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Ohh gosh, I’ve had some of the best dreams over the past few days! I know I bang on about dreams a lot, but sometimes they’re just so cool! Take Friday night, for example. I remembered not one, not two, but THREE dreams!!

1) I had a huge argument with a store worker about the price of kabocha squash and pumpkins. He said one thing, I said another, the label said something else. It was quite the heated argument!

2) I saw a boy riding a pony really REALLY badly – the boy’s mumma then came up to mine, and offered her £1million per year, to be a live-in instructor to him to teach him how to ride. It was most definitely a dream…

3) The best one – Justin Timberlake was my best friend. We hung out together all day, and I kept introducing him to everyone, and they were all super jealous :p He also – quite randomly – played hide-and-seek with Kovac in my cupboard. As you do.

4) This was actually a Thursday night dream – but, to set the scene, I have a major crush on this radio presenter in England called Greg James. He’s young, tall, hot and funny <- I love him! He’s also dating the singer Ellie Goulding…but in MY dream, we met up and he suddenly realised that i was The One, not stupid E.G., and we fell madly in love..we then went Christmas shopping (for giant toys) in a big warehouse-esque department store. It was great! So great in fact, that I promptly burst into tears when I woke up, because it wasn’t true, and I realised that I don’t have – and never have had – that amazing i-love-you-can’t-live-without-you closeness with any guys :( Something I want more than anything in the world. Alas!

You’re proooobably wondering where all this is leading right? Well! One of my other non-night time-dreams is to RUN A MARATHON! Which, provided I don’t catch malaria (a la Cheryl Cole), get hit by a car (a la Emily – thankfully she’s OK!!) or get trapped in a mine (a la 33 Chile miners) – I will be doing TWO weeks today! I can’t believe how quickly its come about…total madness!! I’m swaying between being really excited and really, really nervous. It comes in waves! But one thing is for sure – I’m fed up of training now, and I want to get this marathon started. I tell you, after it’s over, I plan on spending 6months running no further than 3miles. BLISS>

Anyway – here’s how I’ve been fueling for training the past few days….

Peanut butter coated/baked parsnip chunks with aubergine – quite possibly one of the best things IN THE WORLD!


Lots n lots of EGMs with handpicked blackberries <- I’m still finding them! They’ve yet to go out of season completely, thank goodness:


Hummus, roast veggies, delicious olives….


My first taste of a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bar!


I love those things – if ONLY they were sold in England. Bah.

OKRA! I haven’t had okra in aaaggggess, and last time I did have it, I was most certainly UNimpressed. I saw some in the reduced-to-clear bin the other day though, so I nabbed some and roasted them up with some brussel sprouts and parsnip. I like!

Ketchup coated crispy baked kale. Bliss.


Savoury oats – oatmeal cooked with pressed coconut milk and a LOT of nooch, as well as smoked paprika, salt, pepper, onion powder and smoked garlic:


Oh, and lots of gran-grown butternut squash :p


Cereal/yogurt messes….most days!


Lots of molasses/cocoa-y food:


And – On Saturday, I found time to do some PROPER cooking, amazingly! Loosely based on this recipe, but with lentils and split peas instead of chickpeas:









There’s also been yet more ketchup roasted veggies…



AND yet more squashed up cocoa oats!


I also have to show you some raspberries:


Why? Cos 3yrs after it was planted, our raspberry bush has FINALLY produced some! (Note: ‘some’ = about 6. But still! At least it’s trying :p)


Today of course, was my final double digit run before the actual marathon. I really, really needed it to go well, seeing as Friday’s 8miler was awwwful (bad head space again. D’oh!). I also wanted it to go fast, cos I went to the airport with Hannah and my mum afterwards – Hannah is off on her 3month gap year now! (she went to LA last week, came back Thursday, and left for good today).

I ate a chocolate brownie Clif bar and a date before I left, then I was off (into the extreme cold mind you :p).

It was fabulous!!! 12miles, 1hr53, 9.29pace – which included a sprint finish (well I say sprint..my pace went down to about 6.30 min/mile for a 1/5th mile or so), with my mum behind me on the bike yelling ‘RUN FASTER!!!!!’ Gotta love her! All in all, a super run, perfect for confidence building.

When it came to breakfast, I was pretty hungry – all I’d had was Lucozade Sport during the 12, so I sure was ready for food! I did my usual EGM:

  • cereal
  • coconut milk
  • maca powder
  • xanthan gum
  • banana
  • melon
  • spinach
  • Vega smoothie mix
  • almonds and dates



I had to scarf it down pretty quick – not long after I’d finished it, I went with my mum and sister to Heathrow-


- Hannah left for her 3month gap year today! She was in LA last week, got back Thursday, and then today left – til Christmas Eve! As I type, she’s flying to Africa…mad!

Here’s a lil tribute to the girl herself :p





Running to say bye to Tig!





It was sad to see her go! She’ll have an amazing time though :)

Annnnnyway – I gotta run, reading calls. Sorry (still) for my lack of emailing replying…I WILL WILL WILL get back to you all!!

Have a good few days :)

Question: Have you accomplished any of your dreams yet?

(PS – check out my yummy sandwich for dinner:


Smoked almond/sesame tofu, with hummus and spinach…so good!)

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Ok, so I have to do a super quick post today – I’m about to take Hannah to the station, so she can catch a train to the airport, where she’ll catch a plane to La La Land! More commonly known as Los Angeles :) Home of the famous! LA is the first stop of her 3month long gap ‘year’ – though she’ll be back home in about a week for 2 or 3 days, before leaving for Africa..or New Zealand..or Australia…I have no idea :p ANYWAY – if you see a girl who looks about 17months older than me with shorter hair and responds to the scream ‘HANNAH’, assume it’s my sister!

So without further adieu – My Day

Weds, 11pm – finish watching Rude Tube (best. show. ever.), and consume about 1 pint of water in a short space of time (bad idea!)

1am – get up.

4am – get up.

7.15am – alarm

7.30am – eat 2 tsps wheat germ, 1/2 a rice cake and a Power Bar (I know they’re sports food, but I would seriously eat one just for kicks, they are SO good)

8am+ – leave for run!

Run 5miles – my brain threatened to throw a wobbly for 3 strides, but I pushed any feelings of stress down and continued with a smile (Is the maca powder kicking in already!?)

Mile 7.5 – I had my first ever taste of a GEL!


I’ve been scared of gels for a long time, cos they look….well, weird. And I thought they’d taste like Bonjela or something gross and weird – but not so! It was DELICIOUS!! I’m not even joking, it was just, so so sosososo tasty. Maybe I’ll become a gel addict now?

9.40ish – finished TEN miles (9.28min/mile pace, 1hr 34) :) Then I went for a 15minute stretch down walk – I sure needed it! Jillian yesterday left my legs super stiff today :s

9.55am+ – Hug Chika, give Chika a handful of treats, give Chika an ear-scratch (her favourite thing in the world). kiss Chika, leave Chika.

10am+ – BREAKFAST! I was craving cold green things today – so I did almost the exact same thing I did after my 14miles on Sunday – a Green Monster, and a no-milk Epic Green Monster :)

Green Monster =

  • 1/2 c. milk
  • spinach
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/3 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1 tsp cacao powder

Milkless EGM =

  • 1 c. cereal
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1 scoop Vega vanilla-almond smoothie shake
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  • 1 and a bit bananas (frozen)
  • more spinach
  • dates and almonds as toppings



yes, that is a sherry glass :)




Well. An incredible meal! The EGM was super duper thick, the GM was all fluffy and light and wonderful :)

11 – 12am – helped Hannah with Tig

12am/pm – 12.30pm – packed up some lunch – gran-grown butternut squash fries, with celeriac fries and a tiny mini gran-grown courgette, all roasted in rosemary and garlic:




On the side, I had a Clif bar and some Bear Granola nibbles (portable cos I knew I wouldn’t have time to stop for a proper lunch) -


Straight after the picture, I swapped the small Clif bar for the big man version :D (the mini version has nowhere near as much carb – and I’m trying to eat carbily this week, for my impending TWENTY MILE run on Sunday! [which I WILL ace and WILL kick butt at!]

12.30pm – 1pm – freak out and search the house manically for Erica’s certificate of insurance – I needed to register her with uni (which starts on Monday), so I can park there without getting £50 in fines each day :/ Eventually, I found said certificate beneath a pile of papers by the printer. As you do.

1 – 1.20pm – throw on some slap, public-appropriate clothes, and gather up my belongings :D

1.20-2.20pm – drive the hour to uni :(

2.20 – 2.24pm – realise my car park card has vanished from my purse. I felt sad :(

2.25 – 2.45pm – register Erica (£20 down the drain….), buy a new car park card (£8 also down the drain :'()

2.45-3.05pm – decide that I probably should eat something for lunch, despite a sincere lack of hunger! I also bought myself my trashy paper :D

3.05 – 3.15pm – I went in search of a soya cappuccino – apparently, they do NOT exist on campus, despite me going to 4 different places! Gah. *sadface*

3.25 – 4.25pm – I hate to sit through the most boring, dull, pointless welcome back talk/meeting EVER. Such a waste of an afternoon!!

4.30 – 5.25pm – drive home like a maniac to a)avoid rush hour traffic and b) to take mon sister to the station for her train!

5.28pm – drop a mushroom down my sleeve.

5.46pm – leave for the station, and say goodbye to Hannah! She even said ‘love you’ as she left, which is extreeeeemly rare, and even more extremely lovely :D

6.03pm – get home, and pump out some more of this blog post :D

Question: What do your days normally look like? Do you like to keep busy?

Ps – Once again – I am so so sorry for being so slow at email replies at the moment! I am reading them, fear not – I’m just slow and have a disorganised inbox :P

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If it’s hurting, it’s working

Pain is temporary, quitting is forever

If you find yourself going through hell, keep going

Are you going to be a wimp, or are you going to be strong today?

Can I give more? Yes.

Rock what you’ve got.

I set a new distance record for myself today!! EIGHTEEEEEN big ones baby!! Oh yes :) Run recap and a ton o’ horsey action shots to come….





A lorra lorra cereal, with a splash of soya milk (the self-confessed milk & cereal hater can now have milk and cereal…what has the world come to??), yogurt, wheatgerm, a banana and blackberries



A side of fig :)

I sure worked myself up a mild appetite for lunch! Cos I rode Mrs Chika in between, and – due to the terrifying wind – she was quite the handful. I set out thinking ‘bah, it’s cold and windy, I’ll only do 25mins’…..50mins later, I finished! She’d decided that she couldn’t (could?) see the lions hiding in the grass with all the wind, therefore it was perfectly necessary to spend 30minutes spooking at the exact same spot. Over and over. And over. And over.. Mares!! Luckily, just as she was determined to spook, I was equally determined for her NOT to spook – Battle of The Mare vs The Girl commenced (albeit with no violence obvs!!). I won :D we finished on an ace note, and both came in tired and happy :)

Um…sidetrack much?? Lunch! I had to carbo load today, due to the impending 18miler on Sunday, so it was the winding route of kamut tagliatelle that won my charms today. A nice hefty portion, served with a ‘sauce’ made from a 1/2 tin of chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, mixed herbs, garlic, stock, swede, turnip, broccoli, celeriac, parsnip and squash:




Sure was delicious! A piece of Lindt may have been eaten too…

The afternoon was spent gettin’ ma bake on! My gran had given me a huge (arm size) courgette the other week, and a request to bake a chocolate courgette cake. Like the good grandchild I am, I obeyed:








I then had a taste for baking….so I whipped up some muffins from Allie’s recipe section. The original recipe was for pumpkin and carrot muffins, but I firstly vegan-ised it (by using 1tbsp chia seeds mixed with 2tbsp water), and English-ised it – mashed banana in place of pumpkin!


Instead of making 6 large muffins, I made 12 mini muffins instead :)



Tooooo cute!!

My afternoon snack was some cereal and yogurt:


And dinner was the scrummiest mix of maple roast sweet potato, lentils cooked with apple, and maple roast kabocha and parsnip:



In hindsight, although this meal was delicious – it was too much fibre!

I had a little dessert of Lindt, yogurt and a cracker :)



I was awoken ever so rudely by an alarm at 6.30am today. Why? I had eighteen miles to run of course! However the weather was looking seriously dodgy, with heavy showers forecast….so I wolfed down a breakfast cookie (1/2c. oats, mashed banana, peanut butter, milk), as well as a few dates and a spoon of Grape Nuts:


And then 1/2 hour later, I set out.


The first 5 miles of my run were hell on earth. I felt so amazingly SICK. At 3.66 miles, I had to stop for 15mins, expecting to throw up at any second, whilst having a major cry session. I couldn’t believe how ill I felt after so little distance, and all I could think was ‘I’ve got a half marathon left to run….’. It was horrific! However, I had to keep going. I was 2miles from home, and I knew my mum would be waiting for me. The next 2miles were deathly slow (like, 10.50pace), but I did them. When I saw my mum’s glowing pink coat at the end of my drive, it was like a beacon of hope :P

I cried on her for a few mins, cos I felt so bad, but after a little weeny pep talk, I set out again, on a 3mile loop. Baby steps! Thankfully, I started to feel a bit better. After an hour and 20mins or so, my stomach started to settle. No sooner had that settled, did the clouds UNsettle, and the rain clouds open. And open they did! I’m talking monsoon like rain, for an hour. I literally could not SEE cos it was raining so hard, and I was soaked to the skin. It was horrible!! But my mum, bless her, was waiting for me after every loop (even the 2mile one!) to just be there for support. Words can’t describe how grateful I was to her! Especially since she was getting soaked too!!

Anyway – despite the rain and the sick stomach and all, there was some good – my legs felt GREAT! The whole achey-leg thing is a distant memory now :) Thank goodness for Brooks trainers! And after the rain slowed, I actually started to enjoy myself again. The best bit? The last 2miles, when my mum dug out her old bike (she hasn’t ridden one in decades) and wobbled down the road next to me, singing crap folk songs (!) to me and telling jokes and laughing! I was running with a Hugh Jass smile on my face :) I also seemed to get a second wind of energy, which meant I decided to get my run finished in under 3hours (on the wonk cos I can’t rotate it :p):


Oh yeah!!!

The start was slow, but I finished strong, and felt I could have even continued for quite a lot more miles!! Needless to say, I was happy :)



My average pace was 9.58, total 2hrs59. During the run, I drank about 750ml Lucozade Sport, and ate a Power bar. I probably should have had more, but it wasn’t until mile 13 that I even started eating <- that’s how sensitive my stomach felt! But regardless, I finished great (no walls for me :p), so alls well that ends well :D

Oh! Amazingly, I didn’t use my ipod for the entire run! And it was fine! I entertained myself by singing ‘There were 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…take one down, swirl it around, there were 98 bottles of beer on the wall….’. Weird, but it worked!

When I got inside, I quickly ate a mini banana/carrot muffin:


And then went on a 10min walk to stretch out. Lovely :) Brunch was a proper big old Epic Green Monster:

  • 1 c. cereal
  • 1/2 c. soya milk
  • 1/2 c. soya yogurt
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  • xanthan gum
  • loooooads of spinach
  • a massive banana




Perfect post-run fuel!!

And as usual…this is now a massive long post, so I’ll speed up!!!

I made my mum and I soya cappucinos (spelt wrong…!) for a nice afternoon break:



Could have had more froth but my mum was on the phone so I couldn’t blend for long enough :P

We aslo played horses in the afternoon – lunged Tig over jumps:







And showed my baby some love :)


Excuse my outfit! Gran-knitted hat, long thick horse socks, 3/4 length trousers…I’m pure class. I also did some yoga, which was fabulous! Nothing like a good stretch after 3hrs of running :)

Annnnd that’s where I’ll leave it! I had a delicious snack too, but the pic isn’t on here so….whateverz :p

Question: do you have any inspirational quotes? How do you keep yourself motivated/not bored during a long run?

What’s been your biggest achievement lately? It doesn’t have to be physical, or huge – an achievement is an achievement, regardless of size :)

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Bad Banks

GAH! Just before I sat down to write this, I thought I saw a man in my hall! Oh scary times…if this post doesn’t get finished, and my typing stops abruptly, assume the worst.


Bad banks, yes, VERY bad banks today! Oh alas alas alas.

The morning started well – I had a good restful sleep, got up, chowed down on an apple, 2 tsps wheat germ and a rice cake, and then did home workout DVDs for just under an hour. So far, so good.

I then sorted the horses out, made my breakfast, checked my watch, and thought – seeing as I wasn’t hungry yet – I’d just phone through the order for my new laptop quickly. I assumed it’d take..oohh..10 mins, 15 tops?


FIFTY minutes later, and it was ordered!!! It would have taken 10mins, til the blasted bank decided to block my card for ‘security reasons’! ARGH!!!!

The lovely guy at Apple said he’d hold, while I phoned the bank on my mobile. I was then asked all these ridiculous questions and had to go through about a gazillion steps to talk to a real live human..and then I was told I’d said the wrong info!? I’d said the wrong town (out of choice of 2 – I’m with 2 different banks, one in each town) where I’d opened my bank account, so I had to go through the WHOLE process again. Ohmydays, I just wanted to scream/cry/roll about on the floor. SO infuriating.

Now I’m sure if my card got stolen, then I’d adore the beautiful measures the bank takes in the battle against identity fraud, to protect my money. But seriously. I just wanted to order my laptop!

Thankfully, I think the Apple bloke found me kind of endearing (he LOL-d at my fluffypinksparkles email :p) so he waited patiently the whole time :D And my laptop was ordered! Sheesh. Talk about a good way to start a Tuesday!

Breakfast made up for the kerfuffle (just):

  • 1 c. cereal
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds
  • swiss chard
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1.5 frozen bananas
  • home grown plums
  • dates, Grape Nuts, homemade jam, grated cacao

tues1 001

Home grown by my aunt!

tues1 005

tues1 004

tues1 007

Lovely lovely thick loveliness! For sure a winner :D Although I had it much later than normal (50mins later, to be precise), so it somewhat threw my day!

I still got a lot done though – walked the dog, rode the ‘orse (she was fresh and full of spring beans today), did some painting in my room (I’ve aaalllmost finished painting it now – just a window sill left!), and displayed my last half marathon photo proudly on a ledge:

tues1 008

Look at me gooooo! Good times.

I eventually sat down to lunch at 2.45pm. It was a goodun! I mixed some of the hummus I made yesterday with a spoon of nooch and salt, and served it with garam masala roasted broccoli, pumpkin, celeriac and parsnip, and a toasted wholemeal pitta bread – lovely REAL ingredients!

tues1 009

It’s the little things :P Anyway – the lunch:

tues1 010

tues1 011

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I cut up my veggies chunky style at lunch, but tiny at dinner…very odd!

tues1 013

tues1 014

tues1 017

tues1 012

tues1 021

Which photo!? Above or below!?

tues1 022

So yummy!! I always forget about the joys of hummus, til I eat it, and then I’m reminded of how freaking fabulous it is! And so simple to make – this batch was made from:

  • 1 can chickpeas
  • 2 tbsp EVOO
  • 2 tsps maple syrup
  • 2 tbsps + a bit of tahini
  • lemon juice
  • salt and pepper
  • A big garlic clove

The recipe actually needs some tweaking, but it will be good :D

Oh – I also had this little cucumber variety with lunch – another symptom of my aunt’s gardening kick:

tues1 024

tues1 025

It was tasty!! I thiiink it’s called an apple cucumber or something…

The afternoon was spent tidying and horse-ing and unloading 20 or so bales of hay all on my lonesome (WONDERFUL job, right Jess!!??) – tough times. Oh, and I went blackberry picking and got TONS of the juicy beauties!! They are so ripe and plump :D

For dinner, I’ve made maple roasted sweet potato, with dates and cinnamon, with roasted maple pumpkin, parsnip and courgette, and smoked almond tofu:

tue2 010

tue2 005

The broccoli in the background is for Chika :p

tue2 003

tue2 006

tue2 008

It’ll probably be delicious – I’m about to eat it as soon as I’ve posted this :D I’m then gonna get a lil packed lunch ready for tomorrow – I’m going to London for the day, to buy new running shoes, and to go to Whole Foods! It may not be a big deal to US folk…but to people in England, seeing as there’s about 2 Whole Foods in the whole country (and the one I’m going to is the 3rd biggest in the world!), it is a Hugh Jass deal! Fear not though, I’ll be blogging from beyond the grave. Kind of. I have a very interesting post lined up, which [shooooould] be automatically posted without me having to do anything. Finger’s crossed!

Anyway – I want my dinner. Have a good evening!

Question: What’s your favourite thing to cook/bake/blend/dehydrate? I like making hummus, muffins and black bean brownies :D

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Hugh Grant? No, he’s most definitely not my ideal man! But he did make an appearance in my dream last night; a man called/loosely based on Hugh Grant (King of 90s’ Rom Coms), but with slightly better different looks wined and dined me, and took me shopping for kitchen appliances!! THAT is my ideal man :D

Yes, either Dream Man, or the other famous Hugh:

He’s my ideal man too :D Just look at those arms! Seesh!!

So yeah, I woke up yearning for a romantic man to take me kitchen shopping this morning..it was a disappointment to walk down to an empty house :( 2 tsps wheat germ and half of a very skanky and soft apple, plus an hour’s walk in the sun, lifted my mood though! I’m a firm believer in the powers of endorphins :)

Breakfast was a kale/plum/hemp seed EGM:

mon1 013

I finally finished my bag of flax, so hemp seed was next on the menu! Isn’t hemp a drug…? Or am I confused?

mon1 014

 mon1 012

I sure felt a happy rush after eating that monster, that much is true!

Then, it was time to drag my sorry ass to work :( I’d really liked having a week off from it, what with the bank holiday and the wedding – but alas, back to the grind stone I went :/

It was hardly a wild shift – hanging clothes, steaming clothes, topping up my carpark ticket, steaming some more….though I did buy a whole load of new ring binders and biros for uni! Does that kind of thing make anyone else mega excited!? Yes? No? Only me? Meh, I just love shiny new things!!

Lunch was highly dull, but just what I was craving – veggies and salt!

Roast cauliflower, courgette, celeriac (A LOT), parsnip (only a tiny amount – the celeriac was the star of the show today) and a few chunks of kabocha, all seasoned with rosemary and garlic:

mon1 009

mon1 010

Love love love.

The salt part came in the form of a roast corn/bean selection thing – before you ask, I didn’t roast them no, they were pre-bought. But the added ingredients were just oil and salt, so it shouldn’t be hard to recreate :D

mon1 008

Lovely meal!

When I got home, I felt a little empty in the stomach apartment (metabolism rocking from yesterday’s 15miler maybe?), so I had some cereal and yogurt:

mon1 019

Nom nom! (does anyone actually know what ‘nom nom’ means!? I say it cos I believe it means ‘holycow, that was tasty’, but I’m not sure……)

I then randomly made some maple-y hummus:

mon2 001

mon2 002

Before getting started on dinner.

Dinner last night was obvs a treat-dinner! Tempeh, banana-cashew-maple sauce, durum/lentil/wholegrain mustard mix, cocoa veggies:

mon1 003

mon1 006

mon1 007

Followed an hour or so later by a Nana’s peanut butter cookie:

mon1 011


Dinner tonight? A mic of spicy roasted chickpeas (I just mixed chickpeas with the seasonings I wanted and baked for 15mins or so), tofu baked with a peanut butter/soy sauce, and lots of spiced veggies:

mon2 004

mon2 005

A seeea of veggies!

mon2 014

mon2 010

mon2 011

mon2 013

Very yummy :D Well, I hope so. It’s sitting in the keep-warm oven atm, cos I’m yet to eat it. But WHEN I DOOO, it will be great :D

Post dinner, the new issue of Glamour and I are gonna have a get together!

mon1 020


Question: Who is your ideal man (or woman!)? I really really hope someone says their husband/wife/ladyfriend/manfriend….I love romance :p

What was the last dream you had?

Ps: Catching up on posts? I went to a wedding and ran 15miles :D

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I ran 15miles today :) Buuuut as usual, I’ll do a quick foodie run through of Satdee first :D

An Epic Plum Monster (with added kale) was my breakfast of choice:

sat1 005

  • 1/2 c. milk
  • 1/2 c. yogurt
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed
  • vanilla extract
  • 1c. cereal
  • 1 biiiig banana
  • lots of plums
  • a handful of kale

We have trees – literally – collapsing under the weight of all the plums currently growing, so I kiiinda needed to eat some!

sat1 003

sat1 004

It was luv-leh!

Post breakfast, I had a faaaabulous lesson on Chika! She came out with her I-want-to-be-a-silly/spooky-and-lazy-horse hat on, but with a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge (blatantly :p), we turned that energy into good, powerful, fancy dressage horse energy!! She finished sweaty and with a very pleased rider :)

Oh! I also picked up a squash at the store before my ride:

sat1 010

I think it wins the award for Prettiest Mystery Variety of Squash Ever??

Lunch was an awesome veggie/tofu sandwich. I marinated a few small slices of tofu in soy sauce, hoi sin, agave nectar, Japanese rice vinegar, smoked garlic and salt and pepper:

sat1 009

Then it was time to do some layering! Squash:

sat1 011

Panfried tofu, with a side of burnt crispyness:

sat1 012

Roast beets:

sat1 013

The lid!

sat1 016

Waitrose own-brand organic wholemeal bread <- preeeetty much (bar maybe one or two others) the only loaf of pre-sliced/mass produced bread I’ve EVER come across that has real ingredients – ie no glucose or random E-numbers. And cos it’s own-brand, it’s super super cheap! My heart flutters at the thought.

sat1 019

sat1 020

On the side, I had the rest of the beets and squash as well as a few chunks of parsnip and celeriac:

sat1 022

sat1 023

Annnnd as a final side, some stir fried kale and mushroom (done in apple cider vinegar and maple syrup):

sat1 024

sat1 026

All in all a simply DIVINE meal!

I had a little afternoon snack, of a small slice of that weird carrot/raisin sprouted bread from the other day:

sat1 027

And then it was time for dinner in front of X Factor :D From now until Christmas, I shall never leave my house on a Saturday or a Sunday night! X Factor is TOO important :P

I made myself a portion of kabocha squash OIAJ -

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1/2c. milk
  • 1/2 c. water
  • salt
  • a bit of cooked kabocha
  • splash of maple syrup
  • a bit extra PB
  • A jar :D

 fifteen miles 009

fifteen miles 010  fifteen miles 011

And on the side – yep, more roasted veggies! With yet more tofu :p

fifteen miles 002

fifteen miles 008

fifteen miles 004

What can I say, I’m on a tofu kick…..!! It was all sooo good :D

fifteen miles 012

After dinner, I forced down a chocolate chip Clif bar for some extra carbs.

fifteen miles 018

I felt somewhat overfull and sck after that…but I think the extra 44g of carb did me good!!


FIFTEEN MILES! Meep, such a long way..but I did it!! I decided to be different today – in the actual marathon, there’s gonna be a big delay between getting up and starting the marathon. On my half marathon last week, I didn’t eat right cos I was unprepared for the time lapse between getting up and starting running (I normally am out the door 45mins after getting up). Soooo today, I was up at 7am, but I left it over 2hrs before I left.

As soon as I got up, I had 2tsps wheatgerm, and 2 pieces of toast, with half a banana and 4 types of nut butter:

fifteen miles 019

fifteen miles 020

fifteen miles 023

SO darn delicious. And eaten whilst feeling (very) nervous and watching The Office (American version <- love that show!).

Before I left, I had a tiiiiny slice of that sprouty bread, and then I was off!

I started with a 6mile route that took me back home, where I drank a heck of a lot of Lucozade Sport, and one of my date/oat/carrot bars I made the other day. OHEMGEE!!! It was SO good! Not wanting to blow my own trumpet here..but heck, it tasted like sweet delicious cake! The best thing I’ve ever made, IMHO! I’ll make a recipe page for them :)

I then did another 5mile loop, back home, saw my mum (who was waiting at the end of the drive for me, sitting in a chair with the dog alseep on her lap, reading a book!) where I topped up my water, had the rest of the Lucozade Sport, and 2/3rds of the other of the homemade bars (I gave my mum a chunk of it).

The last 4mile loop was pretty crappy – I was fine up til 13miles (half marathon time – 1hr54! 4mins off last week’s time!!), but then my chest started to get tight. I actually think it’s mild asthma (my mum, sister, aunt and my great aunt all have/had it), so next week (16miles) my mum is going to lend me her inhaler. Fingers crossed it helps, cos I actually cried about 3 times in the last 2miles!!! It was a relief to finish – though I think I could have definitely kept going!


1 – 8.26

2 – 8.42

3 – 8.35

4 – 8.08 (!)

5 – 9.12

6 – 8.32

7 – 8.44

8 – 8.58

9 – 8.59

10 – 8.53

11 – 8.43

12 – 8.44

13 – 8.52

14 – 9.15

15 – 9.12

= 2hr12

Average mile – 8.48 :) And, that was using the walk/run method! It works for me, for sure. I also stopped a few times for about 10secs to stretch, which doesn’t show in the splits.

When I finished, I kept on walking for 20mins or so, got inside, jumped in the shower, and eventually forced down ( I was NOT hungry) an Epic Kale/pear/plum Green Monster:

fifteen miles 026

I went back for added cereal :D

fifteen miles 029

fifteen miles 028

I felt pretty sick after that actually – my appetite just goes after a long run! But regardless, my mum and I took Poppy out for a half hour, then spent the afternoon watching Burghley Horse Trials on TV :D (I wanted William Fox-Pitt or Mary King to win <- we have friends who are verry good friends with William, and his ex-top horse is related to my aunt’s horse :P)

At about 4.45, I had a snack – cereal and yogurt, and an unpictured apple:

fifteen miles 030

And now I’m going to go and wash my hair and then create a delicious dinner for myself!

Good night :)

Ps – I’m (hopefully) going to London on Wednesday! New running trainers and Whole Foods are calling my name….! Anyone else in Londres Town?

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I’ve reached over 100,000 page views since I started my blog!! HOORAY! Granted, it’s taken my since January to get there, but who cares!? Plus, 91,000+ of those 101,000 have been as Brit Chick Runs, the name I changed to in March (before, I was Food, Fitness and Freya). One small step for Blog Kind, one big step for Brit Chick Runs….


I officially had the BEST dinner last night! Remember the mystery meal I’d been prepping? Well, this is what I made:

Butterbean and beet burgers!! The beet was only there to give some colour really, cos I wanted something pink :p

I started by mashing a 1/2can (125g ish) butter beans with some rosemary and garlic seasoning (I added in lots):

weds1 024

Then I mashed in about a 1/4c. grated beetroot:

weds1 026

And mixed it together somethin’ silly:

weds1 027

A scant tbsp of vital wheat gluten and 1/2 a flax egg were added (1/2 tbsp of flaxseed allowed to sit for a while with 1.5tbsp water):

weds1 028

Mash mash mash, add a bit more smoked garlic:

weds1 029

Then leave to chill :)

weds1 030

When it came to cooking, I fried them in a pan – technically I could have done it for a lot longer to get a crispier edge, but I was not feeling patient :p

thurs1 004

Alongside, I had the BEST durum wheat/lentil mix! 20g durum wheat cooked with 30g lentils, with 1/3 veggie stock cube, water, smoked garlic, thyme and wholegrain mustard (and a few random edamame beans):

thurs1 001  For my veg, I AGA(!)-roasted beets, kabocha and parsnip, with garlic, rosemary and agave. All together -

thurs1 005

A freaking fabulous and colourful delicious (and very, very large…) meal!!!

thurs1 006

thurs1 011

thurs1 019

Weirdly, it was the burger I was most looking forward too – yet it was the durum wheat/lentil thing which was the tastiest! Definitely something I want to do again :D



I had a 7mile run on the cards today..it felt like such a long way this morning! I decided to stoke up on the carbs before I left, eating 4 little rice cakes, some Bear granola nibbles, and my usual 2tsp wheatgerm:

thurs1 001

The rice cakes and the granola came in at about 42g carb, which I felt was pretty impressive :D

Whilst I was eating, I was catching up on blogs – a post on Tina’s caught my eye, which mentioned the walk-run method of running; I pricked my ears right up! See, back in the day (aka when I was still a loony :p), I used to see walking as forbidden territory. If I walked, I felt like a failure. Now however, I allow myself the odd little 30second walk if I need it during a run. I find it helps me mentally and physically. I’ve thought about the walk-run method before, but I always thought it would mean my pace would be really slow and it wouldn’t really work..but after glancing over these three articles:

Jeff Galloway

Runner’s World


….I decided to test it out on my 7miler!

You know what? It was brilliant! After reading the articles, I decided to do 5mins running, with 1minute walking. I think my splits speak for themselves:

1 – 8.41

2 – 8.49

3 – 8.35

4 – 8.20

5 – 8.22

6 – 8.31

7 – 9.08 (I think I ran out of fuel at this point. Note to self: Any more than 7miles, and I need more food! I’m learning so much….)

I didn’t lose pace at all! In fact, I was faster than I normally am!!

thurs1 002

In the 5mins-running-bits, my pace was about 7.40 or so, and it was easy and fine, cos all I could think was ‘ah it’s only for 5mins’. I loved it!

I was quite dubious at first about the whole walk/run thing…after all, I read blogs like Meghann’s, and she’s a distance demon – she goes so far so easily it seems! And I’ve never read that she walks..but then I thought, so what? That’s Meghann! If that works for her, brill. But maybe this method is for me? I’m going to do the walk/run thing on my Sunday 15miler and see what happens :D

For breakfast, I had a lovely Epic Green Monster, with a few strawberries thrown in for good measure :D

thurs1 004

thurs1 006

thurs1 008

Yes, I just wanted a chance to show off my half marathon medal :P

thurs1 009

thurs1 012

Filling and fabulous!

However, my eating schedule is so out at the moment..I get up at 7.30am, but I don’t seem to get round to eating breakfast til about 10.15 or so (even later today!) due to my morning snack/digestion, running, cooling off, and lack of appetite post-exercise. It’s very frustrating! Cos then I end up having a late lunch, I’m not then hungry for a snack, I have later dinners…it’s very weird :s

When I did get round to lunch (at about 2.50pm!), it was delicious!!

I had three parts – a chunk of this sprouted bread:

thurs1 016

thurs1 017

thurs1 021

A roast veggie mix of bbq-salted summer squash, kabocha, gran-grown cherry tomatoes, parsnip and broccoli:

thurs1 013

thurs1 023

thurs1 020


And the rest of those sprouty bean things from yesterday, roasted with bbq-salted kale (so much iron today!! Phew):

thurs1 014

thurs1 026

thurs1 018

thurs1 028

It was all really, really yummy! Well, 90% of it was. The bread took some getting used to – at first, it tasted kind of alcoholic (!?), then like something else, then really delicious, and then like something else again. It was quite the taste journey!! I’m still undecided as to how much I like it….I think next time I eat it, I’ll love it :D

Other activities – walking the dawg, riding (Chika was very good today, though somewhat spooky again! She blates has the wind up her knickers), sorting out clothes and baking my mamma Tina’s oatmeal raisin bars (except I added up pumpkin seeds, dried figs and apricots :D):

thurs1 030

Sehr gut! I also made myself some energy bars for running:

thurs1 031

Dates, oats, carrot, maple syrup, salt, mixed spice.

thurs1 032

thurs1 034

Fab nutrition stats (minus the carrot and salt)!

thurs1 036

About 180cals, with 40g of carb!! YAAAY!!!

And now, as usual, I’m going to go and find something to prep for dinner. Alas!! It’s a tough life at the moment :p though I feel entitled to relax, after my hell-like spring/early summer of crazy revision….plus, I worked out that on Wednesdays, when I start uni again, I’m gonna have to be up at 5am to fit in my marathon-plan run before lectures!! Meep!!! (Ok, if you’re Jess or Kath, that might not be a big deal…but I go to bed at 12am, so it IS a big deal to me!! :p)

NOT looking forward to that….my mum is going to lend me a head torch for the run :P

Question – do you use a walk/run method of running, or know anyone that does? What are your thoughts about it?

What time do you get up in the mornings? What’s your daily routine like?

PS – I’m going to a wedding tomorrow! Which will be interesting, considering the vegan catering is going to be very, very difficult…I’m stashing my handbag with Clif bars :P

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Oooyyyy. I am so tired! I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday – I feel like I’ve been up for 56hours straight :s Anyone else feel like that!? Hopefully you don’t, and you’re actually full of advice-giving energy, cos I sure need some! (advice and energy, oddly enough :p keep reading!)

I have been trying to mix it up with all my food the past…like…day…:D cos I felt like I’d fallen into a rut of the same meals over and over and over again…so I’m clawing my way out, slowing but surely!

My first meal, on the way out of this deep trench that I was in, was a Mama Pea recipe – her creamy lemon pasta, to be exact. I wasn’t sure how many servings her recipe was for (I’d assume 4 peas, considering she’s married with 2 children…) so I somewhat guessed on the measurements for the sauce :) I also used my beloved kamut tagliatelle, just..cos :D And my veggies mix ins were kabocha, parsnip and aubergine:

weds1 001

There is a method to the madness!

weds1 005

weds1 007

weds1 006

Aaaannd VOILA! Dinner was served:

weds1 009

That would be a tempeh accompaniment, by the by.

weds1 010

The spaghetti is in there! It’s just somewhat hidden :p apparently my mixing in skills leave a lot to be desired! The recipe however, didn’t – it was delicious!! The nooch, hummus, lemon and soy sauce combo was amazing (even without the use of a real lemon, or real lemon zest – neither of which I had), and of course – it went superbly with the tempeh :D WIN.


Wednesday started the same way every Wednesday for the past 9 weeks has been starting – with a 5k run as per the marathon plan!! Running fuel = an apple, 2 rice cakes and 2tsps wheatgerm (and of course, the selenium-packed brazil nut, but from this day forth, I’m not going to keep mentioning it!). I was pleased with my splits today:




+ a bit more for the last 200m.

Negatiiveeessss! Yay! It’s oh-so satisfying when that happens :D

Breakfast was an EGM:

weds1 023

weds1 018

weds1 019

As usual, it was totally scrummy, although consumed very late, due to the absence of any sort of appetite today :(

Chika was having a day off (ruining the spirit of Horsey Humpday somewhat), so I took the opportunity to dash to the store, buy some food, be pointed at by a bus driver, drive home and realise he was pointing cos my car’s hubcap was about to fly off (thank you, nasty anonymous person who bashed into my car and broke her :(), and go for a nice walk with Heat magazine in the sun. Bliss!

I also took the chance to prep myself what should be an awesome dinner tonight – Here’s a clue…..

weds1 033

….. – but you’ll have to wait and see for the final product :D

Lunch was great though! They had portobello mushrooms on reduced-to-clear at the store, as well as these sprouty-bean things:

weds1 034

A mix of chickpeas, lentils, adzuki and mung beans :)

 weds1 037

I decided to stir fry them with some aubergine, grated parsnip, sweetcorn and soy sauce:

weds1 038

Theeeen, I mixed that lot in with a load of hummus and maybe a tbsp or so of nooch:

weds1 040

While all that was going on, I baked my giant mushroom, as well as some beets, parsnip and squash, and then served it all together:

weds1 041

weds1 051

weds1 054

 weds1 046

 weds1 049

Yeah, I blatantly liked it a lot – from this:

weds1 060

To this:

weds1 061

FANTASTIQUE!! I didn’t really care for the huge mushroom a that much, but in the spirit of climbing out of ruts, it was different right!? Regardless, it was the filling that counted and that was daaaaaamn fiiinneeeeee :p

I also had a sharonfruit (my last one!) and a bit of leftover roasted orange pepper on the side:

weds1 042

Stuff happened in the afternoon..I’ve literally lost track of what! I do know that I had a bad headache cos I am most definitely NOT drinking enough water, and I’m sure feeling it :( *bad Freya*.

I did get my uni lectures timetable for this coming year though…ugh. I think I’m going to morph into a Kath-like blogger, where my day begins at 5.26am and I’m out of the door by 7! Oh the joys, the JOYS. Or not.

Anyways, moving on to happier times – I felt low on energy this afternoon, although not hungry. I think my lunch lacked enough carbs, so I was just flagging somewhat. FRUIT seemed like the perfect pick-me-up! Especially considering it’s packed with water and liquid and wonderful hydration….so I was definitely drooling at the thought of this smoothie:

weds1 064

  • pear
  • xanthan gum
  • home grown plums
  • strawberries
  • vanilla extract
  • cereal sprinkle

weds1 063

SSOOOO hit the spot! It gave me the energy to write this post, so it must’ve worked :p

And it’s also given me the energy to go and finish off my dinner cooking – BUT I need you lovely people’s advice!!

I need new running trainers! At the moment, I run in Asics Gel Kinsei 2, which I’ve found to be really good. However, the only other proper trainers I’ve had before them were some nasty ones with the wrong support, that lamed me. I was going to just re-buy my Asics, but then I read some pretty bad reviews of them online…which made me think, maybe there’s something better out there?

So – if you’re a runner, what trainers do you use, and what would you recommend? I have very neutral foot arches :)

In the spirit of advice – I also need a new laptop! I want a Mac, however, apparently Garmins AND Windows Live Writer do not work on them, which means I’m destined to get another PC or Windows or whatever they are called. Soooooo -

What laptop do you have, and what would you recommend?

Thank you in advance, and have a wonderful evening!

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Smooth Operator

Nooo. Not the PB & Co peanut butter (though that stuff is freakin amazing!) – me! Yes, I was quite the smooth operator today…the timings of my day were so slick, as was the food. It was like a script! I shall explain all in a minute…

So last night, I was craving hot blackberries, sausages and lentils. I had the first two :D The savoury part was mixed veggies (kabocha, parsnip, aubergine, garlic, soy sauce), cooked with a vegan sausage for a good protein hit:

tues1 002

And served with some brown sauce:

tues1 004

tues1 006

tues1 009

YUM!! For some reason that meal takes me right back to when I was little; that plate is one I used to eat off all the time when I was about 6yrs old, and I can always picture having brown sauce on it and being satisfied..it’s kinda comforting :) weird right!?

The sweet part was my blackberry thing; the berries, blended with some home grown plums:

tues1 001

As well as little bit of watermelon, cocoa powder, xanthan gum, agave nectar, mixed spice, and 50g cereal – topped with grated cacap:

tues1 010

Well. It satisfied my blackberry craving, but in a ‘oh, that was disappointing..I don’t crave that anymore!’ kind of way :( it was nice – just not as good as it CAN be, and I have no idea why. Such a shame!

Today got off to a better start though – I had a faaaabulous night of sleep (despite Carter – literally – sitting on my face at 6am :s), and woke up feeling fit and fresh for 55mins of home workout dvds! Pre-dvd, I had an apple, a rice cake and my wheatgerm + selenium hit :)

Breakfast was a wooonderful Epic Green Monster:

tues1 015

tues1 017

Oh the fabulousness!

tues1 018

tues1 019

It was somewhat overflowing today, but tasted SO good!!! I will never, EVER get sick of them! (Though I said that about mac n cheese when I was little. And honey sandwiches. And Weetabix. And garlic cabbage. And Minstrels. And soya mince. I could go on…..)

After breakfast, I had a ‘challenging’ wonderful schooling session with Chika. The demon from yesterday switched sides in the arena and was back with a vengeance today!! Alas!! We got there in the end, although we both worked up quite a sweat :P

Post-ride, my smooth-operater-ness started to fall into effect….see, between the hours of 12 and 5, we were expecting the Aga man to come fix the Aga (a weird heater/oven type thing) *coughAweekLateCough*. So that meant I had to be in the house for all that time in case he came…my timings were so perfect! I finished riding at bang on the right time. I finished lunch, got the washing in, and 5mins later, he turned up!!

Disaster :O though, when he said (as we suspected) it was an electrical fault, not an Aga fault which led to the breakage. Soo I phoned up the electrician; you know those guys, they’re like farriers – they take forever to come out, cost a bomb and often are late. Well, not this time! In fact, just 15mins after I phoned, he turned up! He fixed the problem in 15mins, and left at bang on the same time as the Aga bloke, which left me the perfect amount of time to sort the horses out, go and buy my newspaper/trash magazine, do more washing-related stuff, then sit down to pump this post out – like clockwork. JOYS!!

Working Aga and undisturbed lunch = very happy Freya.

Oh yeah – lunch! It was so fab today!!

I fried up together parsnip, beets, marrow and gran-grown yellow tomatoes, in mixed herbs, salt and pepper and balsamic:

tues1 020

tues1 022

And when that was all done, I started to make the most incredible sandwich :D

Layer 1 – mashed cooked grey pumpkin and cinnamon:

tues1 025

Marrow (stained by the beets):

tues1 026

Beets and yellow tomatoes:

tues1 027

Pink parsnip chunks:

tues1 028

The lid!

tues1 029

tues1 030

I served it with the rest of the veggies:

tues1 036

tues1 038

AMAZING sandwich! One of the best yet :D

I also made myself a smoothie, cos I wanted to use up this miserable looking pear:

tues1 023

Poor thing :( I blended it with some blackberries, 1tsp agar agar, 1tsp date syrup and the last tiny chunk of my watermelon – then served with a sharonfruit :)

tues1 039

tues1 040

Very good! Though the agar agar didn’t do the thickening I was hoping it would :( Disappointing, agar agar. Disappointing. Have you ever used it before?

Dinner-wise, I’ve got a Mama Pea recipe lined up (which was on Jess’ blog the other day too) – I’m so excited about it!! I can literally taste the deliciousness :D

Have a good evening!

Question: Do you have any comforting meals, that take you back to a certain time in your life?

Are there any foods you used to love, which you’re now sick of?

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quick note – my caps lock key on my laptop appears to have broken, so excuse the poor grammar!!


right good, now that’s done and said i can stop whacking the keyboard so hard trying to make it work :P

last night – my pretty smoothie cereal blend got a quick yogurt/cereal dust- make over before i ate it:

thurs1 002

and while i was at the cinema, seeing grown ups, i ate a clif builder’s bar, from my gabriela swag:

thurs1 003

thurs1 004

loved it! filling and dense and delicious and very good – unlike grown ups…it was ok, but just ok. a few funny jokes, but quite  a few ones that fell on deaf ears too…i can imagine it’ll be for sale at £2 soon after the dvd release!

when i got home, i was craving carbs – although i wasn’t strictly hungry – so i had a small (30g ish) bowl of cereal with a splash of milk (apparently, after over a decade of gagging at the mere smell of milk and cereal, i can now just about stomach it!).

oh – and the little (2009!!) christmas present my friend got me when she was in germany last year:

thurs1 026

so cute! ich liebe dich aussi, lucy!!


today – sports nutritionist appointment day!! more on that later – first i had to pump out a 7mile run. which i didn’t. :p

i woke up and it was poooouuurrring with rain, like really heavy, torrential, flooding-the-stables type rain. so i decided to take a rain check on the run and do it tomorrow. instead, i did about 1hour of home workout dvds, so at least i’d done something :) before i commenced said workout, i had an apple and 2tsps of wheatgerm.

breakfast was a proper epic green monster, with a few strawberries thrown in for good measure:

thurs1 006

thurs1 007

thurs1 009

thurs1 011

only after i’d spent a lifetime and half photographing it, did i remember i had a sack full of fresh blackberries waiting….

thurs1 014

….much better :P

theeen it was time for my appointment! i think my poor little car almost died in a very deep flood on the way there, but we did eventually make it in one piece :D and i gotta say – i love my sports nutritionist! not only has she got horses, she’s also run a handful of marathons and done an ironman triathlon! you know the ones – where the running part is an actual full length marathon!? yeah. mad! i knew we would get along after that :P

sooo here’s what she said:

  • basically, i’m extremely healthy! i am very very slim yes – but she said it’s not in the least bit a problem, as she could see just by looking at me that i was very healthy – thick shiny hair, bright eyes, healthy skin etc etc.
  • she said my calorie intake – compared to what someone like me should be eating – was as close to the recommended daily allowance as she had ever seen! proof that you can eat right if you listen to your body!
  • she was very impressed that i don’t drink alcohol – she herself doesn’t drink, and she described it as a ‘poison’ (which i agree with). it was nice to hear someone praise my tee-totalness for once, instead of being greeted with shock!
  • she recommended i drink before meals, not during – if you drink too much water with a meal, it can dilute the gastric juices, thus interfering with the digestive process. a glass 1/2hr to an hour before a meal was her recommendation.
  • the words ‘totally brilliant’ came up more than once :P
  • she suggested i have maybe a few more carbs before my morning workout – so maybe switch the apple for some more rice cakes or a banana, which seems fair play.
  • she was highly impressed with the amount of fats i eat :D
  • she was 100% cool with the vegan thing
  • she loves clif bars too! her favourite flavour is my favourite :P
  • she told me that during my marathon i should wear my name on my running top – then people will call out ‘goooo freeyyyaaa’!’ or whatever, which no doubt will be very uplifting!!

that’s all the good stuff (well, all that i can remember without the official notes to hand). the vitamins i was low on:

  • iodine – very simple to combat. a few sheets of nori or seaweed a week and i’ll be fine :)
  • selenium – all i need to eat is one (yes, just one is sufficient for me!) brazil nut a day and that’s covered too!
  • b vitamins – *sigh*. of course i am…good ol’ veganism! she recommended a b-vitamin pill, which is totally vegan of course
  • i have a slightly higher ratio of sugary carbs to starchy carbs, but that was fine, considering how *perfect* my diet is otherwise :D just omitting the occasional teaspoon of agave would be ok :D
  • aaannd finally, she was talking about salt/electrolytes running (cos it can cause achey legs). she had a few suggestions, but the only one i remember at the moment (she’s emailing me the notes) is nunn pills <- like electrolyte pills that you dissolve in water. tres clever!

other random stuff:

b-vitamins play a heavy roll in energy and..ok, i really can’t remember it exactly now, but in other words, there would be a definite link between my achey legs/occasional energy running problems, and low b-vitamins. yay!! i’ll know more when i get her email.

check out how my chart (bottom), showing the proportions of fat, carbs, protein etc matches the recommended one (top – alcohol is bright yellow, carbs are blue):

thurs1 033

what a nerd i am :P

she also gave me lots of recipes and a huge thick printout thing with all my stats and other info in:

thurs1 032

love it!

all in all – it was a super appointment! i’m going to have a follow up one with her in later September, after i’ve had a while using the b-vits, and we’re also going to talk marathon day strategies :D

also – if you’ve never seen a nutritionist, sport or otherwise, i recommend you do – it’s so helpful!! if anyone has any questions or wants more detail (there’s lots i didn’t write here), feel free to email me :)


in other news!

1) after a 2+ month disappearing act, obama made a reappearance:

thurs1 028

she was fat, hungry (2 servings of cat biscuits and a serving of meat have already been consumed), wet, and very very talkative (new addition number one)!

2) my toy snow leopard arrived!!!

thurs1 016

i got it as a present for sponsoring a snow leopard for the wwf charity :) (new addition number two!) not sure if the cats really cared for it though….

thurs1 018

thurs1 022

thurs1 023

…oh! randomly – i went outside to go and wave at chika, and carter was all curled up asleep on her back!!! lolza!


lunch today – a lovely mix of teriyaki veggies – swede, parsnip, squash, celeriac, garlic:

thurs1 040

thurs1 041

thurs1 036

along with some of this:

thurs1 034

which i was madly craving, mixed with this:

thurs1 035

vanilla-almond vega smoothie mix from the healthy living summit! despite the somewhat alarming green colour, it’s delicious :D

thurs1 042

thurs1 044

tastes just like marzipan! love.

oh, and i ate some selenium a brazil nut. better to start as i mean to go on!

other activities of the day…a dog walk in the pouring heavy rain, where i got extremely wet feet, horse activities, lunch making for tomorrow and…er…that’s about it! the sports appointment took aagggess so i kinda ran out of time!

and now i’m gonna go think of something to make for dinner..hurrumph. could be difficult!

question: have you ever seen a nutritionist?

what’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day? be warm – that’s it for me!!





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