste was stellar too! Kinda like a cocoa brownie Trek bar, but with crunch from tiny bits of almond, and with a slight…blueberry? taste to it. From (almost) disaster to delicious again 😀

Other eats have included yogurt cereal messes and Christmas coffee (& dinner & chocolate, but I have no photos of them):



Hey Rudolph 🙂

Wild times right?


Slightly off topic, and 100% unrelated to running, blogging, Brit Chicks, food or health…but I got a new CAR on Sunday, and tomorrow I can begin driving it! Here’s where y’all come in –

I always name my cars – my whole family do. I’ve had Eric the boy car, Erica the girl car [who replaced Eric when he died of old OLD age] and my mum has Bridget and Wayne. My aunt has Desmond, but my new Lady car (who was cheap as chips and bought off of ebay! Aaah the student budget) has NO NAME yet!!!

SO – help me name her! I know I can rely on you lot, cos one of you clever readers named my Vita Mix for me (Vincent). Leave your suggestions in the comments 🙂 but bear in mind that the car is small, dark blue and a girl 🙂 The prize for getting your name chosen will be…..

– LOVE, lots of love from me

– THANKS (I will be forever grateful. Well, until June at least, then I sell the car again)

– RESPECT. Cos you sure will deserve it.

– If you’re lucky, I might send you a bunch of roses, or a stink bomb, or something equally delightful in the snail mail 😛

Soooo what are you waiting for!?


Question: Do you name your car, or other non-beating heart things?



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I DID IT!!!!!




Wow, just 2 days without a proper post and it feels like it’s been forever! I’ve been keeping busy though –

On Friday, I ran 5miles – my last one before the big Two-O – 46minutes, 9.12 min/mile pace. Not fast, but not slow either. I also had a ton of good eats 😀

Giant apples…

A thickie – cereal, yogurt, banana, maca, Vega vanillia-almond, xanthan gum, banana, strawberries, spinach:




Kovac caught and ate a squirrel…


I know a squirrel is just a rat with a furry tail, but it still seemed so wrong! Squirrels don’t steal horse feed, they eat acorns and they live up trees..they’re adorable!

Lunch highlights – the most scrummiest sweet potato ever! I cut up and cubed a very large sweet p., and coated it with:

  • maple syrup
  • molasses
  • ketchup
  • vegan worcestershire sauce
  • balsamic vinegar
  • salt

Baked it for a half hour or so, and served it with celeriac and gran-grown squash fries, and some courgette, and a Mojo bar for added carbs + protein:





The Mojo bar was sent to me a while back by America’s Nutrition to review.



It was very sticky, but completely delicious! I loved the little nutty chunks in it, plus it was a super source of protein – 9g per bar – and carbs – about 21g. Seeing as I was having a late lunch and needed to carb load AND needed some more protein with my meal, it was perfect 🙂 Plus, it tasted like a dessert or something :p It’s love.

Later on, I managed to make myself a vanilla cappuccino:



I use the term ‘vanilla’ loosely. :/ Couldn’t taste it at all! I’ve tried instant vanilla coffees many a time, and I never, ever taste their flavour. Maybe my taste buds are dead?

Other delicious food in the day – a load of roasted veggies- brussels and kabocha – with peanut butter/soy sauce coated parsnip fries, and a side of seitan:


As well as an biiig bowl of oatmeal, made with 1c. milk, 50g oats, roasted and mashed squash, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg and salt. Bliss.

Saturday brought another busy day, and another trip to uni, and a failed attempt at sleeping in!

I’d hoped to sleep til about 8.30 to reserve valuable energy stores for Sunday, but alas! twas not meant to be. My body decided that 6hrs of sleep was perfectly fine, so when I woke up at 7.24, that was that – I couldn’t get back to sleep! 😦

Breakfast – another amazing thickie blend:


Then it was a ssuuuuuper lesson on Chika with my mum helping <- they’re both stars!

I packed up a quick lunch to take with me to uni (Fresher’s Fair was 12-4pm) – an extra big serving of lentils:


Along with a load of roasted veggies:


I also had a Nakd bar for some added carb 🙂


Fresher’s Fair itself was pretty good (despite the 2hr commute) – i’ve found lots of different project things I want to get involved in, which should keep me busy! On the way home, I stopped at Waitrose for the weekly shop and got some great stuff 😀






Dinner – oatmeal!!! Except this time I did 1c. dry oats (about 95g)! If that isn’t carb loading, I don’t know what is. I cooked it with the same mix as yesterday and (like yesterday) left it in the oven for 10mins to harden up:


Amaze. On the side, i had a tiny but of roast aubergine and parsnip with garam masala:


All eaten whilst watching X Factor! [Louis’ old folk – AWFUL! Nicolo – very disappointed. Aiden/Matt/Rebecca/Paige/Treyc (or however she spells it)/Mary – LOVE! Cher/Katie/all the bands – HATE!


MEEP! I got up extra early today to allow a good 2hrs to digest 😀 and digest I did! 50g oats/spelt flakes soaked overnight in 1/2 c. milk, 2 tsps wheat germ, vanilla, salt and a mashed banana:


As well as some raspberries nuked with agave, then mixed with 2tbsp Grape Nuts:


And a tiny apple (which I ate in a nervous haze!). To kill time, I watched 25mins of Ugly Betty and took some gorgeous early morning ChikaTig photos 😀 I might put them up later in the week 🙂

Just before I left, I ate a date, then I was gaaaaawn.

I set off with a grin on my face; I decided this run was going to be AWESOME and I was going to kICK BUTT.

Which I did!

I kept a steady 9.30-9.50 pace for the first 7miles, and didn’t walk once. I was feeling great! At 7miles, i met my mum, so I could top up on water/Lucozade. I deserved a medal for bravery for the next 3miles – I was feeling so ace that I found a 1.5mile long steep hill, and ran all the way up it!! The best bit was coming back down 😀

At mile 11, I’d started to walk 1minute out of every mile, which was a great help, although my pace slowed a bit. No worries! i was hardly caring about pace anyway 🙂

At mile 13, I felt sick – I’d eaten a Powerbar too fast and in basically one chomp…lesson learnt! Luckily, that mile was when I saw my mum again, so I stood about for a few mins, the sickness passed, and I continued on my merry way.

I got back home at mile17, where my mum was waiting. I ran 1more mile alone, and then for the last 2miles, she came with me on the bike and sang crap songs to me 🙂 It was the best 2miles ever!

During the run, I had about two bottles of Lucozade Sport, a Powerbar and some Powershots. It worked perfectly 🙂 Mile Totals: 20miles in 3hr20 (my goal time had been 3hr22, so, er, BOO YEAH). Average pace – 10.01min/mile. I’m so super pleased with it!


In fact, I’m over the moon. I so badly needed this run to go well, and with the power of positive thought (plus a lot of carbs and many, many wonderful comments on my last post), it did. I’m living proof – If you put your mind to it, if you want something enough, you can do it. Last week, I struggled and cried my way through 14miles. This week, I smiled my way through 20. YOU CAN DO IT!!

As soon as we finished, I grabbed a banana from the house, and took some celebratory photos 😀


BIG thanks go to my mum!


We went for a 10minute walk round the fields afterwards to stretch out and say howdey to the horses:




Take note of the Chika fluff: in about 2hours, it’s going to be clipped off 😛


Lunch wise – I just had one big bowl of nutrients [which tasted bang on like marzipan]!

  • soya yogurt
  • cereal
  • spinach
  • melon
  • 1.5banans
  • maca powder
  • xanthan gum
  • Vega smoothie mix
  • dates, almonds, blackberries, and a scuffin on the side


My mum had the other scuffin – twas the least I could do!

Perfect meal to celebrate a perfect run.

I am going to ROCK this marathon!


Ok, so here’s my announcement, which I feel bad about mentioning cos a) lots of you said you couldn’t wait for it(!) and b) it’s not so big anymore… basically – I’m not sure if I can keep my blog going…

My final year of uni starts tomorrow (Monday), and I’m going to be super busy this year – lectures, my final dissertation (which involves having to collect a boatload of data, as it’s a psychology experiment), and a long commute there and back each day. On top of that, I really want to keep up with riding Chika, which obviously takes up a lot of time, as well as get involved with some more volunteering and clubs at uni (this Tuesday, I have to be in uni from 9.30am – 8pm…). The few weeks after my marathon are going to be manic too, as I’ll have all my lectures and work to catch up on. So basically, I’m unsure as to how to fit everything in. I think I’m going to keep blogging as much as possible, but probably in a different style, and not as regularly.

But – regardless of whether I resume a regular blogging or not, I will still keep reading everyone’s blogs (cos I genuinely think of a lot of you guys as friends :D), and I’ll be back with a big old marathon recap (or 10!).I just don’t want to lose touch with the blogosphere – I love it too much! You all have helped me so much, with your positive comments, good luck wishes, funny stories..You’re all the best 😀

Anyway, enough talk from me – this is a looooong post. Have a good afternoon!

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Happy Thursday guys! ‘m afraid this will probably just be a brief post from me – thee’s some stuff that I’m really really struggling with at the moment, and it kinda feels like it’s taken me over somewhat 😦 But i’ll put on my blog-happy face now 😀

Ooh! Dinner last night was one of my favourites….


Tofu, peanut butter, soy sauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and pepper, nooch – all blended together and mixed with kamut tagliatelle, aubergine and parsnip, and a side of kabocha – all enjoyed whilst watching the World Equestrian Games dressage on Tv :D:


(note the nasty colours due to the poor night time lighting..is there a setting on a camera to overcome this!?)

I’ve got into the habit of having kabocha by itself on the side – it’s so squishy and delicate when it’s been roasted, and if it gets mixed with all the other junk on the plate, it gets squashed and disappears 😥 not what we want…anyway, the mild carbo load (does chocolate count as carbs? I had 2 squares later on too :p) was for the purpose of a 9mile run today!

Bah, it was a toughie. I had a Power Bar and 2 tsps wheat germ before I left, but – and I don’t know if it’s cos of my general mood, the hills, or the fact I didn’t have any extra fuel during the run – I totally wasn’t feeling it today. I felt like I was dragging my own corpse along the road!!! Seriously, it was really really hard work 😦 I finished in 1hr22 (I think..I forget now), which was a 9.12 min/mile pace. My slowest in a long while, not counting Sunday’s 18miler. Oh well…maybe tomorrow will be better.

When I got in, I had a scrummy breakfast waiting for me:


Overnight oats!

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1/2 c. coconut milk
  • 1/2 c. soya yogurt
  • 1 heaping tbsp Vega chocolate smoothie mix
  • add ins – an extremely ripe banana (literally, so ripe it was mush in the skin!), cocoa powder, and a Veganomicon baked banana muffin:





DEEEElightful! Especially the muffin! I can’t believe I waited 2 days before I tried one of those bad boys – they are some of the best muffins I’ve ever baked! In fact, 2 out of my top 3 muffins I’ve ever baked have been from either Veganomicon, or Vegan with a Vengeance <- both books by the same lady. She’s a genius!

Late morning, I was feeling super inspired to give Chika a good schooling session; Team GB just won 2 silver medals in dressage at the World Equestrian Games, so I was feeling inspired 🙂 Sadly, Chika was not. Actually, that’s harsh, and a lie; she was a very good girl! She just didn’t want to supple to the left very easily…but other than that, she tried her heart out for me, as always, so I was pleased 😀

Lunch came late, but was sooo worth the wait! I saw a post on Never(Home) Maker yesterday, which had a sauce recipe that caught my eye – Cocoa-tomato-beet sauce! It sounds weird, but it was amazingly delicious 🙂 I stuck to the recipe exactly, apart from omitting the parmesan cheese (a) I had none, b) it’s not vegan anyway), and using whole beets, which I blended:




Who would’ve thought – cocoa powder, tomatoes, beets, mixed herbs, cinnamon, agave, salt..it works so well! (This would be a the marriage my title refers to..beets and chocolate = bocolate 😀 I’m a genius right? :p)

I served it mixed with roasted chickpeas, roasted parsnip/broccoli/butternut, with a side of cereal:







Wow wow wow wow. One of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a long long time!! It was actually, properly SUPERB! If you like cocoa flavours, tomatoes, beets, red food, or pink food, or food in general, I recommend you make this sauce. Quick, easy and delicious 😀 Win!

Not a huge amount happened after lunch..I picked a proper big haul of blackberries (711g of blackberries, to be precise :p):


And caught up with various boring bills/letters/rap-that-has-to-be-sorted, and had a milky coffee:


(blackberry stained nails, not dirt, FYI!!)

And that’s about it 🙂

Question – when you find yourself really, really struggling – emotionally, mentally and so on – or feeling plagued by negativeness, how do you overcome it?

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OH I am a cruel, cruel woman!

After last Carter’s escapades last night, I decided I had to ban The Beautiful One from my room, just for the one night:

wds1 052

wds1 053

wds1 057

wds1 058

It was so difficult..especially when I heard him crying and scrabbling at my door at 11.45pm…or when I woke up to find him curled up in a little ball outside my door in the morning!! Poor baby! But, which is more important – Carter’s happiness, or my sleep? Carter’s happiness My sleep, obviously 😛

Sadly, I woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning, despite the more peaceful night 😦 Partly due to my skankyass virus, and partly due to the skankyass weather – aka, extremely strong wind and grey clouds! NOT good for my 4mile run!

I ate an apple, wheat germ and a rice cake, and then set off (somewhat sniffily)





The 2nd mile was hell! I was out of the shelter from the trees, and was running directly into the [really reaally strong] wind…HORRIBLE! I just wanted to cry 😦 I mean seriously, it was so windy and loud I couldn’t even hear my music! Suffice to say I was relieved to finish…

I had a scrummy breakfast waiting for me as a reward – overnight oats 😀

1/2 c. oats

1/2c. milk + a bit

1/2 c. yogurt

1/2 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp Vega chocolate smoothie mix

I warmed the bowl up (I was cold) by a bit of microwave/Aga action, and mixed in melted hot banana:

wds1 018

wds1 032

On the side – freshly picked blackberries and a tiny bit of cereal, with almonds on top:

wds1 024

wds1 025

wds1 021

wds1 023

So, so lovely 🙂

I was going to have a lunge lesson on Chika after breakfast (to honour Horsey Humpday, obvs), but I just couldn’t face it 😦 Nothing against Chika (I luff her!), but I was just in one of those terribly sad moods 😦 my mum helped by a) giving me a huge hug, b) telling me she felt exactly the same when she was sick last week, and c) offering to lunge Chika for me. She’s the best!!!

I cheered myself up by going to Waitrose for the weekly shop (and then getting angry when the strong wind blew half my bags over, in front of a car, whilst I was walking with the trolley, resulting in my scrabbling to pick up loose garlic, an aubergine and some cereal, whilst an angry driver looked on), before coming home for a yummy lunch.

I attacked my crazy squash that’s been in hiding for a while!

wds1 033

I roasted it alongside some bbq-salt seasoned carrot fries, parsnip and broccoli. Along with all that, I mashed up 1/2 c. red kidney beans with hummus:

wds1 034

And spread it on a slice o’ toast:

wds1 035

wds1 039

A fig accompaniment:

wds1 040

wds1 044

wds1 041

wds1 037

Simply fabulous! Hummus is always a win IMHO 😀 As is the square of 85% Lindt which may or may not have been consumed too….

In the arvo, I spent an age and a half reading through a huge thick psychology research paper in prep for my dissertation (as fun as it sounds), as well as picking 491g of blackberries:

wds1 047


I also had an unpictured snack of a fresh fig and a 1/4c. cereal <- I wasn’t hungry, but I’m worried (seeing as I never get hungry for snacks) that my metabolism will become snail-like, so I thought a lil somethin’ somethin’ would do me good 😀

Currently, I’m baking oatmeal bars for my mum 😀 Packed with oats, hazelnuts, buckwheat, raisins, dried figs, apricots, pecans and hazelnuts! Quite the mix. Then I shall move onto dinner…

Dinner – last night, it was sooo ace!

Buckwheat & lentils:

wds1 002

Basil tofu:

wds1 003

Roast veggies – broccoli, squash, parsnip.

wds1 005

 wds1 007

I mixed the buckwheat/lentils with tomato puree, balsamic vinegar, stock and mixed herbs, and when it was done cooking, I stirred in the broccoli and parsnip:

wds1 006

wds1 008

wds1 014

wds1 015

Oohhh it was THE scrummiest meal in a loooooong time!! Seriously, like proper wow. I actually plan on having a total repeat of it tomorrow 😀 And hopefully I’ll be able to slow down and enjoy it a bit more – I had to eat fast cos I was going to my BFF’s house 🙂

My bestie and I had such a nice time 🙂 We just talked, non-stop! LIke, no background noise or TV..just talking 🙂 And a lot (A LOT) of facebook stalking too….grubby skinny lanky 17yr old boys who used to go to our school are now handsome buff mature 20yr old men! I can’t believe how much people change in 3yrs!

It makes me really, really want to go to a reunion in like, 10yrs…I’m hoping my healthy living will mean that I’ll have a (slightly orange, due to all the squash) glow and be fit and bouncy, whilst 99% of people I used to know will be puffed with one too many McDonalds and look 10yrs older than they are….am I being cruel? Maybe. But high school was NOT enjoyable for me, and I sure know the reason why. I’m allowed to dream!!!

Anyway, uh, I seem to have rambled somewhat….I’ll shut up now 😛

Question – have you ever been to a school reunion? What was it like? Orrr if you haven’t, would you want to go to one?

Did you like high school? I was sooo miserable there…my ED started during my last 2yrs there, and I think that place and the people had a lot to do with why 😦

Hmm…let’s finish with a happy note! A bad joke maybe?

Why was the chicken happy?

Everything was egg-cellent….ha!


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Strange Searches


Four quick things:

Firstly, I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I just have to give a mini shout out to Katy – on Saturday, she told me a brilliant quote – ‘if you’re going through hell, keep going!’. I love it! And I actually used it a few times in my 16miles yesterday when I felt crummy, and it really really helped. So thank you girl! 🙂

Secondly – the latest round of weird searches for my blog!


Can you see them? Oh how I chuckled!! Do you guys want to keep seeing these?

Thirdly – general housekeeping really…- is there anything y’all would like to see different on the blog? More pictures? Less pictures? More writing? Less writing? More horses? No horses (heaven forbid!!)!? Do let me know – I’m open to ideas!

Annnnnd finally – as I’m sure you’re all aware (if you’re not, where have you been the past 6months??), I’m running a marathon in Washington DC on 31st October. Of course, I would LOVE to meet some bloggers and blog readers! I already know of one or two people in the DC area (Emily is running the marathon too, and I think is going to hold a get together, and I believe Allie lives in DC), but I was wondering if anyone else would be around during that time? I’m arriving the Wednesday before the event, and leaving on Tuesday after it. I’ll be with my mum, and I don’t particularly want to leave her every single day alone while I flit off doing bloggy things, so I was hoping one big meet up would be good 😀 Who is likely to be there!?


Sunday Dinner:

OBVIOUSLY I had one of my ‘treat meals’, cos that’s what you do when you’ve run 16miles :p My meal was actually Hugh Jass – I was craving like crazy veggies and volume, so that’s what I did 😛

 mon1 003

The tempeh topping is made from peanut butter mixed with melted banana and mixed spice and salt (aka pure bliss)

mon1 005  mon1 006

I had a chat with my mum after dinner, about my run, and we have a mild theory…see, this weird sick chest lump thing has happened 4 or 5 times to me. Once on a very hot 7mile run, at the very last mile, when I’d sweated out my own weight but hadn’t had any electrolytes or salt (bad bad bad). Once on a random long run at home (? who knows why ?). Once on the half mary the other week (crazy sugar high/crash from Kendall mint cake/killer hills out to get me). And finally, yesterday, on the 16miles. Now…my mum is sick. Not cool-kid-speak-sick, but sick as in she’s had a nasty virus all week. Sooo it could well be that (espec. seeing as I’m Mrs Sniffy right now) I was/am fighting off said virus myself, which caused my body to protest when things got tough! A wise theory, yee think?

Anyway. Moving swiftly on!

I had a defrosted homemade vegan carrot & raisin muffin not long before bed, cos I felt like something sweet 😀

mon1 010


A day of rest! And wonderful overnight oat breakfasts 🙂

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 spoon vanilla-almond Vega mix
  • Toppings = cereal 😀

Before the addition of the beautiful banana:

mon1 011

And after:

mon1 012

mon1 021

A seeeeaaaa of baanananana!!

mon1 016

mon1 020

mon1 023

mon1 025

mon1 026

Oh it was good 😀 Though I think I prefer the chocolate Vega mix – nothing against the almond-vanilla, but I feel the chocolate to be more versatile 🙂

Lunch today was packed up into many a plastic box, ready for consume-ation (what’s the word I’m thinking of!!??) at work 😀

mon1 029

We have – raw mushrooms and aunt-grown cucumber, mixed with seasonings and fresh basil and balsamic vinegar:

mon1 007

mon1 008

Bbq-salt roasted carrot, kabocha and parsnip, with a few gran-grown tomatoes, and an aunt-grown crazy baby cucumber:

mon1 028

And finally, the roast beans I love so much – they feel the same way about me, I can tell.

mon1 027

All in all, a good lunch. Just a shame my boss was a grumpy old *insert mildly rude word here* today, which somewhat meant it was very rushed 😦 Plus, I was aaaaaall on my lonesome the whole afternoon again, bar a trip to the bank to swap £60 for some fivers and pound coins. My days are getting so wild aren’t they!? Freya, contain the excitement.

But! To make up for the lack of printer ink for sale in the store (which I need so I can print out nice pictures for my vision board which I banged on about t’other week), I did pick up FOUR (count ‘em, FOUR!) charity shop books, for less than the price of one paperback!!

mon1 032

 mon1 033

Now that is a bargain if I ever did see one.

Anywayz, when I got home after work, I had some yogurt and cereal:

mon1 031

And…that’s it :p I’m confused. I need to think of something to eat for dinner, and I desperately want to do something different, ie not tofu and 2 veg, as it were. I just can’t think what! I feel tremendously uninspired…Does anyone have any good ideas for vegan meals? What’s your favourite meal? What do you reckon I should try? Seriously, my lovely people, I need some inspiration!!


PS – thank you so so sosososos much to all of you who commented on my 16mile post yesterday – each and every one means so much! I love you all :p

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….actually it’s the night before my 16miler, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it :/


Thursday dinner

Whole Foods tofu:

sat1 001

With other stuff = yum!

sat1 005

sat1 007

sat1 008

sat1 010


Well, what an INCREDIBLE day. Seriously.

I was at work – first off, who should walk into the store but Mr Pitt himself, 5 out of 6 [7? 8? 11?] children in tow. He wanted a new collar for his pet tiger, who – fyi – was previously owned by Mike Tyson (that bit is true – Mike Tyson DOES own a tiger). I had to explain that we were all out of collars; Paris had been in but minutes before and bought the store out…you’ve got to keep all those kittens/Chihuahuas/ferrets under control somehow! I did manage to show him a rather splendid coat though, that was hand knitted that morning by Bruce Willis. He’s quite the knitter!! He made me a cardigan too, it’s very cosy. Anyway – Mr Pitt did end up buying the coat, although he bought it more as a present to Jennifer Aniston – she’s a big fan of menswear apparently (or maybe it was a present for her current lover, Michael Jackson. Who knows.). The most incredible thing of the day though….

…..OK, that was a slightly truth-less story! In actual fact, I spent my entire work shift steaming. Just steaming. Steaming is like, ironing, but standing up and holding a stick thing that pumps out steam, to get rid of clothes crinkles. Hardly an exciting day…which is why I thought I’d tell you about how I wish my day HAD been!!

There was some highlights to the day though, mainly food and a run – a rice cake, an apple & wheat germ, then a 4mile run, at about a 9min/mile pace, which preceded the bestest breakfast in the history of breakfasts!! See I think the inevitable is happening..I’m getting a liiiiiiil bit bored of my EGMs, and I want a change! I bet y’all didn’t think this day would arrive – but it has!!

  • 1/2 . oats
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp Vega chocolate smoothie mix
  • more milk in the morning

I microwaved it briefly to warm it through (I was chilly and very rain-soaked after the 4miler :()….

sat1 031

….. and then added in banana soft serve: sat1 030

sat1 032

Then, I microwaved the bowl again, so the banana melted even more: sat1 033

And as a side dish, I had some cereal (guess which sort!?) and some blackberries:

sat1 042  sat1 036

sat1 044

SSSSOOOOOO GOOOOOODD!!!!! Best o/n oats combo EVER!!! And of course, the cereal was good too 😀 Bar the puffs and freeze dried fruit. Does freeze dried food majorly grind anyone else!? I hate the stuff!

The addition of the Vega made the bowl hold me over sooo much longer than usual – I never needed my snacks!

sat1 025

sat1 026

Lunch was yet more cereal….

sat1 021

…As well as a roast veggie mix – celeriac, parsnip, carrot, with broad beans:  sat1 017

sat1 029

sat1 018

Sehr good.

I got home and had yet more cereal (3rd time today..cripes, I’m addicted. Cereal rehab may be in order, right Allie!!??) sat1 047

Theeeen my mamma and I took the dog for a walk, theeeeen I had a super duper dinner. I was feeling a bit bleerrrhh before dinner, and was craving three things:

  • peanut butter
  • volume
  • tofu
  • chocolate
  • chickpeas

(okay, 5 things). Roasted cocoa chickpeas, roasted tofu with a peanut butter/soy sauce, roasted veggies:

sat1 048  sat1 050

sat1 051

sat1 049

Oh yes. Hit the spot 100%!

My mamma and I then watched An Affair To Remember, and I had some dessert 🙂

 sat1 013

Actually, that was last nights’ dessert (serious chocolate craving, that only a homemade fresh-from-the-freezer vegan chocolate cupcake could solve :p). Tonight’s’ dessert: sat1 056

Chocolate soya yogurt with some Grape Nuts and some beet crisps from Whole Foods (only ingredient = beets!). Love 🙂


I’ve written a lot already..I’ll go a bit faster now :p


Breakfast – a strawberry pink EGM (without green!):

sat1 059

sat1 060

Loverrrrrly 😛

Lunch = a soup/thickie:

  • pearl barley, cooked (50g dry weight)
  • carrots, boiled with the pear barley (2 small)
  • a verrry soft pear
  • roasted kabocha
  • mixed spice
  • salt to taste
  • vanilla (1/2 tsp?)
  • water to thin


sat1 064


sat1 071

(with a side of parsnip and celeriac fries)

sat1 074

sat1 067

DREAMY!!! Seriously! Like, proper delicious! Wow. I might even add it to my recipe page! High praise indeed.

Ok, that’s enough now! Three dinners in one post would probably be a bit much 😛

I’ll leave y’all with two things –

a) a request to wish me luck on my 16miler tomorrow (I’m feeling the fear!) and

b) check out the last search engine term for my blog….crikey.


I dread to think who has been reading!

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Good Thursday evening my lovelies – how are we all?

Has today totally dragged by for anyone else, or was that just me?? It felt like simple tasks which normally fly by, took twice as long today :/ I literally feel like I’ve been up since sometime last week. I’m drained! Alas, enough moaning :p

Wheatgerm, chocolate (the last of my nice raw bar 😦 ), and a big apple, theeen a 6mile run as per the marathon plan. It was done in 52minutes, but it felt SO much longer today! I had to stop and stretch out about 4 times during the course of the thing, cos apparently the old calf muscles were a little tight today. But still, it draaaagged by – probably not helped by the fact that all the rubber came off my headphones, so they lost all their grip; meaning they kept flying out of my ears….GGGGRRRRRR!!! I finally lost the iPod after about 2miles, and had to run sans music. It didn’t affect my motivation, but I was a little bored 😦

Breakfast was INCREDIBLE though!!! I had some overnight oats waiting for me:

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 3/4 c. milk
  • 1/4 c. yogurt
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • carob powder
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • vanilla essence

This morning, I added in some more milk, and probably about 1/8th c. more yogurt (the end of the pot). However, the truly amazing part was the banana soft serve I layered it with. GOOD GOSH. Now, I’m a BSS fan – but I hadn’t had it in Vincent the Vita Mix yet.

thurs1 002

My gosh…

thurs1 003

Look how swirly and beautiful! The texture was sooo much better than when done in The Blender We Do Not Speak Of – it was like a whole new thing!! It was a case of NOW I get what the fuss is reaaally about! Wowowow. Anyway, layered, pre-toppings:

thurs1 006

And post-toppings (tree bark [Fru Grains, before y’all ask :p], dates, grated cacao):

thurs1 013

thurs1 015

thurs1 017

Hoooollllyyyyyy YUM. Most delicious thing EVER!

So delicious in fact, that I had my fingers dug into Vincent (that sounds wrong!) to get all the last of the BSS out, and forgot how sharp the blades were. I sure did slice my finger up somethin’ silly :p I tried to take a picture of the gore to show you all – but it didn’t really work:

thurs1 012

Taking a picture of your right index finger when your right handed, with a big ol’ camera, is MUCH harder than it sounds.

Straight after breakfast, I ran some errands and schooled the horseface – who had her Spooky Cap on today – and then came in to make some lunch. Yet again, the time was dragging by….but I did manage to make something good-ish 🙂

I was planning on doing these parsnip pancake things from Vegan with a Vengeance, which required grated parsnip. I thought I’d be clever and blend the parsnip in Vincent…but it just got chopped, not grated 😦 Which meant that when I tried to mould the things together, it didn’t work! Alas. So I decided to make my own take on the dish…


I started with chopped carrot and parsnip:

thurs1 023

Which I blended, and mixed with a 1tbsp ish wholemeal flour, mixed herbs, garam masala, salt and pepper:

thurs1 024

I then fried the mix with some smoked garlic, soy sauce and this:

thurs1 031

thurs1 025

Swiss chard! How PINK!!

I served the mix with a veggie burger, on a seedy English muffin, spread with savoury spread and molasses:

thurs1 032

thurs1 038

thurs1 040

thurs1 033

It was so so good 🙂

On the side, I also had some pear yogurt – a pear blended with yogurt and cocoa powder, agave syrup and a tiny bit of xanthan gum – and some So Crispy bites:

thurs1 044

Fabulous and super filling meal!!

Stuff happened in the afternoon, I can hardly recall what (can you tell I’m feeling drained!?). I did get my bake on though 😀 I made some muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance, but I changed some stuff and healthified them (I may want to gain a bit of weight, but my mumma doesn’t!). Here’s a healthified hint of what went in them:

thurs1 046

The result:

thurs1 054

thurs1 057

I’m going to have one for dessert laterz – if they’re any good, I’ll post the changed recipe tomorrow 😀 If they’re horrible, I’ll blame Isa :p

Snackwise, I was (really!) going to have something different, but then I ended up having cereal and yogurt 😛 (I have a terrible addiction!) It was so repetitive I didn’t even take a picture.

Talking of repetitions….dinner! Not only do I have dinner every. single. day (how dull am I :P), I also had a dinner I have rather too often as well :p But my excuse? Until you have tasted the wonders of tempeh with a cashew, banana and maple sauce, served with durum wheat and my favourite vegetables, you cannot judge :p Plus, I’m drained and couldn’t be bothered to think beyond…well, anything!

thurs2 004

thurs2 002

thurs2 005

thurs2 003

It was AMAZE.

Of course.


Dessert wise, it’ll be one of my new muffins, with…yogurt maybe!? :p


Question: Have you ever heard loads about a food, then had it and been blown away by its’ deliciousness!? Kabocha, banana soft serve, overnight oats, green monsters…..Or, has the opposite happened to you – people have banged on about something, you’ve had it, and thought…er, eh?? 🙂 Cheese…I do not get it! Vegan or otherwise, I just don’t like cheese. Humph..

Many of you were very kind yesterday about my drawings – some of you even said I had a secret talent! Sooo (I bet you can guess what Q is coming :p) – do any of you have a secret talent? I can dislocate my hips 😛

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