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…then I don’t ever want to be right.



Seriously, is there some crazy side effect that comes from overdosing on that weirdo white carrot hybrid? Part of me thinks I should research it, in case there IS (seeing as I eat about 6 parsnips a day), but then if I found out something negative…well, I don’t know what I’d do. Be very sad I suppose 😥

Have you ever had parsnips? They are seriously the most amazing vegetable out there!! And my love for them comes truly from the heart – I was not paid in any way by The Parsnip Company – whoever they may be – to give all the affection! An affection that is so strong, I’ve had them three times today. Once at lunch, once at dinner, and once in some muffins.


Yes, parsnip muffins! I did THIS recipe, but instead of making a cake, I made muffins, and I replaced the walnuts and raisins with dates. I’d run out of walnuts (sob), and, I don’t know, raisins irritate me in baked goods. Weird….Anyway! Look at the baking extravo:


My first time using a pestal and mortar, or whatever the correct spelling is! I needed cardamon, but only had the whole pods, so I did the grindy-grindy thang, and that’s what i was left with 🙂



These took pretty much a full hour to prep – and I didn’t even do the parsnip grating! That tedious job was left to good ol’ Vincent, who worked his Vita-magic like the trooper he is.


DONE!!! Oooh my gosh, they smelt SO good! Now I’m a self-confessed ginger hater, but these had ginger in and it totally worked 🙂



Amazingly good; probably some of the best muffins I’ve ever made – in my many, many years as a baker….- flavourful, moist, a good spice kick. One was in heaven. One would like to eat many more of these. One has found what one’s birthday cake will be made of (FYI: 27th May, I turn 21. Mark it in your calenders folks, I expect cars, holidays and free money as presents!)



Eating muffins is also a good way to balance out a vegelicious-parsniplicious lunch 😀 Before you ask – yep, I do have a stomach of steel!

Whilst I was busy making parsnip muffins, I knocked back a beer, which was moonlighting itself as maple syrup walnut coffee with Aerolatte-frothed milk:


Trying saying that fast over & over again….Impressive froth right!!?? I literally used 20ml of soya milk for that :O crazy times.

Other crazy times? My pink breakfast this morning!! Cooked oats, poured into a baking dish with BLACKBERRIES (Waitrose, reduced to clear. Joy!)



Then baked for 35mins or so, til it looked like this:


Ha, quite the eye sore right!!?? It looked a little better when I turned it out –


– and then topped it with none other than……BANANA SOFT SERVE!!!


And here come a million and one pictures of the same thing 😛






Holy cow it’s been a long time since I’ve had me some of that! And oh how I’ve missed it 🙂 But I totally deserved a speshal treat today 🙂 why why why, you say?


This morning I was up and at ’em bright and early, to go on a nice little walk/run. However, when I started running, I felt pretty good…so I kept going. And going, and going. Before I knew it, I’d done 6miles (!) and had hardly walked or stopped! My Angry Legs still were a bit sore, but mucho MUCHO reduced in soreness, even from Sunday when I last ran. And it was mainly achey calf muscles – the shins hurt for maybe a total of 5mins today!! I finished the run with a big old smile on my face – I feel like I’m getting proper real glimpses of being heeeaaaled 😀 I iced down zee legs with some frozen chips whilst my oats were cooking, and it felt sooooo lovely – just what they needed.


In fact, today has been a pretty darn good day on the whole! Good run, good baking, good food, and 2 other good things which I’m very excited about and will tell you aaaall about tomorrow 😀

Let me give you a hint though – it links to this:




I’m very excited 🙂

Tell me – do you like parsnips? What’s your favourite way to eat them?

What was the best thing to happen to you today? Or if you’re feeling negative, what was the least bad thing to happen!?

ps – We have a car-name winner!!!


Thank you everrrr so much to Fi, at Sparkling Snowflake (who oddly enough, won my give away the other week) – Meredith and I are eternally grateful 🙂


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Horse photos coming!

Just call me Bob. Bob the Builder, that is. Is he as famous overseas as he is in England? If not, you had a lucky escape, cos my GOSH is he one annoying character.201101301801.jpg


However, we do have one major thing in common; building skilllz, innit!!

He builds toy constructions, I build sandwiches. Oh yes.

Just like he mixes cement, I mix my sandwich fillings. In this case – boiled parsnip and butternut (I did drink the water the veggies boiled in, fyi; I love veg water! Think of the vitamins, the VITAMINS!! Gah), mashed with a blob of soya yogurt, a splash of cocoa-balsamic, mixed herbs, agave, salt, pepper and mixed spice (or cinnamon, I cannae remember which):


Appetising, non?


That went onto layer one:


Layer two = good old Tesco value cooked beets!


Layer three – squishy roast aubergine (or eggplant, if you roll that way)




A beastie boy of a sandwich!!! Beats a house any day :p


A cabbage garlic soy sauce left over butternut stir fry acted a side dish 🙂


I also built jelly donut CUPCAKES this weekend!! From the wonder that is Veganomicon, no less-


They may be ugly, but they sure did go down a storm!! Booooo yeah.

What else did I build….oh yeah, OATS with peanut flour/melted banana/cinnamon sauce:


I had to snap it quick before that lovely peanut banananananary sauce just sunk right in…


But OH boy it was good! The next day, I gave almond extract a run in the oats:



Didn’t work as well as vanilla…good, but not good enough, in my expert opinion. Hurrumph. I still repeated it this morning (Sunday) though, for whatever balmy reason:


Pre-mix above, post-mix below 🙂


Why do I never learn – don’t fix what ain’t broken! (even if Bob encourages you too…‘Boooob the Builder, CAN WE FIX IT!? Booooob the Builder, YES WE CAN!’ NO. We CAN”T. No idea what I’m on about? lookey here)

Ok, so I’ve done the Bob half of the title…how about the Thrills and Spills part!?


I RAN!!!!!!!


I got up, laced up my shoeloos, ate an apple the size of my head, 2tsp of wheatgerm and a finger full of jam, and headed out. My aim was to run about three miles – but I did six!


I actually ran/walked seven miles, with LOADS of little breaks to stretch, walk, have a drink etc etc, so all in all it took about 1hr20mins, but I actually RAN a total of about 6miles *happy dance*! The pain that began in my calf muscles (way back when) and moved to my shins (2 weeks ago) is retreating back again, HA! Shins were cool, calf muscles a little achey. But not, ohmygosh-we-want-to-die achey, just-we’ve-worked-hard achey. I’ll take that 🙂

I reckonz another week off of running, and by next weekend I should be raring to go. I cannot contain the joy! FYI: The doc appointment on Friday was pointless; he can’t refer me to a sports physio on the NHS 😦

Another thrill – yet more Veganomicon produce! Chewy chocolate raspberry cookies this time, except made with gran-made bramble and blackberry jam, as opposed to raspberry 😀




I don’t know about the cookies (they’re for my mum’s work) but damn did that dough taste good :p

The final thrill of the day? Why, gram flour pancakes for lunch of course! Topped with boiled mashed parsnip (mixed with agave and cinnamon) and a blob of melted banana:


Parsnip mush:


Banana mush:


You’d be amazed at how well parsnip and banana go together – seriously! Plus, I am LOVING gram flour pancakes – packed with protein, and oh-so chewy 🙂

Now, let me tell you about the Spills:

Hannah took Tig (her horse) out for a hack today, which is fair enough. She’d been out for 20mins or so, when – whilst i was upstairs – my mum got a phone call from the sister herself, saying she’d come off and Tig was on the road! ERrrrr cue PANIC from sweet mutti bear! She dashed out of the house, and a few mins later, I came downstairs (unawares) and my step dad said to me ‘Hannah’s fallen off on the road and Tig is loose’!!

Obvs, I shoved my trainers on and ran out of the door and down the road. I couldn’t see my mum ahead (as it turns out, she hitched a lift with a random car – she couldn’t drive her car out cos if Tig was loose, she’d need to catch him) but as I ran further down the road, I could see the tell-tale white marks on the road, from Tig’s metal shoes. I kept going, turned up the path where Hannah had gone, and saw my mum.

As it turns out, Tig and Hannah had been galloping in one of the stubble fields about 1.5miles from home, and were going to cross from one to the other. As they got closer, the bit she thought was a track for crossing, was actually a huge open ditch! It totally took them both by surprise, Tig slammed on the breaks and spun, and Hannah went out the side door. Tig then cantered off (feeling somewhat shaken! Horses don’t like losing their riders) and crossed a MAIN road, back down the track he’d been up, and then was caught by my mum, cantering down the road leading to our house!

And do you know what the crazy thing is? LOADS of cars passed him – loose, on the road, with no rider – and not one car stopped. What the-?

So anyway – my mum caught Tig and led him back up the track to meet Hannah (who was unharmed – the ground was soft and muddy, she’s young and still bounces :p). She got back on, and finished her ride, including going over the ditch. Phew!

Whilst all that was going on, my poor lady Chika was in the field, freaking out! She gets terribly upset when her boyfriend goes anyway, but today, I think she knew something was wrong – she spent the whole time neighing and galloping circles round the field (i took these before The Phonecall):




Her poor stressed lil face 😦









Le sigh. She is so silly sometimes! At least she got a half decent workout 😛

Soo that was Sunday – somewhat eventful! I spent the afternoon baking, mucking out, and watching eBay like a hawk; I was bidding on a (very cheap, we’re talking £200) car cos, now Hannah is working full time and I need the car for uni, we’re in a predicament! Alas, I was the highest bidder til the LAST second when i got pipped – by £10! – at the post. Bah. I hate eBay sometimes.

How was your weekend? Have you had any thrills (or spills!?)?

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Holla holla!

Aight? How’s Humpday treating you? I’ve had a tiring one! And a cold one, and a wet one, and a busy one and a jar-filled one. Let’s start from the top:

Woke up from a terrrrible night of sleep; at 3.30am, I awoke thinking I had a runny nose. I touched my nose, and it turned out I had a nose bleed!!?? And not just any old one, a real bad one! Wtf? I hadn’t banged my nose, I don’t have a cold…I just got a nose bleed, randomly in the night. I got one randomly the other day too :s eek!

Anywayz, that kept me up for a good 1/2hr +, so I was not a happy camper when the old alarm buzzed this morning. Nothing an apple, wheatgerm and Jillian won’t solve :p I put on my shin sleeves today, to see if they would fall off/cut off circulation to my foot and turn it blue. As it turns out, the latter was the case – they were too tight, and I think they actually CAUSED me pain! Sooo I’ll be sending them back 😛 Nice try, sleeves, nice try.

Post Jillian, I went for a walk/run (whilst feeling very, very sorry for myself. I just want to RUN! Properly! None of this pain-faff). Now, if before, the pain was 8/10, today it was maybe 6/10! That’s LESS!!


Still there, and still stopping me from running….But


I’m still gonna see the doc though. I’m not convinced I’m healing…..(oohh – do you think a lack of sleep + stress could be causing me problems?)

Breakfast came in the form of melon, frozen grapes and coffee:


Why oh why do my photos look dark on here? They’re BRIGHT on my camera! Booooo hiss.

Alongside 1/2 c. oats, cooked wiiiith salt, cinnamon, vanilla and lots o’ water, with a soya yogurt and milk swirl at the end:


There are oats in there :p



Very scrummeh 🙂 (hating the dark camera work. Seriously.)

I spent the morning doing animal instinct research – the topic of my coursework for my animal behaviour module (the ONE module I actually LIKE at uni!!!). I feel like I accomplished soo much, it was fab! Don’t you love being on a work-related role!? And it was the perfect day to be stuck inside – outside was cold and wet and windy and looked like junk. I’ll take a warm kitchen and a laptop any day 🙂

At lunch, I really wasn’t very hungry, but that’s besides the point – I decided to do a roast veg tutorial! See, one of the most common email questions I get from readers is how do I roast my veggies? So today, I’ve decided to reveal my method….

Step One: Get a roasting/oven tray, and grease it/spray it/do whatever you want to it so crap doesn’t stick to it (dang I know how to phrase things well!)


Step Two: Gather your veg together:


Today, I went for celeriac, parsnip (the best thing to roast!), butternut squash, leek and aubergine.

Step Three: Cut up all your victims into little bite-size ish chunks (if you want a quicker cooking time, like me) that are all roughly the same size:


Now – with parsnips, I do something different – I alllllwaaaaays cut out THIS bit:


The core-y section. For some reason unbeknownst to me, that bit never seems to cook and always stays hard, so I just cut it out (and eat it whilst I’m cutting – I love raw parsnip :p)

Step Four: Season!


Salt, pepper, cinnamon, thyme, dried herbs, cocoa, agave nectar…whatever you want! I went for salt, pepper, mixed herbs, and HP sauce 🙂


Spray/drizzle oil/etc and then you’re good to go! I bake mine in the Aga hot oven, which is…er…hot. I don’t know the exact temp! I’d reckon it’s probably 180degrees/350F plus, but I’m not sure. The Aga is also a genius at keeping in moisture, whilst the fan oven we have is a NASTY piece of work and dries food out. So you’ll have to experiment 😀

I roast for abbbout 20-25mins, turning and spraying half way through. You’ll know everything is done cos if you stab it all with a knife, it’ll be soft (and hopefully gooey, if you like ’em like me :p). Then – serve!


There you have it, a plate of perfect roast veg 🙂


Soooo good!

Oh – that jar on the side? An empty PB jar….I ate the WHOLE thing JUST by dipping my knife in it whilst cooking! Holy cow. There was basically zero PB left, but even so, I stuffed in some lightly boiled sprouts and broccoli:



What can I say, I had a green craving. (FYI – cinnamon raisin PB residue and Brussels sprouts DOES work! You heard it here first.)

I’ll get onto lunch part two in a minute 🙂

Firstly – oh yum:


Oh yes:


Oh yay!


Baked for Mamma-Bear’s place of work 🙂

Next up on the OhYum-OhYes-OhYay scale? OATS IN A JAR! Lunch’s veg-in-a-jar just didn’t cut it, so I did it the reaaaal way 😀

  • 55g oats
  • salt
  • agave
  • vanilla
  • cinnamon
  • 1 serving peanut flour
  • water
  • an empty-ish (crunchy!) PB jar


Bowl for overflow:


I’m so grateful my Mamman AND my sister eat peanut butter now – a steady stream of empty jars comin’ my way 🙂


More squishy roast veg (cooked in apple balsamic, cinnamon, agave, mixed herbs, salt)




Stellar ingredients list!

The last of my frozen grapes! *sadface*

Yum yes yay 🙂


Now, back to lunch. This bit links up to the Dairy Debate Part Deux! I’m sure y’all remember the Dairy Debate Part Une (I don’t have a link…gah, just scroll down the blog a bit :p), and I think this picture explains my conclusion:


Greek yogurt (and a banana).

I’ve actually been pretty…worried? about writing about this on the blog, but now’s the time. Here’s the thing:

I decided to TRY having a pot of Greek yogurt a few weeks back. The first time I had it, it was like ‘oohh yes, I needed that’. Since then, I’ve had a handful of pots, but already I don’t feel the need for it as much (today, it was a bit blah). However, at this time in my life, I don’t feel quite confident enough in my food choices (if that’s the right phrase) to branch out more into new foodie-territories. TBH, I’m so stressed and all over the place right now that my diet is pretty limited and ‘safe’ cos I’m not in the right head space to go mad experimenting, which is a shame; mentally, half of me does NOT want to eat that yogurt (ethics). But the other half knows I need non-soy protein, and is telling me to eat it. I’m not happy as such about eating it, and I can’t wait for the day when I feel calm/collected/brave enough to venture out into non-soy related proteins and use them to my advantage….if that makes any sense. But right now, I’m just not brave enough! I’ll get there soon.

I do however still think of myself as vegan. Ok, a lot of you may disagree with me there – but I will ONLY eat the odd pot at home, and on rare occasions (literally, once a week). If I went to a restaurant or was on a plane or whatever, I would describe myself as vegan, and I still believe in veganism. I’m just trying to do what’s right for me RIGHT NOW, and sometimes that means stepping away from the label and following what I need.

It’s a weird one!

Any thoughts?

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I have trouble sleeping!

A LOT of trouble sleeping! Last night I was practically falling asleep, I was so tired..yet I couldn’t actually sleep. My mind was busy with a billion different things (hence why I have a little notepad by my bed) and last night, I was thinking about blog posts. In a moment of sheer genius (or exhaustion?) I came up with a theme for my post this evening, so i quickly scribbled it down – ‘under the sea…swan lake…friday night…’….saayyaa whaaa-?

I had no idea what all that meant today :p

Til just now, when i looked at my photos, saw the sea spaghetti I ate, and everything came flooding back! See, look: sea spaghetti:


Funky stuff. Dry as a bone, soak it for an hour, it expands like mad and tastes like seaweed;


I paired it with my remaining tofu sea cake at lunch on Sunday:


Along with soy-sauce/garlic stir fried cabbage, and lots n lots (n lots) of veggies.


Can you tell I love my veg? Oh yes. It’s addiction. The sea spaghetti though…meh. I bought it AGES ago as a speshal treat for my fine self, had it once, then forgot about it. I think it had dried out a bit too much and wasn’t as impressive 😦 either that, or I’m losing my health-freak charm :/ alas.

Do pancakes count as healthy? I think they do when you make them with spelt and some other flour and mashed banana right in the batter, with a yogurt/peanut flour/Dessert Dukkah sauce, 1/2 a mashed Nah-Nah, frozen grapes, and puff cereal:


Boi boi!


Obvs, as I liked these, there’s an abundance of similar photos. You know me…


Mini nubbin pancake:


Bliss! That was Sunday’s breakfast though – my rushed Monday morning breakfast did little for the imagination –

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1.5 c. water
  • salt
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla extract
  • cold soya milk splashed over at the end


I sat it on Women’s Running magazine so you’d at least have something interesting to look at 🙂


I love plain oats now 🙂 I also love frozen grapes:


And perfectly ripe bubbah pears:


Lunch ( a protein bar, an apple and a cup o’ coffee – yep, told you my eats were dull at the moment! I didn’t have time for anything else before my lecture :() didn’t hold me over thaaaat long, so 3hrs later, it was time for cereal+milk, as soon as I walked through the door:


Actually, the pear came first, cos I wanted to eat something before I did the important-immediate things I had to do asap when I walked in, but whatevz. Noone cares about chronological orders in this day and age.

Dinner was oats. Again. Cooked with carob powder, fruit syrup sweetener, salt, and cooked mashed butternut squash and cinnamon. No picture cos it was ugly and dull :p There was squishy roast parsnips covered in bbq sauce on the side though! Yum 🙂

Dessert today – yep, I’m still at the dark chocolate!


I also had a bite of a chocolate-banana muffin (E,D&BV baking) that I baked as soon as I got home:



Sadly, I wasn’t that impressed 😦 BUT I did change the flours from the recipe without altering anything else, so they were a little dry 😦 I also overmixed. Oh well!


Now, back to the beginning of the post – my weird ramblings that I wrote on my pad? WELL – I remember now – I WAS going to say that the sea spaghetti reminded me of my favourite Disney film, The Little Mermaid (LOVE. it. I fancy Eric!), which reminded me of the highly underrated film cartoon The Swan Princess; dang that was a good cartoon! Odette, I used to love her 🙂 I was THEN going to suggest that you crazy folk head over to Blockbuster on your next Friday night and rent it…but now, this whole blurb doesn’t make as much sense as it did at 1.30am last night. Maybe I’ll stop typing.

Running update!

Still hurts 😦 tomorrow, I’m gonna phone up the Quack and try and get an appointment. It’s SO horrible not being able to run. This morning, I set out on a 3mile power walk, but ended up doing a 50minute 4mile walk-run, running til it started to hurt, then walking. I know, I know – not ideal. But oh my GOSH I miss it. When I was running pain-free, it was so effortless and blissful and I felt amazing….I feel like Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour, when he has crappy eyesight and he says ‘don’t take my wings from me!’ (re his plane). I feel JUST like that; after all, my life is very comparable to a Hollywood world war 2 blockbuster film about blokes 🙂

Question: What’s your favourite Disney film? And don’t say you don’t have one – EVERYONE has at least one Disney film they like!

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Ay, it’s THAT time of year again. You know the one I mean – where everybody under the sun starts to make new year’s resolutions. I doubt I’ll surprise you all by saying mine aren’t the usual go on the cabbage soup diet/do some big cleanse of real food/join a gym&go every day for 2hours/find world peace. Ooooh Noooo!

Although it’d be nice to find world peace, it’s not on my To-Do list for 2011. Maybe 2012? We’ll see how it goes. But yeah, my 2011 resolution-type-things:

1) Learn how to use my camera properly! Gah, I sooo want to be able to take proper fancy photos, and I am sitting on the equipment; I just haven’t learnt how to use it to my advantage yet :/ See, ze preblemo iz – Ah ‘aaate learneen zee technishizzle! ISO, shutter speeds, P, A, etc etc. It’s so darn confuzzling! I tend to just stick to my pre-programmed automatic settings – But this year, this year it ALL changes. I will learn how to take good photos!!! First step – buy a cheapo second hand camera-workings-for-fools book 😀

2) Graduate. Just one…more…6monthperiod…to..get…through…then I’m DONE! I can go from being a jobless, penniless student, to being a jobless, penniless bum. It’ll be great! At least for the 5days or so I have to spare, then I’ll be off to summer camp to work, but whateverz.

3) Cook properly more. I cook and stuff – but I’m very rarely imaginative, or use recipes, or venture out of my comfort zones. 2011 will be the year where it all changes! I want to make use of all my tons and tons of recipe books and bookmarked tabs and wonderful blogs, and go mad. My kitchen won’t know what hit it 😀

4) Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 5. That’s a deep resolution isn’t it?? Well not really – I love GA, I just have yet to get round to watching that season, which is dumb, cos a) I love it, b) I miss it and c) I said so.

Oh gosh – only 4 down, and I’m stuck! I’d love to write goals like run another half marathon in xyz time, but I can’t commit to one – I’ll be flying off to the States in June, and from March onwards, I know I won’t want any extra stressors (exams do enough for the both of us…if that makes sense :/). So that really only gives me 3months to train and run one from now…and I’m not sure (right now) how much I want to do one. Ha. This time next week I’ll probz be blogging about having entered one – bah!

(2days later)

I have some more!

5) Be more patient. I’ve seen this on a number of blogs, and I really think I need to jump on the bandwagon. i have a tendency to lose my temper, snap at people, and get irritated by the smallest things. Maybe 2011 is the year to say ‘deep breath, count to 10……..’ and deal!

6) Run a fast(er) 5k. Now, I’m not really setting an official time, like sub10minutes or whatever, cos I don’t want the pressure. BUT I do want to do a fast one! I’ve never done one sub-25minutes, so I’m guessing under that as a 1st goal, and then we’ll see 😛

7) Find a new hobby. You know I was reading a Jodie Picoult book today, and it was banging on about an American Indian bloke and his heritage. It sounded very, very fascinating…all their little tales and stories that explain their world – i liked it! Maybe learning more about that?

At the moment, that’s where I’m at – but no doubt I’ll come up with more soon enough 😀


In the spirit of ‘that time of year again’-ness, I was gonna do a big ol’ recap of the year post. However, I’m crap at organisation on this blog. I spent about an hour late one evening going through my posts this year, got to February, realised I’d a) spent AGES doing it, and was only 1/6th of the way through, b) had linked to about 20 different pages already and c) … there is no c). It just sounds better 🙂 SO – I don’t have a summary! But briefly, the highlights:

– I did 3 half marathons (go to my running page for links)

– I survived my 2nd year uni exams (a miracle in itself, especially the week that went like this – Mon: exam. Tues: exam. Weds: exam. Thurs: Turn 20. Fri: exam. Yeah.)

– I flew to Chicago and attended the Healthy Living Summit, resulting in the best weekend of my entire life

– I flew to Washington DC and ran my first marathon

– and plenty of other stuff 😀

Short and sweet 🙂


Now back to the regular bloggy bloggerness!

Good food?





I can’t remember what it was marinated in, but I know it involved balsamic vinegar and Italian-y herbs, and I know it was darn awesome 😀

Other good food? A meal out at a brand spanking new Vegetarian restaurant just a 20minute car ride away:


That would be grilled fig, with hallou…cheese and leaves (I shared with my mum – I didn’t have the chez)

For main –


Parsnip, chestnut and cranberry terrine!!! OOOHHH my days. With parsnip crisps on top! And a whole parsnip! To. Die. For.

Slightly less fancy – but equally delicious – regular eats:

Pumpkin oats (steel cut baby!):


Bathed in extra soya milk 😀


Trader Joe’s peanut flour steel cut oats:




Vegetable stew (quite possibly my favourite eat…):


And this rather peculiar bar, that I picked up at the airport in Washington:



It was….odd. 9g of protein (win), but somewhat synthetic tasting, despite having an ok-looking ingredients list. The jury is out on these bars :/ *strokes beard*

Now for my PLEA!

Look what happened today:




Yes – that’s an EMPTY Trader Joe’s peanut flour bag!! Why do I care so much?


Hello, a heck of a lot of vegan protein that isn’t soy and tastes like peanut butter 😀 Need I say more?

I knew this day was coming, and I’d been dreading it. Thankfully, Freya-shopping-in-Washington-in-October also knew this would happen, and bought two bags to be prepared, so I still have one :p But still – my plea is to American readers who live within shooting distance of a Trader Joe’s that sells peanut flour (I’m specific) – How about a foodie swap!? You give me peanut flour, I give you whatever you want 😀 (but within reason please – I’m not giving you the Queen, or gold leaf encrusted truffles)

How about it!!??

My email address IS on the About page, or you can leave me a comment. I am BEGGING someone out there to help me!!

And that is all.

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Hello lovelies! Did you all have a fabby Christmas/regular old Satdee? Ours was pretty quiet here (we weren’t even going to do one, til Chrsitmas Eve, when my mum and I finally felt well enough) – we normally have my mum’s parents and my aunt over, but since my mum and i have been suffering from some weird flu-like thing, we decided inviting over two frail 88year olds – whilst we’re sniffing, snorting and coughing everywhere! – was probably not wise. Sooo it was just my mum, stepdad, sister and I. Ah – Hannah!

Hannah came back Christmas Eve, after spending the last 3months in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Uganda and a gazillion other places 😛 First thing she did when she got back? Drove into town to do some last minute shopping 😛 each to their own!

Anyway – Christmas day!

I got up about 7.45 after a pretty crap night of sleep, and took myself for a 7 mile run. Weirdly (despite being flat out and unable to move on Thursday) I now feel fine in my body; I just have the world’s worst cough/throat thing, and as I type I can’t quite breathe through my nose…lovely right? But the run was blissful – quiet, cold, slow, peaceful. My legs felt so strong and fresh, and I wished I could have gone further.

Breakfast was a quick pear/banana EGM without the green, then my mum and i took the dawg for a walk. Theeeeen it was PRESENT TIME! No pictures sadly – so instead you can have a pic of some amazebugs Vega-chocolate-protein-powder-infused-pancakes, with a carob-cherry sauce I had the other day:


Drooling yet?

As well as some sick-person oatmeal I made for my mamma, the day before I caught whatever she had:


I was a good doctor 😀 It’s just a shame that the next day, we were both laid up on the sofa, drugged up with paracetamol, moaning about our aching limbs and pounding heads 😦 Taking hay and water out to the horse – in the sleet – was NOT fun that day.

ANYWAY! Where was I?

I got lots of lovely things from my very generous family 🙂 The best bit was seeing Hannah open up twice the amount of stuff as everyone else; her birthday was Dec 16th, so she got all her b’day presents too 🙂 Twas fun!

Lunch was a quick spur of the moment carrot and potato soup:


It was really, really good! My mum added some peanut butter to it, which gave an ace flavour 🙂 I only had a ladleful though; breakfast for me (as I’d been running) was later than everyone else’s, so I wasn’t hungry. I did have some cereal and yogurt later though (x2! Plus raw Brussels sprouts and random nuts…).

The afternoon was spent prep-prep-prepping! My mum and I act as The Women of the House at Christmas, whilst Hannah and my stepdad are The Men of the House, who metaphorically retire to the dining room to smoke cigars and drink whiskey. Or eat mince pies and read books and play with new toys :p


Anyway – I took charge of Brussels sprouts & carrots (which were boiled), parsnips (roasted in stock, wholegrain mustard, fruit sweetener, thyme) and a modified dish from Veganomicon – butternut squash, roasted with pear, walnuts, maple syrup, mirin and raisins. My mum did the guinea fowl (freshly shot about 3 days ago :s…), roast potatoes and sauce. The spread:


Twas delish! I oblebloosly didn’t have the guinea fowl; instead I made myself sooooome:

Holiday Tofu!

  • 1 serving tofu
  • juice of a clementine/small orange
  • approx. a tbsp/to taste apple balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tsp sweetener (maple syrup/agave etc etc)
  • a couple of tbsps fresh cranberries
  • cinnamon, to taste (i like a lot)
  • salt, to taste

I started by microwaving the cranberries til they burst and turned mushy (2-3minutes, on about 600). Theeeen I combined everything up, mushed the cranberries a little into the mix, scored the tofu, and marinated it overnight.


A few hours before dinner, I fried it over a low heat (it took about 25mins+ to get where I wanted it).

Pink tofu? At this stage, i KNEW i’d love it :p

Then I set it in a dish, poured the leftover marinade liquid into the pan, and cooked it over a medium heat til it was reduced to a syrupy consistency. Theeeeeeen I poured it over the tofu, heated it up in the microwave just before serving, and voila!


Christmas-y tofu 😀

Before I had that though, we had a small started of fruit (dragonfruit, clementine, kiwi, pomegranate seeds – leftover from LAST Christmas! – dried figs, and frozen grapes, added after the picture):





Then it was time to begin….


Why do they all look so unimpressed by me!!? Pity smiles I tell you, PITY SMILES!

Best parsnips EVER. Fact. Soft and gooey and sweet and full of flavour 🙂




My plate:


You bet I went back from a boatload more parsnips :p and I may have finished off my mum’s sprouts and parsnips too :p Bless her, she still has a tiny weeny appetite thanks to The Illness!

No-one felt like christmas pudding for dessert, so we left it at that (bar a few squares of Lindt for yours truly!!) 🙂 The perfect amount of food in the end! I think the cats appreciated the leftover bird bones though 😛 Animals need a special dinner too!


I’ve now got the rest of the week to look forward to now – which is going to involve some major uni work, Fo Sho’. No slackin’ my end!

Did you all have a simply fahbulous Dec 25th? What did you have for dinner?

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Yawwwww, you guys are the bestest!! Thank you all SO much for every single comment left on my last post. Seriously! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply to them all, but I did (and always do) read every single one. It was really interesting to read everyones’ opinions on the matter, and it has helped me make a decision – I’ll post about it another day though, cos I want to show y’all some tasty food eats from the past few days 😀

I really love just posting pictures of my food – it is SO useful to look back on when I’m having inner turmoil and confusion over what to eat for dinner or lunch or breakfast :p There’s still a definite theme going on though….

oats [in a jar x 2, + multiple times randomly for dinner. I don’t do oats for breakfast anymore, it’s ALL about the dinner]:



Oats (Irish steel cut, cooked with salt and Nooch) with pumpkin chickpeas, and roast puff parsnips:


Snow! Snow! Snow! In the background! Crikey, it was like, -a billion degrees today. SO COLD.


Served with a side of soy sauce stir fried cabbage and brussels, sprinkled with Nooch:



Bro, yo, it was sik.

Green Monsters that are super duper thick:


With or without the green 🙂



That grape-one one was made with cereal, soya milk, banana, pumpkin, (ohemgee my favourite J.Lo/ LL Cool J song just came on the radio!! Ha), cinnamon, vanilla and it was freakin GROOVY.

I’ve also been making lots of roast veggies, OBVS:


The day I do a food post without roasted veg featuring is the day that Brad and Jen get back together/Arnold circa 1990 comes and marries me.


Check out this Brussels sprout:


That’s a whole one! How adorable!! I just couldn’t resist taking a picture, which I now realise probs make me a liiiiittle bit of a loser…but oh well.

The other day though, wowzer, I did this really cool mix – roast aubergine (roasted til it turns to that gross mushy goo), scraped out of the skin [note: I did still eat the skin; I LOVE roast aubergine skin!!]


Then mashed with maple syrup, cinnamon and PUMPKIN, then spread on a toasted English muffin:


Ohhhhh yeah. That’s where it’s at my lovestuds!!

Talking of amazingly delicious foods – try coating roast veg in a mix of sweetener (honey, agave, maple, whatever you like), with dried thyme, a tsp+ of wholegrain mustard, and a tiny tiny tiny bit of stock, like so:


Then bake it all in the oven – I normally do 10mins in the super hot bit of the aga, then another 10 in the slightly-less-hot bit of the aga (I realise that is SUPER unhelpful). It gives the veg a lovely puffy sweet inside, with a slightly crispy inside, epsec parsnips. Best thing ever!

In other tasty news – I broke out the soya mince t’other lunchtime. I know it’s pretty naughty stuff, but once in a blue moon, I like it 🙂 To jazz it up, I fried a mini onion with a tomato and balsamic and dried thyme, with a splash of stock, then mixed it all with the soya mince. Served on a slice of toast (which went mushy, and I loooooved the mushy toast the moast <-see what I did? A typo that I decided to keep 😛)




It was rather yummy, and verrrry comforting for a hungry cold ladyface 🙂

More tasty news – I mastered the art of a delicious pumpkin cappuccino:


1/2 cup soya milk, 1/2 c. hot water, 1 tsp coffee, a tiny tiny tiny BABY size pinch of sugar, a shake of cinnamon, approx. 2tbsp pumpkin, blend blend blend.

Thick, creamy and deeeeeelicious!

OH! More news – I joined a running club!! I went to my first run Tuesday last, and although it took them HALF AN HOUR to get started (I got v cold, it was pitch black and 7pm) it was good 🙂 No-one my age…I ran with a middle aged woman (x3) and a retired GP – but still fun! When I got home, I made the tastiest chickpea red lentil pumpkin curry:


So warming after such a cold evening 🙂 (YES Matt (above) won X Factor!!!! I voted abooout 13 times. It makes up for the fact that Rhydian didn’t win, nor Olly, in previous years)

But here’s the biggest news – ever since I saw my step brother eat a bowl of milk, with floaty bits of cereal, when I was about 8years old, I have hated cereal and milk. The idea, the look, the smell, the texture: it made me gag. A few months ago though, after realising that I LIKED soy milk as is, I tried a splash of it on my cereal. It was ok….since That Day, I have repeated the process. Today, I went one step further – I had a proper bowl of cereal, with a sliced banana, cinnamon, and a full up 1/2 cup soya milk!!!


Oh. My. Days. It was actually tasty! I LIKED the taste. The cereal went soggy, and I LIKED it. It was AMAZING. A momentous day, a day I will think back on with fond memories. And you know what? This happened:


And it was the BEST BIT! I’m a changed woman! What’s become of me!!??

Tell me – do you like soggy cereal? (I do) Mushy food? (I do)

Are you a member of any clubs?


Totally random – but my mum went to her work Christmas do today – look how lovely she looked!!


Isn’t she beautiful!? I hope I look that good when I turn 26 🙂

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