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Hellor hellor!

Time for recap two, ie what I learnt over my fantastic long weekend in Chicago!

Well, first of all, I’ll say that this truly wonderful girl basically summed it up for me! But I’ll write how I felt about it all in my own words.

One thing that really struck me at the HLS was how simply gorgeous every single person there was. Everyone came in different shapes, sizes, styles and backgrounds and yet without exception, everyone was beautiful – on the inside and out! Yeah, that sounds corny..but it’s true! It was like everyone was glowing! And for once, I’m going to include myself in that group. Yep – I felt beautiful there too! I have never, ever been so happy, relaxed, confident and at ease with myself, and it rubbed off on so many aspects of my life.

I wasn’t scared or shy of meeting new people, or being worried about fitting in – none of my friends around between talks at the break? No problem – I just walked into the room and made new friends, just like that! No-one judged 🙂

I felt like I went a bit overboard with my lunchtime food one day – after a 10minute pep talk, I realised – so what? Who cares if I maaaaaybe ate a little too much, it’s normal! Besides – I wanted to enjoy my time with my new friends 🙂 and not worry about food. It worked! I let go of all my worries.

I wasn’t bound by time – at home, I normally have my meals at the same time, and I’m known to worry if I have to have a meal very late. Karyn’s on Green meal? We didn’t even start til 9.30pm! And I didn’t die…I had a fabulous time!

I wasn’t scared of hunger. I got (very) hungry at various times over the weekend, but the world didn’t cave in! I have no need to be scared of it anymore, cos I know I will eat (ie – I’m not starving myself), which makes me confident I can work on being an intuitive eater 🙂

I made friends just travelling on the plane (hello Edmond if you’re reading!) – cos I was so happy!

I saw the girl I really am, and the girl I want to be. Relaxed and happy.

I realised that looks really really don’t matter when it comes to beauty. To be beautiful, be happy with yourself; smile; relax; be yourself; have the Angela-oh-she-REALLY-DOES-glow-glow(!); and be friendly. Angela is now someone I really look up to – she was honestly one of the most lovely, friendly people I’ve ever met. She was the first person I saw on Thursday, and she immediately gave me a hug, cos she knew (from our emails) that I was a little bit nervous! She was a great running partner too, and I can’t wait to try the two Glo Bars I have 😛

Don’t be under the age of 21 in the USA, or you get SCARRED!

HLS!! 180

I can cope with freezing cold showers and not die.

Americans are not crazy, gun-wielding, loud-mouthed maniacs like the English have you believe; they’re actually the nicest people on earth!

Don’t rely on United Airlines to provide you with heart vegan snacks or meals (apple sauce and a 2inch sq piece of bread for breakfast, anyone??) – bring your own!



So what did I take away from the experience, beside from a heck of a lot of swag and TJ’s/Whole Foods’ buys?

hls3 016

hls3 017

hls3 019

hls3 021


Amazing memories:

hls etc 014

hls etc 015

Hot runs:

HLS!! 088

Good (and unusual!) food:

HLS!! 058

HLS!! 172

HLS!! 191

HLS!! 192

HLS!! 205

HLS!! 255

HLS!! 256

HLS!! 265

HLS!! 282

HLS!! 291

HLS!! 297

HLS!! 303

HLS!! 304

HLS!! 219

HLS!! 314

HLS!! 320

Beautiful new friends:


HLS!! 261


HLS!! 059

HLS!! 104

HLS!! 123

HLS!! 177

HLS!! 184

HLS!! 278

HLS!! 312

HLS!! 300

The happiest I have ever been.


As for Monday and Tuesday, they’ve looked something like this:



Watermelon, cereal, XG, pear, cocoa powder


A chunk of vegan brownie, given to me at the HLS 🙂


Half of an ALLIEBAR (!!!) pre 2mile run – amazing taste that totally lived up to the hype, and amazing fuel – first run in MONTHS with zero leg aches and pains!

hls3 002

hls3 006

Oats cooked with mixed spice, cinnamon, salt, squash, parsnips, cabbage and garlic

hls3 012

Chocolate macaroon, made by the amazing (Zumba teaching) Fitnessista, Gina – so tasty!

hls3 013

Mojo bar – equally yum 🙂


tues1 001

Aeroplane vegan pretzels pre-DVD workout

tues1 004

tues1 007

Watermelon, banana, cereal, chia seeds, XG, roasted cashews, grated cacao, dates, homemade crab apple jam, milk, yogurt

tues1 009

tues1 015

HLS kamut pasta, caramelized onion hummus, caramelized onions/cabbage, parsnip, spinach, mushrooms

tues1 019

Vegan macaroon a la Valerie

And for now that’ll do 😀 I’ll do dinner etc etc tomorrow. But right now, I need an early night..I am somewhat jetlagged!! Having the best weekend of your life (ever) and not sleeping for 2 days sure does take it out of you……

Good night!

(PS – don’t forget to look at my last post if you missed it – a ton of photos!)


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Hey guys!! Oh mygosh, I’ve missed y’all so much!!! I’ll tell you now  – this is going to be a picture post, not a word post cos a) I wouldn’t have space to do both, b) you probably wouldn’t have the attention span for both, and c) I am exhausted (haven’t slept in 2 days, and I had over 100 emails when I got back :p sorry if I’m a little slower than normal to reply!). Soooo I’m going to try and use 5 words or so to describe each major event 😀 Tomorrow, I’ll do a more detailed post – more food and more….stuff…. – let’s just say I learnt a lot about myself!

Oh, and another thing – I’m guessing you’ve all seen the main pictures of stuff (ie the buffets etc) so I’ll just do photos specific to me…Ha, I said I wouldn’t write much, yet here I go rambling…still….shut up Freya.


HLS!! 005


HLS!! 014

HLS!! 016


HLS!! 019

Some ammmmaaazing Whole Foods buys:

HLS!! 026

Thursday Dinner – RAW!!!

HLS!! 039

HLS!! 043

HLS!! 047

HLS!! 050

HLS!! 056

I shared with some other lovely girls 🙂

HLS!! 058


(By the way – MUCH better pics here….)

HLS!! 059

Recognise anyone!?

Best. Meal. Ever.

YUM Universe Launch Party:

HLS!! 068

HLS!! 072

HLS!! 071

One very hot party!

Friday morning run – ended up being 7miles with Angela after we got lost…:

HLS!! 077

(HEHE, a shout out to me! :p)

HLS!! 080

Friday daytime – trip round the city!:


AMAZING snack by Valerie – she rocks!

HLS!! 112 HLS!! 113

My new amazing friend – Shannon!

HLS!! 122

Val, Nicole, Lindsay, me, Shannon

Lunch = chickpea salad and Pom Tea:


HLS!! 135

HLS!! 136


HLS!! 145

Theeeen…..Spot it?!

HLS!! 146

TRADER JOE’S! Got great stuff there :p

Official HLS SWAG bag!

HLS!! 152

Swag bag photo courtesy of Courtney, my roomie:

HLS!! 221

That isn’t even half of it! We got more and more as the weekend went on…coupons (which I had to give away :(), more chips, freebies, healthy chocolate bars…….!!

Cute t-shirt 😀

HLS!! 162


HLS!! 169

Meghann: HLS!! 174


HLS!! 175

Angela, Gabriela and I:

HLS!! 177

HLS!! 178

hls etc 014

hls etc 015

hls etc 016

Below photo appeared here – I’m famous!! :O


SATURDAY morning, at 5.40am :O

HLS!! 184

HLS!! 182

HLS!! 185

ZUMBA! BEST CLASS EVER!! Done in the evening after a day of fab talks and presentations.

zumba (2)

Then – Karyns On Green – amaaaaazing Saturday night dinner at a vegan & raw restaurant:





HLS!! 276

Food photos stolen from Angela and Diana, though the meals are what I ate 😛 Well, Diana and I – we split everything you see, including two desserts 😛


IMG_0216 (640x427)

IMG_0246 (640x427)

IMG_0268 (640x427)

IMG_0256 (640x427)

HLS!! 291

IMG_0279 (640x427)

IMG_0287 (640x427)

IMG_0255 (640x427)

Diana, my food sharing buddy, and the lady who owns the restaurant (above), and Evan (below).

IMG_0288 (640x427)

IMG_0254 (640x427)


Sunday morning run:

HLS!! 300

Best roomies EVER!

HLS!! 308

Courtney, Jessica, Nicci 🙂 LOVE THEM!

More photos:

HLS!! 312

Tina, Allie, Diana, taken just before I left 😦

Final lunch at Whole Foods:

HLS!! 319

Beautiful girls on the last day 🙂

THE END! Much more to come 😀

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