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Give away now CLOSED as of 6.05pm Friday evening, English time

YAY! Get ready to get yo’ knickers in a twist….!!

The other day, the kind hearted people at Nakd asked me to try out their new flavour bars – cocoa mint, cocoa delight and berry delight. Obviously, I said yes 😀 Old, faithful & hardcore readers who’ve been following my blog since the beginning [of time] will know I have raaaved about this companies’ bars A LOT!

But, weirdly enough, I’m yet to try the new flavours. I rather ashamed of myself really. Especially seeing as they are so awesome:

Raw fruits

Raw nuts

Natural flavours

Nuttin’ else. Nada! Simply whole foods, rolled together.


To celebrate…stuff (does one need a reason?), I’m going to host a GIVE AWAY!

My first one!

A certain lucky reader (who has a British postcode, I’m afraid 😦 p + p prices, and all that….) will win:

A box of EIGHTEEN bars, a selection of all three new flavours!


Cocoa Mint – dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa, a hint of natural mint and chocolate flavour

Cocoa Delight – dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa, and a hint of natural chocolate flavour

Berry Delight – dates, cashews, raisins, (raw!) raspberries, and a hint of natural berry flavour


Exciting right!!??

To enter, all you need to do is:

Leave me a comment, telling me why you’re fabulous (I want to spread some love n’ joy here too :p)

– Tweet about the give away, making sure your tweet includes @BritChickRuns, and leave a comment here saying you did so

Write about it in your blog – if you have one – and leave a comment saying so.

Each method counts as ONE entry. If you do more than one thing (ie a blog post, and a tweet) that’ll be two entries. But if you tweet twice, that’s still only one entry 🙂

As I said, I’m afraid the give away can only be open to British readers/bloggers 😦 but you know, if you’re American or Australian or French or wherever, feel free to blog or tweet about it anyway 😛 Let’s make this the biggest, most AWESOME give away ever to hit the blogosphere! Seriously.

I will randomly pick a winner on…FRIDAY, and announce it in the evening (UK time). I can’t say exactly what time, cos I don’t know yet 😛 But that’s when the winner will be awarded.

So what are you waiting for? Go get tweeting/blogging/commenting!!!


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