Oohhhh dear, it’s one of those days! My brain is NOT working today – proof? It’s not often that I only have *one* meal with photos to blog about:



1/2 c. oats, cooked with cocoa powder, agave, cinnamon, salt, then baked for 25mins – oh. my. joyous. days. With a fresh date on top!


Annnd a bit more close up – cos I know you love it :p


You’d think after 13months of blogging, I wouldn’t forget to take photos. You’d also think after 20years of having the same name, I wouldn’t forget that either, but alas – these things happen.

I put it down to the fact that I’m tearing my hair out right now;

1) I can’t for the life of me work out how to change my header on the new blog, which will be coming up asap, I promise!! It’s just….man alive, these things aren’t simple!

2) I can’t for the life of me write this darned essay I’ve been working on for the past 2months. I think I’m actually going to die trying. ACTUALLY die.

3) I have yet another injury!! Yep, I think on Sunday I did in some muscle or tendon or something on my inside right leg, near my ankle. I was actually limping round uni today!! Oh my poor old body is falling apart..but on the PLUS, I am seeing a PHYSIO on Weds! 3pm, Sports Physio Man and I are going to get to the bottom of my Angry Leg problem. Fingers crossed!

And with that, I have to love you and leave you. I know, this was a terrible short and crappy post – but I will make it up to each and every one of you, individually! I’ll come to your houses one by one, cook you some gross looking oats, make you a Green Monster, roast you a parsnip, and be on my merry way πŸ™‚


Ps – Happy Valentine’s Day! The worst day of all IMHO (probs cos I don’t have a boyfriend, and the one Valentine’s card I did receive [in front of the whole class] turned out to be a joke, sent by the nasty girls in high school. Bad memories πŸ˜₯ Are you a Valentine’s day lover or hater?


No Gaga, No.

I’m really not feeling the new Lady Gaga song. Like, really, reaaally not feeling it. In my own nasty little way, I’m highly relieved she isn’t number one today. But seriously – does anyone else find that she annoys the heck out of them, or is that just me!!?? Heh.


My Heidi-Montag-esque makeover shoooould be coming tomorrow, I’m hoping – but we shall see πŸ™‚ In the meantime, I’ll do a normal, pre-surgery post πŸ™‚ And let me tell youz – there’s a lorra food photos I want to show y’all! I know that can be boring sometimes, but och ay, there’s been some scrummy stuff πŸ˜› Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Walk with me….

(Now I totally have images of Hugh Hefner, walking through his Perv Mansion smoking a bubble pipe and wearing a dressing gown. Oh my mind is bleary, late on a Sunday eve!)


Bah, mucho stresso came on Fritag. I originally thought I was going to have a lovely relaxing day, going into town, getting a cappuccino, looking in the charity bookshops…til I got a phonecall which changed my life forever. Well, it changed my Friday plans at least. To cut a long story short, I ended up standing around the PC World carpark for a half hour, holding a laptop to give to my dissertation partner. Not fun times.

Breakfast was ace though! I tried out some new oatmeal that my delightful friend Jess sent me!


Maple Apricot Walnut oatmeal, to be precise! Full of chunks of walnut and a maple-y flavour and bits of plump dried fruit – it was the BOMB!


9g protein per serving too πŸ™‚


That milkyish blob in the middle? Why, it was maple cream of course! Fresh from a cardboard box which was fresh from the hills of Vermont – tedious link, I know πŸ˜€


One word – ohmygod.

A pear was also consumed –


– why you need to see a picture of a half eaten pear is beyond me.

Equally so for a picture of tofu:


My only explanation is that the glaze on it (tomato puree, balsamic, maple syrup, cinnamon, soy sauce, and apple cider vinegar) was out of this WORLD!

Green Monster:


Craving: satisfied.

Saturday now πŸ™‚

Well, the Holly’s Oatmeal oats yesterday kept me full for hours and hours and hoooouuurrrsss. Normal oatmeal on Sat – I was a Starvin’ Marvin’ after about 1.5hrs!


What’s with that!?


Despite the addition of melted banana with Mighty Maple PB & Co. And a Snackimal, for good measure :p


Oh well, the stomach gods demanded food, the stomach gods received food – in the mighty fine and dandy form of KALE CRISPINS and BLACK BEAN BROWNIES!!!



It was my fourth time making these, and I seriously love them more and more each time πŸ˜€ I even cut the sugar down on this version – 1/4c., not a 1/3rd (or maybe that was the agave I cut down..I forget) and they still turned out SO moist (errh), gooey and rich and delicious!


I’ve already had three πŸ™‚

Now, here’s something else I made:


Wtf right? It iiissss:

Kabocha Squash and Peanut Banana Soft Serve!

Quite the moutful, to say and to eat, but ohholywozer was it iiiiiinncredible.

  • roasted kabocha squash – 1/2 c. maybe? I left the skins on :p
  • 1 frozen banana
  • approx. 1/4 – 1/3 c. frozen melon
  • 1/2 serving (15g) peanut flour
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 2-4tbsp water (maybe more – it depends on your blender and how thick you like it)

Put everything in the blender, starting with the liquid at the bottom and the hardest thing on top, and BLEND.

Simple but oh so good! I wish my pictures could do it justice – I took a whole bunch, but the nasty yellow lighting in the kitchen + yellow food made for bright orange pics πŸ˜₯


See? Bah.

There’s also been OIAJ action this weekend:


And more chocolate :p


Sunday now yah? (wow, I cannae believe how long it’s been since I last did a proper post..sheesh.)

Oh, today was a Bad Day. After the success of last Sunday’s 6mile run, and a random one in the week, I was feeling pretty pumped for today! I ate a huge massive apple, wehatgerm and a few other bites before I left, then set out on my merry way. Merry it was NOT.

The Angry Legs were back with a vengeance! Shin pain at times, calf pain at times, alternating the area and amount constantly. One minute my left shin hurt, then that would be ok and my right calf would hurt. It was nasty! There were a lot of tears on that run, a lot of tears…

By the time I got back, I was ready for some stir fried pear, yogurt and date syrup:


(that was really yummy!) And some good ol’ oats:



Whilst the oats were setting, my mum and I went on a 1mile cool down/stretch out walk, and do you know what she did? She offered to pay for a sports physio for me! I almost cried when she offered!!! So yes, this means that I have officially declared war on my blasted legs. Next week will be my 6th week of pain, and really – the joke is wearing thin. Tomorrow morning, I gather my ammo! (ie, make an appointment).

After breakfast, my mum and I decided to take the dawg for a walk in the forest. We thought we’d do about an hour/3miles.…but we got lost. Alone, we can navigate fine. Together? Not so much! We are masters of getting lost πŸ˜› I’m surprised we don’t need a map to navigate our own kitchen sometimes.

So anyway – 5miles/1hr45mins later, we made it back to the car πŸ™‚ We were both hangry for lunch when we got home!

I whipped up a pear-melon-vanilla-banana soft serve:



As well as other bits and bobs, but apparently that is the point where I forgot to photo anything else – abrupt finish, I know!! Other eats did include black bean brownies though, you can be sure of that πŸ˜›

Anyway – I have blog work, uni work and sleep work to do now πŸ˜€ so I be off. Fare yee well my loves πŸ™‚

Question: Are you good at getting lost?

Best thing you ate this weekend? Mine was the kabocha peanut banana s-s, without a doubt :p orrrr the black bean brownies…..

Doing a Heidi Montag

Oh yeah.

Brit Chick Runs is getting a FACE LIFT!



Maybe some lipo…

Maybe some lip fillers…

And possibly a nose job, but I’m not so  sure about that.

Sooo bear with me, and stay tuned for the grand unveiling soon!!! Hopefully you’ll be more impressed than I was with this:



Hmm. Say no more.

Hear me Rawr

Brit readers near the south east – this post is for you πŸ™‚ keep reading to the end!

I had a GOOD day today! Lots to talk about (well, it feels like it) so let’s jump straight to it shall we?

The day started off with rain. Lots of rain. Maybe not so good? But I did fit in a lovely Jillian-esque workout and a walk/run, so I’d say that was leaning to the positive, wouldn’t you? There’s nothing like getting your heart rate up early on, it makes the day πŸ˜€

Next good thing – breakfast of course!! It was my third day of baked oats, and it was without a doubt, the best one yet. I did the usual mix (1/2 c. oats, 1.5 c. water, salt, cinnamon, vanilla) and cooked it on the hob, then transferred it to a baking dish, where it was baked for 35mins or something –


– maybe a little crispy round the edges today πŸ˜› I let it sit out for a 1/2 hr whilst I put some slap on for the day, did the horses’ hay in the field, and made a super delicious sauce; a peeled extra ripe pear simmered with blackberries and cinnamon/nutmeg til soft πŸ˜€ The result:





Oh. Mydaysmydaysmydays. The TEXTURE you guys! Seriously out of this world! I can’t describe it – so creamy, yet sticky, yet smooth, yet clumpy, yet tasted-like-pancakes, yet sheer amaze………it was eaten with a big smile on my face.

But boy did that smile get bigger – a bloke arrived whilst I was eating the bowl-of-yum. Sadly, he wasn’t holding red roses or bearing an ‘I am your one true love’ sticker, but he WAS holding a big box.

A box?

A box.

Not any old box, but a box from the grand old U S of A! And what was in this box? Why, presents from my wonderful blog friend Jess of course!


Way back when we were but wee nippers, we decided to do a foodie swap – and it sure was worth it! This lady sent me some AMAZING stuff, fresh from the snow covered hills of Vermont πŸ™‚ She had made me promises of peanut flour however – but when I read her note, my heart sunk a little. They’d sold out.


That is, until I dug a little deeper into the box –


HAHA! I did an actual real life LOL out loud πŸ˜€ I’m not sure if my mum quuuuite got it, but it seriously made my day πŸ˜€








I just know that peanut flour is gonna stay wrapped up in its’ safety bubble for the forseeable future; now that Trader Joe’s has discontinued it, there is no WAY I’m going to risk it getting damaged/stolen/burnt/frozen/anything-negative-whatsoever. In fact, i’ll probably never even break into the packets, purely because I don’t want them ever to end :p that stuff will now officially be known as Peanut Gold Dust.

In my excited daze, I immediately broke into the cookies:



SO delicious! And besides, cookies for breakfast? MMmmm you can’t go wrong! Especially when they’re sliiiightly healthy cookies…


…I see no aspartame, or other poisons, so I’m assuming they’re safe πŸ™‚ Plus, how can a cute little lion be bad for you? Nay possible.

The chunk of the day paled in comparison somewhat – the highlight was my lecturer taking a full 30 secs to realise that the video she was playing on the cinema-sized screen in the lecture room was not showing picture (despite watching it herself). And she teaches me? Eh. No logic.


Two more exciting things happened!

1) Waitrose, my beloved, have started stocking the other beloved – KABOCHA!! It’s been…ooh…2months? since my last one, so you can imagine the joy. A happy dance may or may not have occurred in the aisle.


I stocked up. (What you don’t see is the other two, hiding out in Meredith :p)

2) RAWR!


If you’ve been reading my blog since August, you’ll know that I quite like raw food. So of course, when a lovely local company, Rawr, sent me some samples of their raw chocolate, I happily obliged πŸ™‚



I broke into the Intensely Dark flavour last night…


LOVE the ingredients list!

It’s really great to see ingredients like mesquite and coconut butter appearing in English products; I so, so rarely ever see them over here. Refreshing!


Well well well! It was SO silky, SO intense, and SO lovely! And I’m not just saying that (I’ve had other brands of raw chocolate before and was distinctly unimpressed – too dusty textured), it truly was the smoothest chocolate ever. Melty deliciousness πŸ™‚ Now, I am a serious dark chocolate lover, and this flavour is most definitely for fellow dark chocolaters too – it has a strong, almost fruity taste to it, with tiny tiny bits of crunchiness from the cacao nibs. But yeah, I was a fan πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to break into the other flavours (and you’re totally going to know when I do – I never miss an account of a new chocolate breed :p)!

Thank you Kind Folk @ Rawr πŸ™‚

I think raw food is becoming more of a big thing now – so many more companies in Britain seem to be popping up that are raw, and I’ve even seen some raw restaurants in London, albeit not many. I think it’s great though!! It always amazes me what raw foodies can make – ice creams, lasagnes, crackers, soups, cakes…the list is endless. The first time I tried raw food was at the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago last August, and I was seriously blown away by the variety. I remember when I came back home, I was desperate to try to make some of my own raw meals, but I just had no idea where to begin 😦

Whhhiiiich is why I have an idea of sorts! British readers, PRICK YO” EARS UP NOW!

Are you free on a weekend in April? Do you have the ability to travel to London? (Bus, train, super powers – you’ll find a way)


I’m going to attend a raw food class, at none other than The Raw Food School!


The amazing people over at Gourmet Raw told me about this, and I thought it sounded BRILLIANT!

Sooo, I wondered – would any readers/bloggers want to join me? It would be on a Saturday in April in London, and I’d be there (OBVIOUSLY the best bit :p). Oh, and you’d get to learn about raw food :p

This class is designed for those that are curious about or new to Raw Food. They’ll guide you through everything you need to know about raw food, the why’s, the benefits and even overcoming the challenges. They then talk in depth about ingredients, preparation techniques, equipment as well as how to set your kitchen up. Then, through live demonstrations walk you through, step by step, how to create the most delicious raw food dishes on the planet. Their objective? To send you away from the class knowing how to take control of your health through raw food. Get ready to be inspired! http://www.therawfoodschool.com

What do youz reckon!? If you’re interested, shoot me an email or leave a comment!!! πŸ™‚

And with that – I fare yee well.


PS – follow me on Twitter yeah? BritChickRuns. You know you want to πŸ˜›

…then I don’t ever want to be right.



Seriously, is there some crazy side effect that comes from overdosing on that weirdo white carrot hybrid? Part of me thinks I should research it, in case there IS (seeing as I eat about 6 parsnips a day), but then if I found out something negative…well, I don’t know what I’d do. Be very sad I suppose πŸ˜₯

Have you ever had parsnips? They are seriously the most amazing vegetable out there!! And my love for them comes truly from the heart – I was not paid in any way by The Parsnip Company – whoever they may be – to give all the affection! An affection that is so strong, I’ve had them three times today. Once at lunch, once at dinner, and once in some muffins.


Yes, parsnip muffins! I did THIS recipe, but instead of making a cake, I made muffins, and I replaced the walnuts and raisins with dates. I’d run out of walnuts (sob), and, I don’t know, raisins irritate me in baked goods. Weird….Anyway! Look at the baking extravo:


My first time using a pestal and mortar, or whatever the correct spelling is! I needed cardamon, but only had the whole pods, so I did the grindy-grindy thang, and that’s what i was left with πŸ™‚



These took pretty much a full hour to prep – and I didn’t even do the parsnip grating! That tedious job was left to good ol’ Vincent, who worked his Vita-magic like the trooper he is.


DONE!!! Oooh my gosh, they smelt SO good! Now I’m a self-confessed ginger hater, but these had ginger in and it totally worked πŸ™‚



Amazingly good; probably some of the best muffins I’ve ever made – in my many, many years as a baker….- flavourful, moist, a good spice kick. One was in heaven. One would like to eat many more of these. One has found what one’s birthday cake will be made of (FYI: 27th May, I turn 21. Mark it in your calenders folks, I expect cars, holidays and free money as presents!)



Eating muffins is also a good way to balance out a vegelicious-parsniplicious lunch πŸ˜€ Before you ask – yep, I do have a stomach of steel!

Whilst I was busy making parsnip muffins, I knocked back a beer, which was moonlighting itself as maple syrup walnut coffee with Aerolatte-frothed milk:


Trying saying that fast over & over again….Impressive froth right!!?? I literally used 20ml of soya milk for that :O crazy times.

Other crazy times? My pink breakfast this morning!! Cooked oats, poured into a baking dish with BLACKBERRIES (Waitrose, reduced to clear. Joy!)



Then baked for 35mins or so, til it looked like this:


Ha, quite the eye sore right!!?? It looked a little better when I turned it out –


– and then topped it with none other than……BANANA SOFT SERVE!!!


And here come a million and one pictures of the same thing πŸ˜›






Holy cow it’s been a long time since I’ve had me some of that! And oh how I’ve missed it πŸ™‚ But I totally deserved a speshal treat today πŸ™‚ why why why, you say?


This morning I was up and at ’em bright and early, to go on a nice little walk/run. However, when I started running, I felt pretty good…so I kept going. And going, and going. Before I knew it, I’d done 6miles (!) and had hardly walked or stopped! My Angry Legs still were a bit sore, but mucho MUCHO reduced in soreness, even from Sunday when I last ran. And it was mainly achey calf muscles – the shins hurt for maybe a total of 5mins today!! I finished the run with a big old smile on my face – I feel like I’m getting proper real glimpses of being heeeaaaled πŸ˜€ I iced down zee legs with some frozen chips whilst my oats were cooking, and it felt sooooo lovely – just what they needed.


In fact, today has been a pretty darn good day on the whole! Good run, good baking, good food, and 2 other good things which I’m very excited about and will tell you aaaall about tomorrow πŸ˜€

Let me give you a hint though – it links to this:




I’m very excited πŸ™‚

Tell me – do you like parsnips? What’s your favourite way to eat them?

What was the best thing to happen to you today? Or if you’re feeling negative, what was the least bad thing to happen!?

ps – We have a car-name winner!!!


Thank you everrrr so much to Fi, at Sparkling Snowflake (who oddly enough, won my give away the other week) – Meredith and I are eternally grateful πŸ™‚

Shed some light

Hola chicas! (I am constantly thinking that phrase in my head; that’s what happens when you have a horse named Chika. FYI: Chica means ‘little girl’ in Spanish. See, my blog is so informative ins’t it!! Who needs school?)

Tuesday – the most blah-esque day of the week. Which means this might be the most blah-esque post ever too. I do want y’all to shed some light on something for me thooough – but more on that in a second izntityeh.

Non-blah things – a recreation of yesterday’s disaster-to-delicious oats!! Here’s what I did:

Oatmeal Rice Pudding (cos that’s what it tastes like :D) – based on Katie’s voluminous oatmeal trick.

– 30g oats + 15g rye flakes (or other flakey thing that does not get fat with water, like oats do – you want the chew!)

– 1.5 c. water/milk/mix

– 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

– tiny pinch of salt

– a buttload of cinnamon

– a small ripe pear

– sweetener of choice (maple syrup, brown sugar, fruit syrup, date syrup, agave nectar…your choice. BTW – did you know ‘agave’ is pronounced ‘a-gah-vay’?? Wtf? I always thought it was a-gave. BOOoOOOOoo 😦 no wonder health food store owners look at me funny when I say it. Hmph)

The night before – combine everything apart from the pear and sweetener in a bowl, and microwave for 3-4 mins on a med-high heat. Allow to cool, then fridge overnight. Don’t put it in the fridge hot, cos APPARENTLY if you put warm things in the fridge, the whole fridge temp gets higher, so come morning you’ll have rotten milk and meltyness everywhere, and feel very ashamed. Tip of the day …

In the morning – put the mix into a small baking dish, slice the pear thinly over the top, sprinkle with more cinnamon, and a drizzle of your sweetener. Bake in the over at approx. 160-180 degrees for approx. 25-35mins. Check it after 20 though! This dish won’t ever set like normal baked oatmeal – it’ll stay runny – but it develops the bestest eva texture, flavour, chew and creaminess πŸ™‚

Take out of the oven, and let it cool for a while cos it WILL burn your tongue (and fingers, when you pick out the bits of pear like I did – I eat like a caveman) if you try to dive straight in πŸ˜€


I like to transfer mine to a bowl, then pour cold milk over – SO GOOD:



PEAR! It’s in there πŸ™‚ It just does a mighty fine job of moonlighting as oatmeal. Sneaky.



Creamiest thing ever. If you get bored waiting for it to cool, eat frozen grapes:


They are the best thing since fake oat based rice pudding. Ohhhhh yes.

Need more entertainment? Listen/watch this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cegdR0GiJl4 (I think this is the explicit version, so if you’re feeling precious and sensitive, maybe don’t watch it? / don’t blame me if you get offended, have nightmares, or become obsessed with this song and have it on repeat all evening :P)

Die Antwoord – Enter the Ninja. They played this on the ten minute take over on Greg James’ radio 1 show the other day, and he was all ‘oh no, terrible song, blah blah’ but…I love it! Anyone with me??

Oh yeah – since we’re talking about nuts and bolts (yes, we were. WE WERE.), lunch again moved on from the processed bars! Still rushed (seriously, where do my mornings go?? I don’t get it!) buuuut REAL food:


You don’t really need two pictures of the same thing, but I thought I’d give you two anyway. I’m generous like that πŸ™‚


Remember back in the summer when I was obsessed with them!? Roasted and dried and salted broad beans, chickpeas and soya beans πŸ™‚ made for a super tasty, protein packed quick snacky lunch (@3.10pm – darn the professor who skipped the ‘coffee break’ as he calls it….), alongside cauliflower/parsnip:


Those parsnip puffs…oh boy. SO sweet and puffy and soft! Holy crap I love parsnip.

Not as much as I love seeing my name in print!


My second article in the uni student paper, The Rabbit πŸ™‚


So it was edited again, and they still missed the other ‘t’ off of my last name – but the editing wasn’t as brutal as the last article. I was pretty pleased πŸ˜€ I’m now just waiting for Women’s Fitness/ VegNews/ Runner’s World to start a bidding war over who gets to use my services next…watch this space….


OH! I almost forgot! The thing I want you to shed light on

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so i dug out my Brendan Brazer Thrive Fitness book for some..er…’light’…reading to send me off to nodland. I randomly opened it up to a page, and he was banging on about alkalizing v acidifying (seriously, are those even words, let alone spelt right? I’m seriously tired right now :p) foods, and how the alkaline ones are MUCH better for you, and help with recovery, from general exercise and injuries. My ears pricked up at that bit, seeing as I still have a case of Angry Legs, so want all the help I can get. He didn’t really mention much though about WHAT those foods are, so I was wondering; I know there was a minor blogtrend a while back about alkaline/acid foods, so I was wondering, a) what your thoughts are, b) if you know much about that method of eating, and c) if you’ve actually done it.

Acid vs Alkaline – shed some light plez!


Now, for those of you that asked so kindly – my new CarBaby (still unamed – I want MORE suggestions people! MORE MORE MORE! They’re great so far, so keep ’em coming!) looks like this:



Not really. She actually looks like this, except a darker blue:


(source)  Note: that’s not my real car, that’s a google-fied image πŸ™‚

A Peugeot 106 πŸ™‚ Cute huh? Well worth the three-figure sum I pad πŸ˜› told ya she was cheap!

I tried to be Mrs Prep last night – I was perusing blogs, as I do 24/7, and came across Katie’s voluminous oatmeal trick for the billionth time. So, at 11pm, I broke into my oat stash and made a mix of oats and rye flakes (picked up for Β£1 – reduced – on Saturday!). I followed the recipe, adding in salt, a bit of soya milk, vanilla and cinnamon, and microwaved it for 3 or 4mins, then stuck it in the fridge. Sadly, in the morning, it was basically just a bowl of water still!! No volume had become of it (if that makes sense….). #Fail One. Feeling mystified, I transferred the mix into my usual oat saucepan and decided to cook them like normal. That didn’t work either, they wouldn’t absorb the water!! #Fail Two. It was time to get clever…

I then put the whole load of semi-cooked, semi-soaked watery mess into an individual size baking dish, and topped with a chopped ripe pear, more cinnamon and a drizzle of fruit sweetener:



THEN I baked it at a low heat for 10mins. #Fail Three – no difference in wateryness!! I hoiked the heat up and ignored it all for 20mins – when I came back, it looked like this:


Uh..appetising right? I let it cool for 20mins or so (I don’t like hot oats, lukewarm is just fine thank you!) whilst I ate my way through a butt-load of these:


And then I spooned it all into a bowl with extra milk- for more beautiful presentation, of course :/



But you know something? It was DELICIOUS!!!!


It tasted JUST like rice pudding!!! I mean like, properly incred! The oats were all creamy and smooth, but the rye flakes (which don’t go mad absorbing like oats) added a great chew. Seriously, like, the best bowl EVA. I have another bowl of weird uncooked watery-ness sitting in the fridge now, so I can recreate the joy tomorrow πŸ˜€

From disaster to delicious!

Lunch was aaalmost a disaster today too – the morning got majorly sucked away somehow, with car troubles and being put on hold to insurance blokes on the phone for a lifetime & a half. Errrrgo, I had no time to make a proper lunch today, so instead settled on some roast chunks of parsnip and broccoli (they went in the oven at the same time as the fake rice pudding/failed oats mess):


Annnnd this:


One of those bars which is a) only available in the states, b) I only have one of, and c) have been saving for about 6months, cos once I’ve eaten it, I’ll probably never have another one! But when I was sorting out my (crazylarge) bar stash over the weekend, I realised the use by date was Feb 11. Cue gasping! I could NOT allow this bar to be wasted! So it went straight to the top of my Eat List, and was therefore nabbed this morning in my rush πŸ™‚

Hardly part of my Stay Away from Bars for Lunch plan…but the stats are so super and so raw and vegan (oh yes!) that I don’t mind πŸ™‚


Pretty good right!?


I ADORE that ingredients list.

The taste was stellar too! Kinda like a cocoa brownie Trek bar, but with crunch from tiny bits of almond, and with a slight…blueberry? taste to it. From (almost) disaster to delicious again πŸ˜€

Other eats have included yogurt cereal messes and Christmas coffee (& dinner & chocolate, but I have no photos of them):



Hey Rudolph πŸ™‚

Wild times right?


Slightly off topic, and 100% unrelated to running, blogging, Brit Chicks, food or health…but I got a new CAR on Sunday, and tomorrow I can begin driving it! Here’s where y’all come in –

I always name my cars – my whole family do. I’ve had Eric the boy car, Erica the girl car [who replaced Eric when he died of old OLD age] and my mum has Bridget and Wayne. My aunt has Desmond, but my new Lady car (who was cheap as chips and bought off of ebay! Aaah the student budget) has NO NAME yet!!!

SO – help me name her! I know I can rely on you lot, cos one of you clever readers named my Vita Mix for me (Vincent). Leave your suggestions in the comments πŸ™‚ but bear in mind that the car is small, dark blue and a girl πŸ™‚ The prize for getting your name chosen will be…..

– LOVE, lots of love from me

– THANKS (I will be forever grateful. Well, until June at least, then I sell the car again)

– RESPECT. Cos you sure will deserve it.

– If you’re lucky, I might send you a bunch of roses, or a stink bomb, or something equally delightful in the snail mail πŸ˜›

Soooo what are you waiting for!?


Question: Do you name your car, or other non-beating heart things?



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  • sportsday knickers (twice!)
  • brit chick freya romp
  • easy way to catch epic monster
  • bob the builder font
  • kate moss jam (twice. SERIOUSLY what is with these Kate Moss links???)
  • dscf5249hef (not quite sure how that made it to my blog…but whateverz. The weird world of the internet for you, I suppose)