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weds1 026

Chika ate all the pies, that’s who! My lardy lady is now SO much of a chubster that she has to wear the ultimate tool in cruelty-free weight control:

weds1 031

Yep, that’s a muzzle. Fear not, she can still eat and drink; it has a little hole in the base for the grass to poke through. It just means she can’t eat nearly half as much! Poor Chika 😛 but I think she’d rather still be able to hang out and play in the field, than be shut away in a stable all the time. You have to pick your battles 😛 Le Sigh.

At least I’m not muzzled. If I was I would have had grave troubles trying to eat the chocolate, wheatgerm and apple that powered my run. Oh yes, I ran! I did 6miles this morning, in 51minutes – and it went OK! My legs didn’t collapse and die on me halfway round, nor did my lungs or feet or trainers.[I think the extra stretching before really helped] In fact, it was quite a pleasant run 🙂 more so because it WASN’T HOT!! It sure was warm, but just not smack-you-in-the-face hot, so to me that’s a good thing 🙂 Overall I finished a happy lady:)

Breakfast was an EGM as usual:

weds1 006

weds1 005

(Though that isn’t grated cacao, it’s dusty bits of granola)

Post breakfast, I took my Fatty Pony out for a short hack, which she seemed to enjoy very much – she sure needs to burn the calories :p

Then I did what anyone would do with an hour free – I BAKED! I used another recipe off of one of Happy Herbivore’s eCookbooks; maple-kissed sweet potato muffins, to be exact. It was the perfect recipe – I had some cooked, mashed and frozen sweet potato in the freezer (doesn’t everyone?) as well as a spot-on amount of apple sauce. The only change I made was using date syrup instead of maple syrup. I know, it kinda defeats the point of MAPLE-kissed sweet p. muffins, but I really wanted to use some 😀 Anyway, the result was wonderful – very moist!! I had one as my lunchtime dessert. Speaking of which – lunch involved one of these:

weds1 007

A new brand of veggie burger I’d never seen before! Oh the excitement when I stumble upon such things 😀 I had my burger with a whole wheat organic English muffin, salad, toms, HP sauce and the muffin:

weds1 008

As well as a side of ketchup/soy sauce roasted broccoli, parsnip, mushrooms and aubergine:

weds1 011

weds1 010

I always go for ages without having burgers in buns (or English muffins), and then when I have them again, I’m BLOWN AWAY by how tasty they are! Best lunch in a while methinks 🙂

After lunch, Carter and I bonded:

weds1 028

And I did the horses, and made my breakfast, lunch AND dinner for tomorrow (can you tell I have a long Thursday ahead of me? :P), and before I knew it, I had to eat a snack – enter a cornbread muffin from yesterday:

weds1 040

I love these little things 🙂 They’ve grown on me in a big way!

For dinner, I did one of the uglist – yet tastist – meals – kamut spaghetti, with a tomato, thyme and cinnamon sauce, with lots of veggies, and some roasted chickpeas/beans:

weds2 041

weds2 042

weds2 043

I love that meal so 🙂

No guesses what I’m off to do now – my mum and I are taking Poppy out for a walk 🙂 I really love this mamma/daughter bonding time. My mum’s so busy working, it’s nice to just chill and talk 😀

BUT, we have to be back by 9pm. Why? a) dessert, and b) BIG BROTHER LAUNCH SHOW! I’m not a fan, but it’s the last EVER one, so I really want to watch 😛

Question: Any Big Brother fans out there? I’m not really a BB fan – but I LOVE Davina! 😀

PS – My post might be a little late tomorrow – I have a rather important event in the evening 🙂

PPS – As it’s Horsey Humpday, here’s another picture for y’all:

weds1 024

Yes, that’s Tig. Quality photo right!?


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