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Happy Hump Day!

Oof, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I still have a post-marathon post in the works (it’s requiring a lorra thinking…), combined with some…homework…shall we say!? It’ll make sense when the time comes! But in the meantime, I have to do a quick foodie post and tell y’all about the best lunch/dinner (LINNER! Get it? Clever, I know.) I had the other day!


Preceding the yummy linner was a FABULOUS 5mile run – I felt GREAT. Like, the best I’ve felt in sooo long. I was fast! 5miles done and done in 42mins, averaging an 8.33 pace. Boy did it feel good..weirdly, I’d had lectures all morning and had hardly had a chance to eat much – a small bowl of cereal, an apple, and this:


A Pulsin’ energy bomb disc!


I’d been up since 6.30 and didn’t run til 1.45pm..but I just didn’t get hungry! (don’t worry, I made up for it later :p). But anyway – the Pulsin’ disc, I swear it was made of rocket fuel. I’ve never had one before a workout before, but obvs it works 😀 As does a pretty empty stomach for a workout. Yet more proof IMHO that my marathon-mistake of eating too much was my downfall….

ANYWAYZ. Before I went for the run, I’d prepped a nice veggie-butterbean stew, so it’d be all ready to eat when I got back:


Parsnip, sprouts, celeriac, cauliflower (honestly: does anyone actually LIKE cauliflower? I ate it cos it needed eating..but it really is the most dull veggie). The base of the stew involved tomatoes, molasses, marmite, tomato puree, vegan worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, other stuff I can’t remember…


Annoyingly, it was the last thing I wanted when I got back though :/ After some ummm-ing and aahh-ing and kitchen rumaging (is that a word?), I decided on this…


A breakfast cookie, with a maple and vanilla pear sauce!


– 50g oats

– 1 medium ripe mashed banana

– 1/2 tbsp pea protein powder

– 1 spoon of cacao powder (you could use cocoa powder – but cocoa powder is less sweet, so you might want to add in some agave or maple syrup or something to compensate)

– tiny splash of soya milk


Mash mash mash.


I stuck it in the microwave for a minute or two before I topped it with the sauce, to heat through.

Pear and vanilla sauce:

– 1 tiny baby ripe pear, chopped up

– 1/4 cup soya milk (the milk I used – So Good – has quite a sweet, vanilla-ness to it, so if you make this, you might want to alter the amount of sweetness you use, and maybe add a 1/2tsp vanilla essence

– 1 tsp maple syrup

– a few chugs of salt

– cinnamon




I stuck it all in a non-stick pan, and let it simmer (with lots of stirring) over a medium-ish heat for..10mins maybe? Til it thickened anyway 🙂 Like the above photo!

Theeeeen, it was ready to top off the heated up cookie 🙂





Uh, talk about DELICIOUS heaven on a plate! Soooooooooooooo good 😀

Whilst we’re on the subject of delicious food……some other foodie happenings:

Mama Pea peanut butter cookies (except I used sunflower butter):


I got them out too early and when it came to lifting them off the tray, they broke…


…a few more minutes more cook and they were perrrfect 🙂


Sprinkled with salt and sugar – MADE the cookie!


I think I’m getting how to bake cookies now 😀

The most yummiest snack ever – oatbran, cooked with a spoon of chocolate Vega smoothie mix, with yogurt stirred in at the end:



Holy yum. I’ve had that twice!

Big old English muffin/tofu burger sandweeches:


Again with the holy yum. That burger was one juicy biatch!

Sharonfruit and cinnamon:


Holy yum x 3.

Pear, chickpea and soy sauce stir fry:


With kale crisps on the side:


And many, many bowls of oatmeal. And cereal:



And brussels sprouts 😛

But enough from me – it’s late and I badly need my bed!!! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get up my deeper and more meaningful post 😛 Stay tuned!

Question: Best thing you’ve eaten in the last week?

Have you ever seen 300 Days of Summer? I’m re-watching it atm…it’s like, my favourite film 🙂

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Hello! Just thought I’d check in – it’s been a while 🙂

So I totally thought I was gonna have to tell y’all some sad news today, about the passing on of two good friends. The friends in question have known me since I was born – 20 years – and have stuck with me through every major life change. BUT! There was no need! Toenail 2 Left Foot and Toenail 2 Right Foot survived Sunday’s 20miler! They were quite purple on Monday & Tuesday, and on my 5miler today, I was quite sure they’d gone to the next life (so much so I stopped at 2.5miles to check!). But they’re clinging on 🙂 phew! i’m sure you all reaaally wanted to know that…mm.

ANNNNYways, what else has been happening? Replying to emails – apparently not. I am so sorry for not replying yet! Literally every spare second this week has been filled, and by the time I do get time to do things like email replying and blog reading, I’m ready to pass out in bed…Hopefully I’ll catch up by the end of the week though 🙂

Talking of busyness – oh my, is uni mental at the moment! Early starts, hours and hours and HOURS of commuting (and a fair bit of rush hour traffic), lectures, reading, reading, reading..did I mention reading? Oh, and meetings and reading and riding and reading and eating and reading and running and reading. It’s been a busy few days, to say the least…some foodie highlights? Here’s what I’ve been lovin:


Cereal in an almost empty yogurt pot, eaten for breakfast in my car. STYLE!



A baked munchkin, surrounded by baked beans <- that was AMAZE!


A cashew cookie Nakd bar <- it’s been far too long!


An amazing hummus/salad/tomato puree/seitan sandwich, with ketchup roasted parsnip and fancy olives…


MORE ketchup veggies!


Kabocha squash, roasted and mashed, then cooked with oats/spelt flakes, soya milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and maple syrup and pea protein powder, then put in the keep-warm oven for 20mins to harden over….


The same again, but with cocoa powder…holy. yum. If you’ve never had that combination before (squash and oats), you’re a fool, and are missing out! Gone are the days of runny, banana oats…it’s ALL about the stick-to-your-ribs, could-cut-wth-a-kinife oats now!


Banana and oats still have a place in my heart though 🙂


As do Vega Vanilla Almond oats!

And who could forget hummus…especially when it’s mixed with nooch and lemon juice and water, and ‘baked’ with parsnip:


It’s actually quite ridiculous how much I’ve enjoyed my food the past few days 😀 Even though oats/spelt flakes to seem to be the recurring theme….but hey – if my body wants oats, I shall give it oats! After the fabulous 20miles on Sunday, I have a newfound love of it, so it can have whatever the heck it likes 😀

Things I’ve been hating this week? The divorce of two of my favourite celeb couples – Christina Aguilera and Jordan Batman or whatever he’s called, and Courtney Cox and David Arquette! I thought both were in it for the long haul…they literally used to bang on about how much they loved each other, right up until the press release announcing their respective splits. C’est ridiculous! Hollywood is all LIES, it really does make you lose faith in love/celebs saying they tell the truth. Hurrumph.

Right, I’m off to…yep, read. All about emotion this time (FYI – I love my emotion lecturer! She is OBSESSED with Lord of the Rings, so pictures of Frodo and his cronies keep popping up all over the shop. It’s so funny!)

Question: What have you been loving and hating this week?

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Oohh 😦 You know what I hate? I really, really hate having to write a negative blog post. Like REALLY hate it. This past week, I’ve been feeling so awful, but I have tried to put on a positive blog smile. After today’s run though, I can’t anymore, and I’m gonna have to break all my rules and not be upbeat 😦 I know this will all pass, so I just hope all you lovely readers will stick by me and not run off into the sunset with arms round positive-post-bloggers!! :p

So anyway, I had to run 14miles today, which was booked in as an easy run – I did 18miles last week, and have 20 next week. Easy it was not, however! Last night, I was all prepped to do a good run. I even did a little photo tutorial of a breakfast cookie 😀

I started with a banana, a splash of pressed coconut milk and a forkful of cashew butter:


Mashed it up somethin’ silly:


And mashed in 50g oats:



I then gave myself a pat on the back and a thumbs up for creating something that looked so much like a cookie 😀


This morning, I topped it with 3 dates, a yogurt blob, and a mini unpictured handful of Grape Nuts (and 2 tsps wheat germ):


It was delicious!! I then left it a good hour and a bit before setting out on my run. Normally, an hour is perfect digestion time for me – I always feel fine. Today however? No.

I got 1/2 mile down the road before the tears came. I got 1.2miles down the road before stopping, sitting down on the (wet & dirty) pavement, and bawling my eyes out, for a good 10mins+. I must’ve looked a state cos someone even turned their car round to come back and check I was ok! I told them I was fine, but obviously I wasn’t – I felt so sick again. I knew it was eaten-too-soon-then-run sickness, but I felt crap and hadn’t the mental strength to run through it. So, I sat like that for a bit, then *somehow* ran home.

On the way, I’m pretty sure I had an anxiety attack – I was crying, hyperventilating, shaking…I’ve had them before, so I knew what it was 😦 When I got back home, I cried all over my mum for a while – i already felt like I’d failed – walked 1/4 mile with her, and hugged Chika for a bit. All in all, I stayed at home for..40mins or so? Just waiting for my stomach to settle. Then I was off again!

My mum offered to bike with me, but I felt like I needed to do it alone, so I did a 5mile loop solo. My stomach started to feel a bit better…but my legs started to cramp and hurt instead!! I stopped again at 7.4miles, cried some more, and swapped water for Lucozade and had a few bites of a Powerbar (I finished the rest of it, bites at a time, later on). My mum then cycled with me for a mile, before I set off to do another 4 or so alone. When I got back after that, my sister was waiting for my with the bike, so we did the last 3miles together.

It was one tough run. My total time was 14miles in 2hrs8, an average 9.12 min/mile pace. However, I am so incredibly disappointed in myself. I was stopping at least once a mile to stretch (which I stopped the Garmin for), and I also walked about 3mins or so on top of all that <- for eg. on the last mile, my chest tightened up, so I walked for about a minute, but was backtracking my route, so for some reason I stopped the Garmin.

My pace also doesn’t include the times when I stopped to cry, and to switch my water around and stuff. Which basically means, I’m gutted. I’m scared that I can’t seem to run a mile without needing to stop (and I’d say that’s 80% down to lack of mental willpower at the moment). I’m scared that I did 14miles today, over the course of about 3hrs+, yet it was so difficult. I’m scared that I have 20miles to run next weekend. I’m scared I have 26.2miles to run in less than a month. I’m scared my legs hurt, and that I feel sick, and that any mental power I had has gone, and that I haven’t done any hill training, and I haven’t done any speed work. I’m angry with myself for being so weak. I’m just angry and upset in general. All in all, I am far from being a happy camper, and I’m at a total loss as to what to do now.

Do I say to myself next week, walking isn’t allowed, to make myself push through mental barriers? Do I decide to focus on speed or hills next week? I am just so lost and confused, and lonely and scared and angry and upset and disappointed. Sigh.

(Side note: My mum doesn’t read my blog, but I know my sister does, so I’ll just say – THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping!! Hannah and my mum have been absolutely brilliant on my long runs for the past few weeks..I don’t know what I’d do without them!).

ANYWAY. That was a long enough rant (although that is far from the end of the rant this is screaming inside me!!), so I shall move on!

Post-14mile eats – all I was craving was GREEN! First up, I made a Green Monster – 1/2 c. pressed coconut milk, 1 scoop Vega chocolate smoothie mix, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/4 tsp xanthan gum, loads of spinach. (I am sorry for the dark photos…on my camera they look light, on my mac, they look black! How dark do you see the photos!?)


I also had a green banana cereal mush blend thing….

  • a large c. of cereal
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • vanilla essence
  • xanthan gum
  • spinach
  • topped with Grape Nuts


Kovac thought it looked yummy :p


It sure was!

Totally delicious 🙂 And packed with so many groovy nutrients!!

Over breakfast (well, lunch actually), I watched some World Equestrian Games dressage to music on YouTube (Laura Bechtolsheimer, the triple silver medallist Brit – her kur made me well up! It was that good!!), and then took the dog for a walk, played with Chika, and had a late afternoon snack of cereal, yogurt and a jamblob:


Sehr gut. I also had a pear and a small apple at random times 🙂

As I haven’t had dinner yet, I’ll take a step back in time to yesterday, and the joys it brought with it…..

My mum and I went SHOPPING! I haven’t been shopping in an Ice Age, and for good reason – I have no money. But we still went, cos she needed new clothes and boots for winter, and wanted my opinion 🙂 I’m very very short on food photos for the day though, cos I didn’t bring my camera…but breakfast was a cereal/banana/vanilla/cinnamon/yogurt blend (ie today’s lunch, without the spinach), which I ate in the car cos we left early:


When we arrived (it was 1.5hrs drive), I had a soya cappuccino <- addicted!

We then a few hours shopping and wondering about, which was lovely and relaxing 🙂 AND we picked up super cheap (reduced price) hand luggage bags for the plane to DC! One in pink, one in purple 😀

For lunch, I’d brought my own thing, as a)being vegan and b) needed to have lots of carbs (no lettuce leaf salads for me, thank you very much) make it hard to find good food. In the USA it could be done – but not in my backwards corner of England! So, yeah, I had made yet another blend! 50g oats, blended with a pear, pressed coconut milk and blackberries, with xanthan gum:


I thought it would thicken to…well, I’m not sure, but thick enough to eat with a fork. Apparently not! It was very un-thick :p But was still delicious! I also had some seitan with it (yes, I like seitan plain, as is. It’s yum!).

Mid afternoon, I had another soya cappuccino, and my mum and I shared a tub of raspberries on the way home 🙂

Dinner was a tempeh thing with a cashew-banana-vanilla sauce…to die for!

In fact, it was so good I think I’ll have the same thing tonight. I do need cheering up after all!!

Soooo have a good evening y’all, and if you have any words of wisdom for me….shout em out!

(ps – I’m very sorry if I’ve been slack replying to emails recently – I will speed up soon, I promise!!)

(pps – i did eat more yesterday than the 3 meals mentioned, before anyone gets worried :p)

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