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I have been QUITE the baker today! It’s been Go Go Go aaalll day, and PHEW am I tired! Let me show y’all what I’ve done 😀

1st job – Victoria sandwich. Alas, I had a mini disaster; my two cake tins didn’t quite fit in the oven next to each other, so one ended up being on the wonk, half resting on a ledge:

fri1 032

fri1 040

Oops….That is how NOT to bake a cake. The other half looked lovely though:

fri1 033

To sandwich it, I used 3 sorts of jam (cos I’m wacky like that :p …or alternatively  cos I didn’t have enough of one sort….):

fri1 038

Then there was a layer of whipped cream, a dusting of icing sugar, and VOILA!

fri1 043

fri1 044

Not the most attractive cake in the world, but my chocolate tray bake made up for it 😛

fri1 063

THAT is one sexyass cake!

fri1 064

fri1 066

Boo yah!!!

I wasn’t done yet though….I then whipped up some oatmeal raisin bars, except I used cranberries as well as raisins:

fri1 068

fri1 071

They’re not for the course – they’re for my mum/Hannah instead 🙂 I’m so generous :p

Ok, enough baking now 🙂 I’ve done lots else today too!

Starting with (my usual AM snack, with an added blob of peanut butter, right from the jar; it’s what all the cool kids do) – a 6mile run! Done in 50.33mins. I was actually quite speedy – I included a walk in every mile bar one (my 8.10 mile), so I could have a drink. Yet my miles were all around the 8.25ish mark, despite that. Very pleasing 😀

I was going to have something different for breakfast, but that idea is waiting til tomorrow (I have an early, early start tomorrow…eventing, hurrumph). Instead, it was my usual EGM which I was literally gagging for after the hot run, with some cacao nibs added:

fri1 001

fri1 009

fri1 010

Job done.

After that, I baked etc etc and took the doggeh for a quick 45minute walk. I also found time to take some cute photos of Chika – I wanted to demonstrate how dopey she is:

fri1 018

Look at that lip!

fri1 014

Such a doof :p But my beautiful doof, nonetheless:

fri1 023

fri1 022

fri1 030

Love her 🙂

In between all the baking and walking, I also had some lunch! A two parter again – 1) Roast chickpeas, turnip, celeriac and BRUSSEL SPROUTS (with HP sauce)!!

fri1 050

fri1 054

fri1 056

Oh my days, it’s been so long since I had some 😀 They ere just as good as I remember….

The other part of lunch was some homemade oatgurt, with a splash of milk, and a little sauce made from sunflower butter and milk, as well as a pear:

fri1 055

fri1 049

fri1 059

Dessert was a cornbread muffin:

fri1 061

Good lunch!!

The afternoon was horses, a bit more baking/icing/ getting breakfast ready, doing some dinner prep, taking a photo of the World’s Laziest Cat (lyiing amongst a pile of junk)…

fri1 034

fri1 037

…and having a snack; TOTALLY wasn’t hungry, but I refused to have cereal and yogurt again! Sooo I had oatbran, with a tiny splash of milk, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and 2tbsp Grape Nuts:

fri1 073

Oatmeal, oatbran, oat-anything – worthless without banana! I wasn’t impressed :/

For dinner, I did ANOTHER recipe! This time, I had Jess to thank 🙂 I roasted some to-fu-fu and topped it with her strawberry sauce (except I used dates, not figs, and thyme instead of basil, and a little less sweetner), then served it all with sweet tater fries, kabocha and parsnip:

fri2 001

fri2 011

fri2 004

OH MY! That girl sure knows how to make a sauce – it was INCREDIBLE!! Seriously, if you haven’t visited her blog already, GO THERE. Beautiful photos and even more beautiful recipes!

For dessert, I’ll probably have a pumpkin muffin with something – I got excited the other day cos I re-discoeverd the AMAZING Vegan With A Vengence muffins, frozen in the depths of the freezer. Don’t you love it when that happens!? It’s the little things in life.

But anyway, I’m now going to go watch the England match with the fam, and then the first BIG BROTHER EVICITION! HUrrrraah! Have a good night 🙂

PS – If you’re watching BB, who do you want to go? I want Sunshine out :/


Someone in the comments yesterday brought up the fact that I’m vegan, but I cook for other people with non-vegan foods, so I thought I’d just explain; I am vegan, and I will be for the foreseeable future. But veganism is my personal thing – I don’t think it’s fair for me to suddenly subject every person I come across to vegan food. The baking I’ve been doing the past two days has not been for me, it’s for 20 people I don’t even know, and the chances are, they won’t be vegan! Vegan baking does taste different, and I think it has some stigma attached to it (at least it does round these waters), so when catering for the general population, I’m going to use animal products. If I’m cooking for myself and the family, I’ll use vegan stuff (hello, cornbread muffins, pumpkin muffins, blueberry muffins……!).

The whole situation kinda reminds me of one of my friends from High School. She was/is very very very religious, and she used to force her views on people. I have nothing at all against religious people, but I didn’t like how she expressed herself – she told me once I was going to Hell, because I didn’t believe in God. I also felt very ‘looked down upon’ when I was with her, and was often treated much worse because I wasn’t religious. To me, that is totally wrong and unfair. Just because someone doesn’t share your views, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily wrong, or bad, and I think we should respect the fact that other people don’t see things the same as us. Do you get what I mean?

What’s your take on the situation? If you were vegan, would you use animal products when cooking for other people?


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