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I didn’t run today. I didn’t DVD it today. Nope, I went SWIMMING today 🙂 After last week’s shenanigans, I feel like I’ve re-discovered my inner-Merman (Merman sounds much more hardcore than Mermaid…I think so at least :p), so I decided to embrace it while I could. It was a rushed swim though – originally I thought Hannah was coming too, and we would leave at 9.30am. However somewhere along the way we got confused, and Hannah wasn’t coming and never had planned to – which is why she was up much later than me, thus meaning I didn’t leave at 9.30, I left at 10 cos I’d been waiting for her…er, long irrelevant ramble there, sorry! To cut a medium length story short, she needed the car at midday, I needed the car for my swim, and to buy some cake ingredients for my gran’s birthday, but cos I’d left late there was a big rush….AGAIN, why am I digressing so much!? I’m going to start again :/

I went swimming today! I did exactly 1hour, cos that was all the time I had – though I had to BATTLE my way into the pool. It was ‘public swimming’ 12 til 3, old-folk-swimming before that. I arrived at 11.50, and the guy basically told me off for being early and got his knickers in a twist about letting me in…now, it said public SWIMMING at 12..to me that means I am IN the pool AT 12. He obviously didn’t think so! But I did manage to make it at 12 🙂 In the 1hour I had, I did 90 lengths, bang on! I don’t know how far that is…2,250m maybe? Any mathematicians out there? It was a 25m pool 😀 regardless of how far I went though, it was a good swim. Though the weird part came when I was at the lockers – a lady came over to me and asked if I ran through Village X. I said yes (Village X being my village), and it turns out she lives down my road (weird cos there is 5 houses or so on my entire 2mile+ road) and sees me running all the time! The odd part though – she was letting it all hang out whilst talking to me..I mean, she was STARKERS! Boobs, belly, bum – she didn’t care! I was in awe! I’m the kind of person that hides in the cubicle and has a tiny nervy spaz walking from the changing room to the pool…she was so confident! I really admired that 🙂 It was just…a tad random!

Oof. I wrote a lot there, sorrrrreeeee! I’ll get on with the rest of it now 🙂

Breakfast was 2 tsps wheatgerm and a big EGM:

tues1 004

tues1 005

The EGM held me over for soooooo long, all the way through the errands I ran in town and the swim session and yet more time at home! Crazy. In fact, when I sat down to lunch at 2.30, I still wasn’t hungry! But it was a pretty cool/colourful lunch 😀


  • 1/2 cup oats/barley flakes
  • 1/2 cup + a bit of coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup water, and some juice from the beetroot
  • salt + pepper
  • cooked beetroot, parsnip, turnip and carrot

tues1 006


Before the addition of my curry hummus from yesterday:

tues1 008

After my curry hummus (and some nuts):

tues1 012

tues1 018

tues1 017

tues1 014

Pink oats, orange (amazing tasting) hummus, fabby vegetables..it was a lunch to beat all lunches! Truly delish! I loved every bite 😀

Dessert was these paprika scented bad boys:

tues1 020

I think I’m a bit addicted 😛

After lunch, I got to work on my Gran’s birthday present – she’d requested a Black Forest Cake, so that was what I did 🙂 However it took FOREVER to cook, way longer than it needed, and it didn’t rise as much as I though it would 😦 Before I go into another long ramble, I’ll just say it made me feel a bit woeful 😥

What solves woefulness? A Heat-reading walk in the sun, that’s what! The new Heat magazine was out, the sun was out, I needed both 🙂 I came back feeling a bit refreshed, so it obviously did the trick.

Snack wise, I had the same as yesterday, coz it was fantabalous – a pureed pear with nutmeg and xanthan gum, mixed with 1/2 cup Quinoa O’s and other cereal:

tues1 023

tues1 022

*Sigh* at the delight.

Dinner was all about the seitan and coconut milk again 🙂 This time, I made the coconut milk into a sauce. Very simple – I just heated it up with some garlic and cinnamon, and then added in some cornflour to thicken. I served it over the seitan, with sweet tater discs, kabocha and parsnip:

tues2 001

tues2 003

tues2 013

tues2 012

tues2 009

tues2 006

tues2 010

I sure had love in my tummy after that meal!!

Riiight – I need to wash my hair and eat dessert and other crazy things now. Laterz dudes 🙂



Where do you stand on the whole ‘letting it all hang out’ in the changing room thing? Would you be happy to walk around sans-towel, or are you a hider, like me?!

Which Disney character do you have the hots for!? Random question maybe..but the talk of Mer-folk at the start of the post reminded me of Derek from The Little Mermaid. BOY did I fancy him as a nipper! Him, and Aladdin, AND Simba (grown up)….aaah.


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