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Purple sprouts!! Oh how I love autumn and the fruits and veggies that come with it…ESPECIALLY ones that are purple! My aunt grew those ones, and you can be sure they’ll be making an appearance in tonight’s dinner 😀 Along with other autumnal favourites…squash, parsnip….is garlic an autumn thing too!? Le sigh.

In other news – thank you so so so so much to every single one of you that commented on yesterday’s post – I haven’t gotten round to replying to everyone yet as I’ve been at work today, but I will. Regardless, every comment was useful, and every comment meant a lot. *in a soppy American accent from some dappy family film* I am so lucky to have you guys!!!

*Edit: I just thought I’d add a few points, as I go through replying to all the comments: I know that the bad run came from a bad week, mentally. I’ve been having non-running/food related problems, which have really gotten me down, and that obviously had a knock-on effect to the run – which is sad, because running truly is so joyful to me. Hopefully, thanks to all your words of encouragement and support, I’ll pick up this week, so that by Sunday’s 20miler, I can kick some ass!! Thank you again, everyone, for showing so much support. *LOVE YOU ALL!*

In further other news – it was a wonderful day off from running today…negatively tinted by having to go to work at the shop (hello, boring steaming for hours on end) BUT – I did have a) a soya cappuccino (did I mention I’m addicted??) and b) my last day there 😀 Yep – I’m now a free woman! Well, at least until next week, when uni restarts. THEN life gets hectic and messy and full of long commutes and busy days and lots of reading and work……gah. Better to be busy than not busy though right!? (Random side note: I just wrote ‘busy’ as ‘busty’, twice. Hmm.)

Asides from work, I also – ate 2 tsps of wheatgerm before taking da Dawg for a walk. Ha! It wasn’t pleasant – when I set out, there was grey clouds but nothing major. By the time I got back, it was heavy heavvvvvvy rain!! Thank goodness for umbrellas. Well, for me – not for Poppy though; she was shivering! She needs a coat methinks. To go with her pink diamante collar and lead. Yeha, she knows how to roll.

When I got back, I had breakfast – cereal, banana, yogurt, vanilla and spinach, all blended together:


Good gosh. I topped it all with a boatload of blackberries:



Oh my, how did Kovac get in there!!? :p



Extra good gosh. That thing was DIIIIIvine! So thick and so delicious, it was as good as Christmas.

Before work, I had my beloved soya cappaccino, and then later on, lunch. Last night, I roasted up a whole bunch of veggies in smokey bbq seasoning and ketchup:





Aubergine, sprouts, mushroom, carrot, parsnip, a tiny tiny chunk of kabocha. Theeeen this morning I tipped it all in a tub and it was good to go 🙂 I also had some mixed dry roasted bean things (the ones that are chokka with calories, protein and carb :D):



By the time I got home though, my body was crrrraving carb, although I wasn’t actually hungry. Of course, I broke out the cereal/yogurt bowlmesscombo:


Awesomeness in a bowl. Pretty incredible!

In further further other news – if you go on Twitter (btw – I’m on Twitter, BritChickRuns, follow me or follow the path to serious pain and death…your choice :p), or read other big blogs, you may have heard about the dreadful Marie Claire article on blogging. I read it late last night, and was shocked and upset. It is the most one-sided, propaganda like article ever – quotations taken out of context, situations twisted..it’s horrific. I urge you to read it, and if you feel as angry as I did, email the editor (as I did too) at joannacoles@hearst.com. The article is basically tearing apart the healthy living blogging community, accusing people like Caitlin of having serious eating/exercise disorders…I really encourage you to read it. However, don’t read it if you’re about to go and play with small children, or an untrained puppy – your blood WILL boil and you WILL be angry!!!!! So don’t make that anger worse 😛

Anyways – that’s all I have to say about the issue! The bloggers criticised have all written their own replies, so go read them 🙂 While y’all do that (or write your emails to Marie Claire editor lady), I’m gonna cook my dinner. Fare yee well!

Quick question: favourite thing about autumn? Veggies!!! All. About. The. Veg.


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Goooood EVENING! And how are we all on this fine Monday?

I’ve had a busy day 🙂

Up bright and early for a little power walk 🙂 It’s lovely to stretch my legs on these running days off; it always feels SO good! Plus, I get to eat blackberries on the way 😛

However when I got home, I – totally randomly – felt tremendously nauseous for about 10mins. Like, for no reason. It was very odd!! But just as quickly as it came on, it left again, so I grabbed a quick breakfast. It was the epitome of a boring breakfast! Cereal and yogurt, with a little muesli sprinkle:

mon1 008

mon1 010

mon1 011

mon1 016

mon1 017

Imaginative? No. Tasty? Heck yes! And it only took 10mins to eat (plus an apple), which was good cos I had the vet coming.

No need to panic though 😀 He was just here to stab jab the horses (for flu), and do their teeth. FYI, non-horsey readers, horses teeth keep on growing as they age – they never stop. In the wild, all the roughage they eat wears their teeth down, but precious lil domesticated horses don’t have such groovy diets, so we have to get the dentist or vet out to rasp them 🙂 Sounds violent (and looks it!) but it’s ok 🙂 Besides – my sister and I love having the vet over, cos he is HOT!

Carter was a div though – he caught a vole, then proceeded to torture it and run about under the vet’s feet chasing it, having a great time. It was sad to see 😦

After the vet had been and gone, I set off for work. Whilst in town just before, I bought a delicious soya cappuccino <- I actually think I’m becoming addicted 😛 I love them! I also saw this Indian bloke (not Indian as in ‘from India’, but Indian as in ‘Hello, my name is Dances With Wolves [love that film!]’…I’m ignorant and don’t know the correct term, so please no-one take offence!! *EDIT* Native Americans! Thankyou Little Bookworm :)) playing great music in the street, so I bought his cd 😀

Lunch at work –

Roast mixed veggies (2 types of squash, carrot, parsnip, leek):

mon1 001


mon1 002


mon1 003

mon1 004

mon1 005

SO scrummy!!! I had to eat it real quick though; there was ton of steaming and hanging to do today….joy.

When I got home, I was getting rather haaaangry, so I chowed down quickly on Bear granola nibbles with yogurt:

mon1 019

mon1 020

Amaze. Except the little freeze dried pink bits. I HATE freeze dried fruit!! Anyone else with me!?

Question – now, before I forget, when I’m in the US running my marathon at the end of October, I won’t be able to blog (I don’t think..you never know). Sooo I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a guest post? I’ll probably need quite a few (I’ll be gone for 8days), so if you’re interested, leave me a comment on this post 🙂


Ooooh – I’ll show you some of the pictures I took the other day now! I hope y’all like them 🙂 I was meant to edit some of them to make them better, but…well, I can’t be bothered :p so, in all their un-altered glory, here they are!

SATURDAY Moring 028

SATURDAY Moring 030

SATURDAY Moring 034

SATURDAY Moring 035

SATURDAY Moring 039

SATURDAY Moring 045

SATURDAY Moring 047

SATURDAY Moring 048

SATURDAY Moring 058

SATURDAY Moring 060

SATURDAY Moring 065

SATURDAY Moring 066

SATURDAY Moring 069

SATURDAY Moring 074

SATURDAY Moring 077

SATURDAY Moring 087

SATURDAY Moring 090

SATURDAY Moring 092

SATURDAY Moring 093

SATURDAY Moring 094

SATURDAY Moring 102

SATURDAY Moring 104

I took some flower ones too, but I won’t post them – I find flowers pretty dull sometimes…plus this post will probably crash my computer anyway :p

Have a good evening!

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