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Guys, I need to introduce you to someone. This person has just recently come into my life, and I can honestly say, I don’t know how I coped without them. They mean the world to me. They comfort me when I’m down, and cool me off when I’m hot. They sit with me comfortably for hours, not even needing to speak, and will just chill patiently, waiting for that special time in the evening when I come and see them….without further adieu, I give to you:

thurs1 001

Pear and Strawberry Pudding!

Yep, this was the delicious dessert I made last night, and who I was referring to just now 😛 Oh boy. It was SO good..:

  • a small ripe pear
  • like..8-10 smallish strawberries (depends how much you like strawberries and the colour pink :p)
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 170g silken tofu

thurs1 002



ENOUGH with the romance! Let’s move on to the joys of Thursday. Actually, Thursday hasn’t been particularly joyous today, not at all 😦 You know how they say bad things come in threes? Well, my first one was that cheeky parking ticket the other day, and the other two came today 😦

MY BLENDER BROKE!!! Not the mini one, the actual real PROPER blender, the one I use to create my beloved EGMs 😥 I was halfway through blending my EGM today, when I smelt the burning rubber, heard the scream, and knew the inevitable had happened…*le sigh. I transferred the half blended contents into my reserve, REALLY DARN CRAP blender, and stood there for – literally – 10minutes, trying to blend just 2 or 3 strands of spinach and beet leaves. BOOOOO. Oh well. It did blend in the end…just:

thurs1 004

Mangled date…

thurs1 007

thurs1 006

The EGM lost its’ magic today though, alas!

After breakfast, a really really [excuse my French] shit thing happened (Bad Thing Three), which I don’t want to blog about (nothing to do with food or anything though). Needless to say, it sure made me upset and I did become a tad woeful, if you know what I mean!


I then rode Chika 🙂 And bless her, she so knows when to behave. Yep, she can be a cowbag and she can spook and be a div, but she never, EVER does it on a day when I’m upset. It’s like she senses I need her, so she puts on her halo, pricks her ears, and does her thang 🙂 After a 25minute fast hack round the trails, I came back feeling much better. In fact, I decided to look at the positives – after all, if my blender hadn’t broke, I wouldn’t now be thinking about raiding my savings and investing in a Vitamix….and if Bad Thing Three hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have appreciated Chika so much 😛 There’s always a positive! You just have to dig around for it sometimes 🙂

Lunch was lovely and a random mix – and I broke into my tempeh rashers at last!!

thurs1 011

thurs1 012

I’ve been wanting to eat these for AGES, and today – the time came……Not the most ‘real’ food ever, but hey – packed with protein and nobody’s perfect 😀 I had them with some roasted beans, as well as a pear, and roasted leek/turnip/celeriac/mixed spice:

thurs1 018

thurs1 019

thurs1 020

thurs1 023

It was very, very delicious! Note how the blasted cat stole my photography ledge…..

thurs1 017

Dessert was a Cashew Cookie Nakd bar:

thurs1 027

Why do I always forget how AMAZING these things taste!!?? Seriously, I’m stunned by my own foolishness sometimes.

The afternoon was spent read/Poppy walking in the forest (finished my book – needless to say, the waterworks were flowing at the end! Praise be for the coverage of trees :p), and doing some cleaning :O I really don’t clean enough…heaven knows why, cos it’s so satisfying when it’s done 😀 But then if I cleaned all the time, you’d never notice the difference…right?

Snack – ultimate comfort food – cereal and yogurt! And even better, the dusty crappy bit from the end of the packet (my favourite bit!!) – note how I got my photography ledge back 😛

thurs1 047

thurs1 048

Good times.

Dinner waaaas – basil tofu, with pink durum wheat, kabocha, parsnip and beetroot, as well as fresh basil and cinnamon:

thurs2 001

thurs2 004

thurs2 005

thurs2 010

thurs2 008

Dessert, without a doubt, will be a Mama Pea millet muffin with some yogurt 😀 But now, I’m going to settle down with Big Brother and this:

thurs2 003

OH! I almost forgot (though I doubt your lives are any more enriched by knowing this info :p – but today was a DVD day, so post my usual AM snack, I had an hour of DVD awesomeness :))


QUESTION: Can you recommend a super super good blender/smoothie maker? Anyone have a Vitamix? I want to invest – I can either keep buying cheap-o ones that break within a year, or I can shell out once and for all and buy a darn good one. I’m thinking the latter 🙂

What’s your favourite chore? If I had to pick, I’d say washing up or hoovering. I love being able to see a difference 😀



thurs1 028

My cat after my heart – he likes garlic 🙂

thurs1 031

thurs1 033

thurs1 038

thurs1 042

Seductive Carter…!!

thurs1 043

I love my boys 🙂


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Happy Sunday everyone! The weekend STILL isn’t over either! Has anyone done anything wonderful over the Bank Holiday?

So you know I said Chika had a big old allergic reaction yesterday? Well this morning it was even worse – the whole half of one side of her neck is swollen and skanky 😦 She still seems quite happy – it’s not affecting her in any way, it just looks horrible. We were going to call the vet out, but it was emergencies only, and seeing as it isn’t an emergency and it’s a bank holiday and so would cost a BOMB we’ve decided to see how she is tomorrow…but my aunt had a suggestion! Apparently, green tea is a natural antihistamine, so she suggested we give her some of that!! Lucky Chika therefore got two breakfasts – her usual one, and then some green tea soaked mess:

sun1 028

Appetizing right? She obviously thought so, she wolfed it down! I hope she’s better tomorrow 🙂


Did anyone watch Eurovision last night?? I saw the last hour – how bad are England!? I think we got last place again?? Oh, the shame!

Whilst watching Eurovision, I had a lovely dessert – a pumpkin + carrot birthday muffin and a mocha soya yogurt:

sun1 001

Those muffins are so darn good 🙂

This morning, it was an apple and wheatgerm pre-DVDs, and then a big Epic Green Monster:

sun1 004

I added in a tiny bit of xanthan gum today and it definitely thickened it up – it was wonderful! One of the best ones in a while 😀

I spent the morning revising, and getting MEGA annoyed by all the “!%^&** flies that have suddenly appeared in our house. That’s the downside to living in the country….

Lunch was pretty good though 😀 I made a little salad, of roast beets, kabocha, fresh tomatoes and aubergine, with a balsamic/agave/s+p/cinnamon dressing:

sun1 013

sun1 011

sun1 014

I don’t normally like beetroot, but I think I’m coming round to it – it was delicious! Very soft, very tasty. It went well with the squash too 😀 and look at all those colours!! If that isn’t a bowl of nutrients, I don’t know what is.

I also had a chunk of French baguette, which I spread with tomato puree, garlic granules and vegan parm.

sun1 018

Alongside, I had a pizza-style tofu fillet:

sun1 019

sun1 020

(The dirty plate is beetroot juice btw, not grub :P) I put all that into the oven to heat up and get crusty; it was SO GOOD! I’ve never had those pizza style fillets before, but they’re lovely! Quite spicy, but very filling. WIN.

For dessert, I had this:

sun1 022

A RAW crispbread! All ogranic: golden flaxseeds, brazil nuts, buckwheat, carrots, sundried tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt, herbs, basil.

It cost me an arm and a leg, but it was SO worth it – they’re delicious! Kinda crunchy and chewy at the same time, but with a brilliant flavour. Plus, 100g packs in 15g of protein and 15g of fibre! Impressive.

Afternoon snack Numero Uno – a nectarine:

sun1 029

It was SO juicy, I had to eat it over the sink :s

Afternoon Snack Numero Duno – Nectarine mousse!!

sun1 032

Amaze. A blend of:

  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Quinoa O’s
  • a nectarine
  • nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • agave
  • topped with 1tbsp Grape Nuts

sun1 030

I blended it all first minus the x.g, then thought it looked a little watery. 1/2 tsp of that stuff and it thickened up SO much!

sun1 036

Crikey I was impressed. As of now, I have a lovely idea for dessert, which involves yogurt, cocoa, x.g and cereal – it’s going to be good…..!!

My dinner tonight was pretty simple and dull – a baked sweet potato, kabocha and parsnip, and red lentils, cooked with 1/2tbsp maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, mixed spice and 3 chopped dates:

sun2 002

sun2 003

sun2 006

DEEEElicious. Like, really so. Really really.



In completely random other news……something incredible might be happening! I don’t want to get my hopes up too much cos it might not work out – BUT, it looks like we might be getting a DOG!! OHMYGOSH!

I have wanted a dog for SO long, and now an opportunity has come up; my mum’s friend has a little Jack Russell, a 6yr old lady called Poppy, who is being bullied by the friend’s other, bigger, dogs. Sooo, Poppy’s looking for a new home. She’s very well trained, she ignores cats (very important!) and is friendly etc etc etc – she sounds perfect! I’m so excited 😀 I could take her out running with me and she could sleep on my bed 😛 And the best bit? When it’s cold, I could put a doggy coat on her 😛

I should know tomorrow or Tuesday what’s going to happen, but as of now, I AM SO EXCITED!!

Does anyone else have a dog? What sort? What is it called?

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