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Good eveeeening!

Sorry I was absent yesterday, I was out in the evening and didn’t really have time to blog; but fear not, I shall recap everything (albeit a bit briefer) now 🙂


What happened today….oh yes, I did a lovely 7mile run in the morning! I ate an apple, chocolate square, 2tsp wheatgerm and a tiny crispbread before I left and then I…er..left. It was a good run!! My slowest mile was 8.44mins, the fastest was 8.03mins (YAY for that! Boo yeah). I let myself walk when I was having drinks – probably about once every mile – and I think it really helped. My legs were fine, but it was still nice to include about 30 seconds of walk every now and then. I think I’m going to keep on doing that 🙂

Breakfast was an EGM:

sun1 004


After breakfast, I did a quick hack out with Chika, took Poppy out for an hour, did other stuff (no idea what, I must’ve done something…!?), and then had another WONDERFUL hazelnut/roast veggies/roast chickpeas sandwich:

sun1 011

So many glorious layers….

sun1 012

sun1 013

sun1 014

sun1 016

sun1 018

I also had a pear on the side:

sun1 017

And finished with some So Crispy bites:

sun1 022

Later on in the afternoon, my aunt and grandparents came over to give me my BIRTHDAY PRESENT!! Yes, I FINALLY got my new camera!! I was so happy 😀 Now I just need to learn how to use it….eek :s

After their visit, I snacked on some yogurt with 2 tbsp Grape Nuts:

sun1 024

And then ate a quick dinner in the car whilst on my way out. Part 1 of dinner was a roasted kabocha/parsnip/leek mix:

sun1 031

And part 2 was an almighty sandwich! 2 pieces seedy bread, tempeh, and a spread – a chunk of melted banana, cinnamon and sunflower nut butter:

sun1 026

All together:

sun1 028

sun1 029

Holy yum, it was SO good!!

Why was it eaten in the car? a) cos I wasn’t hungry at home, and b) cos my mum and I went to see Sex and the City 2! Verdict: bah. Disappointing!! It felt like there were a million and one stories, but nothing ever really got developed or properly happened. Plus, I miss that it was hardly in NYC, and that EVERYONE is SUPER rich, and ALWAYS dresses in immaculate designer clothes. Do normal people sit around their house in Manolos and Gucci dresses?? I used to really like, in the TV series, that Carrie was kinda poor and had a ‘’normal’ apartment, and that it was IN New York. Plus they’re getting so old; my mum and I both agreed that we though Samantha was a bit OTT in the film 😦 So yeah, it was good – but not that good 😦

On the way home, I had a seed-packed bar thing that I found in my bag 🙂


As usual, it was an apple, 2 tsp wheatgerm and a square of chocolate:

sun1 010

Seriously, this (vegan) chocolate is the bomb!! It tastes kinda like milk chocolate, and it’s SO good! Way better than that crappy carob stuff I had the other day :/

After that, I went out on a 5mile run – again, not bad splits! All my miles were between 8.16 and 8.27, and my legs felt good again 🙂 I was pleased!

Breakfast was, as usual, an EGM:

sun1 034

Bored of them yet!? I’m not 😀 though tomorrow I’ll HAVE to be different, cos I’ve run out of spinach :/

After breakfast, my mum gave me a lesson on Chika – it was SO good to have a lesson again; I haven’t had one in such a long time, so it was fab to get some proper help (my mum is actually a riding instructor. Well, part-time. She used to be full-time, but then she switched careers to be a counsellor, so she just helps out my sister and I, and a few other people). Anyway, Chika was super and I was verh verh happeh!

I then took myself for a reading walk (my new favourite activity) for about an hour, then did 10mins of abdominal work, theeeen got started on lunch!

It’s hard to believe, but 4 days ago, I didn’t like sandwiches. I thought they were boring and pointless….but now, I’m in love, as evidenced by the fact I had my 3rd sandwich in a row for lunch, and my 4th over the past 3 days…..obsessed much!? Bah, I’ve (almost) finished my hummus now, so there’ll be no more for a while 🙂

Today’s amaze sandwich had loads of hummus, nuts, sundried tomatoes and roasted smokey garlic granules:

sun1 037

As well as carrot, kale, leek, parsnip and courgette:

sun1 038

(No, I didn’t pre-soak the tomatoes 😀 they had such a wonderful strong flavour! Aaaah. Bliss)

sun1 042

sun1 040

sun1 041

Ooooh yes. That baby is in my top 3 😀 Look at that beautiful hummus coming out the side!! *Sigh*

Dessert was some more So Crispy bites, for a bit of added protein:

sun1 045

In the arvo, I went for a short Poppy/Mamma/Hannah walk, and spent, like, 2hours playing with my camera! I think I’m getting somewhere; there’s about a gazillion different settings so it’s taking me agggges to learn what they all do. BUT, I did get some nice ones (I think), and I’m having so much fun 😀 I’ll post what I can tomorrow 🙂 lots of cat and horse ones!!

Snack was cereal and yogurt:

sun1 047

And now, I have to rush through the last bit of this post; I’m heading over to my friend’s house now to watch the 2nd Twilight film, and I need to dash!! Sooo dinner was:

sun2 004

sun2 005

sun2 006

That 😛

(Basil tofu, bulghar wheat/giant wholewheat cous cous – cooked in stock and balsamic vinegar with sundried tomatoes and mixed herbs and stuff :)), kabocha, parsnip and leek. FAB!

And now – Gotta run!! Have a great evening 🙂

Question: I know I’ve asked this before, but now it’s started – is anyone watching Big Brother?! I am 😀 I love it this year! There’s a VEGAN (!!) called Sunshine, AND a rather very attractive Australian dude. *Swoon!

Question 2: Who cares about the World Cup? Is anyone a football fan? I can’t say I really give a crap…. 😛


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