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Ello Ello (said in a creepy police bloke voice…). Aight?

Ooohh guys, I had my first day as a Cancer Research charity shop volunteer today! It went pretty well I think! The shop is much smaller (and WAY less organised) than the last shop, so it’s very, very cramped in there..but I was kept busy, AND I picked up a gorgeous River Island (USA and other people – a shop kinda like Top Shop, which I’m sure you’ve heard of) scarf, for just £2!! BARGAIN.

Food wise – last night, seeing as I was super mega pleased with my run, I treated myself to my favourite foods 😀 Tempeh, with a sauce (banana, maple syrup, cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter, cinnamon), and cocoa durum wheat/lentils, and cocoa parsnip/courgette/squash/brussel sprouts and beet – it was like candy party time on my chopping board :p

mon1 001

SO. PRETTY. I wish ALL food looked like those groovy striped beets!! They remind me of this bloke:

(Mr Blobby, not Noel Edmonds) That’s not so good…the cat is better:

HEHE! But anyway, I’m digressing. This was my food:

mon1 003

mon1 004

mon1 006

It was really quite darn delightful.

Whilst watching a horse programme on das home kino, I had some yogurt mixed with 1tsp date syrup and Fru-Dust all clumped together like a hairball:

mon1 018

And 3 lil squares of dark raw (RAWR – ohemgee, loves it too!) chocolate:

mon1 017



Today started something like this:

mon2 001

mon2 003

mon2 004

mon2 007

Plums, banana, pear, cereal, milk, yogurt, vanilla extract, xanthan gum, flaxseed….topped with the fresh blackberries I picked before breakfast 😀

So for lunch, my thinking went something like this:

‘I want something full of protein as I’ll be working all afternoon and don’t want to get hungry’ = seitan.

‘I need an easy to eat carb’ = bread,

‘I want some B12!’ = savoury spread.

‘I hate savoury spread on its’ lonesome!’ = blackstrap molasses.

‘Oh my, that’s a lot of plums sitting in my fridge.’ = plums.

‘I wish I had some cherries.’ = cherry tomatoes.

‘I don’t want to turn the nasty dehydrating overhot fan oven on’ = raw carrots and courgette.

‘Oh my, I STILL have a lot of plums in my fridge.’ = more plums.

Therefore, lunch turned into this:

mon1 014

mon1 015

mon1 016

mon1 009

mon1 010

mon1 012

Yes. That is a seitan, molasses, savoury spread and plum sammeech. Maybe it’s weird..but I bet when someone suggested elderflower ice cream, or green tea ice cream, or chilli chocolate, or peanut butter and jelly or….ok, I can’t think of anymore, but I bet when people came up with them, folk gasped in horror and said ‘WTF!?’. We have to start somewhere 😀

ANYWAY – It was actually a really good sandwich! Not 10/10, but I certainly liked it. I didn’t eat the plums though..no room!

When I got home, I inhaled an apple, wrote the last bit of this post..and now I’m gonna go cook my dinner!

Have a good one 🙂

Question – Do you have any weird food combinations that you love, but that other people find immensely weird? I ADORE dry cereal, no milk <- my mum frowns upon that! And my need to put cinnamon and cocoa on EVERYTHING is sometimes thought of as weird…otherwise I’m quite boring 😛

What are you having for dinner tonight?

PS – lots of good things coming up! I have a challenge post tomorrow, Horsey Humpday, my appointment with the sports nutritionist…stay tuned!

PPS – Ohhhh my GOSH y’all! My best friend just texted me, the one who I went to stay with in Washington DC in 2007 (she lives in England but has family in the states), and she just invited me….TO NEW YORK TO STAY WITH HER NEXT SUMMER!!! Holy cow. I better start saving!!!


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I had a great day today! Why? I treated myself and went SHOPPINNNGGG!! And with good reason too – as you all know, I’m off to the Healthy Living Summit a week on Thursday, and after doing my Chicago weather research (aka watching back to back ER episodes), I’ve come to the conclusion that the city is HAWT in the summer time. Being English, I’m in general pretty poorly prepared for hot hot hot weather. I’m also the (not so) proud owner of some very white legs. SO, I thought I should bite the bullet and buy a maxi dress! My glowing limbs will be covered, but I’ll be very cool (in every sense of the word :p).

I had a mission!

I also wanted to buy some new running gear, for three reasons.

1) I have none. I run in a skanky bright yellow cotton tank top, and some rather unflattering boy shorts, bought when I was 15 for PE at school….

2) I have a 14mile run on the cards on the Sunday of the HLS (which I’m running with some fellow bloggers), so I didn’t want to look like a hot sweaty div :p

3) I reached one of my own personal goal weights, and my mum said when I did, she’d treat me to an item of running clothing 😀

So that was that 🙂

I ended up trying on LOADS of non-maxi dresses though, as there were AMAZING sales on (I didn’t buy a single thing full price today!)….I snapped some photos on my little camera:

Not bought (it was gorgeous, but had a major gaping issue, and kept flashing my bra :():

mon1 016


mon1 013


mon1 014


mon1 015

I also got a giant half of a grey pumpkin:

mon1 031

3 books for £3 (reading on the plane):

mon1 027

mon1 028

(Thank you charity shops!!)

Entourage, season 1, £5 (never seen it, but apparently it’s good?):

mon1 029

Running shorts, a top, and tights:

mon1 033

When I got home, I tried them all on again and felt SO awesome!! Very pro! So pro in fact, I took Poppy for a half hour walk in a storm 😛 Just cos I felt super! Don’t you love it when clothes just make you feel good? That’s how they should make you feel, in my opinion.

ANyways, yes, where was I…oh yes, I also bought 1kg of wheatgerm and a maxi dress!! It’s BEAUTIFUL! Though weirdly, I didn’t take a picture of it :/ you’ll just have to see it when I’m in Chicago!!

Right, enough about shopping. Food and exercise?

I woke up, had an apple, a sq of chocolate and 2 tsps wheatgerm (straight off the spoon, before you all ask :p), and then did precisely 54minutes of DVD action 😀

Breakfast was a spinach/vanilla/chia seed EGM:

mon1 019

mon1 021

mon1 023

I blended it a little longer today so it was reaaaaally smooth, and my GOSH! It made all the difference 😀

I packed up a lunch to take into town with me (you can’t trust Suffolk to provide vegan cuisine….fatty McDonalds cuisine maybe, but not vegan). I had some roast garam masala coated broccoli:

sun2 016

And an AWEsome sammie! Roasted squash, mashed and spread with some cinnamon on one side, and hummus on the other:

sun2 001

Followed by grated carrot, and roast parsnip and celeriac:

sun2 004

sun2 005

Topped with seitan:

sun2 007

sun2 009

sun2 010

Seriously seriously WAY yummy!!

For my afternoon snack, I had the other half of the beet/carrot raw things I got in Whole Foods a few weeks back:

mon1 034

Along with a cracker:

mon1 035

Perfect 🙂 (note – no cereal and yogurt!! :p)

For dinner, I had what I was gonna do yesterday or the day before, or some random time this week….tofu-peanut butter kamut spaghetti, with aubergine, grey pumpkin and parsnip:

mon2 004

The tofu was blended with soy sauce, peanut butter, and cinnamon to make a sauce – tres creamy!

mon2 005

mon2 006

mon2 008

Love that dish 🙂

Dessert – a blend of cherries. cocoa powder, watermelon and cereal:

mon2 001

mon2 002

I’m yet to eat it, but I’ve tried it and it’s delicious!


Question: Do you like shopping?

Do you like storms? I love both 🙂 storms are magical!

How do you treat yourself? For me, it’s good food and DVDs 🙂

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Eveeeening! Thank you to everyone who commented with their advice on my mini mid life crisis yesterday – you’re all so wise!! Where do you get it all from!? It’s good to know I’m not alone in feeling as I do, anyway 🙂

I was on the hooter again this morning, and I THINK I might be able to do some work experience with a catering company in September….He said to phone him again after Healthy Living Summit (well, after Aug 17th, I didn’t tell him about HLS!), and we’ll ‘sort something out’, so fingers crossed!


Day off running/day at work today – I always feel like I have the same old eats on days when I work 😦 so I’ve tried to throw in some mini variations…

First task of the day howeverz was taking das hund for a walk, whilst eating an apple and wheatgerm (actually, the wheatgerm came before the walk, but whatever). I think Poppy is nailing the old ‘sit’ command now – 90% of the time I only have to say it once! You can teach an old(ish) dog new tricks!

An EGM was on the cards for breakfast, but I decided to be just sliiiightly different with my toppings; Whole Foods mix-your-own-museli, puff cereal, dates, pineapple:

tues1 001

tues1 005

The dates are in there somewhere!!

tues1 006

tues1 010

Quite the delicious combination!

My few precious minutes before heading off to work were spent making lunch and making phone calls. As I can’t show you photos of the latter (nor would you probably care :p), I’ll show you photos of the lunch instead 🙂 Same old kitchen sink roast veg salad (can you call roast veggies, salad? Or does salad have to be cold and lettuce like…? Hmmmm….answers on a post card!) –

  • Yellow tomato
  • courgette
  • parsnip
  • squatter nut bosh (you folk that know what I’m on about here, re Friends – I LOVE YOU ALL!)
  • aubergine
  • turnip
  • mixed herbs
  • soy sauce

tues1 011

tues1 013

tues1 021

I then had a mini battle in my head, that lasted for all of about 33 seconds- soya mince or lentils, soya mince or lentils!!?? I decided on soya mince; a) hadn’t had it in a while, b) the sell by date on the packet was 2 months ago…oops 😛

tues1 022

The soya mince got a good nooch sprinkle (two forkful’s worth):

tues1 026

And was thoroughly mixed:

tues1 028

I also packed some cereal:

tues1 029

Work was pretty good today – fairly quiet, but I had some great chats with my colleagues and Mr I-Have-A-Slight-Crush-On-You-Bloke – I now know why he’s in prison! Hurrah 🙂 Oh, and I got to pet an Alsatian x Lurcher dog – it was SO beautiful!! Kinda looked like your dog, Jess!

By the time I got home, I was starting to develop an appetite which was quite welcome – as it turned out, I hadn’t needed my cereal at work, so I had it for my snack instead, with the same old yogurt and Whole Foods muesli:

tues1 031

tues1 033

Sehr gut 🙂

A tragedy happened when I got home though!! I’d bought some yogurt today, which I had in a mini cool bag. I put the bag on the counter, unzipped it, and the yogurt FLEW out and landed – somewhat angrily – on the floor. I picked it up and the pot had burst. HURRUMPH! That means I now have two full pots of yogurt open, and on the backs of the tubs, it’s all ‘eat within 3 days, blah blah blah’…sheesh! Expect lots of yogurt to be consumed tomorrow :p

Fooorrrr my diiiiinner, it was the same old stir fry mix – seitan (do you say SAY-ton or SI-ton? I say SI-ton; is that wrong!? Blair on Gossip Girl says SAY-ton….), sweet potato noodles, a peanut butter-soy sauce, parsnip, squash, and leek.


I didn’t have boring old butternut, oh no! Nor did I have kabocha, cos DAMNIT, I’ve run out…no, I had this:

tues2 001

It looks like butternut right? WRONG!

tues2 002

See!! It’s a new squash, one I’ve never even heard of!!! My mum picked it up for me yesterday (she was SO excited she’d found one I’d never had :p), hence why I had a buttload of butternet at lunch – so I could crack open the new one 😀 Oh the excitement!! Anyway, here was dinner:

tues2 005

tues2 015

tues2 013

tues2 014

tues2 012

My verdict on the Amazing New Squash? Its’ greatness rests somewhere between butternut and kabocha 🙂 It’s hard to tell though, cos the meal in itself was a sheeeeer delight!

I’ll probably chow down on some dessert later. I love finishing the evening with something sweet and yummy – perfect end to the day 😀


Ohh!! I almost forgot! Here’s a face you ain’t seen around these parts for a while:

tues1 018

Kovac!! He’s getting tubby now, it’s adorable 🙂 Too many rabbits….(PS – Obama has run away, again. She is so darn fickle!) For any new readers – that’s Kovac said like Ko-vatch, name after this bloke:

The fit doctor from ER, that my mum, sister and I have a major MAJOR crush on :p


Question – Do any of you have pets? What are their names? (Have I asked this question before….I can’t remember? Even so, I want the answers again!! :p)

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Ay, it’s the day before my longest run since my half marathon in March….I have 11 miles on the cards tomorrow! To be honest, I’m really really nervous. Running hasn’t really been going well recently and I’m very stressed about some other stuff at the moment, so I’m somewhat dreading it 😦 ohhh well. I better suck it up I think! ANYWAY – onwards and upwards!



I’m not normally absent on Fridays…but I completely didn’t have time to blog – work in the day, then cinema in the evening (and random jobs in between). Food wise –

An apple, wheatgerm and a date kept me going for my 5k run (26.50mins), and then it was onto breakfast. Yet ANOTHER green-less Epic Green Monster!! But fear not – I replenished my spinach stash today (Saturday) 😀

The g-less EGM was topped with granola crumbles, tree bark and dates, and a big blob of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter was blended in the whole thing too 🙂

sat1 001

sat1 005

Very, very delicious.

Lunch-wise –  a big roast veggie salad. Yellow tomato, celeriac, acorn squash, carrot and courgette, all roasted with tomato ketchup and soy sauce. Butter beans and the other half of the smoked seitan steak (from earlier in the week) completed the mix 😀

sat1 009

sat1 011

sat1 013

I added in a nooch sprinkle just before I closed the lid for good:

sat1 016

SOOO good!!

When I got home – after a pretty dull, uneventful, quiet day at work, I tucked into some cereal and yogurt, with some Hugh Jass strawbugs:

sat1 017

Hit the spot, ay 🙂

Dinner – cocoa lentils cooked with seitan and added soy sauce, with grey pumpkin, aubergine and parsnip:

sat1 019

sat1 021

sat1 020

sat1 023

Theeeen, it was off to das kino for TWILIGHT: NEW MOON! At. Long. Last. How long have I been wanting to see that film!? It was actually a little disappointing though 😦 the first half was pretty slow…but Kellen Lutz (sp?! Emmet anyway) more than made up for it 😛 Have any of you seen it? What did you think? 

While I was there, I got some sorbet (sorbet is vegan! *Rejoice*) from the ice cream stand 🙂



Twas a planned day off today, so straight into breakfast I went – my final green-less EGM before I get to open my spinach :p

sat1 028

I used cashew butter instead of peanut butter in this mix, but it got totally lost – I couldn’t taste it at all! A waste of perfectly fine cashew butter if I do say so myself.

sat1 031

sat1 032

Still a fit-tasting breakfast though!

When I’d finished, I jumped straight onto Chika and took her for a fast 1/2hour hack. On the way home I just left the speed up to her, and she LOVED it! She bombed along with her ears pricked; so lovely!! And the best part is, she doesn’t pull either – my floppy reins and I were very happy.

As soon as mareface was done and dusted, Hannah and I went to collect a load of hay from my aunt’s house. Snack wise, I had 2 tsps of wheatgerm whilst making a bunch of phone calls when we got back, and before I knew it, lunch was calling my name.

Part 1 – I attempted to butcher neatly slice a beautiful sharonfruit:

sat1 034

Success? Yes? No?

sat1 036

I’m not convinced….I also had some roasted bean/corn things:

sat1 035

So tasty, and packed with salt – good for my run tomorrow 😛 Finally, I had roast acorn squash/leek/turnip/celeriac/aunt-grown beets and seitan (yes, more :p):

sat1 038

sat1 042

sat1 043

sat1 041

Verrrrry delicious 🙂

Randomly in the afternoon, I had the apple I was craving – not from hunger, just cos my body craves juicy fruit ALL. THE. TIME.

Snack wise (I use that term far too much :/) – I really, really wasn’t hungry, but I felt I should eat something to keep my carb levels up and so on. Soo I had a piece of seedy toast, with yogurt, a cereal sprinkle and some grated cacao:

sat1 046

sat1 048

LOVE that snack! It almost rivals cereal and yogurt…almost.

Dinner – another carb-fest! Kamut spaghetti, with a homemade tomato sauce, parsnip, grey pumpkin, aubergine and roasted spicy chickpeas….one of my top ten meals I believe 🙂 I’ll put the photos up tomorrow anywayyzzz.

My post-dinner job of the evening will be Poppy’s walk – I miiight have some cereal later, purely so I can – of course – keep my carb levels high. I REFUSE to give my body ANY excuse whatsoever to protest mid-run tomorrow – heck, I even bought some Lucozade Sport for the event!! WISH ME LUCK! 🙂 Any motivational tips!?

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Hello everyone! Phew, sorry for the lack of posting yesterday- I didn’t get back from London til gone 11pm, so I definitely didn’t want to blog :p I had an awesome day though!!

An apple and 2 tsps wheatgerm fuelled 50mins of DVD action, then I had an EPM – Epic Pink Monster if you will!

mon1 013

Look at that beast….SO GOOD!

  • 2 cups strawberries/raspberries (I wanted volume :p)
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1 c. cereal
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • cinnamon (a heck of a lot)

Vincent did his thing, I did mine (namely topping the mix with blackberries, 2 dates, tree bark and cereal) and I was good to go:

mon1 007

mon1 008

Freaking fabulous!

mon1 010

I didn’t have a huuuuge amount of time after that – I had to pretty myself up ready for a trip to LONDON WHOLE FOODS baby!! I did have time to pack a quick lunch though, enjoyed on the train – a wholemeal English muffin, with a veggie burger and savoury spread/molasses:

mon1 001

mon1 002

And a roast veggie mix – beets, leek, courgette, turnip, celeriac:

mon1 003

Brill 🙂 When I got to Liverpool St, I ate an apple, which looked far too delicious and lonely in its’ basket in a cafe :p

Theeeen, my mum went her way (to an interview) and Hannah and I went ours – to Oxford St, shopping central 😀 We wondered round the shops for a short while (and I got lost in Harrods trying to find the bathroom), including going into Selfridges where all the posh designer stuff was….I desperately wanted to see a celeb (Hannah saw Gwen Stefani last time she was in there for fun!) but alas, we did not 😦 Instead we put on posh accents and started talking about how Daddy gave us £2000 to spend on a coat, blah blah blah….we didn’t fool anyone :/ Instead, we just got trailed by a shop assisstant, who was probably miffed that I kept touching all the £3k coats. HA!

Anyway, Hannah continued her shopping and I set out on my sole mission: FIND WHOLE FOODS. The store I wanted (the biggest one in London apparently) was in Kensington – looking at the map, I thought I could walk it….yeah…no. After about 1/2 hour of walking in the BLAZING heat, I realised I’d covered about 1cm of the map (I had about 4 inches to go :p)…DUH! I did get 2 pics of London on my way though:

mon2 001

(Excuse the dodgy colour – I was using my small camera, had shades on, and didn’t realise the colour was off :p)

mon2 002

…..sooo anyway, in the end I braved it and did what no Freya has done before – the TUBE, for the first time EVER, alone! It was scary, but I did it and didn’t get lost 😀

Out of the station, I had just a 1minute walk to my own personal Mecca 🙂 A store called Tofu on the way signalled I was almost there:

mon2 003

So appropriate right!? Anyway, then I saw the sign…..

mon2 005

….And my heart sang with joy!

mon2 006

Peanut butter Clif bars people. OH MY.

Over two hours later….

So Whole Foods was super 🙂 So many TOFU varieties! Vegan brownies! Vegan cake! Amazing snacks! Pistachio butter freshly ground right in front of me (I bought 34p’s worth)! Mix-your-own-museli (I got 85p’s worth)! AMAZZZZZZZEEEEE!!!! I’ll show you what I bought as I eat it 🙂

While I was there, I snacked on some So Crispy bites, and also picked up my dinner from the oh-so-cool salad bar –

A tofu spicy roll thing:

mon2 007

And a load of veggies – Butternut, sprout things, a ton of mixed bean stuff, skanky grilled fennel (no thank you, it got chucked), veggies…I’ve lost count of how much!

mon2 008

Those two boxes were my early dinner, and then later on, I had my late dinner in this cute little park:

mon2 009

Late Dinner was another veggie box filled with loads more yum:

mon2 010

And a Hugh Jass tofu steak, sandwiching grilled veggies!

mon2 011

That beast was ENORMOUS! I actually had to throw half (there’s another steak underneath) cos it was just too much. I can’t believe I was defeated by tofu…that’s never happened before. :s

Anyways, Hannah, my mum and I met up later, caught the train back, and got home around 11pm – then after a minor mini disaster – which I can’t go into on here. I finally hit the hay at 12am. Phew!



Day off today! I think my body needed it, after all the walking about yesterday.In fact, I actually woke up feeling a bit stiff!! I had a quick apple and 2 tsp wheatgerm, then took Poppy out for her walk (1hr). Then came a fantabulouso breakfast 😀

  • cantaloupe melon
  • strawberries
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1/2c. yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 cup cereal
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder

Into Vincent they all went, and the result was another epic pink monster! Topped with cereal, tree bark, 2 dates, and raspberries:

tues1 001

tues1 002

tues1 007

100% delicious 😀

The rest of my spare morning was spent packing up my lunch for today and tomorrow. The wonderous lunch of today contained this stuff:

tues1 009

tues1 010

That would be a smoked seitan steak! I asked the nice folk at my local health food store to get some seitan in, and that’s what they came up with 😀 It’s always good to ask IMHO. Yes, so I had 1/2 the steak with butter beans and mushrooms:

tues1 011

tues1 012

As well as roast courgette, carrot and leek:

tues1 015

tues1 017

The steak was FAB! As were the veggies, of course. Goes without saying really?

Work was pretty good today too – lots of customers so I was on my toes 🙂 Although I believe I have a slight crush on one of the guys who works with me…*sshhh!!*. He’s 31 with 3 children though (not with the partner), so definitely out of bounds!!! But still, it’s fun to have little crushes sometimes 🙂

When I got home, I was pretty haaaangry so I had some….wait for it…..CEREAL AND YOGURT! Oh yes:

tues1 026

When in doubt, cereal it…out…(I’m not a poet).

Dinner was some tempeh, with a balsamic/tomato glaze (1/2 tbsp balsamic, ketchup, mixed herbs, agave, cinnamon, s+p):

tues2 003

…served with some groovy new – Whole Foods bought – spaghetti:

tues2 001

Sweet potato and buckwheat!! Awesome right? That’s what I thought 😀 I also had kale, kabocha and parsnip:

tues2 005

tues2 006

tues2 010

tues2 007

Hmm I couldn’t really taste the sweet potato…but the glaze was faboosh!

For dessert, I made a tofu-banana-strawberry-cocoa pudding this morning, which I’m going to top with some of my Whole Foods museli mix:

tues1 027

tues1 028

OH the excitement!!!


Ok. So I apologise in advance if I don’t manage to reply to everyone’s comments today/tomorrow – I’m off to London at stupid o’ clock tomorrow, as Hannah is GRADUATING! She’s so excited – but as of tomorrow afternoon, will officially be unemployed 😛 Anyway, so since the ceremony is early, I’ve got to get up about 5.30am to fit in my planned run :s sheesh! Can’t say I’m looking forward to it…but yeah, it means my normal window for sorting out emails (breakfast) will be gone. Tres sorry guys :s

ANYWAY! I better dash – lots to do, and I MUST get to sleep earlier today, or I WILL be a walking zombie tomorrow. Not attractive!

Good night 🙂


Have any of you ever had an inappropriate crush? I’d say a 31 yr old father of three who I work with is pretty bad 😛

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Apparently I am one – a criminal. And I’m mad, sad and..er..bad(?) about it. I’ll get onto why later :/


Monday dessert! = Incredible!!

  • 1 super ripe pear
  • 1 peach
  • 170g silken tofu
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp agave

Blend and chill for the afternoon whilst you go and do other fun things. The result:

tues1 001

The BEST pudding ever! LOVED IT. 😀 (BTW – That bowl is kinda funnel shaped – it’s not that wide all the way to the bottom!! Otherwise that would be one HUGH JASS pudding!)



It was an exercise day off today (Boooooo…) so instead of a run, I did Poppy’s hour walk 🙂 I was out of the door by 8am with the dog in tow and off we went, with only a book and an apple for company…twas good.

Breakfast – an extremely thick EGM:

tues1 009

tues1 007

tues1 006

Heck knows why it came out so thick today, but I LOVED it!! The thicker the better IMHO.

Post breakfast, the only stuff I really had time to do was hug Chika for five minutes, do 10mins of abs work, pretty myself up (or at least attempt to look appropriate for public viewing) and make lunch, before I had to head off to work. Lunch today was pretty cool though – tres healthy! And rather white too – apparently I love my white veggies!!?? Anyway, I haaaad:

  • Green lentils
  • a vegan sausage
  • aubergine
  • celeriac
  • parsnip (only a little bit, I’m saving my parsnips :p)
  • lots of mixed spice

tues1 010

tues1 012

tues1 015

Oooh it was sooo good – celeriac and parsnip are a freaking match made in heaven! It was FABULOUS.

And I sure needed some fabulousness today. Let me explain/rant/be rather angry and sad…..

So, where I work, I have to park in the public car park. 2-4hours of parking costs £1.80, 4hrs+ costs £5. So for me, it works out cheaper to pay £1.80, then top up towards the end with an extra 1/2 hour (40p). Sooooo today, I dug around in my purse (I specifically remember finding a pound, finding a 50p etc etc) and put in £1.80, stuck my ticket in the car and ran off. Apparently while I was gone however, I donned a black mask and a stripy black and white top and threw a sack with a $ sign over my back, cos when I came back to add the last half hour on, I HAD A FINE. Not just any fine, only a freaking £40 fine!!! SHEESH! I checked my ticket and it said the expiry time was 2.32 (not 4.32, which I thought it should be). Turns out, I put in the ticket machine £1.70, not £1.80, which meant I paid for only two hours, hence the fine!! So in that split second, I suddenly became a naughty nasty cheating criminal :O :O I actually almost burst into tears on the spot 😥 GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. X 1billion 😦

To cheer myself up, I did what any self respecting criminal would do – I did some thieving buying:

The Sun, Heat and 2 books from my work (charity shop books = 95p each, plus 25% staff discount = very cheap books!)

tues1 017

Strawberries (100% free!), Diet Lemonade (isn’t that what criminals drink nowadays? Bah, sometimes you just need bubbles :/) and sushi nori (dried sea vegetable):

tues1 018

And a delayed mystery purchase….

tues1 019

The return of Princess Freya the Third, PhD, should help you guess!! Yes, I did some SUPER CHEAP Amazon buying t’other day, and bought two FABBY vegan books!!

tues1 020

That would be VEGANOMICON folks! AT LAST! Sense the excitement!!?? I was cheered up considerably 🙂 (BTW – I just realised the book on the left says ‘to jump-start weight loss’; don’t worry, that’s NOT why I bought it! I just read a good review of it on a blog :))

After all that crazy excitement, I had to attempt to cook dinner for myself in my dirty prison cell kitchen. With the 5sq feet space I had, I made a seitan/durum wheat/kabocha/parsnip/aubergine/soy sauce/mixed spice/cocoa powder stir fry, with some of that sushi nori stuff sprinkled on:

tues2 001

tues2 007

tues2 008

tues2 010

tues2 011

tues2 015

Simple but freaking fabulous 🙂

I’m probably going to have some cereal later..I want to mildly carb load, seeing as I have a 9miler planned tomorrow and I must be FRESH, FIT AND FABULOUS! Sooo I shall go back into hiding (I don’t want those pesky police to catch me just yet) and see y’all tomorrow 🙂 Have a lovely evening!

QUESTION: Have you ever had a fine? Or felt like you’ve been wrongly accused of something you never did?

PS – Cheryl Cole has malaria?? How mad is that!? I hope my sister doesn’t come back with it, since she’s in Uganda atm…if she does, I’ll have to set the hose on her and send her on her way :s

PPS – I WORKED THE TILL FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY! That was the thing I was really dreading doing :s I had horrible images of huge cues of people spitting knives at me while I got confused, got my tie caught in the machine (if I owned one), gave the wrong change, fainted from fear etc etc…but thankfully, it went smoothly! Mrs Till only bleeted at me once, thank goodness. Now I can rob shops, with my new till-knowledge – a step up from cheating car park ticket machines, dontcha think!? 😛

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Good gracious, I can’t believe that a) it’s the weekend already, and b) it’s JULY! This year is actually flying by…next time I blink I’ll probably be 30 and married with 10 children (though I sincerely hope not). Oooh let me add a c) to stuff I can’t believe – the fact that I’m typing a post out at all! I actually thought either my laptop or myself would have melted away today..it has been SWELTERING (praise be it was a designated no running day!!).

Which is why I was up tres early to get both horses ridden before the real heat kicked in 🙂 I had a quick breakfast before I went out:

fri1 001

That would be another ‘cake’ – ie, 1/2 cup yogurt blended with 1 cup cereal mix, and sprinkled with tree bark and grated cacao:

fri1 003

fri1 006


I then made the long, winding trek from my front door to the yard to get Chika ready. Bless the horses, they were both in bed when I went out:

fri1 014

fri1 015

I don’t think they felt like working 😛 but anyway, after some huffing and puffing, I managed to drag Fatty out of her slumber and threw some tack on her:

fri1 018

Gotta love the nose net! It helps control her ‘hay fever’ 😀

Anyway, Mrs was very good 🙂 Next up was Tig, who was equally good – but I only managed about 25minutes with him cos the heat was crazycats.

Needless to say I was proper hot when I got in, and although I wasn’t hungry I wanted ice cream…aka BANANA SOFT SERVE! Except, disaster struck….my mini grinder/blender died!

fri1 020

You know it’s bad when you can smell burning rubber and quite literally, a scream coming from the machine. Oh dear. Farewell, little guy. Farewell. Anyway, my banana wasn’t very well blended in the big smoothie maker, but I did the best I could:

fri1 022

And it still tasted FABULOUS, and was super refreshing!

My next mission was a trip into town – remember that job interview from Monday? Yeah, I didn’t get it 😦 BUT, a new Sue Ryder Care charity shop has just opened, so I’m going to volunteer in there 🙂 I figure all experience is good, and plus, I’ll be helping people 😀 Soo I went into town to fill in a few forms etc.

While I was out, I snacked on an apple – no photo, I’m sure y’all know what it looks like 😛

Lunch was truly scrummy! A 2 parter again – Part 1) 40g dry weight lentils cooked up, and mixed with roast parsnip, carrot and broccoli, on a bed of salad, tomatoes and spinach:

fri1 032

fri1 028

fri1 025

I let everything cool a bit, then topped it with balsamic. It was soo lovely and filling 🙂

For an extra protein/fruit/dessert kick, I blended together a whole load of strawberries with some silken tofu, cinnamon, 1/2 tsp xanthan gum and a tsp of agave, then sprinkled it with cinnamon and cocoa powder:

fri1 024

fri1 036

fri1 038

WOWZERS! It was like a deeply rich, fruity, thick mousse type thing….wonderful!!

Rest of the arvo – the usual. Dog walk, mucking out, and practicing my Ball Boy stance whilst watching Nadal v Murray. Anyone else think Andy Murray is kinda cute?




Verdict? Have a vote 😀

Snackwise, I’ve had a whole load of strawberries…

fri2 001

…. and 2 tsp wheatgerm 🙂

Now, for dinner, I just had to do some repetition – After my chickpea fail yesterday, I wanted to redeem their reputation 🙂 Sooo I did roasted smoked paprika/cinnamon chickpeas, with seitan, broc-broc and agave coated kabocha and parsnip:

fri2 002

fri2 003

fri2 005

fri2 008

Reputation saved 😀 I like chickpeas again!! Super fabulous meal 😀

So what is everyone up to tonight? I’ve got a date with a Big Brother eviction – after all, NONE of my friends are home at the moment, so I’m somewhat alone 😥

Question: Do you think Andy is cute, or am I mad!?


Random Update A) Obama ran away a few weeks ago 😦 She didn’t like Poppy..so that was that 😦 😦

Random Update B) You know how I always bang on about how pathetic Carter is about hunting, and how he likes butterflies and bugs? Well, he’s TURNED!! He caught, tortured, and half ate a PIDGEON today!! My baby has gone to the Dark Side 😥

Random Thing C) Hehe, normally, I get  a lot of searches from search engines which are just ‘brit chick runs’, that kinda thing. Yesterday though, I didn’t have any of them – check out what I had instead:


LOL!! Gotta love search engines/the people who search in them 😛

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