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Yes guys! At long last, my delivery of vital wheat gluten came!!

mon1 006

Look, see!! There it is! Oh the joy. You probably won’t be surprised to hear then, that I spent some time today making seitan 😀 I found a method online, so I used that but changed the flavouring a little; ie, I boiled it up with cinnamon instead of ginger…uh, and that’s about it 🙂 Anyway – the finished product:

mon1 014

mon1 037

Hehe! It looks so weird! I tried a little chunk, and it’s so MEATY tasting! Like the texture is quite…tough? But in a good way…hmm. Has anyone else had seitan before?


Aside from seitan, I did a good DVD workout this morning, and had an EGM:

mon1 002

That’s greengage jam – it’s good 🙂

mon1 004


Straight after breakfast, I worked Chika (which in hindsight probably wasn’t the wisest idea – bouncing about on a horse with a very full stomach? Yeah :/). I gave her a quick warm up in the dressage saddle, and then switched to her general purpose so I could do some jumping 😀 Bless us, we haven’t jumped since last summer some time 😛 but she’s so super, you can not jump for months and months, and then randomly do it one day and she’s still super. I did the warm up jumps, then Hannah had a little jump-play on her. Of course, Chika was super 😀 (The only downside was that my spur rested RIGHT on my nasty blister I got on Sunday. It popped. It hurt. I was sad. :()

After Chika, I helped Hannah jump Tig, then I made my seitan, then I made curry hummus (subbing a fruit sweetener for the honey, and toning down the spice a bit, so my mum could eat it):

mon1 008

mon1 009

mon1 011

That is some kickass hummus right there!!

THEN I made a FABULOUS lunch! The slightly boring part:

mon1 021

mon1 023

mon1 024

Roast brussell sprouts, parsnip and red pepper, with onion powder. Very good – I swear the parsnip literally MELTED in my mouth 🙂

The better part of lunch was immense!! I used Jess’ waffle recipe again (I can’t find the exact recipe cos it was a few weeks ago, but I’d written it down), but – as usual – I don’t have a waffle maker, so they were pancakes instead. I had to change it slightly – just mashed banana subbed for the apple sauce. The super incredible bit came from my own creation – chocolate cherry sauce!

  • 6 or so cherries (minus the stones!!), chopped up
  • approx. 3 tbsp ish of coconut milk
  • 1 tsp agave
  • 1/2 tbsp ish cocoa powder (maybe more? I can’t remember :p)

mon1 013

Mix it up, and let it simmer over a low heat, with lots of stirring, for like..10mins or something? Til it gets thicker and the cherries break down somewhat:

mon1 019

Then, serve it over the pancakes!

mon1 027

Oh. My. Gosh.

mon1 030

mon1 032

mon1 035

There are no words!! Incredible!

Dessert – some So Crispy bites – paled in comparison 😛

After lunch, I took Poppy out for an hour, and got ‘chased’ by the World’s Ugliest Dog, which was apparently called ‘PPPEEEENNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYY’…or something. My gosh it was ugly! It was like an immensely hairy, skinny, grey/black ratty thing. Truly disgusting!

When I got back, I sorted Chika out and did a bit of tidying and then made yet another fabby food dish IMHO 😀


  • a pear
  • nutmeg
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum

mon1 038

mon1 043

Then served with 1/2 cup cereal:

mon1 044

mon1 047

Totally better than yogurt 😛 Also totally delicious!! What would I do without blenders…I shudder to think….

For dinner, I had to combine seitan and coconut milk. Someone in the comments yesterday (Danielle? I think…) suggested adding the milk to a stir fry cos it thickens and goes very nice, so that’s what I did 😀

I baked parsnip and squash, and stir fried leek and the seitan, garlic and cinnamon, and then added in coconut milk, cooked buckwheat noodles and the veggies, and voila:

mon2 001

mon2 003

(The seitan – delicious!)

mon2 005

mon2 006

It’s been too long since a good old [delicious] stir fry 😀

I gotta go tidy now (and eat dessert laterz :p)…another 3 days+ of painters to get ready for. HOORAY. Can you sense the sarcasm?? Gah.

Random question time!

What did you have for dinner tonight?/ What are you planning on having? Spill 😛


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