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I’m really not feeling the new Lady Gaga song. Like, really, reaaally not feeling it. In my own nasty little way, I’m highly relieved she isn’t number one today. But seriously – does anyone else find that she annoys the heck out of them, or is that just me!!?? Heh.


My Heidi-Montag-esque makeover shoooould be coming tomorrow, I’m hoping – but we shall see 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll do a normal, pre-surgery post 🙂 And let me tell youz – there’s a lorra food photos I want to show y’all! I know that can be boring sometimes, but och ay, there’s been some scrummy stuff 😛 Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Walk with me….

(Now I totally have images of Hugh Hefner, walking through his Perv Mansion smoking a bubble pipe and wearing a dressing gown. Oh my mind is bleary, late on a Sunday eve!)


Bah, mucho stresso came on Fritag. I originally thought I was going to have a lovely relaxing day, going into town, getting a cappuccino, looking in the charity bookshops…til I got a phonecall which changed my life forever. Well, it changed my Friday plans at least. To cut a long story short, I ended up standing around the PC World carpark for a half hour, holding a laptop to give to my dissertation partner. Not fun times.

Breakfast was ace though! I tried out some new oatmeal that my delightful friend Jess sent me!


Maple Apricot Walnut oatmeal, to be precise! Full of chunks of walnut and a maple-y flavour and bits of plump dried fruit – it was the BOMB!


9g protein per serving too 🙂


That milkyish blob in the middle? Why, it was maple cream of course! Fresh from a cardboard box which was fresh from the hills of Vermont – tedious link, I know 😀


One word – ohmygod.

A pear was also consumed –


– why you need to see a picture of a half eaten pear is beyond me.

Equally so for a picture of tofu:


My only explanation is that the glaze on it (tomato puree, balsamic, maple syrup, cinnamon, soy sauce, and apple cider vinegar) was out of this WORLD!

Green Monster:


Craving: satisfied.

Saturday now 🙂

Well, the Holly’s Oatmeal oats yesterday kept me full for hours and hours and hoooouuurrrsss. Normal oatmeal on Sat – I was a Starvin’ Marvin’ after about 1.5hrs!


What’s with that!?


Despite the addition of melted banana with Mighty Maple PB & Co. And a Snackimal, for good measure :p


Oh well, the stomach gods demanded food, the stomach gods received food – in the mighty fine and dandy form of KALE CRISPINS and BLACK BEAN BROWNIES!!!



It was my fourth time making these, and I seriously love them more and more each time 😀 I even cut the sugar down on this version – 1/4c., not a 1/3rd (or maybe that was the agave I cut down..I forget) and they still turned out SO moist (errh), gooey and rich and delicious!


I’ve already had three 🙂

Now, here’s something else I made:


Wtf right? It iiissss:

Kabocha Squash and Peanut Banana Soft Serve!

Quite the moutful, to say and to eat, but ohholywozer was it iiiiiinncredible.

  • roasted kabocha squash – 1/2 c. maybe? I left the skins on :p
  • 1 frozen banana
  • approx. 1/4 – 1/3 c. frozen melon
  • 1/2 serving (15g) peanut flour
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 2-4tbsp water (maybe more – it depends on your blender and how thick you like it)

Put everything in the blender, starting with the liquid at the bottom and the hardest thing on top, and BLEND.

Simple but oh so good! I wish my pictures could do it justice – I took a whole bunch, but the nasty yellow lighting in the kitchen + yellow food made for bright orange pics 😥


See? Bah.

There’s also been OIAJ action this weekend:


And more chocolate :p


Sunday now yah? (wow, I cannae believe how long it’s been since I last did a proper post..sheesh.)

Oh, today was a Bad Day. After the success of last Sunday’s 6mile run, and a random one in the week, I was feeling pretty pumped for today! I ate a huge massive apple, wehatgerm and a few other bites before I left, then set out on my merry way. Merry it was NOT.

The Angry Legs were back with a vengeance! Shin pain at times, calf pain at times, alternating the area and amount constantly. One minute my left shin hurt, then that would be ok and my right calf would hurt. It was nasty! There were a lot of tears on that run, a lot of tears…

By the time I got back, I was ready for some stir fried pear, yogurt and date syrup:


(that was really yummy!) And some good ol’ oats:



Whilst the oats were setting, my mum and I went on a 1mile cool down/stretch out walk, and do you know what she did? She offered to pay for a sports physio for me! I almost cried when she offered!!! So yes, this means that I have officially declared war on my blasted legs. Next week will be my 6th week of pain, and really – the joke is wearing thin. Tomorrow morning, I gather my ammo! (ie, make an appointment).

After breakfast, my mum and I decided to take the dawg for a walk in the forest. We thought we’d do about an hour/3miles.…but we got lost. Alone, we can navigate fine. Together? Not so much! We are masters of getting lost 😛 I’m surprised we don’t need a map to navigate our own kitchen sometimes.

So anyway – 5miles/1hr45mins later, we made it back to the car 🙂 We were both hangry for lunch when we got home!

I whipped up a pear-melon-vanilla-banana soft serve:



As well as other bits and bobs, but apparently that is the point where I forgot to photo anything else – abrupt finish, I know!! Other eats did include black bean brownies though, you can be sure of that 😛

Anyway – I have blog work, uni work and sleep work to do now 😀 so I be off. Fare yee well my loves 🙂

Question: Are you good at getting lost?

Best thing you ate this weekend? Mine was the kabocha peanut banana s-s, without a doubt :p orrrr the black bean brownies…..


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Recipe time! (plus other rambles – you didn’t think I would JUST write a recipe for a post did you?)

Curried Cauliflower Rice and Lentils:

Ingredients (for one big Freya-sized portion):

– 1/4 – 1/3 head of cauliflower

– 2 small shallots (or half an onion)

– 1 garlic clove

– leek (I used a chunk a bit bigger than my index finger…I think)

– cinnamon, mild curry powder (some like it hot), garam masala, tumeric – approx. 1/4-1/2 tsp each, but honestly, I don’t measure! Just go easy on the garam and the curry powder cos you don’t wanna burn yo’self :p

– salt, to taste

– 30g mix of lentils and millet (dry weight)

– lemon juice


1) Start by breaking your cauliflower into chunks, then putting it in a Vincent or a food processor:


Process til it looks like rice!



See? Genius. (I think I saw Ashley do this a few weeks back…? But I remember she said it was bland, which is where the spice came from in my recipe :p)

2) Put your lentils and millet on to cook – throw them in a saucepan together with some water (start by covering them with water, and add more as you go) and cook til tender/soft – normally about 20mins. Make sure all the water gets absorbed.


3) Chop up your onion, leek and garlic and fry with the spices in some non-stick spray/oil, til it’s all softened and fragrant:


Stay on a medium ish heat – you don’t want to burn the spices now do you?



4) Add a splash of lemon juice to the cauliflower rice, and a few more shakes of cinnamon, tumeric and garam:


Add the cooked lentils/millet to the pan (or add the veg to the saucepan – whatever is easier), along with the cauliflower rice, mix mix mix and allow to heat through (if desired), spoon onto a plate, add a few more splashes of lemon juice, and serve!




I had mine with roast parsnip and butternut and I can honestly say – although I put those 2 veggies with everything – that the sweetness from them really did compliment the curry spices. It was FAB!


The chewy millet/lentils really went with the cauliflower 🙂 Happy times!


Sooo….it was the weekend wasn’t it? Hot dang it was WINDY where I was! On my run this morning, I was actually running slower than I would walk at one point, cos the wind was SO strong and I was running right into it! GAH I am not a wind fan. OH no. At least it wasn’t raining (that would have brought my demon alter ego out to play) – in fact it was warm!! Too hot for a hat, but when I took it off, the wind gave me earache 😦 What’s a girl to do!!??

Talking of running – on Sat night, my ever-so kind hearted mammabear gave me a LEG MASSAGE! And you know what? I think it helped!!

This morning (Sunday) I went out on a 6mile run, and I think I actually RAn ran about 95% of it, the most in a loooong time, in the least amount of pain 😀 My muscles ached every now and then, but the shin pain was probably down 50% from last week, and in general was much, much less. I stopped 2-3 times a mile to just stretch, and I didn’t go fast (it took me an hour) but it was lovely to be out 🙂 Until I saw a beautiful Bambi deer, lying dead on the side of the road.



I thought it was a foal at first!! *sadface*. There’s a herd of 25 or so fallow deer that live round our house, so it was real sad to see one had been hit by a car 😦

Anyway – when I finished the run, I walked for 2miles to stretch out and cool off, and then had THE best lunch EVER.

You know I’ve been craving green monsters like a crazy person this week? Well, I finally had a good old classic Epic Green Monster today, for lunch! It was AMAZING.

– 1c. cereal

– 1/2 c. coconut milk

– 1tsp xanthan gum

– a small ripe banana

– a few ripe melon chunks

– 1 tsp cocoa powder

– cinnamon, vanilla, salt

– lots of kale + a cabbage leaf


Oh it was worth every last bit of whatever makes you wait for things. BLISS in a bowl, folks!

Sadly, the oats I made Saturday did not live up to their expectations 😦 I thought I’d do coconut-chocolate oatmeal – sounds good right? No. I used 1.5tsp carob powder, maple syrup, 1tsp coconut oil and coconut milk – as well as the usual oats + water + salt + my normal method – and the bowl ended up looking like this:


Topped with crack cereal and an almond nicked from my mammabear’s museli 😛



LOOKED good, but the chocolate taste was weak, and er…where was the coconut taste!!?? Did I not use enough coconut oil? Bah!

My snack was an old favourite though 🙂



Ever put yogurt on toast? Ever since I saw Allie do this a while back, i’ve been hooked! TRY IT!

Now, you know I mentioned my mum gave me a leg massage t’other evening? Well she also forgoed (forwent? Whatever past tense of ‘to forgo’ is :p) her Sunday morning lie in (til 8am – she’s wild like that) to help me out with a big favour this morning (more on that tomorrow), so as a mahoosive thank you, I baked her a [requested] cherry almond traybake 🙂


ROOKIE mistake, Ms Freya – I didn’t let my cherries dry after I washed them, so they aaaall sunk to the bottom. D’oh!




I spoil her so (& her place of work – they get the bulk of my baked goods). What are baking-mad daughters for though right?

Other than that, it’s been a pretty hon-happening weekend – Chika got her workout x a lot in the form of freaking out at Tig’s absence (she’s a tense bunny atm) and I tried a new variety of squash – co…something, I forget :p – which looked bang on like butternut, but had a weak and wet taste and texture. #fail.

Off to bed I go 🙂

What’s your favourite thing to snack on? I want new snack ideas plez 🙂

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Horse photos coming!

Just call me Bob. Bob the Builder, that is. Is he as famous overseas as he is in England? If not, you had a lucky escape, cos my GOSH is he one annoying character.201101301801.jpg


However, we do have one major thing in common; building skilllz, innit!!

He builds toy constructions, I build sandwiches. Oh yes.

Just like he mixes cement, I mix my sandwich fillings. In this case – boiled parsnip and butternut (I did drink the water the veggies boiled in, fyi; I love veg water! Think of the vitamins, the VITAMINS!! Gah), mashed with a blob of soya yogurt, a splash of cocoa-balsamic, mixed herbs, agave, salt, pepper and mixed spice (or cinnamon, I cannae remember which):


Appetising, non?


That went onto layer one:


Layer two = good old Tesco value cooked beets!


Layer three – squishy roast aubergine (or eggplant, if you roll that way)




A beastie boy of a sandwich!!! Beats a house any day :p


A cabbage garlic soy sauce left over butternut stir fry acted a side dish 🙂


I also built jelly donut CUPCAKES this weekend!! From the wonder that is Veganomicon, no less-


They may be ugly, but they sure did go down a storm!! Booooo yeah.

What else did I build….oh yeah, OATS with peanut flour/melted banana/cinnamon sauce:


I had to snap it quick before that lovely peanut banananananary sauce just sunk right in…


But OH boy it was good! The next day, I gave almond extract a run in the oats:



Didn’t work as well as vanilla…good, but not good enough, in my expert opinion. Hurrumph. I still repeated it this morning (Sunday) though, for whatever balmy reason:


Pre-mix above, post-mix below 🙂


Why do I never learn – don’t fix what ain’t broken! (even if Bob encourages you too…‘Boooob the Builder, CAN WE FIX IT!? Booooob the Builder, YES WE CAN!’ NO. We CAN”T. No idea what I’m on about? lookey here)

Ok, so I’ve done the Bob half of the title…how about the Thrills and Spills part!?


I RAN!!!!!!!


I got up, laced up my shoeloos, ate an apple the size of my head, 2tsp of wheatgerm and a finger full of jam, and headed out. My aim was to run about three miles – but I did six!


I actually ran/walked seven miles, with LOADS of little breaks to stretch, walk, have a drink etc etc, so all in all it took about 1hr20mins, but I actually RAN a total of about 6miles *happy dance*! The pain that began in my calf muscles (way back when) and moved to my shins (2 weeks ago) is retreating back again, HA! Shins were cool, calf muscles a little achey. But not, ohmygosh-we-want-to-die achey, just-we’ve-worked-hard achey. I’ll take that 🙂

I reckonz another week off of running, and by next weekend I should be raring to go. I cannot contain the joy! FYI: The doc appointment on Friday was pointless; he can’t refer me to a sports physio on the NHS 😦

Another thrill – yet more Veganomicon produce! Chewy chocolate raspberry cookies this time, except made with gran-made bramble and blackberry jam, as opposed to raspberry 😀




I don’t know about the cookies (they’re for my mum’s work) but damn did that dough taste good :p

The final thrill of the day? Why, gram flour pancakes for lunch of course! Topped with boiled mashed parsnip (mixed with agave and cinnamon) and a blob of melted banana:


Parsnip mush:


Banana mush:


You’d be amazed at how well parsnip and banana go together – seriously! Plus, I am LOVING gram flour pancakes – packed with protein, and oh-so chewy 🙂

Now, let me tell you about the Spills:

Hannah took Tig (her horse) out for a hack today, which is fair enough. She’d been out for 20mins or so, when – whilst i was upstairs – my mum got a phone call from the sister herself, saying she’d come off and Tig was on the road! ERrrrr cue PANIC from sweet mutti bear! She dashed out of the house, and a few mins later, I came downstairs (unawares) and my step dad said to me ‘Hannah’s fallen off on the road and Tig is loose’!!

Obvs, I shoved my trainers on and ran out of the door and down the road. I couldn’t see my mum ahead (as it turns out, she hitched a lift with a random car – she couldn’t drive her car out cos if Tig was loose, she’d need to catch him) but as I ran further down the road, I could see the tell-tale white marks on the road, from Tig’s metal shoes. I kept going, turned up the path where Hannah had gone, and saw my mum.

As it turns out, Tig and Hannah had been galloping in one of the stubble fields about 1.5miles from home, and were going to cross from one to the other. As they got closer, the bit she thought was a track for crossing, was actually a huge open ditch! It totally took them both by surprise, Tig slammed on the breaks and spun, and Hannah went out the side door. Tig then cantered off (feeling somewhat shaken! Horses don’t like losing their riders) and crossed a MAIN road, back down the track he’d been up, and then was caught by my mum, cantering down the road leading to our house!

And do you know what the crazy thing is? LOADS of cars passed him – loose, on the road, with no rider – and not one car stopped. What the-?

So anyway – my mum caught Tig and led him back up the track to meet Hannah (who was unharmed – the ground was soft and muddy, she’s young and still bounces :p). She got back on, and finished her ride, including going over the ditch. Phew!

Whilst all that was going on, my poor lady Chika was in the field, freaking out! She gets terribly upset when her boyfriend goes anyway, but today, I think she knew something was wrong – she spent the whole time neighing and galloping circles round the field (i took these before The Phonecall):




Her poor stressed lil face 😦









Le sigh. She is so silly sometimes! At least she got a half decent workout 😛

Soo that was Sunday – somewhat eventful! I spent the afternoon baking, mucking out, and watching eBay like a hawk; I was bidding on a (very cheap, we’re talking £200) car cos, now Hannah is working full time and I need the car for uni, we’re in a predicament! Alas, I was the highest bidder til the LAST second when i got pipped – by £10! – at the post. Bah. I hate eBay sometimes.

How was your weekend? Have you had any thrills (or spills!?)?

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Redeeming myself

Guten abend, readers from far and wide. How are we all on this fine pre-Hump Day-day?

I felt like I needed to redeem myself today – why? Cos yesterday, a) I had oatmeal for dinner, which is boring, and b) the muffins I made were NOT up to scratch. Nothin’ wrong with them as such…but I’m a perfectionist, and I wasn’t happy!

So, first job when I got home (after eating and seeing to the horsey shaped lumps in the field) was BAKING! I used this recipe, except I added in crushed walnuts, shredded toasted coconut, and chopped fresh dates. Oh, and nutmeg in place of the cardo-whatever, cos I had none. That makes sense right? Anyway:




Lots of big fat beautiful muffins!


They smelled divine, and are definitely an improvement on yesterday 🙂 Success! Baking skillz redeemed. Though I’ve now run out of black bananas…Le sigh.

Next redeemation project (yes, not a word, i know) – dinner! I was flicking through Eat, Drink & Be Fabulous (ok, Vegan) and I stumbled upon this recipe:


It sounded yummeh, so I turned it into a marinade for some tofufu:


Blob of mustard.


A few splashes of apple balsamic (I never measure marinades, plus I had no apple cider :'()


Agave, lemon juice, cinnamon, mixed spice (no cumin, I couldn’t find it in the cupboard. Darn our huge spice collection/poorly laid out cupboard!!!)

I let the tofu sit in the mix whilst I got on with the rest of my day, which involved – as y’all so kindly asked – frozen grapes:


And oatmeal (1/2 c. oats, 1 & 3/4c. water, salt, vanilla extract, cinnamon, milk at the end):


Photo-toe-doed on a beautiful wrinkled tea towel :p


Pre-breakfast, i’d had a small apple, and did a ‘brick workout‘ of sorts – see, I’m trrrrying to keep my endurance running fitness up, without running – so i’ve taken to attacking my dvd workout collection with fury (praise be for Jillian!) and then going for a 3mile ish walk/run (mainly walking!). I really hope my fitness doesn’t go….


After oats, I shot off to uni to meet up with my dissertation partner and attend a tres dull lecture (on the history of psychology. Dry dry dry). I ate the most foul orange/clementine whilst I was there, drank some coffee, and ate a mini oatmeal raisin Clif bar 🙂 On the way home, I had some roasted celeriac/parsnip, and demolished this pear I’d been craving ALL. DAY.


Be gone, pear! Be gone.


Cereal and soya milk aussi made an appearance:


Coming home was good, cos these babies arrived!


Shin sleeves! Can i afford them? No. BUT if they mean I can run again, I don’t care 😀 I’ll test them out tomozzle, and see what happens.

Whilst we’re on the subject of running, I’m a published writer! Uni newspaper:


Article by moi:


With my name spelt wrong. Hmph.


You know what’s annoying? They EDITED my article, so any heart, soul, spirit (and grammatical correctness….!!!) it had are GONE! I actually really don’t like what is published at all, the sentence structure is awful, and I’m really sad that my original article became that 😦 Here’s hoping the second article is more true to life!

Ok – back to my tofu! I fried it:


And it was good 😀 Lemon juice and mustard are two flavours I very rarely use – and heck knows why, cos they are SUPER!!!

DinnerSelf – redeemed.

Dessert was chocolate, obviously:


And a lonnnnng date with my textbooks. The excitement never ends.

Have you ever had a sports injury?

Have you ever tried using shin sleeves?

(ps – aren’t you proud of me!? Three days, three posts! I’m on a roll :p)

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I have trouble sleeping!

A LOT of trouble sleeping! Last night I was practically falling asleep, I was so tired..yet I couldn’t actually sleep. My mind was busy with a billion different things (hence why I have a little notepad by my bed) and last night, I was thinking about blog posts. In a moment of sheer genius (or exhaustion?) I came up with a theme for my post this evening, so i quickly scribbled it down – ‘under the sea…swan lake…friday night…’….saayyaa whaaa-?

I had no idea what all that meant today :p

Til just now, when i looked at my photos, saw the sea spaghetti I ate, and everything came flooding back! See, look: sea spaghetti:


Funky stuff. Dry as a bone, soak it for an hour, it expands like mad and tastes like seaweed;


I paired it with my remaining tofu sea cake at lunch on Sunday:


Along with soy-sauce/garlic stir fried cabbage, and lots n lots (n lots) of veggies.


Can you tell I love my veg? Oh yes. It’s addiction. The sea spaghetti though…meh. I bought it AGES ago as a speshal treat for my fine self, had it once, then forgot about it. I think it had dried out a bit too much and wasn’t as impressive 😦 either that, or I’m losing my health-freak charm :/ alas.

Do pancakes count as healthy? I think they do when you make them with spelt and some other flour and mashed banana right in the batter, with a yogurt/peanut flour/Dessert Dukkah sauce, 1/2 a mashed Nah-Nah, frozen grapes, and puff cereal:


Boi boi!


Obvs, as I liked these, there’s an abundance of similar photos. You know me…


Mini nubbin pancake:


Bliss! That was Sunday’s breakfast though – my rushed Monday morning breakfast did little for the imagination –

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1.5 c. water
  • salt
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla extract
  • cold soya milk splashed over at the end


I sat it on Women’s Running magazine so you’d at least have something interesting to look at 🙂


I love plain oats now 🙂 I also love frozen grapes:


And perfectly ripe bubbah pears:


Lunch ( a protein bar, an apple and a cup o’ coffee – yep, told you my eats were dull at the moment! I didn’t have time for anything else before my lecture :() didn’t hold me over thaaaat long, so 3hrs later, it was time for cereal+milk, as soon as I walked through the door:


Actually, the pear came first, cos I wanted to eat something before I did the important-immediate things I had to do asap when I walked in, but whatevz. Noone cares about chronological orders in this day and age.

Dinner was oats. Again. Cooked with carob powder, fruit syrup sweetener, salt, and cooked mashed butternut squash and cinnamon. No picture cos it was ugly and dull :p There was squishy roast parsnips covered in bbq sauce on the side though! Yum 🙂

Dessert today – yep, I’m still at the dark chocolate!


I also had a bite of a chocolate-banana muffin (E,D&BV baking) that I baked as soon as I got home:



Sadly, I wasn’t that impressed 😦 BUT I did change the flours from the recipe without altering anything else, so they were a little dry 😦 I also overmixed. Oh well!


Now, back to the beginning of the post – my weird ramblings that I wrote on my pad? WELL – I remember now – I WAS going to say that the sea spaghetti reminded me of my favourite Disney film, The Little Mermaid (LOVE. it. I fancy Eric!), which reminded me of the highly underrated film cartoon The Swan Princess; dang that was a good cartoon! Odette, I used to love her 🙂 I was THEN going to suggest that you crazy folk head over to Blockbuster on your next Friday night and rent it…but now, this whole blurb doesn’t make as much sense as it did at 1.30am last night. Maybe I’ll stop typing.

Running update!

Still hurts 😦 tomorrow, I’m gonna phone up the Quack and try and get an appointment. It’s SO horrible not being able to run. This morning, I set out on a 3mile power walk, but ended up doing a 50minute 4mile walk-run, running til it started to hurt, then walking. I know, I know – not ideal. But oh my GOSH I miss it. When I was running pain-free, it was so effortless and blissful and I felt amazing….I feel like Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour, when he has crappy eyesight and he says ‘don’t take my wings from me!’ (re his plane). I feel JUST like that; after all, my life is very comparable to a Hollywood world war 2 blockbuster film about blokes 🙂

Question: What’s your favourite Disney film? And don’t say you don’t have one – EVERYONE has at least one Disney film they like!

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Don’t forget to enter my give away!

Sorry for the wordy post..better wordy than nothing right!!?? At least I hope so…

I swear this week I don’t know if I’m coming or going! The work has piled up already, and I’m having THE hardest time trying to sort out schools and nurseries for going in with my trusty laptop to test the children. All these darn rules and regulations – they all seem to think I’ve come to kidnap the children, or at least cause them serious physical or mental harm :/ (fyi – I won’t be doing either). Gah.

Onwards and upwards right?

Well, actually not really 😦 So, last week was a strange one, running wise. I did a Grande Total of 40miles (equal to the toughest week in my novice training plan for the marathon last year) – 2 x 6milers (one of which was broken down into two, 3miles), 1 x 5miler, 2 x 6.5milers, plus 1 day off and a 10mile run on Sunday. I’ve been building up to this mileage for a while now, keeping the old 10% rule in mind – but my runs on Saturday and Sunday (two three milers on Sat, 10miles Sun) were…..hellish, to say the least.

In fact, I almost had to give up completely on Sunday. Why?


Lots n lots of PAIN!

Down the front of my shins….ie, I think I have shin splints.

Which is crap.

Especially since:

  • I have brand new running shoes (same as the ones I got professionally fitted)
  • I haven’t disobeyed the 10% rule (don’t increase mileage more than 10% week to week)
  • I haven’t suddenly upped my pace
  • I haven’t stopped eating right
  • I’m not dehydrated
  • I have rest/easy days
  • ….get my drift?

I seem to be following the rules, so why is this happening?? On Saturday, I had to stop – literally – every .3 of a mile to relieve my legs. On Sunday, I desperately wanted to do a long run, so I decided to go for it and arranged to meet my kind hearted mumma at the 6mile point, so if I felt awful, she could drive me home. Sadly, I did feel awful. The pain down the front of my legs was intense! But ONLY when running, and after about .1 or .2 of a mile did it kick in. The second I walked, the pain would go. When I met my mum at mile6, I was only 3miles from home, so I arranged to walk for 2miles (I needed the headspace time!) and then meet her again.

I think mentally, knowing I was going to see her helped, cos I ran walked those 2miles, at about a 12min/mile pace, walking as soon as I felt pain. I got to our meeting point early, so I ran/walked another mile or so, at about a 10.30pace, then I met her and she dropped me off 1/2 mile from home, so i could finish bang on 10miles. I have never, ever EVER not done the mileage I set out to do, hence why i sooo badly wanted to finish!

My total time was 1hr40, averaging a 10min/mile pace – but that time doesn’t include all the stopping to stretch, talk to my mum etc. I was actually out of the house for just over 2hrs.

I’m not really sure where to go from here…

My mum suggested I go see a physio, cos maybe my style of running is at fault and is causing stupid pressure points and so on, each time I hit the ground(after all, the trainer foot people, when I went to get gait analysis for my Brooks, told me I had a really weird gait!) – suuuucks, cos they cost a BOMB!

My other option is to start focusing on doing some more core work, to improve my running style; Runner’s World told me core work is very, very important for runners, and DOES lessen the chance of injury, cos you’re more stable and strong as you run- sooo maybe it’s my (sloppy?) style that is putting my legs out of whack? (holy batman I have a gum craving right now, as I type this…)

The other option is, of course, to stop running. Buuutt, i am really not happy about that – I’m entered for a half marathon in a few weeks, I have a marathon planned later in the year, and to be honest- I NEED my running right now! For stress relief, for a sense of freedom and accomplisment,..running has become so much a part of ME that I would really struggle if I had to stop for weeks on end! Naaa wha’ ah meeen?

The other thing which I learnt from Runner’s World (I love that magazine – seriously though RW, why the big bucks in cost!!? Not fun!) was about symptoms of overtraining.

Poor performance during training (apparently so, if Sunday was anything to go by)

Persistent muscle soreness (when running – yes)

Altered sleep patterns (YES – I’ve had many 2am cereal snacks recently…)

Reduced appetite (yes – ironic considering what I just typed above :p)

Elevated pules (no idea, I’d love to start keeping track!)

Mood disturbances (yes)

Am I overtraining?

Gah bajeezahs, am I doing too much??! Am I doing the right amount for me? Is my pain an INJURY or just tiredness? Should I see a physio? Should I take a week off from running (do DVDs instead) and see what happens? Should I crawl into a dark hole, slice off my own legs, and re-grow them, alien style?


*UPDATE* (the next day – I write some of my posts in advance)

I watched this video (actually, the first two) about running form and heel striking (I have crap form), posted by (the hilarious and fabulous blog lady!) Marie, on Tuesday night, and decided to try out the running tips on Wednesday. I did 1mile, making sure to flick my heels up and have my wheel behind me (it would make sense if you watched the videos!). I THINk there was less pain, but there was still pain…so I’m not really sure what to do. Time for a physio?


To ease my mental pain on Sunday, my late lunch consisted of one of the best dishes on earth – Oats in a jar. It was the ONLY thing that could even slightly lift my ground level mood….


Spill over on the side :p (it was a mini jar)


Sadly, it wasn’t as spezzal as I remembered it to be! WHY Why!!???? Boooo.

Maybe it was just my mood? Even Stinky Chika outside couldn’t put a smile on my face:


She was a naughty pony – full of spooks and freshness. Blasted horses! Normally she can read my mood like a book, and knows when she need to be angelic, and when she can mess around and I’ll just chuckle. Obvs today, we were a bit out of sync! Alas.

There have been two cheery things of late though!

1) A very belated Christmas present from my mum arrived the other day:


SO many chickpea recipes – riiiight up my street.

YAY! I’ve been wanting this cookbook for SO long, and really, I am tremendously excited now 😀 Cooking passion = reignited! (In fact, as I type, I have some tofu marinating in a modified recipe :D)

2) This stuff, which I picked up on my London trip last Friday:


SO worth the £12 (though my poor, sad bank balance doesn’t think so :'()

Chocolate and balsamic? oh yes.

I used it to marinate some tofu (mixed with extra cocoa powder):


Which was then fried up:


Delish! It was nice to eat something other than cereal and yogurt, or oatmeal…..




(bang on 0.250kg!! And that was just chance! wowzer)



[my step dad’s car died, hence the car adverts, FYI]

Being extra busy means less time for proper cooking 😦 Oooooh well.

Anywayz, this post has been long enough right!? Please please do help me out with any running advice y’all might have..I really need it at the moment! OH – and if anyone British would like to do a food swap with a lovely American girl (who has PEANUT FLOUR) shoot me an email, and I’ll get you in touch 🙂 * someone found! So don’t worry 🙂

Ps – that darn gum craving is STILL here – why why whhyyyy do I have to run out of gum now!?

PPS – the search term (to get to my blog) ‘brit chick, keep on running!!!’ was too cute ;p as was ‘I desperately want to move to the uk’ – eerr why?

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YAAAWW you GUYS! You’re all so freaking awesome! After my last plea-post for someone to give me some peanut flour in return for some British goodies, I had lots of offers! Soo what I’m gonna do, is quite literally put all of yo’ names in a hat, draw one out, and then I’ll email that person and we can do some swappeh-swappeh action. Sounds good right? Sorted.


I thiiiink it’s been a while since I showed you what my life was like. So without further adieu, what have I been up to? (rhyme? yes?)


Such as….

How far to run? Last week, I ran an almighty 34miles, including a 10miler on Saturday (the most mileage in a week AND the longest run since my Halloween marathon). This week, I’m on target to run about 36miles.…that’s if I do decide to do another 10miler on Saturday. I might do 9, I might do 11 – decisions, decisions!

To keep myself entertained running (my iPod broke in October, so I have been running sans-music since then) I think about life, people, horses (ok, Chika) and food. What to have for breakfast – oatmeal or an Epic Green Monster? Ay, yet more decisions. However, the answer is always the same; EGMs!


I love how xanthan gum TRANSFORMS a bowl into fluffy puffy goodness 🙂




Good old traditional ones – made with pumpkin, or pear, and ALWAYS banana. Frozen cranberries as a topping are Da BOMB too!



They are amaze 🙂

For some reason though, the oatmeal always seems 10x more appealing at lunch – in fact, i’ve had steel cut oats FIVE lunches running! Sheesh. That’s why I don’t do daily eats anymore! But hey, I’m not complaining – if that’s what my body is craving, that’s blates what it needs 🙂




I have this thing about hot oats, with cold milk poured over…..b l i s s. Veggie stews often accompany my oats –







Sometimes, i just can’t decide between pictures :/



One must have one’s vegetables 🙂 (though today, the veggies were delayed; I made the decision to crazy-woman dance to the Chicago soundtrack round my kitchen, as opposed to sitting down and eating and being sensible. A girl needs her fun :))

Some other decisions? What to bake:


hehe, they’re like little soldiers 😀




Cookie dough balls, that’s what to bake 🙂 They were sent off with my mum to her place o’ work today. They shooooould all be finished by now, but she ain’t home yet 😥 I can’t wait to find out how they’ve gone down! It’ll probably be the highlight of my day; I’m quite the loser really.

What decisions to losers have to make, I hear you say? Namely, whether to have an out-of-date Odwalla bar with my oats, or a Raw Organic bar (use by date – 13th jan! It’s close…..)


The Odwalla bar won that ceeeerrAZY round.


Impressive! Very chocolatey, I approved. It’s a shame there was only 4g of protein though 😦 with calorifically dense foods, I like them to have a good kick of protein…which it didn’t. Alas, you win some you lose some!

The biggest decision of late though, has been about My Life. Yeah…you all know I’ve posted about many a mid-life-crisis over the past year, but I think (think think THINK) I might have solved it! Here goes:

culinary school!

I love food. I love cooking and baking. I know very little about either. At some point, I want to be some kind of nutritional therapist. I love America.

America, wh-? Weellll. The culinary school I’m thinking of applying to is in Charlotte, North Carolina! In fact, it’s the very same one Emily went to! They have an amazing programme there which really, really appeals to me. It’s one (lonnnnng) year long, but it sounds incred. Obvs at the end, you don’t HAVE to be a chef (though that wouldn’t be a bad thing; I’d specialise in vegan fare!), there are a ton of foodie things grads go on to do (the site gives a list). After some emailing back and forth with Emily (who is lovely- I met her at the HLS and we were planning on running my marathon together, til she got hit by a car and had to pull out…), and reading this post by Megan, I think I’m gonna do it. I wouldn’t plan on going til 2012, so I’d finish uni (ohmygod I hate uni and can’t wait to leave….it’s killing me!), then spend a year saving/working, then go Sept 2012. Here’s how my thoughts have been cranking away:


  • I love love love food and cooking – maybe it’s finally time to say ‘yes. That IS my passion, I should follow it!’
  • I want to do something food-related with a career, and ultimately, probably end up being a nutritional therapist. However I’m a firm believer that one needs life experience before going into anything therapy related; IMHO, if I were a 40yr old married mother unable to cope, I wouldn’t reaaaally want to go and see a childless, care-free 25yr old for help!
  • I love America, and want to live there (yeah, I make NO secret of that!). Originally, I was thinking about going down the school psychology route – however, the past year has shown me that the amount of academic work required would NOT suit me. Nor would the approaching-6-figure-debt at the end of it…..
  • I have a dream, and I need to follow it. Food & America are my PASSIONS, the things I think about all the time. Sometimes, you just have to do it.
  • You never know, maybe I’d meet a bloke, we’d have a whirlwind romance and get married in Vegas, and before you know it- BOOM, Visa, I live there. I kid, I kid….


  • Money (obvs). it’d cost a bomb, BUT it is only one year, and I’ve been emailing the uni (and Emily told me this too), and there does appear to be a lorra financial assistance available for funky foreigners like me, with no income 😀 Hooray!
  • I’d be away from home & family & would miss them. But in all honesty – I WANT to get away. England has been tough for me and I’m not happy, and I desperately need to get away and maybe just start over. And you know, three times in my life stick out as being the happiest EVER for me – Washington DC, August 2007 (I met up with a friend there). Chicago, August 2010 (I went alone, to the Healthy Living Summit). Washington DC, October 2010 (I went with my mum, to run a marathon). Theme…..!!?
  • It would be one giant risk. But the worst that could happen? I come home again.

I will leave y’all with a fun fact – my main main Arnold, who( (whom?) I idolise:


had two dreams when he was a nipper. Actually, he had more than 2, but these are the 2 I’m using as illustrative points 🙂

1) Move to America

2) Marry a Kennedy.  

Did he achieve them both? you bet yo ASS he did! (Maria Shriver the wifey is of Kennedy blood, as in Pres. Kennedy) When he became an American citizen, he hugged the US flag around his shoulders and cried- true story! You never know, maybe in 30years, I”LL be governor of California.


Thoughts? Have you ever thrown caution to the wind and just followed a dream? Taken a big risk?

100% of shots you don’t take, you miss.

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