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You asked for it!

Ok, maybe you didn’t, I did..but still! As the overwhelming majority (ie everyone who commented) voted that I start doing everyday posts again, that is what I shall try and do! Ask and yee shall receiveth.

But for now, I leave you with some recent eats – hardly a wild post today is it? My excuse is that it’s Sunday evening. That’s all I’ve got. I’m not sure how that’s an excuse, but it is 🙂


My mum and I split one of the new flavour Nakd bars the other day – verdict? Impressive! It has REAL raspberries in, raw and all (as opposed to dried) and you could sure taste them. Nice and tart 🙂


If I said that was the best tofu I’d ever made, would you believe me? You should cos ohemgee it was reaaaal good! I marinated tofu slices in freshly squeezed (and very tart) orange juice, apple balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, cinnamon and fruit sweetener syrup and then pan fried it til crispy. With the leftover marinade, I added it into the pan at the end of cooking, so it reduced down and became a sticky glaze.




Melon (still rockin’ the Christmas plate 😀 you’ll see it in summer too! There’s always time for Christmas time, as they say) – part of a rushed mid-week breakfast, along wiiiiiittthh:


Oats, o’ course. Cooked simply with salt, water, cinnamon and vanilla essence, then extra milk added at the end. Swimming in it, obvs.


Hot oats + cold milk = true bliss.


The return of Whole Foods-bought sea cakes!!



I love love LOVE these things! SO meaty and thick and scrummy 😀 I stuffed one in a piece of tomato paste/basil toast as part of a super quick lunch after I spent the morning testing 19 (yes NINETEEN) five year olds for my dissertation. Man they’re excitable.


Fresh basil – my crappy attempt at presentation 😀 Makes all the difference, right? RIGHT?

Sadly, this particular sea cake had all the water, but little of the sea – ie, it tasted like tofu, and not much else 😦 where was all the fancy sea-flavour from last time!?

Of course, no meal is complete without vegetables 🙂 Soo I roasted up some very, very sorry looking broccoli with a few other bits to have on the side 🙂


I always feel sorry for veggies when they’re on their last legs 😦 they look so lonely and sad!! I’m ALWAYS the one eating the skanky mushrooms (when I don’t really like them) or having that last bit of wrinkly pepper..it’s irritating :/ But I hate waste so…one does what one has to do.


OHHH remember how I got the Eat, Drink & Be Vegan cookbook for Christmas?? WELL! I made the spiced chocolate cookies the other day:







They are SO awesome! Big and hearty and chunky and chocolate-y and the spice really shines through! One of the best batch of cookies I’ve ever made, IMHO 😀 I finally think I’ve conquered cookies now; the first time I ever baked cookies, i had these flat, weird crappy things that tasted wrong and looked like junk, and I vowed never to bake them again. Gradually, as time has passed and wounds have healed, I think cookies and I are back on track. It’s love.

Talking of love and cookies, I made pancakes for breakfast! I was doing some blog catching up before bed on Friday and was reading Jess’ post about her buckwheat pancakes. They just sounded so darn good, so i made a note on my lil bedside notepad that THEY WOULD BE BREAKFAST on Saturday! (all part of my ‘get out of the food rut’ thing :p) And breakfast they were!


I made a slight change; instead of 1/4 c. buckwheat flour, i did a 1/4c. mix of gram, spelt and peanut flour, + added cinnamon (cos I add cinnamamam to everything and anything) and salt (I got my sweat on with a Jillian workout just before, hence the need for salty goodness).


Topped with melted mashed banana (heated in the microwave with milk), date sizzup, crushed walnuts, toasted coconut flakes aannd…I think that was it 🙂



Can you tell I liked these!?



Sometimes, I can’t decide between photos of things I love – hence why you end up getting a trillion photos of the same thing 😀 Pancakes from this angle, pancakes from THIS angle, pancakes from THIs angle…you get the drift.


*GASP*! I almost forgot the Dessert Dukkah sprinkle!


Sorry for the blur :p

I tellz ya – best pancakes I’ve ever had! Thick, soft, doughy, delicious! And the banana coconut walnut thing was pretty darn cool too 😀 I really must start doing more recipes 🙂 And boy, they had some staying power :/ sheesh! I actually finished them at 12am (or pm?), cos I had a lie-in aaall the way til 9.30am which was BLISS! I’ve been sleeping terribly recently – sleep at 2am+, waking up in the night, up at 7am, so the lie-in was well overdue :s But yeah, I finished them late, and then really didn’t want any lunch….enter an orange/balsamic/soy sauce bake of broccoli, butternut and aubergine:



Twas ugly, but good 🙂 Most things in life are. le sigh.

Non-foodie related happenings this weekend……..hmmmm…..

I worked Ze Orse, who was VERY fresh after her week off – wind and cold and [yet more] lions in the grass didn’t help. But she controlled herself – just! – and we had a nice session 🙂 I also watched a trailor for Scream 4 (CAN”T WAIT!) and watched the first 2 episodes of 30 Rock season3 (LOVE IT), did 40mins of power yoga (good old Kristin McGee and her MTV dvds) and I started work on my 2nd article for my student newspaper at uni 🙂 The first one was on running for beginners. This one is on superfoods, the top5, and 5 recipes 😀 YAY! Oh, and Kovac brought in a dead (shot) pheasant, and got it stuck in the catflap. Just the usual everyday happenings really….

See ya tomozzo! (maybe :p)

Oh – ps – running update; I ran 3miles today after a week off from running, and there was still lots of shin pain 😦


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OH I am a cruel, cruel woman!

After last Carter’s escapades last night, I decided I had to ban The Beautiful One from my room, just for the one night:

wds1 052

wds1 053

wds1 057

wds1 058

It was so difficult..especially when I heard him crying and scrabbling at my door at 11.45pm…or when I woke up to find him curled up in a little ball outside my door in the morning!! Poor baby! But, which is more important – Carter’s happiness, or my sleep? Carter’s happiness My sleep, obviously 😛

Sadly, I woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning, despite the more peaceful night 😦 Partly due to my skankyass virus, and partly due to the skankyass weather – aka, extremely strong wind and grey clouds! NOT good for my 4mile run!

I ate an apple, wheat germ and a rice cake, and then set off (somewhat sniffily)





The 2nd mile was hell! I was out of the shelter from the trees, and was running directly into the [really reaally strong] wind…HORRIBLE! I just wanted to cry 😦 I mean seriously, it was so windy and loud I couldn’t even hear my music! Suffice to say I was relieved to finish…

I had a scrummy breakfast waiting for me as a reward – overnight oats 😀

1/2 c. oats

1/2c. milk + a bit

1/2 c. yogurt

1/2 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp Vega chocolate smoothie mix

I warmed the bowl up (I was cold) by a bit of microwave/Aga action, and mixed in melted hot banana:

wds1 018

wds1 032

On the side – freshly picked blackberries and a tiny bit of cereal, with almonds on top:

wds1 024

wds1 025

wds1 021

wds1 023

So, so lovely 🙂

I was going to have a lunge lesson on Chika after breakfast (to honour Horsey Humpday, obvs), but I just couldn’t face it 😦 Nothing against Chika (I luff her!), but I was just in one of those terribly sad moods 😦 my mum helped by a) giving me a huge hug, b) telling me she felt exactly the same when she was sick last week, and c) offering to lunge Chika for me. She’s the best!!!

I cheered myself up by going to Waitrose for the weekly shop (and then getting angry when the strong wind blew half my bags over, in front of a car, whilst I was walking with the trolley, resulting in my scrabbling to pick up loose garlic, an aubergine and some cereal, whilst an angry driver looked on), before coming home for a yummy lunch.

I attacked my crazy squash that’s been in hiding for a while!

wds1 033

I roasted it alongside some bbq-salt seasoned carrot fries, parsnip and broccoli. Along with all that, I mashed up 1/2 c. red kidney beans with hummus:

wds1 034

And spread it on a slice o’ toast:

wds1 035

wds1 039

A fig accompaniment:

wds1 040

wds1 044

wds1 041

wds1 037

Simply fabulous! Hummus is always a win IMHO 😀 As is the square of 85% Lindt which may or may not have been consumed too….

In the arvo, I spent an age and a half reading through a huge thick psychology research paper in prep for my dissertation (as fun as it sounds), as well as picking 491g of blackberries:

wds1 047


I also had an unpictured snack of a fresh fig and a 1/4c. cereal <- I wasn’t hungry, but I’m worried (seeing as I never get hungry for snacks) that my metabolism will become snail-like, so I thought a lil somethin’ somethin’ would do me good 😀

Currently, I’m baking oatmeal bars for my mum 😀 Packed with oats, hazelnuts, buckwheat, raisins, dried figs, apricots, pecans and hazelnuts! Quite the mix. Then I shall move onto dinner…

Dinner – last night, it was sooo ace!

Buckwheat & lentils:

wds1 002

Basil tofu:

wds1 003

Roast veggies – broccoli, squash, parsnip.

wds1 005

 wds1 007

I mixed the buckwheat/lentils with tomato puree, balsamic vinegar, stock and mixed herbs, and when it was done cooking, I stirred in the broccoli and parsnip:

wds1 006

wds1 008

wds1 014

wds1 015

Oohhh it was THE scrummiest meal in a loooooong time!! Seriously, like proper wow. I actually plan on having a total repeat of it tomorrow 😀 And hopefully I’ll be able to slow down and enjoy it a bit more – I had to eat fast cos I was going to my BFF’s house 🙂

My bestie and I had such a nice time 🙂 We just talked, non-stop! LIke, no background noise or TV..just talking 🙂 And a lot (A LOT) of facebook stalking too….grubby skinny lanky 17yr old boys who used to go to our school are now handsome buff mature 20yr old men! I can’t believe how much people change in 3yrs!

It makes me really, really want to go to a reunion in like, 10yrs…I’m hoping my healthy living will mean that I’ll have a (slightly orange, due to all the squash) glow and be fit and bouncy, whilst 99% of people I used to know will be puffed with one too many McDonalds and look 10yrs older than they are….am I being cruel? Maybe. But high school was NOT enjoyable for me, and I sure know the reason why. I’m allowed to dream!!!

Anyway, uh, I seem to have rambled somewhat….I’ll shut up now 😛

Question – have you ever been to a school reunion? What was it like? Orrr if you haven’t, would you want to go to one?

Did you like high school? I was sooo miserable there…my ED started during my last 2yrs there, and I think that place and the people had a lot to do with why 😦

Hmm…let’s finish with a happy note! A bad joke maybe?

Why was the chicken happy?

Everything was egg-cellent….ha!


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