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Oohh 😦 You know what I hate? I really, really hate having to write a negative blog post. Like REALLY hate it. This past week, I’ve been feeling so awful, but I have tried to put on a positive blog smile. After today’s run though, I can’t anymore, and I’m gonna have to break all my rules and not be upbeat 😦 I know this will all pass, so I just hope all you lovely readers will stick by me and not run off into the sunset with arms round positive-post-bloggers!! :p

So anyway, I had to run 14miles today, which was booked in as an easy run – I did 18miles last week, and have 20 next week. Easy it was not, however! Last night, I was all prepped to do a good run. I even did a little photo tutorial of a breakfast cookie 😀

I started with a banana, a splash of pressed coconut milk and a forkful of cashew butter:


Mashed it up somethin’ silly:


And mashed in 50g oats:



I then gave myself a pat on the back and a thumbs up for creating something that looked so much like a cookie 😀


This morning, I topped it with 3 dates, a yogurt blob, and a mini unpictured handful of Grape Nuts (and 2 tsps wheat germ):


It was delicious!! I then left it a good hour and a bit before setting out on my run. Normally, an hour is perfect digestion time for me – I always feel fine. Today however? No.

I got 1/2 mile down the road before the tears came. I got 1.2miles down the road before stopping, sitting down on the (wet & dirty) pavement, and bawling my eyes out, for a good 10mins+. I must’ve looked a state cos someone even turned their car round to come back and check I was ok! I told them I was fine, but obviously I wasn’t – I felt so sick again. I knew it was eaten-too-soon-then-run sickness, but I felt crap and hadn’t the mental strength to run through it. So, I sat like that for a bit, then *somehow* ran home.

On the way, I’m pretty sure I had an anxiety attack – I was crying, hyperventilating, shaking…I’ve had them before, so I knew what it was 😦 When I got back home, I cried all over my mum for a while – i already felt like I’d failed – walked 1/4 mile with her, and hugged Chika for a bit. All in all, I stayed at home for..40mins or so? Just waiting for my stomach to settle. Then I was off again!

My mum offered to bike with me, but I felt like I needed to do it alone, so I did a 5mile loop solo. My stomach started to feel a bit better…but my legs started to cramp and hurt instead!! I stopped again at 7.4miles, cried some more, and swapped water for Lucozade and had a few bites of a Powerbar (I finished the rest of it, bites at a time, later on). My mum then cycled with me for a mile, before I set off to do another 4 or so alone. When I got back after that, my sister was waiting for my with the bike, so we did the last 3miles together.

It was one tough run. My total time was 14miles in 2hrs8, an average 9.12 min/mile pace. However, I am so incredibly disappointed in myself. I was stopping at least once a mile to stretch (which I stopped the Garmin for), and I also walked about 3mins or so on top of all that <- for eg. on the last mile, my chest tightened up, so I walked for about a minute, but was backtracking my route, so for some reason I stopped the Garmin.

My pace also doesn’t include the times when I stopped to cry, and to switch my water around and stuff. Which basically means, I’m gutted. I’m scared that I can’t seem to run a mile without needing to stop (and I’d say that’s 80% down to lack of mental willpower at the moment). I’m scared that I did 14miles today, over the course of about 3hrs+, yet it was so difficult. I’m scared that I have 20miles to run next weekend. I’m scared I have 26.2miles to run in less than a month. I’m scared my legs hurt, and that I feel sick, and that any mental power I had has gone, and that I haven’t done any hill training, and I haven’t done any speed work. I’m angry with myself for being so weak. I’m just angry and upset in general. All in all, I am far from being a happy camper, and I’m at a total loss as to what to do now.

Do I say to myself next week, walking isn’t allowed, to make myself push through mental barriers? Do I decide to focus on speed or hills next week? I am just so lost and confused, and lonely and scared and angry and upset and disappointed. Sigh.

(Side note: My mum doesn’t read my blog, but I know my sister does, so I’ll just say – THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping!! Hannah and my mum have been absolutely brilliant on my long runs for the past few weeks..I don’t know what I’d do without them!).

ANYWAY. That was a long enough rant (although that is far from the end of the rant this is screaming inside me!!), so I shall move on!

Post-14mile eats – all I was craving was GREEN! First up, I made a Green Monster – 1/2 c. pressed coconut milk, 1 scoop Vega chocolate smoothie mix, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/4 tsp xanthan gum, loads of spinach. (I am sorry for the dark photos…on my camera they look light, on my mac, they look black! How dark do you see the photos!?)


I also had a green banana cereal mush blend thing….

  • a large c. of cereal
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • vanilla essence
  • xanthan gum
  • spinach
  • topped with Grape Nuts


Kovac thought it looked yummy :p


It sure was!

Totally delicious 🙂 And packed with so many groovy nutrients!!

Over breakfast (well, lunch actually), I watched some World Equestrian Games dressage to music on YouTube (Laura Bechtolsheimer, the triple silver medallist Brit – her kur made me well up! It was that good!!), and then took the dog for a walk, played with Chika, and had a late afternoon snack of cereal, yogurt and a jamblob:


Sehr gut. I also had a pear and a small apple at random times 🙂

As I haven’t had dinner yet, I’ll take a step back in time to yesterday, and the joys it brought with it…..

My mum and I went SHOPPING! I haven’t been shopping in an Ice Age, and for good reason – I have no money. But we still went, cos she needed new clothes and boots for winter, and wanted my opinion 🙂 I’m very very short on food photos for the day though, cos I didn’t bring my camera…but breakfast was a cereal/banana/vanilla/cinnamon/yogurt blend (ie today’s lunch, without the spinach), which I ate in the car cos we left early:


When we arrived (it was 1.5hrs drive), I had a soya cappuccino <- addicted!

We then a few hours shopping and wondering about, which was lovely and relaxing 🙂 AND we picked up super cheap (reduced price) hand luggage bags for the plane to DC! One in pink, one in purple 😀

For lunch, I’d brought my own thing, as a)being vegan and b) needed to have lots of carbs (no lettuce leaf salads for me, thank you very much) make it hard to find good food. In the USA it could be done – but not in my backwards corner of England! So, yeah, I had made yet another blend! 50g oats, blended with a pear, pressed coconut milk and blackberries, with xanthan gum:


I thought it would thicken to…well, I’m not sure, but thick enough to eat with a fork. Apparently not! It was very un-thick :p But was still delicious! I also had some seitan with it (yes, I like seitan plain, as is. It’s yum!).

Mid afternoon, I had another soya cappuccino, and my mum and I shared a tub of raspberries on the way home 🙂

Dinner was a tempeh thing with a cashew-banana-vanilla sauce…to die for!

In fact, it was so good I think I’ll have the same thing tonight. I do need cheering up after all!!

Soooo have a good evening y’all, and if you have any words of wisdom for me….shout em out!

(ps – I’m very sorry if I’ve been slack replying to emails recently – I will speed up soon, I promise!!)

(pps – i did eat more yesterday than the 3 meals mentioned, before anyone gets worried :p)


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Hugh Grant? No, he’s most definitely not my ideal man! But he did make an appearance in my dream last night; a man called/loosely based on Hugh Grant (King of 90s’ Rom Coms), but with slightly better different looks wined and dined me, and took me shopping for kitchen appliances!! THAT is my ideal man 😀

Yes, either Dream Man, or the other famous Hugh:

He’s my ideal man too 😀 Just look at those arms! Seesh!!

So yeah, I woke up yearning for a romantic man to take me kitchen shopping this morning..it was a disappointment to walk down to an empty house 😦 2 tsps wheat germ and half of a very skanky and soft apple, plus an hour’s walk in the sun, lifted my mood though! I’m a firm believer in the powers of endorphins 🙂

Breakfast was a kale/plum/hemp seed EGM:

mon1 013

I finally finished my bag of flax, so hemp seed was next on the menu! Isn’t hemp a drug…? Or am I confused?

mon1 014

 mon1 012

I sure felt a happy rush after eating that monster, that much is true!

Then, it was time to drag my sorry ass to work 😦 I’d really liked having a week off from it, what with the bank holiday and the wedding – but alas, back to the grind stone I went :/

It was hardly a wild shift – hanging clothes, steaming clothes, topping up my carpark ticket, steaming some more….though I did buy a whole load of new ring binders and biros for uni! Does that kind of thing make anyone else mega excited!? Yes? No? Only me? Meh, I just love shiny new things!!

Lunch was highly dull, but just what I was craving – veggies and salt!

Roast cauliflower, courgette, celeriac (A LOT), parsnip (only a tiny amount – the celeriac was the star of the show today) and a few chunks of kabocha, all seasoned with rosemary and garlic:

mon1 009

mon1 010

Love love love.

The salt part came in the form of a roast corn/bean selection thing – before you ask, I didn’t roast them no, they were pre-bought. But the added ingredients were just oil and salt, so it shouldn’t be hard to recreate 😀

mon1 008

Lovely meal!

When I got home, I felt a little empty in the stomach apartment (metabolism rocking from yesterday’s 15miler maybe?), so I had some cereal and yogurt:

mon1 019

Nom nom! (does anyone actually know what ‘nom nom’ means!? I say it cos I believe it means ‘holycow, that was tasty’, but I’m not sure……)

I then randomly made some maple-y hummus:

mon2 001

mon2 002

Before getting started on dinner.

Dinner last night was obvs a treat-dinner! Tempeh, banana-cashew-maple sauce, durum/lentil/wholegrain mustard mix, cocoa veggies:

mon1 003

mon1 006

mon1 007

Followed an hour or so later by a Nana’s peanut butter cookie:

mon1 011


Dinner tonight? A mic of spicy roasted chickpeas (I just mixed chickpeas with the seasonings I wanted and baked for 15mins or so), tofu baked with a peanut butter/soy sauce, and lots of spiced veggies:

mon2 004

mon2 005

A seeea of veggies!

mon2 014

mon2 010

mon2 011

mon2 013

Very yummy 😀 Well, I hope so. It’s sitting in the keep-warm oven atm, cos I’m yet to eat it. But WHEN I DOOO, it will be great 😀

Post dinner, the new issue of Glamour and I are gonna have a get together!

mon1 020


Question: Who is your ideal man (or woman!)? I really really hope someone says their husband/wife/ladyfriend/manfriend….I love romance :p

What was the last dream you had?

Ps: Catching up on posts? I went to a wedding and ran 15miles 😀

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Good Thursday evening my lovelies – how are we all?

Has today totally dragged by for anyone else, or was that just me?? It felt like simple tasks which normally fly by, took twice as long today :/ I literally feel like I’ve been up since sometime last week. I’m drained! Alas, enough moaning :p

Wheatgerm, chocolate (the last of my nice raw bar 😦 ), and a big apple, theeen a 6mile run as per the marathon plan. It was done in 52minutes, but it felt SO much longer today! I had to stop and stretch out about 4 times during the course of the thing, cos apparently the old calf muscles were a little tight today. But still, it draaaagged by – probably not helped by the fact that all the rubber came off my headphones, so they lost all their grip; meaning they kept flying out of my ears….GGGGRRRRRR!!! I finally lost the iPod after about 2miles, and had to run sans music. It didn’t affect my motivation, but I was a little bored 😦

Breakfast was INCREDIBLE though!!! I had some overnight oats waiting for me:

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 3/4 c. milk
  • 1/4 c. yogurt
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • carob powder
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • vanilla essence

This morning, I added in some more milk, and probably about 1/8th c. more yogurt (the end of the pot). However, the truly amazing part was the banana soft serve I layered it with. GOOD GOSH. Now, I’m a BSS fan – but I hadn’t had it in Vincent the Vita Mix yet.

thurs1 002

My gosh…

thurs1 003

Look how swirly and beautiful! The texture was sooo much better than when done in The Blender We Do Not Speak Of – it was like a whole new thing!! It was a case of NOW I get what the fuss is reaaally about! Wowowow. Anyway, layered, pre-toppings:

thurs1 006

And post-toppings (tree bark [Fru Grains, before y’all ask :p], dates, grated cacao):

thurs1 013

thurs1 015

thurs1 017

Hoooollllyyyyyy YUM. Most delicious thing EVER!

So delicious in fact, that I had my fingers dug into Vincent (that sounds wrong!) to get all the last of the BSS out, and forgot how sharp the blades were. I sure did slice my finger up somethin’ silly :p I tried to take a picture of the gore to show you all – but it didn’t really work:

thurs1 012

Taking a picture of your right index finger when your right handed, with a big ol’ camera, is MUCH harder than it sounds.

Straight after breakfast, I ran some errands and schooled the horseface – who had her Spooky Cap on today – and then came in to make some lunch. Yet again, the time was dragging by….but I did manage to make something good-ish 🙂

I was planning on doing these parsnip pancake things from Vegan with a Vengeance, which required grated parsnip. I thought I’d be clever and blend the parsnip in Vincent…but it just got chopped, not grated 😦 Which meant that when I tried to mould the things together, it didn’t work! Alas. So I decided to make my own take on the dish…


I started with chopped carrot and parsnip:

thurs1 023

Which I blended, and mixed with a 1tbsp ish wholemeal flour, mixed herbs, garam masala, salt and pepper:

thurs1 024

I then fried the mix with some smoked garlic, soy sauce and this:

thurs1 031

thurs1 025

Swiss chard! How PINK!!

I served the mix with a veggie burger, on a seedy English muffin, spread with savoury spread and molasses:

thurs1 032

thurs1 038

thurs1 040

thurs1 033

It was so so good 🙂

On the side, I also had some pear yogurt – a pear blended with yogurt and cocoa powder, agave syrup and a tiny bit of xanthan gum – and some So Crispy bites:

thurs1 044

Fabulous and super filling meal!!

Stuff happened in the afternoon, I can hardly recall what (can you tell I’m feeling drained!?). I did get my bake on though 😀 I made some muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance, but I changed some stuff and healthified them (I may want to gain a bit of weight, but my mumma doesn’t!). Here’s a healthified hint of what went in them:

thurs1 046

The result:

thurs1 054

thurs1 057

I’m going to have one for dessert laterz – if they’re any good, I’ll post the changed recipe tomorrow 😀 If they’re horrible, I’ll blame Isa :p

Snackwise, I was (really!) going to have something different, but then I ended up having cereal and yogurt 😛 (I have a terrible addiction!) It was so repetitive I didn’t even take a picture.

Talking of repetitions….dinner! Not only do I have dinner every. single. day (how dull am I :P), I also had a dinner I have rather too often as well :p But my excuse? Until you have tasted the wonders of tempeh with a cashew, banana and maple sauce, served with durum wheat and my favourite vegetables, you cannot judge :p Plus, I’m drained and couldn’t be bothered to think beyond…well, anything!

thurs2 004

thurs2 002

thurs2 005

thurs2 003

It was AMAZE.

Of course.


Dessert wise, it’ll be one of my new muffins, with…yogurt maybe!? :p


Question: Have you ever heard loads about a food, then had it and been blown away by its’ deliciousness!? Kabocha, banana soft serve, overnight oats, green monsters…..Or, has the opposite happened to you – people have banged on about something, you’ve had it, and thought…er, eh?? 🙂 Cheese…I do not get it! Vegan or otherwise, I just don’t like cheese. Humph..

Many of you were very kind yesterday about my drawings – some of you even said I had a secret talent! Sooo (I bet you can guess what Q is coming :p) – do any of you have a secret talent? I can dislocate my hips 😛

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We are the champions I am the champion!

(At least I sure felt like one :p)

I did my 11miler early today, the one I was so worried about 🙂 I won’t say I kicked some crazy butt at it, or that I rocked it like…a rocker…but I did it and I’m proud of myself 🙂













Plus 1mile walk cool down.

Total running time – 1hr 36 (and 16mins ish for the 12th walking mile). So it by far wasn’t the fastest run (I did my two half marathons – two miles more! – in 1hr43 and 1hr50), but for me, today, it was super. I was so proud of myself! I actually want to touch on this at the end of the post; ie how do you judge success at a performance? But as I say, it’ll go at the end so you don’t have to trawl through it if you don’t want to :p

Right, food time now!

Last night, I had kamut spaghetti with a homemade tomato sauce, edamame beans, aubergine, grey pumpkin and parsnip:

sun1 001

sun1 004

sun1 007

sun1 003

And then for dessert, I had a muffin and some yogurt:)


Today – Pre run, I had some Bear Granola Nibbles, with a banana bread Nakd bar and 2 tsps of wheatgerm:

sun1 009

Perfect fuel methinks 🙂 After 6miles of my run (my 1st loop)I broke into my Lucozade Sport. In an ideal world I’d like to just stick to water running, and avoid too much processed stuff. But I didn’t want to open my –one- carton of coconut water yet, so Lucozade it was. Though, in my stupid sweaty state, I tipped out ALL the water from my camelbak and replaced it with the Lucozade…doh! In the last 2miles, I had to keep reminding myself not to drink too much or I’d run out :p opps!!

Anyways, at mile 7, I stopped to eat some Nakd lemon raisins, and then continued on my way. Twas a pretty uneventful run really..in the last 5 or so miles, I gave myself a 30second walk in each mile, but other than that, all was well; no feeling like I was gonna die!!

So as I say, I was super proud of myself, and so decided I would treat myself to all my favourite foods today – starting with…..

sun1 010

THE RETURN OF EPIC GREEN MONSTERS! Look at all that spinach….*drool*….Vincent turned the above into the below:

sun1 011

sun1 013

sun1 014

sun1 017

sun1 018

Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter, yogurt, cereal, milk, banana, spinach…topped with granola dust, dates, homemade jam and raspberries 🙂 Good GOSH, it was amazing to have a real GREEN EGM again! I had missed them so 😥

After breakfast, I treated myself to an episode of Gossip Girl – certainly a treat, as I truly can’t remember the last time I watched TV in the day! Crazy. After GG, I took Poppy out for a while, randomly felt sick for a 1/2hour, watched another episode of GG, pampered Chika for a bit, and then it was time to force some lunch on myself. I really, reaaaaally wasn’t hungry, but we all know how important re-fuelling is!! Plus, when said fuel was gonna involve one of my favourite things in the world, I just couldn’t say no…..

Balsamic roasted pear/parsnip/celeriac/leek:

sun1 021

The chicken returns!

sun1 023

sun1 028

A random protein bar (which I forgot to photo :(), and OAIJ!!!!

sun1 029

That would be 1/2 c. oats, 1/2 c. milk, 1 banana, cinnamon/nutmeg and water:

sun1 032

Ohhhh it was soo good 😀 My most special of special treats to myself, as it were 😀

I don’t even remember what the rest of the afternoon was spent doing..washing, mucking out, general boring crap really 😦 But my snack was good!! I broke into another Whole Foods purchase:

sun1 033

Hulled buckwheat grains, beetroot, carrots, golden linseed, hulled sunflower seeds, psyllium seeds (I have no idea what they are either), sea salt – all raw!

sun1 034

Really, REALLY good! They were like better tasting and far healthier crisps. Delicious! If you ever see them, BUY THEM! They come in a banana/blueberry flavour too (which I have :p), so something for everyone 😀

I also had a tiny baby fig, which I was meant to have at lunch:

sun1 036

Yum 😀

For dinner, I was on a roll with the whole ‘food I adore’ theme as my reward for the 11 miles, so I did an Ultimate Favourite Meal – tempeh, cocoa durum wheat, grey pumpkin, aubergine, parsnip and a cashew/maple/banana sauce:

sun2 001

sun2 002

sun2 006

Words cannot describe that meal. Wowzers!

I’ll be having one of my many, many, many muffins for dessert, with some yogurt 🙂


Ok, so I was thinking about my run today. For me, it wasn’t fast, and I walked for a few mins during it. 3 months ago, I would have been SO disappointed in myself. But I’m starting to realise – my performance should be judged based on how I am at that time, today, not previously. Like, my super fast runs were in winter, when it was cooler – heat has a MAJOR effect on me and has meant my speed has suffered.

The other thing I realised was that I shouldn’t compare myself to other people. I do this in every aspect of my life – school work, social life, riding ability – everything. But today I think it’s quite applicable to my running.

Not all that long ago, I read a blog post by a girl who’d run her 4th or 5th marathon. Her basic reaction to her (approx.) 4hr30 time was ‘LOL at me, how slow was I!? EMBARESSING!’. When I first read it, I felt so sad!!! My goal time for the Marine Corps marathon is 4hr 30 – yet to her, a time that slow was laughable! But today, I started to realise – who cares about her? To HER, that was slow. But to me, that’s good! I should NOT feel disappointed in myself if I run slower than someone else, or if I find 11miles tough, whilst fellow bloggers pump out 7 or 8miles every day, with the odd 20miler thrown in for fun. That’s them! I’m me! It’s all relative to who you are. So I suppose my point is, although some comparison is good sometimes, in general we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people, when we just want to have fun. I think realising this was part of the reason why I felt so proud of myself for my own 11miles today. Last night, I was SO scared. But I did it – and that’s all that matters! It wasn’t fast like how I used to be, but who cares. I’m doing this for me and no-one else.

What do you think? Do you compare yourself to others? Do you think it helps or hinders you? I’d love to hear what you think 🙂 I believe that some comparison – like competition – can be good. But when it starts to make you feel bad about your own achievements, it’s time to take a step back!

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Tomorrow is Friday. WO HOO!

Has Thursday totally dragged by for anyone else?? I feel like today has gone on forEVER. Lots has been going on here though…mainly for Chika, but I still had to be involved. Before I get onto all that though…I asked yesterday for folks to help me name my new Vita Mix (a machine that good deserves a name!), and I had some great suggestions! But there was only one winner – Karrie Anne, who suggested Vincent! Yep, my Vita Mix shall now be known as Vincent 😀 Thankyou Karrie Anne! Your prize can be..um….unlimited use of Vincent 😛


Soo anyway, today – designated cross training day today, so after my usual pre-workout fuel, I did an hour of DVD craziness. Theeen, Vincent and I held a secret rendez-vous in a corner of my kitchen…….I have to say-  I am blown away by Vincent. With The Blender We Do Not Speak Of, an EGM would take a good 10mins to blend, with constant stopping and starting and prodding and poking to try and get it blended. Vincent however – (literally) 5 seconds and the job was done!! I had to hold onto the counter to stop myself falling over in shock. He produced a truly fabulous EGM (except I used 1 cup of milk, not half milk/half yogurt, and I added in nutmeg and date syrup):

thurs2 008

thurs2 002

Look at the size of that blackberry (reduced to clear – 99p!) – surely not normal!?

thurs2 003

It was dang fine anyway; so lovely to have an EGM again – it’s been too long.

Straight after breakfast, I dragged Chika out to work – she was super (though quite tough to crack) today, despite the crazy weather. England was having a ‘bipolar’ day – whilst I was riding, I had heavy rain, strong wind, and blazing sun, all in 35minutea!! Up and down, up and down…mad.

When she was done, I did a short reading-walk, washed my hair, made a tofu-pear-plum dessert with Vincent, and later on made a DELICIOUS early lunch!! I had a wholemeal English muffin, spread with hummus – half topped with tempeh strips, and half with chickpeas. I also had mixed spice coated and roasted butternut squash, carrot (no wonder I have yellow hands :p), left over turnip and a bit of parsnip. The resulting excellence:

thurs2 009

thurs2 011

thurs2 010

thurs2 016

thurs2 019

OH so scrumptious!! One of the best lunches I’ve had in a long, LONG time! I didn’t want it to end 🙂 Dessert was half a black bean brownie, and later on, some So Crispy bites.

Literally the second I finished lunch though, the vet and farrier turned up. Chika was having her nose checked out cos of her mild head shaking – he prescribed some nice herbal type supplements to help combat it, and wrote me a nice list of suggestions if it doesn’t work – ranging from the herbal supplement I just said, all the way down to having the nerves in her nose cut out, and giving her a medication that schizophrenics have, which would literally make her brain dead!! Hopefully the herbal supplements will work 😛

After everyone had left, I made some peanut butter bread from my Vita Mix cookbook (after a 20minute drive to find baking powder…..) –

thrus3 002

However, I didn’t want bread, I wanted MUFFINS! So I did the exact same recipe, but in muffin form 🙂

thrus3 003

I ended up having half of one for my afternoon snack:

thurs2 024

Along with 1/2 cup of yogurt, with a sprinkle of this stuff (made just down the road from me):

thurs2 021

thurs2 022


thurs2 025

thurs2 026

thurs2 028

The muffins were super too 🙂 I would’ve liked a slightly less subtle PB flavour, but the texture and lightness of the muffins cancelled that negative out 😀

For diiinner, I had been thinking about doing some kind of maple roasted chickpeas- but then I my cashew-banana-maple sauce came into my head randomly (and once the seed is there, you can’t get rid of it :p) and so the maple chickpeas were scrapped 😛 Instead, I did tempeh with the above sauce, kabocha, aubergine, parsnip and chickpeas:

thrus3 005

thrus3 006

thrus3 007

thrus3 008

Ooooohh I LOVE THAT SAUCE! Words cannot describe how much….Good gracious.

Dessert is going to be the pear-plum-tofu-cocoa dessert I blended up earlier. Can’t wait!!!


Sooo the Uganda post should come tomorrow, all being well 🙂 And then next week, there’s lots going on too. A trip to Wholefoods (the biggest store in London!) and my sister’s graduation may well be happening 😀


What’s your favourite TV show? What are you addicted to at the moment? I’m well into Gossip Girl (which I’m about to go watch now on DVD :p), and ER 😀 And I’ve got the American version of The Office waiting in the wings – anyone seen it?

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