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Hannah Graduates

Twas Hannah’s graduation today! She can no longer tick the box that says ‘Occupation: Student’ – she’s just plain old unemployed now!! WHAT a bum :p

So my alarm was set for 5.40 this morning…NOT COOL. Not cool AT ALL. Especially not for someone who has a body clock trained to go to bed at midnight, and get up at 7.25 :s sheeks. I had to set it early though, cos, as per marathon schedule, I had a 3mile run on the cards (or 5k to me, cos it’s a nicer number :p). So after I’d dragged my butt out of bed, I downed some water, ate 2 dates and was on my way….it took me just 12 minutes to get out of the door; a personal record! The run was done in 26.50-something, and then I just had to manically get ready to leave for the train station.

Breakfast was somewhat random – after my run, I had an apple and two tsps wheatgerm to keep me going til we got on the train. Whilst travelling, I broke into one of my Whole Foods purchases:

veg 001

A protein shake! I’m not normally one for protein powders or shakes – as I don’t need them – but for something easy and filling for the journey, I thought it’d be perfect 🙂 My verdict? The flavour was certainly not vanilla..but the thickness was nice 🙂

Mid morning, I snacked on a seedy English muffin, all wrapped up warm in its’ plastic for the journey:

tues2 004

Then just before the graduation ceremony started, I had a banana, and part way through, some soya nuts. Now my small little camera was not very happy in the big graduation room 😦 the new one would have been fine, but the little one – not so much! So forgive the quality of these photos….


wds1 001

Hannah and my mama:

wds1 002

Hannah and my aunt:

wds1 004

The actual place where it all went down:

wds1 008

wds1 009

Annnd finally, Hannah collecting her scroll thing:

wds1 010

We were all very proud 🙂

AND, weirdly, I had another one of those ‘oh what a small world’ moments – a girl sitting along the row from me (ie an audience member) was a girl I used to best friends with for about 6months when I was 15/16! She even lives about 10mins from my house (or she did before she left school) – I haven’t seen her since she left – 4 years ago – so how random is that!?

Anyway, after the ceremony, we spent about a 1/2hr looking for Hannah, and then I said hello/goodbye, and set off (alone! I’m brave) home. On my way, I ate my lunch:

A seitan sandweeech – 2 pieces of seedy bread (apparently I liked seedy stuff today!), spread with savoury spread and topped with grated carrot:

tues1 013

Followed by seitan (which thankfully came out better than last time I made it!):

tues1 014

And roast parsnip:

tues1 022

tues1 021

Imagine that, but with its’ lid on – that was my sandwich! Friggin’ fine sandwich it was too.

For some veggie-ness, I had a little tub filled with courgette, cherry tomatoes, more roasted parsnip, and the rest of the carrot that hadn’t been grated:

tues1 023

The carrot sticks were hiding at the bottom….

tues1 024

But I made one stick stop being shy 😀

While I was in Liverpool St, I may or may not have picked up a punnet of cheap blueberries, which may or may not have been consumed as lunch ‘dessert’ 😛

By the time I got home, I was haaaangry, cos I was later back than I thought I’d be. I actually stopped briefly in town on my way back, where I picked up season 1 of Ugly Betty, 2nd hand for £5(!), as well as 1/4 of a giant grey pumpkin, for £1 – BARGAINS! Anyone else seen Ugly Betty? I never have, but I’ve heard good things 🙂

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, when I got home, I was hungry! I was that kind of hungry where you just want something quick, filling and carby, so of course, it was cereal – sprinkled with Whole Foods museli:

wds1 011

I felt sooo much better after that 😀 Aside from satisfying my stomach, it meant I could think straight about what to have for dinner. I knew I wanted kamut spaghetti, but the question was…tomato sauce with spicy chickpeas? Or tofu-cashew-nooch butter sauce? I opted for the latter 😀

weds2 001

The sauce would be tofu, blended with cashew butter, nooch, soy sauce, mixed spice, salt, cinnamon and…I think that’s it 🙂 OH, water, to thin it out. Served with celeriac, parsnip and the last of my kabocha 😥

weds2 002

weds2 007

weds2 006

Suuuuch a comforting, delicious meal!

Dessert later on will probably involve some kind of muffin madness…y’all know how I love my muffins 😀

And errr..that’s about the it! LOLhan’s in jail, Brad shaved his beard off, and Jordan’s ‘song’ charted at number 60. I can’t think of much more to tell you! Soooo, good night!


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Hello my lovemuffins! Ay I did the old disappearing act again over the weekend…did you guys have a good one? Anyone got any tales to tell!?

I had quite the weekend, mainly because – with no decent blender – Epic Green Monsters were off the cards 😥 Thank goodness for oats, is all I can say 🙂


Hello Heatwave! Crikey, it was like, 31 degrees today!? I know that’s probably a cool day where most of you are (ie America) but over here, that is HAWT. Chika was sweating just standing in her stable! I got pretty sweaty too, on a 5k run as per the marathon plan. I set out super early, but it was still sooooo hooottttttttt! I did allow myself a 30 second walk in my last 2miles, but even with that, my slowest mile was 8.22! *BOO YAH*. The whole thing was done in 25:57 🙂

For mah breakfast, it was overnight oats time 😀 In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup of barley flakes, oats, and 1tbsp wheat bran
  • 1/2 cup milk with extra added in the mornin’
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1 tsp carob powder
  • 1 tsp agave nectar
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds

Now, on a regular day, with a proper blender, banana soft serve would’ve gone down a treat – but that couldn’t happen! Instead, I spent a small lifetime slicing eevverrr so thinly a frozen banana:

sat1 003

Almost there….

sat1 004


sat1 005

sat1 006

I then mixed it in, and topped the bowl with a sprinkle of tree bark and cereal. BEAUTIFUL!

sat1 013

sat1 011

sat1 008

sat1 012

It went down a treat and tasted simply fabulous 🙂

Straight after the oats, I rode Chika, who got EXTREMLY sweaty – she still tried her heart out though 🙂 I then stewed in my car for 2hours, crawling through heavy traffic to pick my sister up from the train station. She’s been in Uganda the past 10 days 🙂 Boy did she have some sad stories to tell! Really quite horrific – it makes my problems – and everyone else’s I know – pale in comparison 😦

Lunch consisted of some of the most giant spinach leaves ever:

sat1 014

See!? They were maHOOSive! And not actually that nice, they left a weird aftertaste. Spinach – I’m disappointed in you. I still ate it all though 🙂 Along with plum tomatoes, beets, and grapes:

sat1 015

And roasted red pepper, celeriac and courgette:

sat1 025

sat1 017

Along with a balsamic/s+p/maple syrup/basil dressing:

sat1 016

Annnnd for some protein/carbs, roasted beans:

sat1 023

After the spinach had been chugged down, it was actually quite a nice meal 🙂

sat1 026

Dessert was some So Crispy bites:

sat1 027

I didn’t actually want them all that much, but I accidently popped open the packet manhandling them too roughly, so I had to eat them before they went stale 😛

Post lunch – Uganda photo viewing and mucking out and Poppy-walking and snacking on the best snack known to the Western world:

sat1 028

sat1 029

Cereal and yogurt of course :p

Best snacks obviously have to be followed by best dinners too 😀 Kamut spaghetti, homemade tomato sauce, edamame beans, parsnip, kabocha, celeriac:

sun1 002

sun1 007

sun1 003

D. E. L. I. C. I. O. U. S.

Dessert is going to be amaze too 😀 I’ve got a pear/strawberry/cocoa pudding waiting patiently in my fridge! Crappy Blender (as it shall be known from this day onwards) can blend soft things (ie super ripe pears and silken tofu), but give it a tough leaf, and it cries and gives up. Really quite pathetic don’t you think?



SundayRunday 🙂 It was time for a 5miler this morning, so after my usual snack, my camelbak and I set out, with just the blazing hawt sun for company. I’d decided that – despite it being super hot so early – I was NOT walking today. Soo instead I took my miles a bit slower to see what would happen:

Mile 1 – 8.58

Mile 2 – 8.47

Mile 3 – 8.46

Mile 4 – 8.48 – during the middle of this mile, I was PROPER hot, and my legs were asking to walk…then I ran through one of those crop-giant-sprinkler-waterer-things – AMAZING! Like running through a shower. Perfect pick-me-up!

Mile 5 – 8.47

(I didn’t realise they were all so close til I just typed it up! Wowzer) NO WALKING! To cool off, I then walked a mile, which brought the total for the morning to a nice ever 1hour exactly 🙂

Breakfast was another overnight oats/barley combination; same as yesterday, except I subbed mixed spice for the carob powder. This morning I mixed in a buttload more milk, and a finely chopped frozen banana (and tree bark/Grape Nuts):

sun1 012

sun1 013

sun1 018

That was delightful…but THIS point in eating it was the BEST!

sun1 019

The banana had melted, but was still very cold…it was a true mouthDELIGHT.

I then wasted 20minutes watching old bits of Big Brother – Hannah was trying to catch up on the main fights since she’d been away, so it was very distracting 😛 But eventually I dragged myself out into the sauna that is The World, and gave Chika a school and a hack 🙂

Theeeen, Cosmo and I had a walking date, followed swiftly by a pretty lunch 🙂

sun1 029

Nah, that wasn’t my lunch, (Though I did make it) I don’t do marmite and lettuce sandwiches….HANNAH on the other hand! My lunch consisted of….


sun1 024

Sweet potato….

sun1 020

Lentils, leek, balsamic, agave, s+p, cinnamon, spinach, sundried tomato, pear (added at the end):

sun1 028

Topped with fresh basil:

sun1 030

sun1 033

sun1 035

Hurrah! Very fabby 😀 Dessert was So Crispy bites (what else right? They’ve become somewhat of a habit :/)

Straight after lunch, Hannah and I went over to my aunt’s house. Chahara’s foal (he has a name now, but I can’t remember it…he’s called Roly for short though :p) and Chahara were going to be turned out with the rest of the herd for the first time today, so my aunt thought I’d like to watch 😀 I took my camera and got some lovely pictures! I actually have about 30 I want to post on here, but seeing as this is already a looooong post (and my laptop will die with too many photos), I’m going to save them til tomorrow. Here’s a taster though:

sun1 094

sun1 098

sun1 112


Afternoon snack – I was actually pretty peckish for it! I had an apple, as well as a cereal/yogurt mix [again]:

sun2 002

Good food.

Dinner was mildly inspired by Jess – she mentioned doing a chickpea thing, simmered in milk with curry powder and honey. Sounds good right!? I did my own very slight variation – butter beans (no chickpeas) simmered in milk with mixed spice and maple syrup:D

I also had tempeh, topped with a sauce made from maple syrup, a tiny chunk of melted banana and cashew butter, along with lots of lovely roasted veggies on the side:

sun3 001

sun3 003

sun3 005

sun3 006

Amazing dinner (That SAUCE!!! Good gracious), enjoyed whilst watching the World Cup final 🙂

Dessert wise – just like yesterday, I have a DELICIOUS pear/strawberry/cocoa pudding waiting patiently for me 😀 I better get to it!

Have a good evening 🙂

PS – Who wants who to win in the World Cup final tonight!? I vote Holland – they have good theme parks and little else (:p) – they deserve it!

PPS – Wheatgerm post coming tomorrow/Tuesday!

PPPS – Remember I said Hannah went to Uganda on a charity type trip thing? Well, I wondered if you guys would like her to do a guest post about it – she’s got some brilliant photos and SO many amazing stories…if you’re interested, leave a comment. If enough people want to know, I’ll get her to write one 😀


sun1 040

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Happy Horsey Humpday folks! Official photos for HH however are gonna have to be postponed..remember the other week, I did a post about Chahara, and I told you about how she was all knocked up? Well, she popped out her baby last night! Sooo tomorrow I’m going to go to my aunt’s house and meet the foal and take pictures 😀 Expect them tomorrow!


I’ve had an AMAZING day today! Well, IMHO anyway. Here’s why:

1) (Post my usual AM snack) – I did a lovely 7mile run 😀 in 59minutes and 40-something seconds. Fastest mile was about 8.10, but they were more around the 8.35 mark on the way home, cos it was SO hot. I had sweat dripping in my eye at one point..I know y’all totally needed to know that 😛

2) When I’d cooled off sufficiently I had an AMAZING breakfast – my own variation on Angela’s VOO. In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup barley flakes
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 tbsp of carob powder

weds1 001

Then this morning, I blended a frozen banana to make the AMAZING banana soft serve, and layered it all up, topped with boobs blubes, toasted flaked coconut and chopped dates:

weds1 006

weds1 009

weds1 005

weds1 011

Words cannot describe the AMAZINGness of this breakfast!! The BSS was so cold and refreshing, yet the whole thing was thick and sweet and filling. It was also my first taste of carob powder – I love it! Sweeter (but kinda grainier?) than cocoa powder. I prefer it 😀

After breakfast, I hot-footed it to my uni house. Annoyingly, I’d left a whole bunch of important stuff there (passport, National Insurance number etc) which I need ASAP to fill out some forms. Grr. On the plus side though, you know what’s near my uni house?

3) Britain’s most AMAZING Waitrose!! Oh yes 😛 Obviously, I had to stop by and say hello 😛 And do you know what I found while I was there?

4) SPAGHETTI SQUASH!!!!! (I bought four :p)

weds1 020

weds1 021

Ok, so to all you Yank readers, it might not be a big deal…but I think British folk will understand my joy! I have NEVER seen a spaghetti squash in the UK. Until now…..ohmydays. I cannot WAIT to attack it!! Anyone got any good spaghetti squash recipes? I also stocked up with two kabochas and a cute little acorn squash 🙂

My squash-joy was almost spoilt however when I had the shock of my life – coming face to face with this:

weds1 018

weds1 019

GAH! I hate hate HATE dolls like that, they give me the heebs so bad!! Especially skanky, dust covered ones like that..blerh :s AND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD – IT HAS ONE ARM!!!!

Anyway, I composed myself enough to make…

5) An AMAZING lunch 😀 2 pieces of my favourite bread, smothered in curry hummus and cereal:

weds1 023

With a side of strawberries, and roast carrot/turnip/beetroot:

weds1 024

weds1 026

weds1 032

weds1 029

weds1 030

Hooray for food!

Dessert was yet more So Crispy bites 🙂

After lunch, I finished off that AMAZING(ish) Black Forest Cake for my gran’s birthday:

weds1 033

weds1 035

weds1 037

weds1 038

Sexy, no? It sure has that…er…’homemade’ look about it…Not at all vegan I know – but it was my gran’s request, and it’s my present to her. If she wants a non-vegan cake on her birthday, she can darn well have one 😀

I also spent the afternoon mucking out, eating strawberries (reduced-to-clear of course 😛 What can I say, I’m a cheapskate!), and going for a looooveely reading-walk. It was SO hot outside!! I was almost breaking a sweat just standing there :s (though I think I did break into a sweat when I walked past the most gruesome, scary looking Rottweiler, leaning verrrry heavily on its’ lead at me…..). I don’t know how you South Carolina/Florida people cope…I hear it’s about 35degrees plus over your way :s sheesh.

6) Afternoon snack was AMAZING too! Another piece of my favourite bread, but topped with a very soft pear, nuked in the microwave with a tsp of maple syrup and some carob powder:

weds1 042

weds1 040

Holy YUM Jasper!! Soooo good!! The carob powder and maple syrup was a little match made in heaven 😀 A must-try people, a must-try.

For my dinner, I reverted back to an old favourite –

7) The AMAZING kamut spaghetti (almost out!! Gutted :’(), with a homemade, carob scented tomato sauce (what else!? :p), roasted spicy chickpeas, kabocha, parsnip, with roasted + very finely chopped fennel:

wds2 001

wds2 008

wds2 009

Dear Dinner,

Thankyou for always being delicious, no matter what. Your skills at satisfying my tummy never fail to amaze me. Don’t ever change.

All my love,

Freya xo

That about sums it up 🙂

I’m off to take Poppy on a short walk now, and then sit down and sort out all these crazy documents and forms [as well as chow down on something for dessert]. Gosh I hate being an adult sometimes.

Have a good evening!


Do you have any kind of dumb fears? I’m apparently scared of fat-faced dolls…(and spiders, but that’s perfectly legit!)

Have you ever had spaghetti squash? If so, have you any recipe ideas?

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Yes – spot the kitten!

fri1 001

BLESS!! Isn’t that the cutest thing you ever did see!? My sister is moving back from her house in London (cos her lease is up), so we have loads of, well, crap in our hallway. The cats LOVE it! There’s so much to play with and claw and rummage in….my mum caught Kovac last night all buried in a bin bag full of toys. SO cute 🙂

[By the way – I swear I didn’t set that up! He genuinely did bury himself in a bin bag!!]


I wish I had loads of interesting things to write about today, but I actually don’t. It’s rather annoying! I’ll go through all my eats instead and see if something pops up :p

Pre-Jillian – an apple, a square of chocolate, 2 tsp wheatgerm (I wrote chocolate just then, and suddenly pictured Johnny Depp..NICE! Anyone else seen the film Chocolat!? Talk about HOT!)

Theen – Jillian, Davina and I did our thing.

Post-Jillian – EGM time! With a fresh chopped apricot:

fri1 007

fri1 008

Yet another one of those holy-crap-this-bowl-is-amazing bowls. 😀 But this bowl was SOOO filling! When I had lunch (at 2.40) I still wasn’t hungry! Ah well, it was worth it.

I spent the morning making hazelnut hummus, walking round the fields reading/Poppy walking, schooling Chika, and attempting to tidy my room; it’s got sooo messy recently, it’s been driving me MAD. I can’t wait for it to be clutter free again 😀

So yea – I made hazelnut hummus! I can’t really post a recipe yet though, cos it needs tweaking. It was nice – but not nice enough. Anyway, to make it, I blended:

  • a 1/2 can of chickpeas
  • 15g hazelnut butter
  • 1 tbsp noosh
  • s + p
  • cinnamon spice blend

fri1 013

fri1 018

fri1 016

I was having a major hummus craving, so my mix hit the spot for lunch. Aaaaah yes, lunch..it was SO good! I made the most beastliest beast of a sandwich known to man!

  • 2 pieces of nice seedy bread (as in full of seeds seedy, not creepy-old-man seedy)
  • lots of hazelnut hummus
  • grated carrot
  • roast mushrooms
  • roast whole hazelnuts
  • roast turnip (I love turnip!! It’s like a poor man’s parsnip :p)
  • roast parsnip
  • roast kale
  • roast leek


fri1 020

fri1 021

fri1 022

fri1 025

fri1 027

See? Doesn’t that look SO delicious!?? It seriously was! As were the rest of the roast veggies on the side 🙂

I wish I could eat that sandwich again. ALAS.

Dessert after was 2 squares of chocolate 🙂

After lunch, my mum and I walked Poppy for an hour; blates my attempt at exercise with her this morning was not sufficient/I’m way too boring, cos she was proper bouncing round the house! And then she bounced down the driveway, and down the road, and across the fields…she’s asleep now though, so whatever we did, it did the trick!

When we got back, we did the horses and then I made a smoothie. Obviously from my raaaather late lunch I was quite full, but I needed the cals; smoothies are always so easy to eat so why not? I blended up:

  • 1 very ripe pear
  • 1/2 cup Kara coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • a cinnamon sprinkle

fri1 032

fri1 031

Bah, my blender was leaking everywhere as I did it, so I couldn’t blend it long enough, which meant the XG didn’t really get a chance to work it’s magic 😦 but either way, it was still tasteh 🙂 I drank it like the French do – straight from the bowl (the spoon was discarded after 1 mouthful, when I realised it would take me about an hour to eat if I did it that way…)

I also had an unpictured tbsp of Grape Nuts, just cos I like them 😀

Dinner was one of my favourriiiiteeee meals! Kamut spaghetti, kabocha and parsnip, with a tofu sauce! The sauce is so easy; tofu, blended with peanut butter, soy sauce, cinnamon, salt and pepper, and a bit of water and milk. SIMPLES!

fri2 002

fri2 003

fri2 004

It might look ugly, but it sure doesn’t taste it. It’s actually the most delicious, creamy, peanutty meal EVER!

I think I’m now going on another short Poppy walk (seriously, dogs have NEVER ENDING energy), then it’ll be dessert, Jonathon Ross (if there’s anyone good on) and bed. I can’t wait – it’s been like, 16hours (?) since I was last with my bed. I’ve missed it so.

Question: Have you seen the 2nd Twilight film? I’m seeing it this Sunday (my friend bought it specially so she could make me watch it!), which I’m very excited about! BUT, the 2nd book was so bad…I’m wondering if the film is any better!?

What’s your favourite film? That is SUCH a hard question to answer…I love everything from The Terminator to Black Beauty to Remember Me to Moulin Rouge!! I totally couldn’t pick 😛

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weds1 026

Chika ate all the pies, that’s who! My lardy lady is now SO much of a chubster that she has to wear the ultimate tool in cruelty-free weight control:

weds1 031

Yep, that’s a muzzle. Fear not, she can still eat and drink; it has a little hole in the base for the grass to poke through. It just means she can’t eat nearly half as much! Poor Chika 😛 but I think she’d rather still be able to hang out and play in the field, than be shut away in a stable all the time. You have to pick your battles 😛 Le Sigh.

At least I’m not muzzled. If I was I would have had grave troubles trying to eat the chocolate, wheatgerm and apple that powered my run. Oh yes, I ran! I did 6miles this morning, in 51minutes – and it went OK! My legs didn’t collapse and die on me halfway round, nor did my lungs or feet or trainers.[I think the extra stretching before really helped] In fact, it was quite a pleasant run 🙂 more so because it WASN’T HOT!! It sure was warm, but just not smack-you-in-the-face hot, so to me that’s a good thing 🙂 Overall I finished a happy lady:)

Breakfast was an EGM as usual:

weds1 006

weds1 005

(Though that isn’t grated cacao, it’s dusty bits of granola)

Post breakfast, I took my Fatty Pony out for a short hack, which she seemed to enjoy very much – she sure needs to burn the calories :p

Then I did what anyone would do with an hour free – I BAKED! I used another recipe off of one of Happy Herbivore’s eCookbooks; maple-kissed sweet potato muffins, to be exact. It was the perfect recipe – I had some cooked, mashed and frozen sweet potato in the freezer (doesn’t everyone?) as well as a spot-on amount of apple sauce. The only change I made was using date syrup instead of maple syrup. I know, it kinda defeats the point of MAPLE-kissed sweet p. muffins, but I really wanted to use some 😀 Anyway, the result was wonderful – very moist!! I had one as my lunchtime dessert. Speaking of which – lunch involved one of these:

weds1 007

A new brand of veggie burger I’d never seen before! Oh the excitement when I stumble upon such things 😀 I had my burger with a whole wheat organic English muffin, salad, toms, HP sauce and the muffin:

weds1 008

As well as a side of ketchup/soy sauce roasted broccoli, parsnip, mushrooms and aubergine:

weds1 011

weds1 010

I always go for ages without having burgers in buns (or English muffins), and then when I have them again, I’m BLOWN AWAY by how tasty they are! Best lunch in a while methinks 🙂

After lunch, Carter and I bonded:

weds1 028

And I did the horses, and made my breakfast, lunch AND dinner for tomorrow (can you tell I have a long Thursday ahead of me? :P), and before I knew it, I had to eat a snack – enter a cornbread muffin from yesterday:

weds1 040

I love these little things 🙂 They’ve grown on me in a big way!

For dinner, I did one of the uglist – yet tastist – meals – kamut spaghetti, with a tomato, thyme and cinnamon sauce, with lots of veggies, and some roasted chickpeas/beans:

weds2 041

weds2 042

weds2 043

I love that meal so 🙂

No guesses what I’m off to do now – my mum and I are taking Poppy out for a walk 🙂 I really love this mamma/daughter bonding time. My mum’s so busy working, it’s nice to just chill and talk 😀

BUT, we have to be back by 9pm. Why? a) dessert, and b) BIG BROTHER LAUNCH SHOW! I’m not a fan, but it’s the last EVER one, so I really want to watch 😛

Question: Any Big Brother fans out there? I’m not really a BB fan – but I LOVE Davina! 😀

PS – My post might be a little late tomorrow – I have a rather important event in the evening 🙂

PPS – As it’s Horsey Humpday, here’s another picture for y’all:

weds1 024

Yes, that’s Tig. Quality photo right!?

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Poppy Power

Almost Humpday guys, almost…..

But first! Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my post on Caitlin’s blog yesterday – your comments all meant so much! I was, and still am, very touched.

Ok, now onto the sheer joy that always comes with a Tuesday!

Actually…how about a bit of Monday first, in the form of dessert?

tues1 001

That brownie thing – I’d been really looking forward to it, and it was lovely, but oh-so-tiny! I had it in little nibble bites to make it last longer cos it was seriously small. I hate it when packaging is deceiving like that; you expect something to be one size and it’s something else entirely. HURRUMPH.

Ok, I really will talk about Tuesday now 🙂 6am start, 2 x wheatgerm at home, then an apple at uni:

tues1 002

And a nectarine with 1 cup of cereal:

sun2 002

And a most delicious smoothie – 1 cup milk, a banana, a big glob of peanut butter, a tiny tiny bit of spinach and a small spoon of pea protein powder (I need staying power to get me through an exam:p):

sun2 001

tues1 003

Gosh darn, good smoothie.

Post breakfast, I had a nasty evil toughie exam; except it wasn’t too bad! It went better than I thought which was a relief, and there were only a few questions where, even with my bright shiny thinking cap on, I didn’t know the answer too. All in all, I came out feeling pleased. Plus, I have JUST ONE MORE LEFT!!!! At 4pm tomorrow afternoon, I will be FREEEEE!!! Can you sense the excitement!!?? I plan on an ER/Gossip Girl/Green Wing marathon when I’m done….


When I got home, I had another nectarine:

tues1 005

And then did some DVD action. Afterwards, I decided to take Poppy out. I was prapper hungry though, but Poppy was dying to go – so I had my dessert first:

tues1 007

Dessert first – I think ALL meals should have dessert first. As the girl said in ‘Remember Me’ – what if you die the next minute, and you hadn’t had dessert?? It’d be disappointing, to say the least.

Real lunch was pretty awesome too actually. I picked up some lovely bread on my way home today, so I had 2 slices of that. One half had mashed parsnip (with seasoning), as well as roasted and very finely chopped fennel (my mum did it the other night; I’m a fennel HATER, but how she did it was so awesome!! It didn’t even taste like fennel, it tasted brilliant!). The other half had a mushroom/sauce combo – for the sauce, I cooked 1/2 cup milk, with paprika, 1.5tbsp Noosh, tumeric and garlic:

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As well as 1.5tsp cornflour to thicken it up. When it was thickening, I added in the mushrooms I’d just stir fried. Alongside both of those beasties, I had some fresh edamame beans (Have I spelt that wrong!? I can never spell that word…..:p):

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Ah it was so good!! The mushroom sauce thing was DELIGHTFUL, and obviously I don’t even need to state my opinion on the parsnips…it was just really, really good 😀

Afternoon snackage was an apple and a piece of the lovely bread toasted, and topped with yogurt and cereal:

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AMAZING combination!!

I was a tad dull when it came to dinner – I had lots of ideas whizzing round in my head which were imaginative, but I’ve been cramming revision all arvo, so I just didn’t have time to cook anything amazing 😦 Alas, kamut spaghetti, with a homemade tomato, cocoa, thyme and cinnamon sauce, roasted veggies, and roasted beans, was the result of my hurried efforts!

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It may not have been creative, but by gosh was it good. Though I can’t even describe how excited I am about actually doing some proper cooking in a few days – so many recipes, so much variety….I’m hungry just thinking about it 😛

Dessert wise, I’m thinking it’s been a LONG time since I had a banana chocolate crunch pudding….maybe tonight will be the night!?



Despite only arriving yesterday, Poppy seems to have taken over the Kovac’s special bed:

tues1 021

Bless 😀 He’s too self-absorbed to really care though – aren’t all cats!? But yeah, she’s doing really well! She hasn’t chewed the house to pieces and she hasn’t run away…good signs right!? 😛

I think it helps that I keep taking her for sprints – we sprinted round the fields twice today, and then in the afternoon – despite the pouring rain! – I took her for a run. We ran for about 13minutes, so probably about 1.3miles – she loved it! She’s SO good on the lead, and we appeared to have perfect pacing 😀 She’s going to love marathon training with me 😛 Poppy power!!

Barh, revision calls me now, so I must dash! Have a wonderful evening everyone 🙂

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