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Hey! My name is Freya and I'm a 19 year old Psychology student from South-East England. I divide my time, living at uni in my house share during the week, and at weekends coming home where I have a beautiful horse (Chika, who no doubt will feature a lot!). Some background about me: When I was a (younger) teenager, I used to eat terribly, living off chocolate, crisps, chips, burgers...no vegetables to speak of! I did very little exercise other than riding, and was not particuarly healthy. However during my last few years in High School, I developed an eating disorder and went the complete opposite way. To cut a log story short, I'm now recovered, and in the process, I've developed a passion for cooking and healthy eating - I'm living proof that tastes genuinely do change, and while I appreciate a good dessert, I'd so much rather have some baked squash with cinnamon!! I've also discovered a love of running, and am currently training for my first half marathon in February. This blog is all about discovering new foods, eating healthily with balance and moderation, enjoying food, exercising well (I LOVE to run!), and getting the most out of LIFE!! Loves: Peanut butter, Chika, American TV (Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, E.R., Friends, Will & Grace, 8 Simple Rules, Sex and the City...I could go on!), kabocha squash, cinema trips (accompnied by lots of Ben & Jerry's!), reading [well written!] chick lit, parsnips, oatmeal, greek yogurt, America, horses, hanging with my sister, the feeling you get after a successful long run, reading recipe books, baking, cinnamon (on EVERYTHING), hot chocolate, supermarket (!) and normal shopping, christmas and everything about it - bad music included, long drives with my mum, fresh figs and dried dates. Hates: Cauliflower, cheddar cheese, windy weather, scientific films, overly hot weather, not living in the USA, arguments, being sick, being poor (a common occurance as a student...), wet feet/leaky shoes, cold hands.

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