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Oooh sorry about the late posting! I’ve only just got back home, and I’ve been out since 7.40am this morning :p Why, I hear you say?

Well, I had a haircut in town 😀 and my mum works in the same town, so I hitched a lift in with her, which saved me some £££ (but not sleep, alas). The haircut wasn’t til 12.40 though, so I spent most of the morning killing time, wondering about. I spent agggeees reading vegan cookbooks, I bought some cereal, bought a SWEET YAM (! I’ve never had one! Any ideas on how to cook a yam?), I tried on loads of GORGEOUS dresses (but did not buy – damn my bank balance :/) and that’s about it…hardly a productive morning but it was pretty relaxing 🙂 Foodwise:

Breakfast was a smoothie, consisting off:

  • a ripe pear
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1 cup Kara coconut milk
  • 1 spoon of pea protein powder
  • xanthan gum
  • spinach (that was very sickly and depressed looking)
  • nutmeg
  • 1 tbsp cocoa flaxseed

weds1 022

Which picture? Above or below? I couldn’t decide :p

weds1 023

I also had My Beloved:

thurs1 003

aka – cereal!

Before my haircut, I was kind of slightly peckish, but not enough for lunch, so I had a little fruit salad to tie me over:

thurs1 006

As well as some baby carrots:

thurs1 004

Blerh at the carrots 😦 they were too perfect looking and uniform in size. I like UGLY carrots! They look more natural 😛

Lunch was a two parter again [eaten in the car]: Part 1: a big roast veg salad of carrots, leek, aubergine, ‘shrooms and tofu (and a cinnamon and date syrup dressing):

weds2 015

Wondering where the tofu is in that lot? Here it is:

thurs1 002

Yeah…I marinated it last night, and baked it in the oven with my dinner vegetables. Veg – done after 15mins. Tofu wasn’t so I gave it 5more minutes. 5 HOURS later, I remembered it!! LOL 😛  It wasn’t really eatable….Sooo I quickly rehydrated some soya mince in stock (at about 11.30pm!) so I had some form of protein with my lunch:

thurs1 007

I ate it before the photo 😛

The other half of lunch was an unpictured wholemeal English muffin 😀

As soon as my hair was done, my mum and I drove home – she had booked the afternoon off work, cos she was coming with me to an awards ceremony at uni! Remember a few weeks ago I got nominated for an award? Well I got shortlisted, and this was the actual proper ceremony thing. We had to arrive at 5pm, for ‘drinks, canapés and mingling’, and we even had to dress up 😛

On the drive up there to the ceremony, we chowed on some strawberries, and I had my first EVER taste of a fresh apricot:

thurs1 008

Meh. I’ve had better 😛 Not worth writing home about.

The actual ceremony was pretty short – we were there about 1.5hours. Sadly I didn’t win, but it was cool to be a finalist; I had my picture taken 🙂

Dinner was also eaten in the car on the way home: lentils, cooked with cinnamon, s+p and curry powder, along with kabocha, parsnip and turnip, and cherry tomatoes:

thurs1 009

weds2 018

Is it wrong that I love roasted vegetables almost as much cold, as I do hot? I also love them raw..maybe I just like roasted veg!? Either way, it was a fab dinner 🙂

When we got home, we took Poppy for a quick walk (she’d been so bored all day!) and I’m thinking I might have a cereal yogurt mess as soon as I’ve put this post up. Which meeeaaanss I must go! (Oh, and I want to watch the Junior Apprentice final with my mum) *Edit: I just did have some cereal and yogurt. DELICIOUS.

Question: Have you ever won an award? What for? My mum won the wooden spoon once, for coming last. Love it 😀


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